Herizen Guardiola, Justice Smith, and Shameik Moore photographed by Steven Pan for GQ (December 2016)

Moore: Me and Herizen didn’t start off like the way we are now.
Guardiola: We went through a rough patch! But it was perfect for our characters, and I would say we’re friends now, right? Kind of? I mean we’re cool now. I’m 20 now, but coming into this at 18, I became an adult. I’ve changed in so many ways. You’ve really got to learn this stuff.


Shameik Moore photographed by JC Cerilla for Status Magazine

How did you prepare for your role as Shaolin Fantastic?
I had a lot of help from Baz. Grandmaster Flash, Lady Pink, Kool Herc, Rahiem from the Furious Five, Nelson George, Rich and Tone, and B-Boy Phantom were all there. They’ve given us a lot of knowledge by them being in that era. They all gave us stories and background to where our characters and the scenes were coming from, and how we need to portray them accurately in the reality of a lot of those situations. The research part was very fluid.