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The short blonde strolled up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and yanking him down for a deep, slow and passionate kiss. Letting her body press against his, dragging her tongue along his bottom lip to make him gasp and open his mouth. Then she went in for the attack, slipping her tongue into his mouth and swirling her's with his own. Harley kissed him until they both needed to breathe, then she pulled away and let go of him.

“That was…”, Batman’s low, husky tone broke off, eyes beneath the cowl a bit dazed at the suddenness and passion she poured out into him. Before he had been able to fully react, she had already pulled away, his heart beating quicker within the suit, his health tracking monitors spiking on his cowl’s lenses. He savored the kiss, and sensation, reaching out both broad arms and resting them on either side of her waist tentatively, gauntlet covers hands spreading themselves out slowly. “Out of no where, Miss Quinn. Unexpected. Though far from unwelcome. It has been a long night.”