“I rented a basement room for about a year, the house was clean and the basement had big, bright windows but I always felt like I was being watched. 

For months I brushed it off as just being spooked, but when my landlord wasn’t home, I started to hear strange noises from upstairs. She has a dog and a cat, so at first I thought it was one of them whining but after a few “tests” of being in the same room as the animals and still hearing the noise, I determined it was something else. 

One night I woke up to the sound of scratching under my bed. Loud scratching. Something big was under my bed, the scratching intensified to the point where I felt the mattress move under me, as if a person was under my bed pushing the mattress up with their back and scratching the floor. Too afraid to actually look under the bed, I laid there frozen until the scratching stopped and I eventually fell asleep. 

The next day I went to get a sage stick and removed the legs of my bed so that the box spring is on the floor and nothing can get under it.”

By: @oneeyedgypsie


The Horton Mine

A brave man ventures into the haunted Horton Mine located in Nevada. He has a very uneasy feeling the second he steps into the mine. Things get even more strange when he walks into one part of the cave and sees a single 40 lb chain swinging back and forth. It would take a lot of effort for a chain that heavy to swing as steadily as it does. The man describes feeling like there is someone standing infront of him. 


During his second visit to the mine a year later, he hears a very strange sound at the end of THIS video. HERE is an audio of the sound he hears with all other noise removed. The sound is followed by a sudden blast of cold air which scares him into leaving the mine.

The screenshot above is from a video which was captured back in 2012 of two men dressed in black who entered a hotel in Canada and began asking questions about one of the employees who had recently claimed to see a UFO. The employee was not in work that day but the men asked around about him and his experience. Witnesses claimed that these men had no eyebrows or eyelashes and were wearing wigs.


The Wonder Spot was a popular Wisconsin tourist attraction that was open from 1949 until 2006 before being demolished. It featured a small cabin at the edge of a ravine and was advertised as “a place where the normal rules of gravity do not apply”. Sure enough, if you were to travel to The Wonder Spot, you’d find it impossible to stand up straight. Water ran backwards and in strange, swirling motions and it was possible to balance chairs and tables on two legs. It was very difficult to walk properly, as you would be met with a strange weightless feeling, as if you were walking on the moon. This story is certainly freaky and there aren’t many definite explanations for this strange phenomena. Tour guides merely attributed the lack of gravity to igneous rock formations, which makes it even more fascinating.

1. Altamaha-ha — Georgia, US
2. Appalachian black panther — Eastern US
3. Batsquatch — US
4. Beaman — Missouri, US
5. Bear Lake Monster — Idaho/Utah, US
6. Beast of Bladenboro — North Carolina, US
7. Beast of Bray Road — Wisconsin, US
8. Beast of Busco — Indiana, United States
9. Bessie — Lake Erie, US/Canada
10. Bigfoot — US
11. Cadborosaurus willsi — Pacific Coast of North America
12. Champ — Lake Champlain, US/Canada
13. Chessie — Atlantic Coast of US
14. Dover Demon — Massachusetts, US
15. Elmendorf Beast — Texas, US
16. Enfield Monster — Illinois, US
17. Flatwoods Monster — West Virginia, US
18. Fouke Monster — Arkansas, US
19. Fur-bearing trout — Great Lakes region
20. Rougarou — Louisiana, US
21. Ghost deer — Northern California, US
22. Gloucester sea serpent — Massachusetts, US
23. Goatman — Wisconsin/Maryland/Kentucky, US
24. Grassman — Ohio/Iowa, US
25. Hodag — Wisconsin, US
26. Honey Island Swamp monster — Louisiana, US
27. Hoop snake — US/Australia
28. Iliamna Lake Monster — Alaska, US
29. Ivory-billed woodpecker — Southern US
30. Jackalope — Wyoming, US
31. Jersey Devil — New Jersey/Pennsylvania, US
32. Kingstie — Lake Ontario, US/Canada
33. Lake Worth Monster — Texas, US
34. Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp — South Carolina, US
35. Loveland Frogmen — Ohio, US
36. Melon heads — Michigan/Ohio/Connecticut, US
37. Memphre — Lake Memphremagog, US/Canada
38. Menehune — Hawaii, US
39. Michigan Dogman — Michigan, US
40. Minnesota Iceman — Minnesota, US
41. Mogollon Monster — Arizona, US
42. Momo the Monster — Missouri, US
43. Montauk Monster — Long Island, US
44. Mothman — West Virginia, US
45. Ozark Howler — Arkansas/Missouri/Oklahoma/Texas, US
46. Pope Lick Monster — Kentucky, US
47. Pukwudgie — Massachusetts, US
48. Rake — New York, US
49. Sharlie — Idaho, US
50. Shunka Warakin — Western US
51. Skunk Ape — Florida, US
52. Snallygaster — Washington, D.C./Maryland/West Virginia, US
53. Tahoe Tessie — Lake Tahoe, US
54. Thunderbird — North America
55. Trinity Alps giant salamander — California, US
56. Tsul ‘Kalu — Western US
57. Urayuli — Alaska, US
58. Wampus cat — Southern US
59. Wendigo — Northern US
60. Wild Man of the Navidad — Texas, US
61. Wog — Georgia, US


Bridgewater Triangle, an area of around 200 square miles within Massachusetts, is the site of an abundance of paranormal phenomena. Among many other oddities, this site has been subjected to numerous cryptozoological sightings stretching back from the colonial times. There was been reports of UFO’s, giant snakes, bigfoot sightings, thunderbird sightings, orbs, ghosts, and balls of fire to name just a few. Some of these claims have even been corroborated by local authorities. In the centre of the triangle sits Hockmock Swamp, a largely untouched swamp which means “the place where spirits dwell.” This swamp was originally called “The Devil’s Swamp,” and is said to be site of an 8,000-year-old Wôpanâak Native American burial ground. When archaeologists discovered this burial ground, it was said that the photos they took would mysteriously not develop. There have been a number of reports of mutilated animals and in 1976, somebody claimed he saw a giant, red-eyed, dog like creature rip the throats of two of his ponies. Another bizarre sighting that many people have reported is that of a black helicopter which seems to float around the sky over Bridgewater Triangle aimlessly.

1550 BC – King Lycaon of Arcadia serves human flesh to the god Zeus and is transformed into a wolf as punishment. The term “Lycanthrope” is derived from this story.

440 BC – In “Histories of Herodotus“, the traveller Herodotus of Halicarnassus writes of the Neuri people, who transform into wolves once a year.

400 BC – An Olympic boxer by the name of Damarchus, an Arcadian, is said to have transformed into a wolf at the sacrifice of Lycaean Zeus, and nine years later he became a man again.

37 BC – Roman poet Virgil, in the “Eclogues”, tells of the change of Moeris to the form of a wolf by the use of herbs.

2 BC – 8 AD – Roman poet Ovid writes “Metamorphoses” including a verse about Lycaon, who is transformed into a wolf by the god Zeus.

60 – “Satyricon“, by Roman writer Petronius, contains a detailed account of a soldier who is a werewolf.

432  – St. Patrick arrives in Ireland

970 – A man named Baianus is believed to be able to turn himself into a wolf through the arts of necromancy.

1020 – First use of the word “werewulf” recorded in English

1101 – Death of Vseslav Bryachislavich, the most famous ruler of Polotsk, believed by many to be a werewolf.

1182 – Welsh historian Giraldus Cambrensis encounters Irish werewolves who transform during the Yuletide feast. The werewolves were reportedly natives of Ossory, whose people had been cursed by St. Natalis for their wickedness.

1194-1197 – Guillaume de Palerne composed.

1198 – Marie de France composes Bisclavret.

1250 – Lai de Melion composed.

Either 1502 or 1521 – The three werewolves of Poligny, Pierre Bourgot, Michel Verdung, and Philibert Mentot are burnt at the stake being werewolves.

1541 – In Pavia, Italy, a farmer in the form of a wolf is said to have torn many men to pieces. After being captured, he assures that the only difference between himself and a natural wolf, was that in a true wolf the hair grew outward, while for him it grew inward. In order to put this assertion to the proof, the magistrates cut off his arms and legs, and he died from the wounds.

1555 – Olaus Magnus records strange behavior of Baltic werewolves.

1573 – Gilles Garnier, the Werewolf of Dole, is burnt at the stake.

1578 – Jacques Rollet goes on trial in Paris. He was found guilty of being a werewolf.

1588 – The Werewolf of Auvergne is burned at the stake.

1589 – Peter Stubb is executed in Germany after terrorizing the countryside near Cologne in the form of a wolf.

1590 – Michel Jaques confesses to becoming a wolf seven or eight times after anointing himself with an unguent given to him by the devil.

1598 – The “Werewolf of Chalons“, known also as the “Demon Tailor”, was arraigned in France on December 14, on murder charges.

1598 – The same year, the Gandillon family, a sister, brother and two of the man’s children were tried together in France.

1598 – Jacques Roulet, a begger, is arrested in Caude, France for being a werewolf.

1602 – Michée Bauloz, along with Jeanne de la Pierre and Suzanne Prevost are condemned.

1603 – Teenage Jean Grenier tried as werewolf and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

1623 – There are a series of court trials in which eighteen men and thirteen women are tried for lycanthropy.

1692 – An 80-year-old man named Thiess is tried in Jurgenburg, Livonia. He confesses to being a werewolf.  Judges sentence Thiess to ten lashes for acts of idolatry and superstitious beliefs.

1764 – 1767 – The Beast of Gévaudan terrorizes the former province of Gévaudan, in the Margeride Mountains. There were over 100 victims.

1812 – Grimm Brothers publish their version of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

1824 – Antoine Leger tried for werewolf crimes and sentenced to asylum.

1852 – Traveling vendor Manuel Blanco Romasanta confesses to the murders of thirteen people. Romasanta was tried in Allariz and eluded capital punishment by professing he was a werewolf.

1865 – “The Book of Were-Wolves” is written by the Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould. Still considered one of the leading books on werewolf history.

1920 – Right-wing terror group “Operation Werewolf” established in Germany.

1933 – British Occult writer Montague Summers publishes “The Werewolf.” He is still known today for his writings on witches, vampires, and werewolves.

1941 – The film “The Wolf Man” is released.

1948 – Robert Eisler delivers his lecture “Man into Wolf: An Anthropological Interpretation of Sadism, Masochism, and Lycanthropy” to the Psychiatric Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England.

1975 – Surawicz & Banta publish the first two modern cases of lycanthropy

1981 – The film “An American Werewolf in London” is released

1989 – The first sighting of the Beast of Bray Road.

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On 27 February, 1994. authorities were dispatched to the home of Olivia Mabel after receiving silent 911 calls coming from her property; none of them were prepared for the bizarre scene that was about to unfold. When they entered the house, they immediately noticed that the house had appeared to be abandoned and had been uninhabited for a prolonged period of time - there was a cloud of dust and a pungent smell in the air. As they searched the house, they were horrified to discover Olivia, dead in a rocking chair. She was sat in front of a peculiar alter for her 7-year-old son, Aiden, who had tragically died four years prior. It was this event that lead Olivia to become a recluse. The alter consisted of photographs of Aiden, drawings of Aiden, handwritten messages, and some of Aiden’s prized possessions. Clutched in her hand, they discovered a stick figure doll that was created with the image of her son. An officer on the scene, who had an uncle that was involved in the occult, claimed that Olivia had been attempting to create an entity which is known as a tulpa.  Spiritualist and Buddhist, Alexandra David-Néel, observed the creation of tulpa in 20th century Tibet and wrote: “Once the tulpa is endowed with enough vitality to be capable of playing the part of a real being, it tends to free itself from its maker’s control. This, say Tibetan occultists, happens nearly mechanically, just as the child, when his body is completed and able to live apart, leaves its mother’s womb.” An investigation revealed that Olivia had been deceased for a number of months. Regardless of this, a note which was dated on the day she was discovered was found, which bizarrely read: “My Aiden, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I should have never let it get like this. I’m leaving. I will not let you keep me you ViLE, EViL CREATURE. Mommy’s coming for you, Aiden, my sweet Aiden. Mommy loves you.” Many investigators believe that something very sinister had taken place in that home - Who had written the note? Who had called 911 if Olivia had been dead for months? Had the tulpa that Olivia created in the image of Aiden become evil and contributed to her death? It’s likely that none of these questions shall ever be answered and the mysterious death of Olivia Mabel, shall never come to a viable conclusion.


The Mystery of Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank disappeared on July of 2014. The last known footage of him was taken at an airport and it shows some unusual behavior. Lars, for some reason, panics, drops everything, and starts to run. He runs towards the woods near the airport and is never seen or heard from again. The bag he left was searched by police and nothing unusual was found. His family says he has no history of mental illness and they have no way of explaining his strange behavior.

Who Put Bella in The Wych Elm?

On 18 April 1943 in Hagley Woods in Worcestershire, England, four young boys were out bird watching. They came across the tree pictured above and one of them climbed it to look for any nests in the branches. The boy peered into the hallow trunk and discovered a human skull nestled in the wood. The boys were, understandably, shaken and made a pact to keep what they had discovered a secret, but one boy was so distraught that he informed his father of what had happened. The father, a Mr. Willetts, went right to the Worcestershire Police and they began their investigation.

In the trunk of the elm tree was the skeletal remains of a woman whom investigators believed to be 35-40 years old. Clothing scraps and finger bones were found around the tree. Pathologist Professor James Webster concluded that the body had been put into the tree while it was still “warm” and had remained there for about 18 months. A piece of taffeta was found in the skeleton’s mouth which lead the investigators to declare asphyxiation the cause of death. The police scoured through every dental record and missing person file in the county but found no possible matches to the skeleton.

About six months after Bella was discovered graffiti started to appear across the county. It read; “Who put Bella in the witch elm” or sometimes “Who put Bella down the wych elm”. This sentence lead police to believe that the person writing it had some connection to the woman and at the very least knew her name; Bella. The graffiti artist or artists were never found despite police efforts to identify them.

About two years later Professor Margaret Murray presented the theory that Bella’s death was connected to a occult ritual known as the “Hand of Glory”. Murray’s theory created a media feeding frenzy which only escalated when in 1953 a woman known only as Anna admitted to police that she knew who Bella’s killers were. Anna claimed that Bella had been murdered by a German spy ring. This story was plausible at the time but no evidence of this was ever uncovered.

(Source, Source, Source, Source)


Haunted Wingate Hotel 

Guests of a Wingate Hotel somewhere in Illinois were complaining about screaming noises coming from room # 209. There were no guests staying in that room. This video footage shows a man named John being sent to investigate the matter. You can clearly hear screaming coming from the room. When John opens the door to go inside and investigate, you can see a ghostly figure come out of the door (last gif). When he goes in there he doesn’t see anyone, but all the furniture is turned upside down, carpet is ripped up and the shower is on.

HERE is the video. It does more justice to the creepy situation than the gifs here.