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Monsta X Clubbing


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  • This guy would not be pleased with your revealing outfit first off.
  • Like he’d be pleased but not with the way other way men would look at you.
  • He’d sit at the bar and insist you go and dance with your friends.
  • But he’d eventually give in after you pouting and bribing him with sex.
  • He’d be so awkward on the dance floor bless him but he’d try
  • “Hyungwoo, you know how to dance. Stop trying to be so manly.” Cause he’d be doing that step to the left, step to the right dance to blend in.
  • Once he was buzzed he’d definitely start enjoying himself. 
  • He’d start babbling about how he was afraid to get too drunk as the leader as he drinks more alcohol the cutie pie. 
  • “Oh my god this is crazy!! Why have you never taken me here before?!”
  • He’d have a huge grin on his face, knowing he was dancing with the prettiest girl there and going home with her too.
  • Wouldn’t get too frisky with you but he’d definitely squeeze your butt and show every guy looking at you that you were a taken lady.
  • And he wouldn’t forget that you promised him sexy time when you got home.


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  • Astonished at how well you do shots. The boy can barely keep up.
  • His jaw is on the table with how quick you down the tequila.
  • He gets drunk so quick but a soppy drunk.
  • Grabbing your shoulders with wide cute eyes like
  • “No I love you! Like I really fucking love you. I’m being serious! Stop laughing at me!” 
  • Completely ignores all the girls trying to hit on him at the bar.
  • He’s polite of course but he explains he has a beautiful girlfriend waiting for him.
  • Not shy on the dancefloor at all.
  • Boy works it with his hands all over your butt as you grind together.
  • Your eyes meet and his bright smile disappears as he leans in to make out with you for about 2 hours. 
  • You make a little frustrated moan and he gives up trying to tame himself.
  • Most likely to ditch the club early to have drunken sex with you at home.
  • And make you take care of his hangover in the morning.


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  • His eyes would pop out of his skull at your LBD.
  • The most supportive boyfriend ever on the dancefloor.
  • “Yes baby! Baby girl you look so hot right now!”
  • Takes 100 pictures with you.
  • Screams “THIS IS MY SONG!” at every song that comes on.
  • The classic ‘jumping up and down’ dancer.
  • A messy drunk. The boy pours more liquor down his shirt then he does in his mouth.
  • He’s super silly with you on the dancefloor. You’d be snapchatting him trying to vogue in hysterics.
  • When sexy music comes on he’d pull the straps of your dress down and leave hickeys all over your chest oops
  • He’ll insist he’s not that drunk all night but when you finally make him leave he won’t know where the hell he’s going.
  • Most hungover in the morning.


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  • This guy wants to buy drinks for all his boys and his beautiful lady. 
  • Toasts to Monsta X before all of you get hyped up and down to party.
  • After a couple of drinks he keeps putting his hand on your lower back and telling you how lucky he is to have you. 
  • “Wow I’m sooo fucking lucky. You’re so kind and beautiful. Just wow I’m the luckiest man on the earth babe. I love you so much.” 
  • On the dancefloor he’ll twirl you around about 20 times per song. 
  • He licks his lower lip as he stands back and watches you dance to the beat.
  • He spots the clubs photographer and practically drags you to get a picture.
  • You try to pose but he pulls you against his chest and steals a kiss.
  • The others find you on top of him in the bathroom after that cause he made your heart melt.
  • The two of you end up making loads of drunk friends and find all the weird pictures you took with them in the morning.


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  • Socially awkward H.One would be the hardest to make dance, blushing and shaking his head.
  • So plan B is getting him so drunk that he thinks it’s a brilliant idea and it works.
  • In fact he dances so hardcore that it surprises you and the other members, you barely recognise him.
  • His wide smile and laughter makes you elated. When he’s relaxed he’s the most excited puppy, going wild and swinging his long arms in the air.
  • Holds your bag and wait for you while you take forever to pee and tell other girls how great they look.
  • “What is it with you ladies taking an hour in the bathroom? Why can’t you just do what you gotta..” You shut him up with a deep kiss and his face goes bright red.
  • He smells so damn good that you keep pressing your body against him as you dance and he doesn’t mind it at all. 
  • Apart from the fact that you’re making him hard so he has to disappear for about 10 minutes. 
  • Least likely to be hungover in the morning. Just tired and cute with sleepy eyes. 


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  • Drunk Jooheon can go two ways. 
  • He’ll either be the cutest dimple king making cute faces to you all night or be the bad boy rhythm man being all aloof and sexy.
  • No matter which persona comes out, he’ll keep you in his sight all night and insist on paying for all of your drinks. 
  • He’ll want to tell you how stunning you look but he’ll find it hard to find the words to say and it won’t help that he’ll be extremely drunk.
  • So he’ll keep gazing at you with his deep eyes and kissing your cheek 
  • Sloppy, heated kisses on the dancefloor with this man unf damn you Jooheon
  •  Has a fetish for seeing you twerk (or at least attempting to am I right ladies) 
  • He’ll be in heaven with the loud R&B music and the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. 
  • He’ll take you out to the smoking area but not to smoke.
  • He’d just like to be alone and have you sit on his lap, laughing while you slur his name.


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  • So the maknae of the group would be able to handle his drinks quite well.
  • But you know he’d still encourage the boys to do stupid things like drink a fish bowl to themselves and mix their drinks.
  • Doesn’t mind making a bit of a fool of himself on the dancefloor. He’s young and in love.
  • Although he knew he’d be carrying your heels around because your feet would hurt after an hour. 
  • And then he’d be scared of you cutting your feet on something so he’d actually piggy back you when you needed to walk somewhere.
  • Encourages you to pace yourself on the drinks but he knows you’re definitely going to throw up in the morning regardless.
  • He doesn’t need to be wasted to whisper in your ear how great your ass looks in your skinny jeans and how if you weren’t so drunk he’d take you outside and have his way with you which makes you real hot.
  • He kisses you very slowly, like you two are the only people in the club and leaves the fun stuff until when you’re aware of your name again. 
  • Will forever tease you about you telling him you wanted to eat his dick like a free breakfast buffet.
  • Of course you don’t remember saying it…but it isn’t a lie


Oh. My. God. I could watch this. Every day. FOREVER.

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