unfair fight

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Fight At Gas Station In Alabama

Prime Example of What I Be Talking Bout…..You Already handed Out a Ass Whooping and On Top Of that The Dude Already Gave in and You Wanna Continue Kicking Him in the Head…..

I Hope the Dude That Won Gets Caught and Butt Raped in Jail…. STRAIGHT BITCH MOVE!


Images: The Peccadilloes, Unfair Fight, Sounds of Threat, Surrounded by Thieves, Bobby Meader January, 24 2014 at The Double Down Saloon

Over the past few years, Vegas-based SquidHat Records has collected an impressive roster of local punk rock talent. And in addition to helping out their own bands, they’ve made a positive impact by promoting non-SquidHat acts and organizing local showcases. So I was excited to support the label and see some of my favorite locals at the first day of their second anniversary festival, featuring The Peccadilloes, Unfair Fight, Sounds of Threat, Surrounded by Thieves and Bobby Meader Music. …

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Images: The Casualties, Negative Approach, MDC, Unfair Fight, IDFI November 8, 2013 at Las Vegas Country Saloon

Jersey City street punks The Casualties dropped by the Las Vegas Country Saloon on November 8, 2013 bringing with them a couple of classic 1980’s hardcore punk acts MDC, and Negative Approach. To be perfectly honest, I don’t dabble much in hardcore, but I was left impressed by how enthusiastic the crowds were for these bands. The night consisted of one neverending circle pit and of course, during The Casualties, there was an endless stream of crowd surfers diving over me. …

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Poetic Justice

I stand on the frontlines

A war being waged against injustice surrounds me

I hear grunts, moans, cheers- the passionate sounds of my fellow comrades behind me

Thrusting my hand forward
I evade the oncoming enemy

My forearm baring my chest 
I defend against oncoming attacks

Gripping the pen tightly I am ready to injure
Tip points outwards

The sheaf of papers wrapped around my boney arm I am prepared to dodge all strikes

I stand on the frontlines of an infinite war

We fight against the injustices of the world around

We battle to stop racism, to end suffering, to exonerate prejudice, and the idea that one is superior over another

We attempt to find justice in this corrupt world

Using spoken thoughts and spilled inscriptions these soldiers fight

Using pen and paper these warriors cause change

Using their own form of justice, poetic justice, these battle strong activists rectify