unexplained explosions

Unexplained Explosions Now Worldwide

They started in Clintonville, Wisconsin. They were dismissed as a local phenomenon. But they have now spread to 12 states, the United Kingdom and possibly Lithuania. They are loud, often metallic-sounding explosions of unknown origin. In the UK, a powerful explosion heard over most of southern England was explained as a sonic boom caused when two Typhoon jets were scrambled in response to an as-yet unexplained ‘rare’ emergency signal that came from a small helicopter hovering over Bath. The two jets were observed circling the helicopter. One witness reported a silver disk in the area. Meanwhile, unexplained explosions have now been heard both from the air and from underground in 12 states in the United States. They have nothing to do with fracking and are not a new earthquake-related geologic phenomenon. Just saying ….

White Lies (CS AU)

This was a little idea that got way out of hand. Now it’s a multi-chapter fic with bad cover art. Oops.

Summary: Twenty-eight years ago, an unexplained explosion in Storybrooke, Maine left the survivors with equally unexplainable powers. Some chose to use them for good; others, for evil. Now, as a war between superhumans rages in the underbelly of society, Emma Swan - alias Savior - meets Killian Jones - alias Hook - and the line between good and evil begins to blur. (CS AU)

Rating: T (M in later chapters)
Status: WIP (1/21 chapters complete)
Available on (ff.net)
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Chapter I: Swan Maiden

… … … … … … … .

Considering how often this hero business seemed to boil down to sheer dumb luck – being in the right place at the right time, or more importantly, not being in the wrong place at the wrong time – and the fact that bad luck seemed to be the only kind of luck she ever had, Emma Swan decided to take a moment to regret her life choices.

That moment was rudely interrupted when the wall above her head exploded in a shower of plaster and splinters as she threw herself flat against the ground to dodge a burst of semi-automatic gunfire. The bullets whizzing overhead sent a familiar chill running through her veins, which could only mean one thing - cold iron bullets. Where she could stop a copper or steel bullet dead in its tracks, cold iron cut through her magic barriers like tissue paper. The entire set-up had been a trap from the very beginning, but they had gone in anyways that because there was no other option; it wasn’t like they could just leave all those people to die. She could only hope that her partner made it out with the hostages before these goons turned her into Swiss cheese.

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In MtG, I want to see a a trio of villainous Planeswalkers to show up and continually harass the Gatewatch because for some reason, they want Jace’s cloak. So they come up with all these crazy schemes that come really close to working, but are thwarted by the Gatewatch doing something completely random, like Chandra superheating the air to create mirages or Nissa using rare flowers that summon millions of bees. And no matter how they are defeated, an unexplainable explosion sends the trio flying. They shout something resembling a catchphrase before planeswalking to safety. The Gatewatch celebrates the victory, only for the trio to show up inexplicably on the next plane with a new scheme to steal Jace’s cloak.