unfettered wood

With the weather finally being more agreeable I did some cleaning up in my garden and got started on some outdoor projects. One of the projects I wanted to do for the garden this year was to make bee watering stations. I found this really neat one on Youtube, which was the inspiration for the ones I made:


There are a couple of spots on mine where I will probably need to add some extra things like more moss or small pebbles just so the bees don’t step right into the water, which is the most important thing.   I encourage folks to give that excellent video a watch and make their own. This would be a fun garden project to work on with young folks. :)

I do not have a fireplace, so instead I use a candle to represent a hearth for my household. For Bealtaine I ritually extinguish the one from the past year and light a new one that will be used for the upcoming year.

I will use beeswax from old blessing and protection candles that I saved throughout the year; I like to dye the candle red {a colour of protection} and this year I scented mine with bergamot and vetiver. I also include shells and botanicals that are associated with properties that I want to draw into my home such as peace, protection, prosperity and over all blessings..