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If you think about it, we’re still living by these biological patterns that were designed to allow us to survive—I mean we were all going to die by 30 anyway. Maybe that’s what it is! At 30, the reason we feel this release is because we’re supposed to be dead. This is our, like…our afterlife

I don’t usually “ship” people in bands and stuff but I always find myself shipping jgv models because of the chemistry they seem to portray. Like, Toshi and Kikuchi are so perfect together as you can tell by their smooth acting and laughs and the way they are generally really attracted to eachother, it’s adorable. I absoloutley adore Nagito and Sora as a couple, I just think it really, really works. I kinda feel like Nagito is slightly awkward with acting, but goddamn it its freaking adorable. The way they smile and kiss througout this jgv is just~~unf. Plus, this picture is beautiful. It’s annoyingly flawless. T.T But, yeah, I really like Nagito and Sora together, and I definitely think it works. ♡

a two thousand word office antics outline

There were about 10 episodes left. And this is how it was supposed to go down.

The numbering is based on the LJ chapters. For the AFF chapter, please add 8 to the number to get the equivalent numbering. 

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