unf man


That would definitely be me… LOL!!!


Oh. My. God. I could watch this. Every day. FOREVER.

beaverskingdom I’m sorry but drool.
Meanwhile, in the Undertale fandom..
  • Friend: Dude, I love Undertale but the fandom makes Papyrus and Sans do sexual stuff together. They're brothers, that's incest.
  • Me: So....I guess....
  • Me: You don't like...
  • Me: Skeletons-
  • Friend:
  • Me: Get it? Cause....they're skeletons...and they wanna bone? ...cause-
  • Friend: Goddamn you.

I dunno what it is about this set of pictures (Eric at the Berlin Star Trek premiere in 2009), whether it’s the Zane Garrett tousled, silver streaks at the temple hair, the fact he turned up wearing this SHARP AF jacket jeans shirt & sweater combo, the hint of scruff, all of the above, or just the fact that it’s Eric-Fucking-Bana [I mean, Zane-Fucking-Garrett]…but HOT FUCKING DAMN

PS. I seriously need his jacket. GIVE IT TO ME. NOW.