unfaithful ways

okay but I thought I was loyal to Chan.

but then I heard Changbin sing and now I’m questioning everything.

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Seriously all I can imagine is the character walking up to Bill and him looking at her and being like, "You've ignored me all night... just tell me one thing and I'll leave you alone forever. Do you still love me anymore?" and the main character just BURSTING into tears lol loved this chapter! Don't want to see it end!

“Do you still love me?”

I can just see him being all passionate yet slightly angry, wanting nothing more than for her to say yes. He knows that she still loves him, he just wants her to admit it to herself. Of course, he would have that look on his face, the way his eyes narrow slightly and the corners of his lips tighten. 

Oh anon, you just killed me.


Genre: Fan Fiction (Vikings)
Pairing: Ivar/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Rating: R
Length: One Shot
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.  

A/N: I was listening to Mariana’s Trench, Astoria, and there is a part in the song which inspired this. It’s my first Ivar smut, I have been sitting on it for a few days. Go easy on me :P 

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Anon asked: DESCENDANTS: (y/n) is Audrey’s younger sister and Audrey always told her to stay away from Mal when the VK’s first got to the school. Mal started dating (y/n) to anger Audrey, but Mal starts to fall in love with (y/n).

Bitch I gotchu


Warning: Angst. This sucks, I’m sorry, it’s short…my head hurts

Your name: submit What is this?

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“Are you having an affair with Don Lothario?”

Bella was in complete shock. While it was true she wasn’t having a physical affair with Don Lothario, she was still betraying her husband. By going behind Mortimer’s back and lying to Don Lothario to obtain more elixir, Bella was, in a way, being unfaithful to Mortimer. 

She had been afraid someone was going to find out about her addiction, eventually, but she never thought it would be Cassandra that caught a whiff of the deception.

“That is a ridiculous question” she stammered out as she tried to regain her composure.

“That isn’t an answer to the question, Mother.”

“I am not having an affair with Don Lothario! I love your father. I…I have never strayed. He is all I need. He is all I want. 

“and I…I can not believe you think me capable…”

Bella quickly turned her back to Cassandra as tears filled her eyes. She didn’t want her daughter to see her upset.

Cassie felt like a complete heel.

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Hi, I love your blog! ♡ if its not too much trouble, how about some cute headcanons for dating Butters or Jimmy?

Yesssssss. The sweet and pure cinnamon roll boyos.


  • Dancing: He can never seem to resist a good song and always ends up dancing to it. Whenever you two are together, he’ll grab your hands and pull you close to dance with him. You can never seem to keep up with him, but he is never anything less than sweet to you no matter what.
  • His Parents: After perpetually showcasing that you weren’t a bad influence on Butters, his parents began to accept you into their family. After a while, you would be allowed to be with him even while he’s grounded. He was shocked by how welcoming his parents were to you and knew there must be something absolutely special about you. Their acceptance sealed the deal for him; he’s 100% sure you’re ‘the one.’
  • Baking/Cooking: Though he rarely speaks of it, he is a master chef and baker. He loves inviting you over to try new dishes or to help him make them. After a few dates spent cooking and baking, he gifted you an apron that matched his own, making you both all the cuter in the kitchen.


  • Jokes: As per the usual, he’s always making jokes around you. He keeps a running list of your favorites and makes sure to add them into upcoming shows. He has told you on many occasions that all the laughter in the world wouldn’t be nearly as joyous and sweet as your laugh and that he cherishes your smile more than just about anything.
  • Notes: Jimmy has an innate sense of chivalry and loves anything heartfelt and romantic. One of his favorite things to do is leave handwritten notes for you. Sometimes they’re just a wish for your day, sometimes they’re just cute little doodles, and sometimes they’re nearly novels
  • Other Girls: Though there are times when other girls seem to flock to him, he has never had the faintest though of being unfaithful in any way. He always politely declines any and all advances before going on a huge spiel about why he’s with you. He usually ends up convincing the others that you’re as wonderful as he sees you to be.

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Hey...I've been having a really nasty week so far, but I'd like to remain anonymous. Anyway...would it be possible to request some cute headcanons with Lance and a sort of Space Mom-ish reader? (What I mean by a Space Mom kind of reader is that reader (any gender, really) kind of just dotes on all of the paladins like some kind of motherly figure.)

  • Lance gets a lot of lectures but he secretly finds it really cute when mère de espace gets all authoritative.
  • Sometimes Lance will jokingly flirt with people while out in public(sometimes to make you laugh at him being rejected or to try and make you jealous).
    • He’s in no way unfaithful and after you get together he only jokingly flirts with people. 
  • Lance does need quite a bit of reassurance because he’s not the most confident of the paladins and you’re super supportive so it’s a really good match. 
  • Whenever you need a break from being responsible Lance will run you a bath and treat you to a spa day for two. 
    • You’ve made your own bath-bombs in the past and Lance has even experimented with alien plants to make some relaxing ones. 
A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature.

The other four adults were sitting down discussing what was to be expected from the next summer raids, which Odin had decided were once again to be on Midgard, but with even more ships, when Loki stormed into the room, his eyes focused on his wife. He glared at her for a moment before she realised she had reason to worry.

“Explain why have you been beating her.” He demanded, ignoring all others present.

“She is a thrall, what other reason need I give?” the woman dismissed. “You take far too much interest in her. I must ask how you noticed any markings on her but for her to be not fully clothed.” The accusations in her words only enraged Loki further.

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Hi Cassie, I wanted to say thank you for these wonderful books you have written and that I can’t wait to read TDA & TLH. I have a question about Mark Blackthorn, who I already love, you have said that do to him being around the fairies he doesn’t see relationships the way his siblings do, like he doesn’t see being in love and monogamy going together, does that mean that he has a open relationship or a polyamorous relationship?  — wereallmisfts

Mark spent a lot of time in Faerie, and indeed in Faerie there are different views about love, relationships and monogamy than there are in the human world.

I think Mark would definitely be open to a polyamorous relationship. That doesn’t mean, though, that Mark is a cheater, or in any way unfaithful or promiscuous. Faeries aren’t in general, and Mark isn’t specifically. 

Faeries place a huge premium on truthfulness — they can’t lie, but they can deceive and mislead and it’s a big deal if you do. If you swear faithfulness, you have to stick by it. If you agree that you can be physical with other people but you’ll never give your heart away, then you have to stick by that. Or the other way around. Faeries absolutely don’t subscribe to the belief that you can only love one person ever — probably because they live so very long. :)

I can see Mark being poly because such arrangements and marriages are not uncommon in faerie, but they’re based on transparency and everyone being truthful with each other. So basically; Mark might well have a poly relationship or an open relationship, but he wouldn’t cheat on anyone and he wouldn’t lie. (And for those who know about poly, of course, honesty is a bedrock of poly relationships anyway!)

Cassie I just want to let you know how much I love Mark Blackthorn. I fell in love with him from the first moment you introduced him. I cannot wait to learn more about him in TDA. I’m so excited for those books. I absolutely adore him. — iluvmagnusdamora

Thanks! Mark has been some of the most fun I’ve had writing.

“I Heard a Train When You Left” by Lilith

I heard a train when you left, left me standing there.

Hundreds of miles apart yet I could see it happen so clearly.You turning away from me; looking from my eyes.


The way you can just give up on another living soul is sickening.

Tick, drip, tick ; my blood dripping from the train you left coming at me.

I heard a train when you left.

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Hola, nuevo aquí y me preguntaba... Qué opinas de Kory/Dick// Robstar??? Kory/Dick o Babs/Dick?? Por qué? Qué opinas de Richard siendo totalmente un playboy?? Gracias por responder n.n

Anonymous asked: Hello, new here and I have a question. What is your opinion on DickKory / RobStar? DickKory or DickBabs? Why? What is your opinion on Dick being a total playboy? Thanks for responding.

Quick answer: Dick is not a playboy, but heeey lets see how great my Spanish is before I switch back to English.

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✖Keeping Secrets from The One You Love ✖️


They say self love comes first, in order to love you someone you must love yourself first. How can you love someone if you don’t even love yourself? Before I met Nate I didn’t love music, I was insecure and lacked of the confidence most women my age have. Nate coming into my life was a blessing, he taught me how to love and how to accept myself for me.

“It’s me again…please pick up” I left another voicemail to his phone, I’ve been calling him for an hour now after founded out about the news. Never would I ever taught that the love of my life would be having an affair with some other women.

We’re supposed to get next August, both our families and God would be there that day to watch us become one. A soft cry broke out my mouth as I looked down at my engagement ring. I thought he loved me..

The pain I’m feeling is too much to bare so I head down the steps and into our kitchen where I sat at the barstool writing him a letter. I’ll be leaving tonight to mothers house, this is honestly embarrassing. Was I ever good enough for Nate? Did he really love me?

By the time I finished packing my things he finally called back, I went running to the phone with my hear beating out of my chest. “Do you love me?” I asked him as soon as I accepted the call. I just needed to know one thing before I took off.

“Y/N…” The way he said my name alone caused me so much pain. He’s taking far too long to answer me. “You know I do.” He finally speaks and I hung up. That wasn’t the answer I wanted.

You’d think I would be the type of woman to trash his whole place, break all his valuable things but I’m not. I love this man to death even if he doesn’t love me. I will not be petty about this, I’ll be the bigger person and walk away.


Nate POV

Four months ago my fiancé called me and I answered, I thought it was an emergency at home due to all the missed calls but it wasn’t. She called me asking me if I love her which is unusual because she should know the answer.

That call from four months ago change my life for good, ever since that day I never heard from Y/N ever again. I know she found out about me and Corey, this girl I’ve been fucking ever since tour started. Yes, I’ve been unfaithful to my wife to be and yes I deeply regret it.

“You think she’s gonna be home?” Sammy asked me with concern. “I honest don’t know? I’m scared she won’t be there when I walk in.” Lately I’ve been depressed due my unfaithful ways. We had to cancel the tour halfway because I wasn’t performing the way I should’ve been. I know my fans are disappointed in me and lord knows how much I love them.

“Have you tried calling her?” I nod my head, of course I did but she change her number.

“I’ll let you know if anything.” I got out of my best friends car with my bag across my shoulder. I follow the pathway to my condo with my keys in my left hand. My eyes remain on the ground below me, I couldn’t look at our home from some reason.

I proceed in opening the door and stepping inside my dim home. I drop my bag on the floor and shut the door behind me. The first place I check is out room, I check our closest and like my worst nightmare coming true her clothes aren’t there.

I break down right then and there, crying with so much guilt in pain as I pray for her to come back home so we can fix things.



I’m now eight months pregnant and not engaged anymore. My life has changed tremendously, I’ve moved in with my new boyfriend Mathew who is the only support system in my life right now. He has been there with me through all my doctors appointment even though it isn’t his baby.

I’m carrying Nate’s child and he himself doesn’t even know that. Yes it’s wrong for me to not tell him but he never confessed to him cheating on me. I’ll only tell Nate about his sone when he is born but for now he doesn’t need to know.

I woke up early today to head to grocery store to grab some food for the week. I pushed the small cart with one hand and rubbed my huge stomach with one. I absolutely love being pregnant, I love the fact that I’m carrying another human being inside me…it’s humbling and beautiful.

I turn to the aisle with the fresh produce and my heart nearly stopped. I see Nate putting my strawberries into his basket, he hates strawberries…he only buys them if I want them.

He notices my eyes and his eyes widen. He walks forward with a purpose, a purpose to get to me.

“Y/N” he hugs me gently, his eyes look down at my stomach. “You’re pregnant” he whispered with tears clouding his beautiful eyes.

“I am and I’m in a relationship.” I tell him and he steps back on disbelief, his head shaking no.

“That’s his baby?” He asks with pain in his voice. “Is it?” His tone almost becomes harsh. “Yes” I lied, regretting it immediately.

“Why didn’t you tell me about her?” It’s my turn to ask the questions. “Why would you cheat on me?” Now we’re both crying like idiots in the produce section.

“I should’ve…I really should’ve but I k ew if I did it would just break you.” I wanted to laugh at his answer.

“No, what broke me is you keeping it from and cheating on me in the first place. I had to find out through your fucking fans.” I got aggressive and shoved him, I’m fuming so much right now.

“The baby, be careful Y/N” Nate hold onto me and rubs my stomach.

“Don’t worry about your son….” I accidentally slipped and revealed that he is the father.

“Son? Our son…that my son you’re carrying?” He cries even more at the news, his eyes are red and filled with pain like mine.

“Yes.” I answered him and he placed his hand on my stomach.

“My son..” He kept on repeating out loud as tears fell down his face.

Soundtrack Series - FOUR - Steal My Girl

Harry: You roll your eyes as you close the laptop, pushing away from the desk. She was at it again. She being your best friend’s girlfriend. Her latest scandal was all over the place, celebrity blogs, social media, proper news sites. You were annoyed. She had never been too careful with covering up her unfaithful ways, mainly because she knew Harry wasn’t going anywhere. You knew it, too; everyone knew it. If after three separate cheating scandals he was still with her, it was pretty obvious he was sticking around. You had no idea why. You tried your best to convince him after the first scandal broke to leave her, but he refused. You wondered when he was going to get the hint. This was number four. When was he going to understand? You walk over to the bed to get your phone. You were just going to talk to him. You hadn’t called him yet today, so you felt now was as good of a time as ever. “Stop,” he says before you can get anything out. Not exactly the greeting you were expecting, but at least he knew you were aware of the story. “I just wanted to talk,” you assure him, even though in the back of your mind you wanted to get through his thick, stubborn skull and get him to see the truth. While on the phone, you constantly had to remind yourself that he was living his own life. Yes, you were his best friend, but that meant that you were his support system. You had to be there for him, no matter what stupid decision he was making next. But you were finding it really hard to be a supportive friend when it came to his relationship. It was obvious to everyone, and you were sure to him as well, that she was using him. And you would never understand why he would want to subject himself to that. “You never just want to talk,” he admits, and you can’t help but ponder on the truth of his statement. The both of you knew what this ‘talk’ was going to turn into, so you just decided to get it out there and over with. “What are you going to do this time?” You question, knowing exactly what he was going to say, but praying he would wise up in the next few seconds. “The same thing I always do. I don’t know why you’re always so concerned.” Nope. Nothing wise about that answer whatsoever. “You don’t know why I’m always so concerned?” You repeat back in awe that he had just said that. “Harry we’re friends, are we not?” There was a pause over the line. A pause you did not want to hear. “Yes, we’re friends, but that doesn’t mean that you always have to worry about my relationship.” You weren’t always worrying about his relationship, were you? Wait a minute! He’s the one with the publically cheating girlfriend. Why wouldn’t you say something about that? “I’m just trying to look out for you, even though you obviously don’t want me to.” It seemed like the truth. “I appreciate it, I do.” Sure he does. “But like I tell you every time you call me like this, I can handle myself.” “Did you hear what you just said? ‘Every time you call me like this’. Harry, this conversation should have happened one time at the most. It’s ridiculous that you keep her around.” “You’re really going to say that after giving me how many speeches on supporting one another?” You sigh deeply after thinking about his question. He was right even though you didn’t want to admit it. You had given him lecture after lecture about how the two of you were each other’s greatest support systems. He was beating you on this, and you weren’t happy about it. However, it was his life, and no matter how much you believed his actions had an effect on you, they did not. “Fine,” you finally say, caving in to your own words. “Thank you, now I’ve got to get to this meeting. I will call you later.” You agree to talk with him later and end the call. You would just have to sit back and watch him fail, keeping your opinions to yourself.

Liam: “You’re awfully quiet,” he huffs as the two of you continue to make your way around West Park. “Just trying to figure out how to tell you something,” you admit as you turn the corner and see the final stretch of your run. It was nice to have Liam back in town; the two of you hadn’t been on a run in a while. “Like what?” He questions, not wanting to wait until you stop. “I’ll tell you when we sit down,” you say to him as you continue to jog, the café getting closer. You notice Liam speeding up his pace and push yourself to match him. He chuckles and turns his run into a sprint. “No fair!” You shout after him, digging your feet into the gravel to catch him. The two of you sprint down the path towards the café, gathering the attention from the people around you in the process. “Asshole,” you seethe as you shove him once the two of you had stopped in front of your lunch destination. “What?” He breathes heavy, leaning on his knees as he catches his breath. You shake your head at him, teasing him with disgust. “That face,” he laughs as he stands up straight and walks up the stone steps to the door. “Let’s get some lunch.” You walk in as he opens the door for you, smiling at the hostess that greets you. She was used to the two of you coming in here, even though it had been a while. You were thankful for her nonchalant attitude. “So what are you going to tell me?” Liam asks once your drink order had been taken and the two of you were left alone. The nerves immediately hit you. You were never nervous around Liam, you had known him for so long; it was like being around your brother. “Spill it,” he instructs sensing your tension. “There’s this guy….” You begin, timidly, unsure of why you were so nervous. Maybe it was because you had never actually discussed guys with him. You had never had to; they just weren’t around. You were ‘Liam Payne’s childhood friend’, the one he always came back home for, no one wanted to be a part of that. “Oh, here we go,” he says during your pause. What is that supposed to mean? You roll your eyes. “No, no, I’m kidding, go ahead.” You didn’t want to. You didn’t want to keep talking about the amazing guy you had met a little less than a month ago. The one that always sent you good night and good morning texts. The one that was at your door five minutes early to talk to your mother when the two of you were going out. He was great, the greatest you had met, and the first thing you thought of when the two of you began to get close was him meeting Liam. It was sure to happen no matter Liam’s schedule, you were just nervous for it. “His name is Mark.” “Oh, Mark; nice strong name. Continue.” He was taking the piss and you knew it. It showed in the sarcasm in his voice. “The two of you want the usuals?” The waitress asks as she sits down your drinks; everyone that worked here knew you. You both nod, and she walks off. “Alright, well he’s at the University of Durham studying engineering and works at Jigsaw as an Electronic Design Engineer,” you inform him, hoping he would be as impressed as you were when you had first been told. “So he’s going to school to be something that he already is?” Well that hadn’t worked. “Well, yes, but not really. He got the job his second year, so he’s doing both.” “Okay. So why doesn’t he just work then?” “Because he has to have the degree.” “Well obviously not if he already has the job.” This was seemingly hopeless. “Why do you need a guy around anyways when you’ve got me?” You stare at him blankly. “I get you about three weeks out of the year,” you acknowledge, still staring at him, unamused by his statement. “Oh it’s more than that. You come on the road all the time.” “I wouldn’t call five or six shows all of the time Liam.” “That’s more than most people get to go to, look at all the special treatment I give you.” He had turned this conversation completely away from Mark and on to him. You were sure he would warm up to the idea of you having a guy around that was not him. It would just take a lot of coaxing. 

Niall: “Babe!” You shout through the house as you sit in the office in front of the computer. “Yeah?” He answers back, and you hear footsteps coming down the hallway. “Read this,” you say to him when he walks in. He comes around the desk, taking a seat on your lap as he reads the email you have pulled up on the screen. You sit back against the chair, waiting impatiently for a reaction. You were hoping for one that matched yours. He turns around in your lap, eyes wide and a bright smile. “Is this for real?” You smile wide. “And that’s the Kati Curtis you’ve always talked about?” You nod excitedly. “Wow.” That was all he could say. “What do you think?” You ask, wanting his honest opinion about the contents of the email. “What do I think about what? About the offer?” “Yeah, what do you think I should do?” This was your dream. Interior design firm in New York City of all places; it doesn’t get any more major league than that. The biggest part of the whole thing was that they wanted you. Kati Curtis had emailed you personally, asking you to be the new lead designer of her hospitality and corporate department. She was aware of the work you had done here in London and praised every detailed decision you had made since getting the job with your current firm, a much smaller and residential only firm. “What do I think you should do? Babe, that isn’t really a question I should be answering, is it? I mean this is your life you’re talking about.” You look at him as if to say, ‘Try again.’ “What? That’s your dream, who am I to stop you?”  “Niall, we’ve been together for almost five years, this is our life. I want your honest opinion.” You would never make a decision as big as this without first consulting him about it and he knew that. “How long has she given you to make a decision?” He questions, thinking about the situation more seriously now. “A week.” He clearly hadn’t read the entire email or he would have known that. “Okay, well, we have a week to figure it out. Weigh the pros and cons, that’s all I can tell you. If the pros win, then I guess we’re sending you off to New York.” New York. You couldn’t even imagine it. If you took this job you would be living in New York full time, no more London, no more Niall. That would definitely be the first con. But, he wasn’t really home a lot anyway. Your house in New York could be the new place he goes when he is on break. It doesn’t always have to be London, does it? You are getting ahead of yourself. You haven’t even thought through what all taking this job on means. Yes, a corporate interior designer was your dream, but you certainly never thought you would actually get there, especially on this scale.  And definitely with the lifestyle you were living with Niall; none of it really seemed plausible. Which was fine. You were more than happy to sit back and watch him live out his dream every day. Seeing him happy made you happier than anything else. You had been his number one fan even before he had left for X-Factor. The immense pride you felt every time you saw him performing, no matter where it was, always reminded you that his dream was just as important to you as it was to him. It had been a long five years, but was it possible for you to think that it was now your turn to have a shot at your dream? 

Louis: They had seen you. You weren’t sure how, but they had definitely seen you. There were multiple pictures from multiple angles, and the two of you were in the center of them all. He was simply holding your hand. But no matter how simple it sounded to you, it had caused an uproar. You were now being bombarded on social media from every angle possible with no idea how to respond. Neither you nor Louis had confirmed anything about your recent decision to make things between you official, and it seemed like after today there wasn’t a need to. You had been found out. You look up from your laptop to see Louis opposite you on the couch looking as relaxed as ever while he watched television. He had flown over to visit you for the weekend, France being one of his favorite places to go. He knew what he had caused, yet it didn’t seem to faze him in the slightest. He was content, as if nothing was going on. You wondered how he did it. You supposed he was just used to it by now. Surely after four years of being as popular as he is you get used to people saying things about you and you get even more used to ignoring them. But this was the truth, though; the truth that you had been trying to hold onto for the longest time. “If it happens, it happens,” he had said at the beginning when you both agreed to keep things low key at the start. “When people find out is when they find out; it won’t be because we’ve said anything.” You thought this idea would have lasted longer than it did. You weren’t prepared for the hate at all. He had been single a while before you came along, and his fans were used to it. They didn’t like the idea of someone new coming around to take him away, so they wanted you gone. That wasn’t your intentions, though. If only you could say something to assure them of that. But, Louis told you to keep quiet. That it would go away, and the two of you could continue with your relationship. He was even certain that this meant he could travel over here more often, and the two of you wouldn’t have to sneak around so much. You weren’t so sure, though. What kind of relationship thrived with no support? He reassured you that they would eventually come around. They just needed some time to get used to the idea of you being around. It had only just begun, but you were certain he was only telling you that to try and ease your worries. It hadn’t worked, and as you scroll through the numerous trends on Twitter anxiety grows. “Would you stop?” He says from across the couch. You look over the screen to see him still staring at the television. “Stop what?” “Worrying about what people are saying. You’re making yourself stressed on purpose, and it will only get worse if you keep it up.” He was trying to keep you away from the drama, and you appreciated that. You just weren’t sure how he could be so laissez faire about it all. The people that loved him so much wanted you out of his life immediately. You didn’t understand it. However, he had been around this life longer than you had. You would strive to reach that level of relaxed, but it would not be an easy road. 

Zayn: You were packing. You needed to get out of here. He had just blown up on you, the alcohol assisting, about what you considered something not even worth addressing. The Tesco man always messed up your grocery order, and you always made a trip to the store after the weekly delivery to pick up what had been left out. “What the fuck is this?!” You had heard him shout only a few moments after stumbling in through the front door earlier in the night. He was talking about the line of products you had sitting on the counter; the ones that you would be returning to the store. “What?” You had questioned, big mistake. You walked into the kitchen to see him glaring back at you. “What the hell is this?” He growled, picking up the glass jar of green chili salsa. “It’s salsa; the Tesco man made a mistake.” You weren’t sure why he was so angry, or who he had been out with that had allowed him to get this angry for that matter. “Since when do we eat this shit?” “We don’t. I just said the Tesco man made a mistake.” “You don’t think I heard you?” “Well apparently not since you’re acting like a fucking lunatic, and you’re shouting for no reason.” “Well, I’ll give you a reason to shout,” he said before slamming the jar down, causing it to shatter on the floor. “What the hell is wrong with you!?” “See, now you’re shouting, too,” he countered in a sinister tone, a pleased smile on his face. You scoff in annoyance, rolling your eyes in the process. “Where are you going?” He shouts after you as you leave the kitchen. “You better get back here and clean this shit up!” The hell you were. If he was going to act like this tonight you were not going to be around to witness it. You had immediately gone upstairs and texted a friend that lived a few streets over, asking if you could stay the night. Her answer was obviously yes, so now you were packing. You hadn’t heard anything out of Zayn since he last shouted for you to clean up the mess he had made. You wondered what he was doing but then again you wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible. Dealing with drunk Zayn was something you had not signed up for when agreeing to an exclusive relationship. Mainly because you were never sure which side of him you were going to get after he had consumed a few too many. You were certain he hadn’t gone out with his usual group; they would never send him home in this state. They knew the monster he had the potential to be and didn’t want to be around him just in case he got that way. You head out of the bedroom, a bag over your shoulder. “And where do you think you’re going?” His dark voice asks. You stop by the front door and look over to see Zayn standing in the kitchen. He hadn’t moved since you left him to go pack. “I’m not staying here,” you inform him, taking your keys from the table by the door. He walks from behind the breakfast bar to meet you. He holds his hand out, his eyes glaring at you. “No. I’m not dealing with you like this,” you counter, knowing what his open palm meant. “Give me the fucking keys,” he orders slowly. You stare at him, his eyes seething. You had been in this situation before and were well aware of the outcome. You give him your keys and as soon as his hand wraps around them, his other hand opens in front of you. You sigh, he had defeated you. You take your phone out of your pocket, handing it to him as you sit your bag down by the door.