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im so down for yandere fics where the reader is actually in love with them despite the shit the yandere does. SO! Could I have a fic of yandere jack dealing with a man who flirted with and touched s/o's arm and the s/o.

AHHHHH YESSSSSSS THANK YOUUUUUU I can quench my thirst now

You gulped and froze as the man you were speaking to put his hand on your arm, growing visibly more and more uncomfortable as he attempted to move his hand to other parts of your body.

“Excuse me.” You heard a familiar voice beside you suddenly, the hand that was touching you now removed, gripped in hand of the person beside you.

You gasped as you turned your head, noticing the familiar blonde hair of Jack Morrison, your commander.

And your extremely overprotective boyfriend.

“Just where do you think your hand was going?” Jack questioned, the grip on the shorter man’s wrist growing tighter as he stared, a blank stare encompassing his features.

“N-nowhere s-sir.” The man stammered, his face twisting in pain as the grip on his wrist became unbearable,

You heard an extremely audible snap, and a scream resonated within the room.

The Overwatch commander had taken his other arm, and pressed upwards on the stranger’s elbow, snapping his arm in two by the elbow. You could only stare in horror as the man’s arm dangled, completely dislocated and shattered.

He wasn’t done, and you knew he wasn’t done. Somewhere deep inside of you, though, you almost felt thankful for this behavior. You felt safe with him, despite how protective he was of you.

As your mind wandered, you blinked at the sudden sound of choking, the offending man now pinned against the wall by the super soldier.

“I suggest you leave Overwatch if you ever want to see the light of day, agent.” Jack spat at the man pinned against the wall, his voice full of anger.

The blonde man released his grip on the whimpering man’s throat, his body hitting the floor with a thud.

Then, he turned to you, and you felt a slight fear well up inside of you.

“Jack-” You spoke, your voice being cut off by the feeling of lips against yours, making you gasp.

“I’m going to kill him,” He whispered against your lips, his hand caressing your face gently. “Please leave the room.”

“But Jack-” You stuttered, pleading with your commander.


One Year

Requests: “kol eating y/n out??”

You swung your door open to reveal Kol standing on your doorstep with his wicked grin and flowers in his hand. You blushed and pushed your large framed glasses up your nose. Kol stepped inside, closing the door behind him and pecking you on the cheek and then handing you the flowers. You sniffed them and blushed again, it seemed like a rather expensive bouquet. 

“Happy one year.” You beamed up at him, and in return, he kissed you sweetly on the lips. To this day you wonder how Kol could have any mortal he wanted and chose you. It had been the best year of your life, explaining family problems to each other and he revealed his biggest secret to you. Despite him being a thousand years old, you trusted him with your life. 

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Could you do a visual of your first time with them? Like three each please?


aw aw aww ok so it would be so cute, luke would walk up behind you while you were baking cookies or something and he’d be like “hmm babe, smells good” and he would wrap his arms around your torso. you would feel his boner on your bum

he would bring you to his bedroom and strip you completely and you would just lay on the bed waiting for him. he would waste no time in thrusting into you.

luke would never ever take his eyes off of yours. he thinks you look so beautiful under him. unf and he would just get so hot and bothered, sweat dripping down his face.

idk why but i think he would want to eat you out after he finished. he’s such a cutie.


so michael would’ve invited you over to hang out but really you guys would just be making out on his bed and he would be feeling you up. grabbing onto your tits because man those fit perfectly in his rough hands.

his mouth would just explore your body. kissing you all over, and biting you too. he loves leaving a good hickey. and his crotch would be right up against yours, feeling around for the first time ever.

and once all your clothes were discarded he would get right at it. he wouldn’t even start out slow, he would go fast and not stop until you’re screaming his name. 

and he would thrust so fucking deep oh my god. and he would just be staring at your boobs the entire time. he would grunt too omg and fuck i can’t do this anymore.


i am convinced that ashton would hold your hand the whole way through it. like just you two going for a walk or something, holding hands and you would turn to him and be like “i wanna do it ash” and he would just know and bring you straight home to do the do.

ashton would be just so passionate in everything he did with you. he would bring you to his bed and undress you and undress himself, kissing you as hard as possible. he would be moaning in the kiss because he loves you so much.

he would kiss down your stomach telling you how beautiful you are.

and eat you out just to get you nice and wet for him. his tongue and lips gah. he would make sure you’re squirming beneath him before he let you get the d.

but you would get tired of his teasing and take over. he would loveee it if you rode him. he would still be holding onto you so you felt safe and warm in his arms.


you and calum would just be watching a movie half-naked because yeah i dunno why. and he wouldn’t even be paying attention to the screen, his hand would trace along your belly and smooth skin.

he would go super slow with you. making sure not to push your limits.

you guys would be in any and every position possible by the end of the night. he wouldn’t even get tired. he would suck on your boobs and play with them so you got the maximum amount of pleasure possible

yeah man

and this concludes the show


Bonding Over Games

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: brief mentions of anxiety/anxiety attacks otherwise it’s aaalllll fluff

Summary: Thanks to the Winchesters Cas gets the courage to ask you to hang out. When you say yes, Cas doesn’t know what to do since he never thought he’d get this far.

Notes: So I was writing one day and this came out of it… So here you go! Also Dissolve by Absofacto is the shit!

The impala’s headlights brightened when Dean started the car, Sam asleep in the front seat. You were lying down on the back seat trying to get comfortable but after a few minutes you decided it was worthless. In order to sleep you needed a bed, your bed. Not a crappy motel mattress or a leather seat, just your soft mattress and fluffy pillow.

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sleep talking

inspired by the fact that mark actually talks in his sleep so here u go it kinda sucks but u know what are u gonna do

a/n: after re reading this the mumble parts could sound sexual if u read it that way but pls know that i did not mean it that way it’s just meant to be cute little mumbles i apologise pls don’t shoot me

your best friend mark was a sleep talker, you weren’t exactly sure if he knew of his habit but you knew very well. sometimes it would be a full conversation, sometimes just a few mumbles under his breath, tonight it was the latter.

“come cuddle with me, (y/n).” you heard marks soft voice ring through your room. you turned around under the blankets to face the boy who was stood at the door. this was a common request from your friend, whenever he was stressed or couldn’t sleep well he’d ask and you’d rarely ever say no.

“i’m already in bed, go cuddle with hyuck or something.” you replied, too comfortable and tired to move.

“please~” he whined.

“fine,” you groaned, pulling the blanket over and patting the spot beside you. “get over here loser.”

he smiled, happy to have convinced you and ran over to hop under the covers. once he was comfortable he pulled the blankets back up and you snuggled up to his side.

soon enough mark had dozed off and you were left scrolling through your phone, no longer tired. it wasn’t long before you started to hear quiet noises leave marks lips.

“unf- mhf… (y-… n)…” your curiosity peaked as you heard your name. “lo-… love you… I”

butterflies filled your stomach at his words, it’s just a dream you told yourself, shuffling around careful not to wake him up.

“b-… (y/n)… beautiful…”

this continued for another ten minutes before you couldn’t stand the feeling in your stomach any longer, you never thought you’d ever hear mark say things like that to you, even in a dream.

“mark?” you shook his shoulder. “mark, wake up.”

he eyes fluttered open, hands immediately reaching up to cover his puffy face. “(y/n)? what’s wrong? why’d you wake me, i was having a good dream.”

“i could tell.”

“what do you mean?” he asked confusedly, rubbing his sleepy eyes groggily.

“do you know that you sleeptalk, mark?” he didn’t reply, just laid there with a confused look on his face. “sleeptalk. talk in your sleep.”

“so you… heard that, huh.”

“do you have something to tell me?” you asked.

“yeah, um- your beds actually really uncomfortable so i’m gonna- im just gonna go back to mine, night (y/n)!” he said, hurrying out of the bed and running out of the room.


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also unf for shinil to u and ikonzi!

TO ME?? TO ME?? SUSIE. SUSIE YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME. YOU CANT DO THIS I WILL DIE. KIND OF but i can throw my sona at him instead and… he’ll also die. 

Cavari fucking dies in embarrassment. 


Your breath hitches as you feel yourself get trapped between the wall and Shinil, eyes blinking under your hair as you try to figure out what’s going on. It doesn’t take you long to put two and two together and.. The thought of what’s happening makes your face flush, one eye faintly catching the outline of your lover.

“Oh! Oh… Oh boy.” 

First Kiss Preference

Luke: I think you and Luke’s first kiss would be quick, but sweet. Since he seems like the shyest one one out of the group, i think he would wait to kiss you until he thinks the time is right. When he does kiss you it would be after dropping you back home after a date, he’s about to leave and you’re about to go in but he grabs you by the wrist and then give you a soft kiss. quick but perfect(:

Calum: To me i feel like Calum would kiss you on the first date. but it would be really cute, because he would walk you up to the door, then cup your face/chin or whatever and kiss you c: then he’d smirk, kiss your cheek and say “see you later”

Michael: I think your first kiss with Mikey would be totally unexpected. I can see and you and Mikey being really really good friends, but he has feelings for you. You do as well but you try to hide it. but one day it’s to much for him so he would kind of like grab you and like kiss you really hard because well yeah. but then your 2nd kiss would be like a normal 1st kiss, sweet and cute c:

Ashton: Your first kiss with Ash would be super cute. I think you would be wearing like a shirt of sweater of his (the maroon one oh) and be like cuddling or you two will be in the kitchen making something. and he’ll just look over at you and then come and hug you from behind, then you would turn around and he’d cup your face and kiss you and you’ll like place your hands on his cheeks or neck and unfhbvhjd


here’s something quick since I haven’t posted in aaaggggessss. Y'all are lukey (ha, get it?) that I like you people. 


Okay, well, I think that Ashton wouldn’t be so much into going down on his girl as opposed to using his fingers to warm her up. Everyone and their motherfucking mother knows Ashton has hands that were sculpted by GODS so he loves getting his girl off with those long ass fingers of his. That little shit can get you to do basically anything when he’s fucking you with his fingers, and he doesn’t hesitate to use it to his advantage. 

OMG LUKEY would be use a little bit of his fingers and his mouth (oh dear god that mouth is unf), but he’d be a little bit hesitant, afraid he’d do something you didn’t like (THIS DOESN"T MEAN THAT FUCKER IS VANILLA), but when he heard you moaning his name and pulling at his hair, he’d reeeaalllly get into it, sucking harshly on your clit and fucking you to kingdom come with his fingers.

Since I believe Calum is an ass man (do NOT fight me on this), he’d love to eat you out from behind so he can have handfuls of your ass as he brings you to bliss with that talented tongue of his. You’d probably be grinding back into his face and he’d have to spank you a few times to get you to behave, muttering something along the lines of “stay still babygirl, I wanna be able to taste you properly.” idk man, like I think he’d be super into dirty talk, so when his mouth wasn’t occupied, he’d say every filthy thing that came to mind

MICHAEL would be reeeeallllyyy into doing as much as he could at once, like he’d have one hand on your boob, the other rubbing over you body. He’d absolutely LOVE to get you to come on his tongue as many times as he could. Michael has lips of pure fucking sin, he knows it, and he loves to find the different ways to make you scream because of those lips and tongue of his. He’d love to have you shaking and trembling under him before he actually got around to fucking you.

4/4 - How You Kiss

Requested: yes :)

Author: julia

Note: i did kinda more of a making out pref rather than kissing, i tried to do a little bit of both, hope you don’t mind!

Ash: Ash would be kinda soft at first to make sure you’re cool with it, but as soon as you started giving him what he wanted, he would be so into it. He would make sure that he either had you up against a wall or lying down somewhere so that he could be on top of you (it’s obvious that he’s dominant). I feel like he would moan a lot and try to touch you all over while you were making out.

Cal: Calum is soooo dominant it’s not even funny. I can’t even imagine Calum being one to kiss softly, I feel like with him it would be forehead kisses or full-on make out. He would love to kiss and nibble on your neck to watch what it does to you and he would always want to be the one to kiss you first. He would also be really good at making out, I feel like he just would. Unf :*

Michael: I feel like Michael would be one to feather kisses all over your face and down your neck/collarbone area. But while you were kissing him, you would feel his eagerness to start an intense make-out session and, if you let him, he would start whispering things into your ear. You would both definitely be running your hands through each others’ hair the whole time. I also think he would be the type of guy to try to take your clothes off and when you swat his hand away you would both just laugh together and then continue making out.

Luke: I think Luke would be a delicate kisser. He would cup your face and I could definitely see him being one to smile during a kiss and you would feel his cold lip ring rub against your lips. If we’re talking about making out, I honestly think he wouldn’t be as “innocent” as everyone says. I think he would go with whatever you wanted, but I think he would moan into your mouth a ton and slowly move his hands over the curves of your body.

this ruined my life ok

request hereee

See No Evil.

Part 2

Original Request

Can you do one where the reader comes back to the bunker after hunting a witch and tells Sam and Dean that she thought she only got hit with a knockout spell, but an hour later the guys hear her scream or something and they find that she’s blind (temporarily). She could be frustrated that she has to rely on both the guys for help, just some cute/protective friendship. Thnx :)

Warnings: Blindness?

Word Count: 782

Summary: After being attacked by a witch spell the reader suffers with temporary blindness, frustrated as the Winchester have to help.


“I’m fine guys, seriously.” You reassured the concerned Winchesters as they led you back into the bunker. Their arms hovered around you, as if you were about to break like a china doll at any moment.

“That bitch…I’m sorry ‘witch’” Dean corrected himself with his index finger held in the air, “knocked you out for hours, just with her words.” Dean stated and you rolled your eyes at him. You loved that the brothers were so protective and caring of you, but sometimes they forgot that you are a hunter too. And that you’re not as fragile as they think.

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Level up (Jungkook)

Had to write right away to get over the piece of shit that is my previous Jin scenario haha, but this was started anyway. So this is for anon, and I hope you like it because I do n_n I got really comfortable writing sweet/confident Jungkook and this whore that is Jimin haha.

Jimin leaks a very compromising video of Jungkook and after seeing it, you decide this is a right excuse to take your relationship to another level.

If your boyfriend really didn’t like seeing you hanging out with his friends – he says “It’s not that they are mine and only mine and that I don’t want you to steal them, it’s just that you’re mine and only mine.” – it is still one of your favorite thing to do. Mostly because they are all so close and talk so freely about each other, spilling secrets is just a natural thing, and the word secret doesn’t have a meaning anymore. It never changed with you around, not even about your boyfriend’s secrets. They would always find ways to – purposely – reveal things about Jungkook that there was no way he could have told you. You know, things like he sucked his finger until eleven years old – as the boyfriend, Jungkook holds onto his pride more than anything else.

But when Jimin called you over at his house because he had The Biggest Hit Of The Year to show you, you knew you had to mentally prepare yourself as to what you were about to see. You decided not to tell Jungkook about your escape at Jimin’s place with the other five boys.

Jimin had already settled chairs around a computer screen, looking all proud with that smile of his stretched from ear to ear. “Welcome, friends! My parents aren’t around, so screams are allowed. You will need to scream.” Jimin said, letting you all in. You raised an eyebrow as he nodded towards you about the scream part.

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