unf that move

“Is there a reason your naked in my bed?”

Prompt:34.Is there a reason your naked in my bed? 74. Did I stutter? 82. Bring your pretty little butt over here.Smut with Klaus.

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Warning: Ssmut, Curse Words, Face Riding.

Word Count: 1.3k

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Benedict C.–in any role–in that deliciously breathless moment before the Kiss

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Lena Hall’s #yitzograms, showing me everything I want in a man since 2014.

When your friend finds the full version to You Already Know, and link you to the song….

When you see the dance moves, and Gabe does a really sexy move….

When you see Dana’s arm muscles…..

Then you have Cole being a sexy fuck….

All in all I’m still a Cole girl even though Dana snuck up on me, also chelsyamberxim5 won’t share Dana. I’m not complaining though…


I had no idea the group which did the This Love Dance did a new one with Ereri + JeanMarco ahhh (Marco in Survey Corps jacket while Levi and Eren are wearing the black jacket and red shirt in some fanart unf)

I actually like this one a lot more than This Love uuu