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Nickelodeon and reviving old shows
  • Nickelodeon: Wow, people really seem to be excited about us bringing back "Hey Arnold". Hmm... I wonder how we can turn this lucky break into a gravy train?
  • Danny Phantom: No way! Pick me! The Fairly Oddparents need a break, and my fanbase has stayed loyal and active for over a decade! Plus, I have an entire folklore to explore, AND a lot of other unexplored areas!
  • Nickelodeon: Well... both of your fanbases have been hounding us for ten years about you guys... "As Told By Ginger" it is!!!
  • Danny and Zim: WHAT?!!
  • Ginger: Wait, what?

That ironic fucking moment when trashnatural is at its 13th season, with all its horrible writing, mysoginy, racim ect …

While constantine, an interesting dc show about an exorcist with lots of stuff about magic and new creatures, john who was abused by his father because his mother died giving birth to him, then found in magic his escape and used it then to help, but he made a terrible mistake that condemned him to hell, and he suffers from mental issues (he checked himself in an asylum), then had to go back as an angel (manny, played by a moc, the wings are shown) warns him about the rising darkness (huge plot twist about it but well…) (I know you’re gonna say that this is like spn s4, but it’s their own comic material spn writers are the one who stole ideas, but it’s different )

with zed a hispanic girl as the female lead, who’s a psychic with a mysterious past, with her own stoyline being the important aspect and not being just there as a love interest to be killed off , and chas john’s most loyal best friend who helps as much as he can

An awesome show like that with so much potential, fresh and not just about endlessly worshippong their lead while killing off everyone else got unfairly canceled after 13 episodes on a cliffhanger

It’s basically the show spn fandom craves to have it deserves more support

“It makes me sad to know that all of my favorite Nicktoons were treated unfairly. Danny Phantom was cancelled before its time, Hey Arnold still hasn’t gotten its proper concluding movie, Legend of Korra was thrown to the curb, ChalkZone was ignored, Fairly OddParents should have ended while the show was still decent instead of being beaten into the ground for over 14 years, and TMNT is rarely even shown or promoted anymore.”

More Zatanna and Wally BroTp headcanons because y'all seemed to like the first post 😅

• Whilst Wally binges watches most shows with Dick, there are some that he’s been roped into watching by Zatanna ; White Collar, GLEE, Teen Wolf, and he was super pissed when she showed him both The Secret Circle and The Tomorrow People, both of which were unfairly cancelled after one season. “whY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME ZEE. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU TO MAKE ME SUFFER WITH ONLY ONE SEASON SHOWS.” “If I have to suffer through my shows being cancelled, you have to suffer too.”

Wally is also the one who showed her The Vampire Diaires, and immediately the two of them were torn between Stefan and Damon (Zatannas a Stefan girl, and Wally had a thing for Damon) turns out, Conner also watches it in secret because it’s the one thing he likes other than staring at static all the time, naturally Zatanna and Wally found out and now there are arguments about characters, ships and worst story arcs.

After Wally and Artemis left the Team they never watched it together, always separately. After Wally disappeared into the Speedforce Zatanna stopped watching it altogether. (hOLY SHIT THAT GOT SAD)

• Zatanna also attended Keystone High, Dinah acted as her guardian and got Bruce to pull some strings to make sure Wally was the one who gave Zatanna a tour of the school despite being in the year above.

He also insists on sitting with her at lunch because “Zee, Aunt Dinah instructed me to look after you so that’s what I’m doing.” “She didn’t mean you have to babysit me.” “Yes it does I gotta fight off all your admirers that think they even stand a chance with you. Which reminds me, no dating until you turn 21.” “Fight me asshole.”

Wally is on the track team (long distance runner) and Zatanna attends all the events and meets and cheers him on.

Wally then pitifully introduces her to the only other friend he has at school *cough* Kyle Rayner *cough*

Kyle also makes obnoxiously large signs in support of Wally. Every. Single. Time. Zatanna contemplates why she is friends with both of them.

Iris loves Zatanna, and the two always make cupcakes together which Wally isn’t sure is a good idea because Zatanna cannot cook for shit. Iris whacks him over the head with the dish cloth when he says so.

• Iris also joins Wally in teasing Zatanna about her crush on Green Lantern.

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  • Relationship status: single af :(
Favorite color: blue…or hot pink…or bright orange idek
Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
Last song I listened to: No Aphrodiasic by The Whitlams
Last movie I watched: cinema-Wonder Woman, but Pitch Perfect 2 at home!
Top three TV shows: 1. Spirited, 2. Dark Angel, 3. Moonlight (OK so i don’t watch too much t.v & that’s bc i got super into these shows and they were all UNFAIRLY CANCELLED (…years ago…) and i’m bitter af)
Top three characters: UM UM UM ok this is hard? RN It’s 1. Sirius Black (always) 2. Mimi Marquez 3. Kevin Day but ?? this was hard?
Top three ships: 1. Harry/Draco, 2. Tony Stark & Happiness, 3. Diana Prince & Steve Trevor …? (i havent been reading much fic so atm i guess?)
Books I’m currently reading/Last book you read: currently reading The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, If We Were Villains by M.L Rio & doing a TFC re-read. Last I finished was Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.
  • Three books to read next: (i could have smushed this q together but…books) on my List are The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories and A Darker Shade of Magic!

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Want to see more of this? We’re fighting to get this amazing show renewed for a third season after Disney unfairly cancelled it. Please help us!

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anonymous asked:

recommend all the tv shows that you think everyone should watch pls. in the flesh is great.

with pleasure!

  • My Mad Fat Diary [genre: dramedy/a godsend]
  • Wonderfalls [genre: dramedy/some sci-fi] *check out this post where I wrote down a quick summary and reasons why you should watch this clever little underrated gem
  • Dead Like Me [genre: dramedy/sci-fi/REAPERS!]
  • Pushing Daisies [genre: fantasy/dramedy/the cutest and most colorful show you can lay your eyes on]
  • Orange is the New Black [genre: dramedy/just watch it]
  • Veronica Mars [genre: dramedy/crime/cult classic don’t miss out]
  • Misfits [genre: sci-fi/comedy/yet so much pain/stellar show]
  • From Dusk Till Dawn [genre: sci-fi/horror/favorite 2014 discovery/SUCH A GOOD plz do yourself a favor and watch this]
  • American Horror Story [genre: take a wild guess/only here for season 1 tbh]
  • Supernatural [genre: sci-fi/horror/primarily listing this for the first few seasons they were glorious]
  • Harper’s Island [genre: horror/mystery/surprisingly good oneshot series]
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer [genre: sci-fi/drama/CLASSIC.]
  • Moonlight [genre: sci-fi/drama/if you’re not tired of vampires yet this was a cheesy~ but very good short lived tv series]
  • Legend of the Seeker [genre: fantasy/adventure/well-written badass female warriors in a fictional medieval setting/UNFAIRLY CANCELED/FOREVER BITTER ABOUT THAT]
  • Community [genre: comedy/so much geekiness/so much heart]
  • Broad City [genre: comedy/even better: female-led comedy]
  • Friends [genre: comedy/what are you doing with your life if you haven’t watched this yet]
  • Daria [genre: comedy/don’t be fooled by the animation this is actually gr8]
  • Miranda [genre: british romcom/relatable for the socially awkward/piss your pants laughing]
  • Scrubs [genre: HILARIOUS]
  • 10 Things I Hate About You [genre: romcom] *if you’re a fan of the movie, check out the short-lived tv series. It’s utter teen cheesiness but worth it for kat/patrick alone
  • Great Expectations [genre: period drama] *it’s only a 3-episodes miniseries so if you feel like watching an eerie period drama you should totally give this one a go, it’s captivating.
  • In The Flesh [genre: drama/horror] recc’ing for the other followers. I’ve only started watching this one recently but so far i’m reallyyy liking it.

Be mad about In the Flesh being cancelled. Be furious.

This isn’t one of those shows where the ratings were low, it got cancelled, and then a while later everybody loves it and is sad.

In the Flesh won multiple polls, even beating out Sherlock in best summer show. It won a BAFTA (at least one to my knowledge). Fans held multiple #saveintheflesh tagging sprees to raise awareness. We as a fandom continued to by the dvds to boost sales.

The cast was diverse, well-rounded, and portrayed impeccably. There were non-sexualized, strong female characters, realistic views of mental illness that weren’t romanticized, queer representation that wasn’t the main focus, and racism issues addressed among many other things.

In the Flesh was unfairly cancelled.

Hey Guys, If your a fan of the DC animated show Young justice, then i implore you to watch it on netflix. Greg Wiseman, who is the creator of the show, has stated that if there’s alot of people who watch the show on netflix, and the number of viewers is high, then its possible that young justice could turn into an netflix show and give us a continuation of the story with a season 3, or at least a mini series that concludes  the story.


Look, you guys! It’s a smiling zombie with pink umbrella. That’s the kind of things you get if you watch In The Flesh.

It’s ITF Apocalypse Day here on tumblr and I’m going to take part in this the best I can. To be honest, I was hoping it’d get more attention, but maybe people, like me, are just warming up. Hey, the day is far from over, right?

Anyway, to my non-ITF followers:

If you really want, you can block “itfapocalypse” tag for today, but, BUT I hope you’re not gonna do that and you’re gonna check out this absolutely brilliant show that was so unfairly cancelled. 

And to my ITF followers:

participate. Do stuff to show people what they miss by not watching In The Flesh. Encourage to signing petitions. We will rise again.