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blackstairs + ocean

They settled in farther up the beach, where the sand was warm from the sunlight. Emma kicked her shoes off to dig her toes in, exulting in the grainy feeling. Julian laughed.
She looked at him sideways. “What is it?”
“You and the beach,” he said. “You love the sand, but you hate the water.”
“I know,” she said, widening her eyes at him. “Isn’t it ironic?”
“It’s not ironic. Irony is the unexpected outcome of an expected situation. This is just one of your quirks.”
“You shock me,” Emma said, pulling out her phone. “I am shocked.”    
―Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare



(m) for mature rated content.

(A) for angst

(F) for fluff

Note: I’ve removed some of my older fics from this masterlist, as their content stopped being in line with my current values and morals, or my writing style just has changed too much overtime. Some i’ll try to rewrite, others will be gone from this blog for good. 



Cathybrid!AU miniseries:  

Yoongi (m)  |   Taehyung (m)  |  Jimin (m)  |  Jungkook (coming soon)  |  Hoseok (coming soon)  |  Jin (coming soon)  |  Namjoon (coming soon)


Shy Alibi (m)

Anemia (m) vampire!AU  |  sequel (m)

Perfect (F) (drabble)

Let me fix you (A) (drabble)


V-Card (m)

Favourites and Servants (m) Cathybrid!AU

Ho-ho-hot! (m)

Always Together (m)


A Genuine Valentine (m)

What Friends Are For (drabble) (m)

20 Questions (drabble)

Heavy Petting (m) Cathybrid!AU


Body and Soul  (m) Devil!AU

Everything Fine (drabble) (m)

Do Me A Favour (drabble) (A)


Under The Moonlight (drabble) (F/m)

Pretty (A/m)


Mortifer (A/F/m) fallen angel!AU:  

Teaser video  |  Pt. 1   |   Pt. 2


Paired Up (m)

Longing (m)

Tournée du Chat Noir (m) Cathybrid!AU

2AM Thoughts (drabble) (A)

Sexy Imagination (drabble)

Pepero Day (m) valentine’s day theme

Slytherin!Yoongi (drabble)


Ethereal (drabble)

Whipped (m)

Catboy!Jin (drabble) (m)

Fallen Angel!Jin (drabble)

Siren!Jin (drabble)

BTS as things:

BTS as shit my groupchat says 

BTS as shit my groupchat says vol. 2

BTS as shit my groupchat says vol. 3

BTS as shit my groupchat says vol. 4


Study Break (m)

Jealousy in technicolour (m)

Birthday Cake (m)

Wanna bet? (drabble) (m)

Bon Appetit (drabble) (m)

A cosy day in (m)

The Last Laugh (drabble) (m)

Moonlight (drabble) (m)

Naughty Classy Party (m)

Lucky (F/m)

Relaxing Bath (F/m)

Soft kitty, Horny kitty (m)

Mine (m)





Sinema (m)

Fade Into You (F/m)

Going Public (drabble)

EXO as things:

EXO as shit my groupchat says

EXO as shit my groupchat says vol. 2

EXO as shit my groupchat says vol. 3

EXO as shit my groupchat says vol. 4


Yes, Mr. Wang  (m)

Yours on Mine (drabble)

Sleepy, Needy, Greedy (m)


If You Do (F/A):    

Pt. 1   |   Pt. 2   |    Pt. 3   |   Pt. 4   |   Pt. 5

Dear Jiary series (F/m):  

Coffee in Bed    |   The Best Bad Day    |    Meeting Place pt. 1


Babyface (drabble)

Cute (drabble) (m)

Hot ’n Cold  (drabble) (m)

Expecting the Unexpected  (m)

Overseas (drabble) (m)

Into Her Panties (drabble)

Think of me (drabble)

maknae line:
A Shot Of Truth (drabble)

GOT7 as things:

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says vol. 2

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says vol. 3

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says vol. 4


Blackout (drabble) (m)

Suck it and See (m)

Spin my head ‘round (drabble) (F)

In Debt (drabble) (m)

S. Coups:
Mac’n Cheese (drabble)

Seventeen as things:

SEVENTEEN as shit my groupchat says


On All Fours (m)

Boo-Boo (drabble) (F)

On All Fours  (m)

Wicked Game (drabble) (m)

Misunderstanding (drabble) (A)

On All Fours (m)

Block B as things:

BLOCK B as shit my groupchat says


Look what the cat dragged in (ft. Ten) (m)

Look what the cat dragged in (ft. Taeyong) (m)



Sign (F) (drabble)


Fair Enough:  01 | 02 (coming soon) | 03 (coming soon)

☀️The sun☀️

☀️ - represents the basic self, who you are in general 

☀️ - the ego and the core of people

How the sun affects each house

☀️ - wherever the sun is placed it indicates where the need to distinguish yourself lies, where you feel the need to stand out and shine just as the sun does! 🌅

☀️ - it also shows where you might need to expand and develop and where you may encounter obstacles 

*the house that leo rules in your chart has a connection with the house your sun is placed in! 🏘 

☀️ Sun in the houses 🏡

1st - the house of self

- people usually remember you. very outgoing and warm.🙋🏻

- you are very self aware and this can make you either very confident or insecure depending on how you react to other people’s opinions of you

- you have a strong and magnetic personality 💃🏾

- likes being the leader because you love being in charge and being recognized for your accomplishments

- you usually have a clear idea in your head of what you want to achieve in life and you are very determined to get what you want

- may be selfish if you forget to share the attention with other people

2nd - the house of possessions

- security is really important to you

- great willpower! can come off as stubborn because you expect other people to live according to your own ethics and views.

- thinks money is important and can be very good with handling money issues if you learn to save and not buy things that boost your self-worth💸

- wants to buy perfect gifts to loved ones that reflect their own taste🎁

- a need to protect the things and people that matter the most to you which can make you a bit possessive 

- may buy things that look good instead of them being practical and useful. designer brands can boost your self confidence 🛍

- very helpful towards people you hold dear 😇

3rd - the house of communication

- needs excitement in life, you can become bored very easily if there’s nothing new for you to learn or experience

- loves learning new things which makes the learning process much easier for you, you may have had it very easy and a fun experience in school and been very good at learning new languages, public speaking or writing 📝

- very youthful because you are very energetic and curious about things in life!👶

- the quest for knowledge is what drives you and you love traveling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. very open-minded!

- may have a big and wide social-circle. if they have siblings usually very close with them. 👬

- can come off as a know-it-all at times because you take great pride in your intellect 🤔

- very capable at motivating other people and can be a very successful leader 👩🏽‍💼

4th - the house of home and family

- puts energy in your family and bettering yourself

- you hate chaos and rather have a calm and comfortable environment around you. 

- at home you want to feel cozy, it doesn’t take much to fulfill your basic needs in life and likes to be creative and expressive in your home environment ☺️

- as you mature in life you will be calm, practical and able to seeing the big picture of things

- has a need of control and can become upset or defensive when people offer their own opinions on a matter. you always think you know what is best for people and that may come off as being stubborn and controlling.

- usually works hard early in life to secure a stable future for yourself and people you love 

- that one person that is best friends with their mum or dad and always does things with their family 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

- can be a very good cook or loves cooking 🍽

5th - the house of pleasure

- very creative and self-expressive. 🎨 may be very interested in competitive sports, theater other hobbies and arts that attract many people

- wants to show off how unique and special they are (maybe with the help of their artistic talents) and can be very egotistic 💁🏼

- enjoys being in the spotlight, being social and loves parties. you really just want to enjoy life and can defiantly be “the life of the party”💃🏼

- can have issues with setting aside time for responsibilities and can also be very impulsive. 

- as long as you get to express yourself and keep your motivation in life you will feel fulfilled 

- you are a natural leader and know how to take charge. remember to not let your ego get in the way!  

- loves romance and are very romantic. an active romantic life is important to you. ❣️

6th - the house of health

- likes being busy, works very hard and can become a workaholic. usually follows some sort of schedule. 📅

- have very high standards of themselves, may be a perfectionist, and can have a hard time receiving criticism. remember to not be so hard on yourself!

- you don’t shy away from a challenge and love overcoming obstacles 💪🏼

- the best person to have in a crisis because you are very logical and expect the unexpected 

- may have to focus on taking time aside for yourself! try finding somewhere where you can be creative and expressive! 

- you can be obsessed with geting praise from other people and you may need to learn to appreciate the effort you put in to things instead of the results you get 🎖

- loves animals and being to service to other people 🐕

7th - the house of partnerships

- may be very dependent on other people and has a great need to be in relationships. it’s important to not use other people to make your life enjoyable, try to embrace being alone and choosing to be so! instead of thinking of what makes other people happy focus on what makes you happy!👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

- don’t like being alone and is usually very charming and tries to please other people. 

- you feel a great need to things to be fair and equal and therefore you know how to compromise and restore peace. usually the mediator of friends, doesn’t like to see anyone fighting and is very helpful. 

- you thrive of peace and harmony, you hate chaos and can be scared of change and new things in life⚖️

- can be a bit shy because you would rather hang out with people you already know instead of meeting new people and risking geting rejected. other people’s approval of you is very important to you.

- your self-worth is usually in the hands of people around you and has a need to just have someone close to them 👬

8th - the house of transformations

- life is taken very seriously and intense

- you can be determined to become very wealthy in life💵

- usually that person that feels things on a deeper level, basically deep af but doesn’t show their emotions to other people. 🤐

- very aware of things and observant. you don’t like superficial things and would rather get to the bottom and core of things and people. 🕵🏽

- likes to try new things, not afraid of unconventional things. can be very spiritual because real life bore you and you have a constant need to transform and improve in life.🔮

- you are not the person to open up first in a relationship. you are very protective of your own feelings because you don’t want to be rejected. it’s important that you try to open up to people in order to grow as a person. 🔐

9th - house of philosophy

- you love to learn and teach other people. very accepting of things you know little about. 👨🏻‍🎓

- you want humanity to live together in peace and have a very optimistic outlook on life and humanity 🌏

- wants to make the world a better place and this want of yours is very infectious to other people and you love connecting with other people

- spiritual and loves to travel. personal and spiritual enlightenment is very important to you. ☯️

- can be a bit naive because you usually focus on the positive sides of people and things. 

- your own ideals can make you narrow-minded and get in the way of how you perceive reality

10th - the house of social status

- very ambitious about their own goals in life and usually wants to be the boss of things and is very good at controlling things📋

- can be a bit selfish when achieving their own goals

- self worth is all about possessions and your social status. you want to have power and feel respected. your image is very important to you and so is the image of people around you.👩🏿‍💼

- very authoritative and aren’t good at taking orders from people, therefore you usually want to work your way up in any career as fast as possible📈

- you don’t like settling for less and have very big and maybe unattainable goals in life but you are a hard worker and believe in yourself and therefore you are able to set these high goals for yourself

11th - the house of friendships

- friends are really important to you and they are usually like family to you! you are the kind of person that would never choose their partner over their friends 👫

- your friend circle is usually very long lasting and comes from all parts of life. you may have some unusual people as close friends or someone that maybe on the outside doesn’t match you. you are very attracted to people that are different. 👩🏽‍🎤

- a great team player and very good at networking. you’re very tolerant of people and don’t like to look down on them. you have this idea that you can save the world which explains your big ego. you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to or participate in mean gossip

- you have a trouble opening up to others and showing your true self. you enjoy being a part of something outside of yourself and helping others. 

- your open mindset can make you come off as quirky because you have a different way of seeing things and describing things. people may misstake your weird descriptions of things as being less intelligent. 

- very goal oriented and has a tendency to over schedule things because you want to do everything

12th - the house of the subconscious

- you are very strong behind the scenes. you can feel very awkward in social situations with strangers and be a total different person with your close friends (especially if you have your sun sign in an air or fire sign!) 🔥💨

- you have a very powerful inner strength and can go through a very big personal growth in life. 💪🏻

- a private person who needs and enjoy a lot of alone time. usually feels as few people really understands you.

- very imaginative and daydreams a lot which can make you get behind of chores and responsibilities💭

- there can be a big hinder in achieving your own goals and dreams because you feel as if you don’t deserve them! (well you do!!!😘) you deserve as much happiness as all the other people you help! 

- compassionate and caring towards other people (even strangers!) and get satisfaction of being selfless🤝


@quidditchleaguenet‘s august challenge: house quidditch members -

the slytherin quidditch team’s snapchat, run by reserve seeker terence higgs, is full of unexpected shenanigans and expected trash-talking [click for captions!]

The signs as Oscar Wilde quotes

Aries: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Taurus: You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.

Gemini: I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.

Cancer: Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.

Leo: I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

Virgo: There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating: people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing.

Libra: Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.

Scorpio: The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Sagittarius: I can resist everything except temptation.

Capricorn: There is no sin except stupidity.

Aquarius: To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.

Pisces: Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

– p

Kagami, Luka, and the Love Square

(spoilers obviously)

Also, just had to get it out there.



  • She is bae honestly. Adrien proving he has a type; bad-ass, spunky Asian girls who can intimidate and/or kick his ass.
  • I think this is where angst comes in since unlike Marinette’s other rivals (Chloe, Lila), I can see her genuinely liking Kagami, and them getting along well together. And if she sees how Adrien and her might be drawn together because of their similar backgrounds, I can see her backing off as a sign of character development in wanting to be Adrien’s friend first and foremost. But at the same time, her heartbreak may also potentially cause her to be akumatized. 

  • Kagami means ‘Mirror’. From what we’ve seen of her she seems to be a foil to Marinette, really similar in appearance, but opposing in temperament. Where Marinette is clumsy (whenever she’s not LB), Kagami is lithe. Where she is expressive, Kagami is reserved. 


  • I can see her being bi, getting a mild crush on Marinette and also Adrien?  mean who wouldn’t have crushes on them? At the same time, I can see her being a wingwoman to both Adrien and Marinette. Go on and join the club! Alya’s president. 
  • She probably got the last spot at the fencing school and this is where she and Adrien probably become close.



  • I hope she gets the Peacock Miraculous, but that would mean working with HawkMoth, so it would be interesting to see how that would play out. Maybe she has a family secret relating to the Miraculous? Kwami (Quantic Kami) and Akuma are Japanese words. Maybe the whole lore and the first LB and CN started in Japan?



  •  PLEASE LET HIM BE PUNK GOTH, PLEASE LET HIM BE PUNK GOTH. Please let him be the ‘bad boy’ to counter Adrien’s golden prince.
  • And to be fair, maybe Marinette mistakes him initially for Chat Noir just like how Adrien initially thought Kagami could be LB.

  • Probably outwardly flirty, but just overall a good-natured guy. I read somewhere that Luka means ‘bright one’ in Russian while Adrien could mean ‘dark one’, so I could see the two being foils like Kagami and Marinette. Adrien’s the golden boy on the outside while hiding a lot of deep sadness inside. Despite him smiling a lot, he holds himself back. Meanwhile, Luka could have a dark color scheme but act with much more freedom in his emotions, and is a really funny guy, creating a sort of image gap.


  • I headcanon that Luka does parkour, has dark hair like Juleka, and has a sweet tooth. I’m pretty sure he’ll also have a good heart, since that part is what will likely attract Marinette (besides his possible resemblance to Chat Noir *cough cough*)
  • Maybe he and Marinette will have a meetcute, where he saves her or she saves him, and from then on gets a sort of admiration for her. He sort of flirts with her, but Marinette knows how to deflect it when it’s not Adrien, so they have this sort of easy going relationship. 
  • ADRIEN GETS SO JEALOUS. But he doesn’t really realize it at first. At first he’s maybe envious of Luka’s carefree personality, and also about the openness Marinette displays with Luka when he’s just a relatively newcomer, meanwhile it took a bit more time for Marinette to open up to him (from his perspective). Then he gets a bit uneasy because what if Marinette thinks Luka’s Chat Noir? But that shouldn’t be a problem for him right, since it’ll help protect his secret identity, but still WHAT IS THIS PAINFUL FEELING IN HIS CHEST? 
  • LIKE I AM SO READY FOR JEALOUS ADRIEN LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE. We’ve already seen jealousy on him as Chat Noir, but I think it won’t be as outwardly apparent as when he’s Adrien, so from Marinette’s perspective, Adrien really just thinks of her as a friend, and then ANGST, because what if this development is what pushes her to try to give up on Adrien?


  • I kinda think this is how we get the Marichat balcony scene. They’ll grow closer and Marinette drops the bomb that she likes someone, and our poor oblivious boy automatically assumes it must be Luka. There’s that weird hurting feeling in his chest again, but whatever, Marinette’s his good friend, someone he treasures, of course he’ll help her get with the guy of her dreams. Matchmaker Adrien appears again, but this will inevitably hurt Marinette more, I mean can you imagine your crush blatantly pushing you towards another guy? (It hurts Adrien too, but he still can’t tell why.)
  • Since Luka’s going to be part of S3, I have this theory that he’ll be the one to succeed HawkMoth’s miraculous. I mean if Master Fu can pass his on to Nino, so can Gabe to another younger wielder, once he’s redeemed. That would be my dream team to be honest, Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloe, Kagami, and Luka to defeat a greater threat than HawkMoth (because I’m sure something more sinister will be coming for them). Tbh this theory is mostly me wanting Kagami and Luka to have their own miraculouses. 

Marinette & Adrien

  • No wonder they both can’t tell the other is their partner, despite all of the obvious proof literally right in front of them. From Riposte alone, Adrien thinks and knows about Marinette’s clumsiness. He can’t reconcile that with LB’s gracefulness. There’s no possible way LB could be clumsy. Meanwhile, we know also from the same episode that Marinette thinks Chat Noir is a natural-born flirt. Even until now, she probably still hasn’t realized (or is in full-denial mode) that she is his only one. She can’t reconcile that at all with her image of Adrien as a perfect prince. This season will probably focus more on the two of them seeing the flaws of their idealized loves, in order for them to see the truth that was there all along. 
  • This is a headcanon of mine that has no basis, but I think Adrien unconsciously tries to act like a perfect prince in front of Marinette. He rarely lets his Chat Noir out around her as compared to others like Nino, and even Chloe. Maybe it has something to do with how they got off on the wrong start, so he doesn’t want her to ever have a bad opinion of him ever again, so despite wanting to act more casual and friendly around her, he still reserves a bit of himself because her opinion really matters to him. So this is maybe where Marichat interaction can help, and one which I’m really excited for this season, since the both of them can act like they want to around each other as friends without the unexpected burden of expectations. 

Yoongi calling for Hoseok out of nowhere

Hoseok walking to him casually (feat. Jungkook screaming Bangtan! in the background)

Yoongi telling the camera that they are Taegukki (feat. Jungkook screaming Bangtan! in the background)

Hoseok understood what Yoongi’s trying to show, reached out for the waist and 

..pulled Yoongi close 

in a tight hug while singing something

I love ve soulpartner - you should too.



  • Confess by eiqhties  
    Summary: In retrospect, it probably wasn’t something he should have said when Even had a toothbrush shoved in his mouth. 

  • jeg tror du ser søte by ufologies
    Summary: Isak has to get glasses for a bit and Even reacts to it.

  • Holy by i_once_wrote_a_dream
    Summary: childhood friends!au; It was a Wednesday when he first saw him. Isak thought he looked like one of his mama’s angels. 


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