Dear Sir RJ...


I know that everyone will make their letters long…but I’ll make mine short but memorable. Like my essays. HAHAHAHAHA

I will miss first opening the powerpoints you sent us like:

I will miss our side comments (but Sir, they sometimes make sense)

I will miss how we are surprised whenever you tweet…

I will miss how we are happy whenever we get something right on the quiz…especially the essay

I will also miss…dissection

The rest I put in a short poem…

We will miss all of the Bio scents,
Your perfume, formalin, the yeast or bacteria that ferments
We will miss your amazing powerpoints, and maybe even their contents
Hay neku, the field trip pa pala that should’ve been part of the events

Though we may be happy because summer is finally here…

We will all miss you!

See you in the corridors next school year!!

-Ida Aldana

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Dear Ms. Palis...

So as usual, ang haba ng letter ni Anna…

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Kaya babawi ako through my unique message.

Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s no denying that I’ll miss you
I will miss you sleeping in front of us, your cheeks that make you as cute as Pooh
I will miss the way you respond to our compliments saying you knew,
Though as much as we deny it, we all know they’re true.

Math was hard, but made worthwhile as POEMz made the room a zoo
Whether the lesson was old or new
You always had the time to help us review
All these things I want to redo 

I really don’t wanna say adieu
But I guess for now, I’ll have to.

-Ida Aldana