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Love Me Like You Do (Part 2)

Summary: Draco decides to visit America before he gets married to Astoria Greengrass, fulfilling a pact his family has made with hers. It’s a last-minute trip he wants to take before he settles down to fulfill his duties as a Malfoy. Until he meets you, and you change his whole life.

Word Count: 1,733

Warnings: Light smut.

Part 1

A/N: This part is fluffy afff. Before you know, the drama. Hope you all enjoy!

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“I’m sorry!” she began to apologize, pulling away from Draco. She fell back on her bottom with a huff and Draco felt a smile tug at his lips.

“It’s quite alright,” he found himself saying. Getting on his feet, he reached out his hand and felt something akin to electricity surge through him at the touch of her skin on his. He pulled her up and she gave a surprised laugh as their noses almost touched.

And Draco didn’t want to move away. He was completely captivated. He couldn’t describe what it was, but she was bright and breathtaking. And Draco didn’t want to stop looking at her. He didn’t want to move away.

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I think it’s rather silly that we choose to be troubled instead of handing our troubles over to God. He can do a lot more with them than we can. But as humans, I guess we just have this unexplainable desire to hold onto things that hurt us. Maybe it is because we are afraid there will be nothing left to hold onto, but in all reality God is patiently waiting for us to let go and grab His hand instead.

What Fictionkin (and otherkin) experience

(The following is an excerpt from the first draft of my upcoming book on fictionkin)

Fictionkin have experiences and feelings that set them apart from the rest of the world, often even at a very young age. Many of us have known that we were somehow different from others since we were small children, though we lacked the words to properly describe how we were different.


One of the heaviest and most common experiences fictionkin share is one of homesickness. Most people know what feeling homesick is like, but can you imagine feeling homesick in your own town? Your own house, room, or even bed? This is a very real phenomenon for kin, and almost all of us have experienced it. Empty, melancholy longing. Feeling out of place, and out of time. Feeling like we don’t belong even in the place where we were born and raised.

It’s one of the subtlest, most basic, and also most heart wrenching things that kin go through, and it can be near ever present. It can be hard to describe too, not knowing just what you’re missing. Just knowing that something is wrong. Just wanting to go *home* and, before we know what it means to be fictionkin, not knowing where home is.

Gender and/or Species Dysphoria

Another trait many fictionkin share is the experience of feeling as though they are trapped in the wrong body.This can manifest itself in any number of ways, depending on what their spirit ‘expects’ their body to look and feel like.

Kin with spirits that were nonhuman may feel ill at ease walking on two legs, or feel like there are too many or too few teeth in their mouth.They may expect to have limbs that they not, or even feel like they have too many limbs altogether. They may feel like some of their senses are too dull or too sharp.***

Kin with spirits that are human, or close to human may experience dysphoria with things like height, gender, or eyecolor. Many kin feel too tall, or too short, looking at the world from the wrong perspective. Likewise, informal studies and polls in the kin community show that the overwhelming majority of fictionkin consider themselves transgender or on the transgender spectrum.

Supertasters: Some people who are kin to creatures with different experiences of the sense of taste may be supertasters as humans.Supertasting is a documented phenomenon in humans where certain foods and drinks that most people enjoy are intensely bitter or disgusting to a small minority, because they are able to taste underlying chemicals and elements that others can not.The cause of this ability sense is scientifically unknown.

Supernumerary Phantom Limbs

Normal phantom limbs the experience of having feeling and sensation in a limb despite that limb no longer being there. Kin experience supernumerary phantom limbs (also sometimes called Astral Limbs) which are sensations in limbs that were never present on their body in the first place- at least not in their human body.

Kin who have experienced alien or animal bodies often feel the phantom sensations of wings, tails, tentacles, etc. When they can feel these limbs they have a sense of where they are positionally, and may be able to ‘touch’ things with them, and feel heat or roughness, etc. They also may be able to feel when someone ‘touches’ their limbs, or pain if they for instance, get shut in a drawer.

Birthmarks, Scars, and wound pain

Related to phantom limbs, some kin experience unexplained pain or ‘scars’ at the site of wounds that they received in their other lives. As is often theorized to be the case in reincarnation, many kin believe that birthmarks are the remnants of the physical injuries that killed them in another life.

Many kin also experience unexplained pain, or discomfort at the sites of mortal wounds or other large injuries. Pain in lost limbs, or at the site of stab wounds, blurred or other vision problems for those who lost an eye, etc.***

Whether you believe it is kin related or not, if you experience chronic pain or other mysterious symptoms, you should always have them evaluated by a doctor.

Consistent Memories (Visions/Dreams)

Another extremely common and potent kin phenomena is the experience of kin memories.These usually come in the form of potent dreams or ‘visions’ (like normal waking memories). They are snatches of experience from another life. Often memories are visual or audial, but they can also be smells, sounds, or physical feelings.

Kin memories don’t connect with any memories or experiences that the kin has from this lifetime. They are completely from outside this world, and unexplainable. Because of this, they are often very distressing to people who don’t know that they are kin yet, because they seem like they must be hallucinations or suppressed memories.

Kin memories are often vague, and are also often traumatic or tragic, simply because upsetting events can be more memorable than pleasant ones. Memories often tend to be ‘triggered’ by something- either by a similar experience in this world, or by coming in contact with something that in fiction reminds the kin of the memory. The most potent trigger for memories is of course, coming in contact with the story that a fictionkin is ‘from’.

Unexplained fears or urges

Some kin experience unexplained mental hang ups that are related to their other lives. These can include both positive and negative feelings and impulses. For example, a fictionkin who had drowned in their other life might have a phobia of the ocean, or unexplained desire to avoid water. A fictionkin who was a concert violinist might be powerfully drawn to violin music, or even have a natural and inexplicable talent for it.

‘Missing’ Abilities

Like unexplained urges, some fictionkin also experience problems with ‘missing abilities’. This is when a kin feels like there is something they should be able to do, but can not. The kin might, especially when younger, reflexively attempt to call on that ability, and be profoundly confused when it doesn’t work. Some examples are kin who were spellcasters might attempt to make light with a certain gesture, or kin who canine might attempt to track people by their smell.

Handcuffs & Pretty Boys - [EXO] Chanyeol Detective!Au #18

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[Part 17]

Have you ever wondered how nights are with Chanyeol? How amazing will his body feels against you? How his deep mellow voice spills whispers of your name… How he sometimes tug your lower lip with his teeth. How he’ll thrust away the frustrations he got from you, to you, on you. He’ll bite every inch of your skin, smother you with kisses anywhere he could place his lips and tongue on.

You would feel his muscle tense as his arm shakes from holding himself up for too long, the bed creaks, the sheets a mess as you gripped tight on it, trying to withhold all the pleasure you were dying to release, but. His sweat mixed with his cologne gave you a whiff of a new fragrant you didn’t know you needed, so you buried your nose into his nape, breathing him in. Driving him insane, without the intentions to. It was curiosity that made you want your tongue ran along his sweaty jawline. You wondered how it tasted; earning you a long extended throaty moans because he was getting so thwarted for not being able to touch you more than he already is. He misses you, even when he’s with you.

Loving you was madness. It still is.

You raked your fingers in the back of his head before he let out a growl, the atmosphere had driven to another degree of unexplained desire. You felt your walls widening, your mind broadens and then you snapped your eyes open to a foreign view. 

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Pour some sugar on me PART 3 - Ashton smut

Author’s note : This was awesome to write, I had a swell time. I am back to school now so I have more time to write :) Sorry the GIF sucks but the WIFI here is plain shit, I’ll update that I swear

I diligently went to my classes. The day was bright yet not particularly warm and the breeze caressed my skin sending shivers. It was not unpleasant though.
The few friends I had there gave me some loud wolf-whistles, joking on my outfit, as some girls in our pack that I did not especially like sent me condescending glares. Slut, I could read.
“Has someone got a date or a costume-party?” they laughed.
“Ugh, something between the two I guess.” I dropped.
Thanks Lord we were not close enough for them to question the living out of me.

As promised, Ashton texted me when my classes were over.

Look for the black van doll xxx

Looking up I noticed the imposing dark van and briefly wondered how I had not seen it before. It was quite an unusual sight here, most of us used public transportations. I waved to my pals and made my way to the vehicle, its door opening as I was about to either knock, either open, or perhaps do something stupid. Ashton was in there, I scooted next to him and his palm instantly found my thigh. I inhaled deeply.
“How was school, baby girl?”
The nickname stroke a cord.
“It was good.”
“Didn’t do anything naughty?”
“Erm, no…”
“Good girl…”
“What are we doing tonight?” I intended after a silence, curiosity getting the best of me.
“Dinner.” he said his eyes not leaving the screen of his phone.
“Oh. Ok.” I timidly answered, secretly glad we were going to enjoy something close to a date.
“Do you like Japanese food?”
“Very much yes.” I smiled. After all, maybe Ash and I could get along, it was the first thing I had bought with the money he gave me. Maybe it was a sign or something?
“I mean you’re not allergic to fish or anything?”
“No, no I’m not.”
“Are we going to a restaurant?” I questioned.
“No, we will have dinner in the room.”
I decided to keep quiet for the rest of the ride.
I entered the room I knew and followed Ashton straight to a door I had not used before – I only knew the bathroom.
The door led to a large living-room with a dining area. It was an acepticised place, all cream, and much Like Ashton’s room. I noticed a few doors and decided they led to other bedrooms, occupied by his bandmates.
“Where are-” I tried.
“Kitchen” he just said.
We pushed a door to find ourselves in a kitchen indeed. It had another door in the back, probably for the staff. Inside I saw three people, a chubby Asian man, a dry Asian woman and a younger Asian girl with nothing particular. I assumed they were Japanese. The lady was the first to speak in a
“It is not common you know. I brought Miyuka here with me she has been working for us for long, very lovely, smooth, she would-” she tried telling Ashton with a strong accent.
“Thank you but I want Y/N.” Ashton cut all negotiations.
“Sure sir.” the older lady sighed clearly displeased.
“I’ll see you at dinner Y/N.”
Ashton left me there, standing awkwardly in this kitchen where nobody wanted me. What was I doing here? Did he want me to cook?
“Go to the shower, now.” the elder woman commanded me throwing a bottle into my hands. “Use this soap. Make it quick. Come back with just a clean robe and clean slippers, hair tied.”
I wanted to ask a million questions, not understanding what the hell was going on but remembering this was a job, I did as I was told. When I came back as I was told, I saw the man had piled some sashimi.
“The chef is almost done preparing, he will leave after and I will set you.” The woman explained.
“That’s a lot of food for just two people.” I noted aloud.
“Two? Dinner’s for four.” she answered, straightening a silky black sheet on a wheeled-table.
“Four?” I repeated as the man left the kitchen bowing slightly.
“Yes now please if you could just lay here.” she motioned the table she had just prepared. I furrowed my eyebrows at her defensively.
“Familiar with the art of Nyotaimori?” she asked.
“The what?” I repeated dumbly.
“Naked sushi. People eat sushi over a woman’s naked body. Historically geishas, or well-trained girls like Miyuka, but tonight the customer insisted on choosing the plate.”
I went mute. Naked. Food. Dinner for four. Holy shit Ashton wanted me to be naked in front of his friends.
A million thoughts flew across my mind at this instant. Part of me wanted to run away and curl up in my shitty studio. Another part of me felt flattered that Ashton Irwin thought I was hot enough to do such a thing. But mostly, and what I wouldn’t admit to anyone, I was aroused at the thought of being naked in front of men for the sole pleasure of their eyes. Younger, I had fantasies of being a stripper, of being watched and admired, of being desired and on a pedestal, and I believe every girl has this little secret fantasy. This unexplainable desire to be used but the way we want, to be controlled yet while being in control.
Silently making up my mind, I gave the robe to Miyuka and left my slippers on the floor to lay on the cold table. She immediately painted my face with a skillful hand, using mascara and liner.
“Oh I almost forgot.” she pulled a lipstick I knew by now and traced the outlines of my mouth. Again the shocking red lipstick Ashton loved so much.
“Well you will have to be very still tonight girl. And also perfectly quiet. You must not talk or move, am I clear?” the boss asked.
“Yes.” I muttered. She impressed me.
“Now if you would just relax, the food will feel cold on your body but it is nothing unbearable, just picture something peaceful and focus on your breath.”
Both of them started disposing leaves, rolls and slices of fish over me. A lovely bush of pink orchids was placed to cover my womanhood. I thought about my hometown, and endless fields, how they looked so different depending on the season and how spectacular it appeared to me each time. I felt my hair being untied and arranged around my face and shoulders.
“We are leaving right after we bring you and picking up our stuff tomorrow, so when they are done you wait for them to leave the room and then you may go shower. And then… Well then you do whatever they are actually paying you for, I don’t want to know more.”
“I am not a prostitute I-”
“Yeah right.” she sarcastically railed. “Are you ready?”
“Yes, I guess so.”
“Then here we go.”
The table rolled like a stretcher in a hospital, only very slowly. I wish they would hurry a bit. The air in the living-room is surprisingly warmer. I see four handsome guys,
“Konichiwa gentlemen, today the chef offers you the Garden of Eden, arrigato gozaymas and enjoy your evening.”
I saw the two women bow before leaving me there.
“That’s rad, girls and food.” Michael grinned.
“We should do this with pizza.” Luke chuckled and I nearly winced at the thought of steaming hot pizza and burning oil.
They took seats around me on high stools and food started to be peeled from my skin, leaving it sticky.
“Where’s your snog Calum?”
“Oh we’re done, I’ve seen her twice and I don’t want her to get attached.” Calum said.
“You mean you don’t want to get attached.”
“Yeah that too. Anyway it was fun, nothing serious.” he said in a laid-back tone.
“Yeah, serious shit messes things up.” Luke sighed. “I am never seeing a fan again, as in ever again.”
They burst into laugh, I wanted to ask more but remembered I was not actually a participant of this dinner. They seemed nice though, and I had Michael’s face in my sight : he had pretty features I had failed to notice on pictures. A gentle smile on his face relaxed me almost instantly. I blinked seductively to him. I did my best to even my breathing, not wanting to drop some food or worse, making it obvious that I was not accustomed to this. As a roll was being picked up just above my navel, knuckles brushed the side of my boob.
“Oh I am sorry.” a voice said. It was not Ashton’s for sure but I was not able to recognize the others. My nipple hardened despite my will, mortifying me.
“Ha, I guess she forgives you, you might even want to do that again.” another voice laughed.
“My pleasure.” the first voice answered and fingertips tapped my erected nipple with some substance I failed to identify but bringing in a rush of need.                                                                        

Chopsticks lifted a sashimi from my hip and brushed it just above my core, then along my thigh before ending its journey in a mouth. A mouth I started to imagine on my body, sending electric waves.
“How far can we actually go with you pretty girl?” I heard in a suave tone.
“Is this like legal?” someone asked.
“Of course it is, she is from the sushi company and they said it was fine to touch.” Ashton said and I realized he was the only one who knew who I was. Were the others using the services of Forbidden Fruit as well? Were they aware Ashton was? Maybe he didn’t want them to know, perhaps he was ashamed of seeing…someone like me. My face dropped.
“She’s really pretty.” I caught a glimpse of black hair at the end of my body, making it easy to identify Calum. “Cute toes too…” he was sucking on my painted-toes, his tongue darting at my soles. I had no idea this could feel so good. I managed a deep breath and a discreet moan of content.
Michael stood at my left, his lips kissing my lower stomach. The butterfly kisses left a burning sensation on my skin and I was having a hard time being silent.
Ashton took a rosy piece of ginger between his lips and started sharing it with me. His lips are so close I can feel his breath, the wet cold ginger feels good too, I can only nibble at it since he is keeping it out of my reach, growing frustrated, but suddenly he crashes his lips on mine. The kiss is cold, it tastes of sweet and spice, I feel his tongue forcing its way to mine and find myself answering. This is our first kiss. I am naked in front of 4 men and one is kissing me so well. It takes all I have not to move my arms and grab his face forcefully. I try to communicate with him with the ways I have, biting on his lower lip and quickening the pace of the kiss. I can feel him smiling against me and I am suddenly both insanely relaxed and aroused.
I can feel movement in my hair and suppose it is Luke, nuzzling his face into my locks, brushing his nose in my neck and making these divine little sounds of appreciation. His lips find my ear and his wet tongue snakes around my lobe.
I know I should not but I part my thighs ever so slowly, hoping they won’t notice, but fail lamentably when an orchid drops next to my hip. Ashton wears a smug smile on his face.
“Oh I wish we were allowed to do that, we all wish, but no.” he shook his head as I sent him a distressed look. Why didn’t Ashton want to actually have sex with me?
“She doesn’t seem reluctant…” Calum said, trying to convince Ashton they should keep me longer and go further.
“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity…” Luke seemed to agree.
“We don’t want to make her lose her job for not respecting the rules.” Michael sided with Ashton.
I desperately pouted, but there was no use.
“In that case I’m sorry but I really got to go, thank you miss for the evening, here, you were extremely lovely.” Calum squeezed a note under my bum.
“Yeah you really gotta go wank yourself right!” Michael called out
“Definitely, don’t tell me you’re not gonna do the same.” Calum shout back.
“Speaking of which I am going too.” Said Luke jumping to his feet and mimicking Calum’s actions from the bill the path he took. “Thank you, have a safe trip home.”
It was just Ashton and I now. He extended his hand to help me up and we made our way back to his bedroom. I stuffed my tips in my purse. 150$.
“Run a bath, don’t close the door.” he ordered.
I dashed straight to the bathroom and did as I was told, plunging myself into the hot water. The leaves separating my skin from the food made me feel like I was clean but still. I washed my feet where the memory of Calum lingered, my belly which longed for Michael’s attention, and my neck craving Luke’s presence. I found my core to be wet already and wanted nothing more than being filled but my fingers couldn’t do.
The door flew open and I jumped a bit. A nearly naked Ashton appeared in the bathroom and kneeled just next to the tub.
“How are you doll?” his fingers played at the surface of water.
“Good thank you, how are you?”
“Very good. Did you enjoy dinner?”
I blushed at his innuendo and decided to play a bit with him.
“Still hungry I guess, haven’t eaten much…” I blinked with doe eyes.
“Cheeky… I kinda like it.” his hand moved under water and travelled to my core, finding it slippery. “And naughty, you did like the evening, didn’t you?”
“Yes…” I confessed imprisoning his hands between my thighs. I needed him to do something to ease my tension and I was determined to make myself clear. “Did you?”
“Oh very much doll.” his impossibly long fingers played with my outer lips, tracing it. “It was very funny having you there on display, seeing the lads drool at the sight of your body, knowing I was the one who got to have you all for myself tonight…”
His voice was a deep raspy tone and his breath smelled of faint saké. Oh yes please just have me right now.
“I am sorry I was caught in the moment but is kissing you alright?” he asked.
“Yes. That was a good kiss.” I stated.
“Good?” he repeated.
“Yes, good.”
“Would you like more then?”
“Very much.”
His fingers found my chin and turned my face to him before pressing his lips against mine. In a swift motion Ashton was in the bathtub hovering me, his boxers wet and clinging to a semi-hard on. I arched my body to create friction between him and I, making him moan into my throat.
“Naughty girl…” he moaned. “You’re such a naughty girl aren’t you?”
I was too deep in the kiss, my hands roaming like madness on this perfect body, so I didn’t answer. Ashton pulled me away gripping my hair.
“When I ask you something, you answer me.” His tone was calm yet authoritarian, just like his pull.
“Yes Ashton.”
“So, you’re a naughty girl…”
“I am…”
“What do you want?”
“I want you…”
“What do you want from me?”
“Anything!” I yelped as his groin hit mine.
“What can I do to you?” he was as close to me as he could be, my heart racing from his proximity.
“Anything you want…”
“Really anything?”
“Yes sir.” I babbled too aroused to think straight.
His hands flew to my bum and he squeezed me tighter against him, rocking our bodies in the hot water. He was humping me.
“Why would you do anything for me?”
“Pardon me?”
“Is it because I pay you, is it?” his voice came in desperate sighs, mixed with the pleasure he was experiencing. But his words were confusing me.
“No sir!”
“No sir”
“Don’t you say that to all the others?”
“There are no others…” I confessed.
“Fuck yeah baby girl keep saying this.”
I was just plain confused by now, not understanding what Ashton was trying to do, but the feeling of his soaked body glued to mine was distracting me from my interrogations.
“There are no others?” I repeated more like a question than an affirmation.
“Yes, oh God yes baby who is the only one who gets to have you every way he wants?”
“You Ashton, I mean sir.” I stared at his distorted face and nearly came from its radiant hotness. Eyes closed, mouth opened and jaw tensed, his shoulders showing off his muscles…
A low grunt trailed in the air and Ashton came in his boxers. It took him a few seconds to put on a straight face again. His gigantic fingers took a dive into my core and I nearly hit the side of the bathtub surprised with the feeling. Tonight was a night of firsts, Ashton had not fingered me yet but now that I knew the feeling, there was no way he was keeping this away from me anymore. I let pleasure envelop me in its warmth, eyes on him and mouth producing loud Oh’s of satisfaction.
“How do you like my fingers?”
“So fucking good Ashton!”
“Do you want them deeper?”
“Yeah yeah yeah!” I chanted my voice high.
He didn’t need more encouragement from me and pushed knuckles deep into my pussy, provoking my orgasm faster than I thought could be possible. I gripped his biceps not to slip, letting the contractions of my body overtake me. Ashton gentlemanly let me rode my high, not complaining about my very tight hold on his skin and smiled. He grabbed the soap and washed my worn out body quickly, pressing his against mine from time to time. The situation could easily be awkward, the position was odd –he was still wearing his wet and stained boxers, half-laying in the tub, but it felt rather comforting and dare I say quite romantic. I had never been this intimate with someone before. Sure I’d had boyfriends and we’d had sex, but this moment in the bathroom was much more intimate than any of the embraces I’d share with anyone else. He got out and knotted a towel on his hips, making me wonder if I had ever seen anything hotter in my life. I felt fortunate for a moment. He picked me up from the now fresh water and I reached for his neck. He settled me on the bed and took his time drying me, rubbing me gently in circles. His lips found my neck and gave pecks, tickling me.
“Does my baby doll want a massage?” he growled low.
“Oh yes…” I sighed, falling for him, wondering if maybe he was starting to fall for me too. Maybe seeing his friends touching me had triggered something, perhaps he realized how unbearable it was for him to have anyone else touching me and maybe that’s why he was so aroused at me telling him he was the only one I cared about…
“It’s yes sir for you, little slut, don’t forget that.” He snapped.
…or not.

Author’s finale note : I have no idea what’s happening further in this story haha. Message me, I love being messaged xxx

Yogscast Inspired Magic Anons
  • Times are specified by the anon, but default to 12 hours.:
  • Space: You're not from around here, aren't you? You feel the urge to go back home - and home might just be in the stars above.
  • Dwarf: The most beautiful thing is a nicely dug hole, and now you want to dig lots of it. Everywhere.
  • Science: Mad science! You’re now your typical mad scientist, and you want to show EVERYONE who snubbed you how mad you can be.
  • Flux: A purple stain is beginning to spread on your skin. Who knows what will happen when it covers you entirely?
  • Dirt: Big money is part of your motto now. Your sole aim in life is to sell dirt/[whatever the anon chooses] and to get rich off doing so.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany doors? Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors.
  • Ender: Don't blink! Every time you blink, you will be teleported to where you were looking with motes of purple light following you. Being a drama queen is optional.
  • Mushroom: The mushrooms/[anon decided objects] are talking to you. What do they say? They speak of such strange things, like war and insurrection.
  • Dinosaur: You're now a pretty good archer, or sniper - but you can't seem to talk!
  • Marble: It’s the best material and you know it. You have the unexplained desire to build with it, or collect it - and fight everyone who argues against it.
  • Green: It’s not easy being green. Not that you’re literally green, but you do love fire, and you do have a burning desire to burn things.
  • Walrus: You are now a walrus.
  • Pool: It’s your life dream, and now it’s happening. Whenever you see a cat, you must take it and keep it - and put it in a train of cats. Cats.
  • Owl: You’re a witch, Harry, and right now, owls love you. They flock to you and land in your hair and love being with you.
  • Sapling: Oh, how you love trees! In fact, you’re pretty convinced that you’re the ruler of the trees. Or you’re the ruler of the saplings.
  • Hoodie: You’re an ordinary guy in a messed up world. If you were weird before, now the weirdest part about you is that you like hoodies.
  • Solutions: There are so many problems in this world, aren't there? You believe you can solve the problems of everyone around you, no matter what the cost.
  • Blood: You have learned how to perform the darkest of magics. Blood magic. You seek the use of other people's blood to power your dark rituals.
  • Dog: Oh no. This is power - true power. You are like a god now, able to fly and conjure whatever you wish. You know what they say about power, don't you?
  • Cyborg: Beep, boop, do the robot! You’re now made of metal.
  • Fire: Wow. Suddenly, in your mind, you are filled with ideas for awesome and amazing buildings! Architectural supremacy, here you come.
  • Indiana Jones: With your trusty whip, you are now an adventurer and explorer of ruins and strange places!
  • Thunder: Every so often, lightning decides to come along and strike you for no reason. How rude.
  • Well: You're trapped in an uncomfortable, dark and wet place. Who put you in there? Perhaps you seek revenge.
  • Jaffa: Holy shit. You love and crave jaffa cakes. It’s like an addiction!
  • Cannibal: This is obvious.
  • Straw: Made of straw and stuck in the middle of a field… you’re a scarecrow now. A walking, talking, terrifying scarecrow.
  • Sand: All around you, the world turns into a desolate wasteland. Things crumble into sand, and the darkness spreads. Does that say anything about you?

clarkescrusade  asked:

Can you write a "can i please take a picture with you it’s for a scavenger hunt i swear i’m not creepy" au for either bellarke or minty? That would be awesome :)

I did the Minty one because I like writing fluff for them. And this was so much fun to write, thanks castielscrusade!! I hope you like it!

“You can’t be serious,” Miller complains aloud as he reads the final item on the folded piece of paper: A selfie with a cute stranger.

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Klaroline & Smut

Drabble:  For Hellsbellschime (for the top ten fav. characters game).

Prompt word: Smut (go figure lol)

Title: No title necessary lol

Rating: M

Status: Complete.

Summary: uhm…. So basically this is 5x11…no plot. Just smut (romantic and otherwise and maybe a little bloodlust too)

Warnings: Not edited. And I am sorry for what you are about to read…


She was lying underneath him on the soft ground of the forest.

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she treats me well (1/1)

Erin takes care of Holtzmann in more ways than one. 

read @ ao3

word count: 3115

Holtzmann forgets a lot of things when it comes to taking care of herself. She forgets to eat and sleep for long periods of time, working for as long as she can before giving in to her exhaustion and falling asleep at her work table. She forgets to take care of the little nicks and cuts on her hands when she’s tinkering with new machinery because she’s so close to making it work flawlessly. It’s not that she intentionally does it, it’s just that everything else seems so much more important and there’s so much to do.

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