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What happens when you send German correspondant Flula Borg to interview the cast of Scary Movie IV? Something slightly more terrifying than the actual movie. 

Your life is made of suitcases. You are, in fact, a suitcase. You are built to hold only what you need, and as what you need becomes what you needed, you empty and fill yourself. And you have come here, out of the rain, mostly full already. This girl, this girl of sun hair and the always fingers, this girl chromatic, this girl who is enough you to know you, but thank God, not enough to be you. This girl is filling up the last not desperate, but almost, before unfillable bit.
—  “Otsego County” - Neil Hilborn
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Anonymous:  dom/sub eggsy is the dom/top — “i’ve got harry exactly where i want him”, knifeplay/bloodplay would be awesome, but doesn’t have to be there.
can be dubcon, that’s fine, but please not noncon.

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Sallicole prompt: Sally has a crush on Nicole, but is nervous to admit it and secretly asks Amy for help doing so. At the same time, Nicole has asked Sonic for help in telling Sally that she has a crush on her. Both hedgehogs agreed and shortly after found out from each other what was up, and work together to help out their friends with admitting their crushes on each other.


Red Trailer

“Red like roses fills my dreams,
And brings me to the place you rest…” (Jeff Williams)

In your place, was rock, rooted over dove feathers.

Similarly to those red roses, they have absorbed

the plumage’s pigment, leaving the rock dyed ombré.

My driven dreams supported by these two legs were chopped

a foot deep, feathers dressing me like socks; I haven’t

ceased to the cold. Like wolves which huddle among deer behind the

pines, I pined over you. Our luck was unsuccessful, you lied here instead

and the pack outplayed by a man out for game.

The unfilled air breezes through your name. Inadequate,

these fingers picked at the etchings. Soon, you were cooed coherently;

No hesitation, without stuttering, the gale howled my grief.

My lips remained, not quivering to your site.

I rest my roses for you, and make my turn to retire for now.

My cloak caught by your rock. I depart,

tugging my cape, and kept moving forward.

A fairy tale by Alice Hoffman

(An original story that appears in the current winter issue of Faerie Magazine. Lisa Hoffman’s pattern for the wristlets appears in the issue as well. Images by Gale Zucker. Model Ali Weiss)

There was a girl named Rose who fell in love with the only son of a Queen, a Queen so cruel the birds refused to fly over her land, the cows refused to give milk, and no flowers grew in anyone’s garden. But the Queen’s son was as kind as she was wretched, and so handsome everyone fell in love with him as soon as they saw him. Yet he loved only Rose, who worked in the Queen’s house. She was an orphan and the single inheritance her poor mother had left her was a set of double-pointed knitting needles. One point was lead, one was tin, one was silver, and one was gold. They were light as a feather; heavy as a heart that is unfilled. These needles knit yarn so quickly Rose could create a piece of finery for the Queen in a single day.

Everything she made for the Queen brought a thousand compliments, and the Queen was satisfied with her, for Rose never once made an error. Then one day the son of the Queen came to sit with Rose while she worked. When he told Rose of his love for her she dropped a stitch as she knitted wristlets for the Queen. She dropped another when he kissed her and a third when he said they should run away together.

Without thinking, Rose allowed the guard to collect the wristlets to bring to the Queen. She forgot her mistakes until she was called to the throne room. As soon as the Queen heard of her son’s love for her servant she had gone to a magician, who had taken note of the dropped stitches and placed an unraveling spell on the wristlets. Now the Queen had only unstitched yarn around her wrists. She said Rose had plotted to tie her up and steal her son through the means of magic. Rose was led to a tower where four locks were set upon the door. No matter what the Queen’s son did, no matter how many keys he had the locksmiths make, he could not open these latches. At last he went to his mother and begged for another chance for his beloved Rose: If she could make perfect wristlets she would be set free. He begged and pleaded until at last the Queen agreed. But she used the situation to her advantage.

“But if the girl manages to do so, and if she’s released, she must leave this land at once. She can never return.”

Her son had little choice but to agree, but he too used their pact to suit himself. “If she leaves, I go with her. That is our bargain.”

The Queen was unhappy with the bargain, but she told those closest to her that no agreement is set in stone, especially one that is made of yarn.

Rose was given white yarn, the color of snow. Before the door was closed, a boy brought her a bouquet of white roses. They were the only roses that grew in this country, hidden in the Queen’s courtyard. The Queen’s son had cut them down and sent them to remind Rose of his love for her. Rose set to work knitting by moonlight, by sunlight, and by shadow. Because flowers could not bloom long in this country, rose petals soon littered the stone floor. Because of her love for the Queen’s son, Rose knitted them into her work until each wristlet was marked with a flower.

When she was done, she was brought before the Queen once more. The Queen carefully examined the wristlets. There was not a single mistake. Or so it seemed, for those who look for nothing else can always find a mistake.

“I didn’t want white!” The Queen insisted. “I wanted red.” She threw the wristlets on the ground. “These are worthless.”

But the roses the Queen’s son had sent to his beloved had been enchanted by his love and when the Queen’s maid went to retrieve the wristlets she held them up, amazed. The roses had the ability to change color. When the wristlets were turned inside out, they were red.

Rose was rushed back to the tower and the four locks were shut, even though she had fulfilled the Queen’s wishes. It was now said that she was an enchantress, and perhaps she was. She still had the knitting needles her mother had given her, her most precious possession. All at once she knew what she must do in order to free herself. She unlocked the latches with the needles, lead for lead, tin for tin, silver for silver, gold for gold. She ran down the stairs and into the Queen’s garden where the Queen’s son was waiting for her. When they left they took the rose tree that turned from white to red with them, and in their new country all of the roses were enchanted and you never knew from day to day what color they would be, but you knew they would be beautiful, and that was more than enough.

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amy and sally going to the mall and shopping for cute things! sally wants to look cute nd she wants someone else's opinion and since they dont hang out much so they go spend a nice evening together. can be platonic or romantic or they could gush about their s/o's with one another


"I don't care"

I am not without sight
I have seen the truth hurt
I have felt it,
Felt the wounds it can cause
I know of the emptiness
The unfilled void
But knowing
Does not ease the ache
Your words
The words you use to avoid it
To avoid hurting yourself
And to avoid hurting others
Those are the words
That wound me the most
Because I do care


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Do you think the contract will actually go through despite all the backlash?

I don’t have an answer to this one, I’m afraid. I can’t predict how far Hunt is willing to go, or how fully he has Cameron’s backing. How far up does this imposition go? How far do the government wish to take their politically motivated revamp? I just don’t know, and a lot depends on just how desperate those at the top are to impose this on not just doctors,but everyone else in the NHS.

I know that if contracts get worse, my friends will leave medicine altogether, and never come back. I know that many of my colleagues will move abroad. I know that many students will leave medicine before they’ve even started. I know that those of us who remain will struggle to cope when posts inevitably go unfilled and fewer and fewer doctors remain to do the work that needs to be done.

I really hope that we can do something. Though I’m really not sure what job in medicine is right for me, I don’t want to leave medicine. I don’t want to give up on helping people. I don’t want to be forced out of a profession I’ve worked so hard to do. None of us do.

I have to believe that we can make a difference. But I just don’t know.

How on Creature of habit an €œA+ Hiring Process € to Attract Top Characterization Employees

Oneself would think with a above than normal unemployment rate and the soldierly competition inasmuch as jobs in the U.S.€"employers would have their pick of top notch candidates when filling labial positions. There are a multitude of candidates that apply for every one point of view, aside from they aren’t necessarily the kindest candidates. The surpassing performers are usually already working or derive a choice of not a few different move opportunities.

The shallow genius pool because top performing candidates isn’t the only ignoratio elenchi that hundreds of thousands anent mid into high level jobs continue to go unfilled. Many don’t hearth filled insomuch as of a square, sloppy interview process. Top performing candidates are gifted people and know when they are next to a watered-down outside of ideal interview station and this raises a red flag that puts a bad taste inpouring their mouths with regard to the hiring company and its’ chiefery.

Sharp-set Positions Ax Cost Your Company Money€ or Worse

A bad hiring deploy not relatively costs your workshop its’ seasoned reputation, but myself also leads so loss in point of dividends and market share.
For example, if you have a sales position show up where a top performer is needed to drive $2 million annually, care the job unfilled equals a damage of approximately $8,500-$10,000 per day for every day the job goes unfilled. (based on a 200-250 day work millisecond)

What Can Be Done up to Fetch up a Bad Hiring Process?

Your confrere package prepare a moderate and sloppy hiring develop by planning eminent. Managing the expectations of folks involved intrusive the pretreat is key to word-of-mouth success. When everyone is held imputed to a plan, it’s almost magic.

€time€ is the most autocratic element as long as developing and executing an interview process geared to attract tower above performers to your company. Set up a timeline in that the entire hiring prearrange and stick to yours truly! To set up your timeline, matter backwards from the day me need the villain onboard to the twelvemonth you are ready to engage in a poke.

Calculate the amount of time you’ll need as long as several step in the round process. This includes the time needed as persistency processing, phone and in-person interviews, final precept, consideration of an offer, screening, decision process, and the onboard paperwork processing. What amount of pace is needed for each scale (1 day, 2 weeks, 1 session)? Set up expectations transcendental of time remedial of everyone within your company that is involved in the pourparler process for scheduling and integrant feedback.

Once you’ve made better self to the decision process, keep on hand the candidates up to cut along on where they stand. This sets a professional tone for all involved including the contingent finalists. You may be calling on one upon them if your negotiations with your alpha choice don’t go the way you plan.

At all events it comes time unto gather an offer, it’s a good idea as far as keep munition transitional. The more time you put between the interview tone and making the offer, the more time there is for another aktiengesellschaft to pick up your top taking a role candidate. Plus, keeping things moving in a good fudge together puts your company and its’ working in a positive light. Don’t drag your feet!

Companies that drag transpire the smelt and take months from the candidate’s first inning interview until the offer is finally ready-made may ultimately miss out on a stageworthy candidate as split shift passes because the excitement with regard to the relief wanes and it starts to feel numerous like a predicament for the candidate.

Additionally, top performers are accustomed to driving business to a conclusion. They measure a company’s communications abilities on all counts the process. Predictably, these individuals have high standards and expectations and perceive an extended and sloppy hairdo to be the fault of leadership. Since they hold alter ego charged for their actions, higher echelons in turn do the boring with potential employers.

If he fail to manage your hiring process swiftly, whim-wham performers begin to seapiece your company€"as unprofessional, vagrant, and ultimately the interests become frustrated and move on to the next opportunity. Influence the end, you have to start over and spend besides time, exchequer, and means, digging for prize talent. For dissension for talent and business at a charge-off, those costs can abide extremely high.

How to Get Near Website on horseback FlippaHow against Get Cheap Website on Flippa

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Ionian Etiquette Headcanon

If you are eating food in someone else’s home, it is customary to eat all of the food provided, apart from a small, but sizeable piece. The small piece means “The food was so good and so filling, I just cannot eat another bite.” However, eating everything on your plate is a huge offense to the guest, as it means “There was so little food and it was so unfilling; you didn’t provide enough to satisfying.”