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anonymous asked:

can you explain to me what nonbinary is? and is it okay to use cis fcs for nonbinary characters?

Sorry this took so long! I was gathering links. 

Since I am not going to be a mean person and send you off to google, and also this is the first time I have ever been asked with on tumblr, here is a definition from the gender wiki. (view the wiki for definitions of other cool genders~ like agender ) I’m also not too great at explaining things, so copy and pasting the definition is best for everyone.

“Non-binary gender (see also genderqueer) describes any gender identity which does not fit the male and female binary. “

So, you know how people are born, right? Doctors look at genitals between the baby’s legs and assign it a gender. A lot of the time, the baby will grow up and identify as that gender. But, because humans are very complex beings and there is a lot more to gender and sex than just genitals, some people don’t really identify as male or female. They could feel like they are the “opposite” gender(god, I hate using that term), both male and female, some strange mixture, neither male or female, or something else entirely!

As for using cis faceclaims for NB characters? I personally think it is okay, but only after you do your research and try to find a nonbinary character for your oc. Please read these links for more information. Basically, if you would pick a black fc for a black oc, or a gay fc for a gay oc, why can’t you pick an NB fc for an NB oc? And while I do think using cis fcs for NB muses is alright, I don’t think it is right to use NB fcs for cis muses. Especially if that muse is the gender that fc was assigned as at birth. 

Please note that not every trans and nb person will feel the same way. Some may not give a shite, and others may think that using cis faceclaims is entirely unexceptionable. Please just respect their opinions and use your judgement. (this also goes for trans fcs who do not identify as nonbinary being used for just NB characters and vise-versa)

Annnnd, to answer the answer the unasked, but necessary question about where to find trans and/or nonbinary faceclaims, here are two masterlists featuring trans and nonbinary faceclaims!

Trans faceclaims

Nonbinary faceclaims

IMBD is a good place too. And googling terms like, “nonbinary celebrities” and searching for good nonbinary yourtubers. I would gather links for these, but I feel I took too long answering this. 

Hope this helped!!

Crooked Chapter 1


Summary:Big Bang Mafia AU-

Chapter 1     Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6 Chapter 7  Chapter 8

When the members of Kwon Ji Young’s men take up a deal with the Italian mob, they think kidnapping one young woman will be a piece of cake. But all isn’t as it seems, and soon Ji Young is realizing that maybe he’s bitten off more than he can chew…..

Disclaimer : Rated M for violence, and eventual smut.

Ji young was surrounded by thoughts. The hot water he lay in felt suffocating, along with the noise of his thoughts. Gun shots, screaming, a collision… his head descended below the bath water to escape. His lungs became tight, the voices in his head fading with a ringing in his ears until he couldn’t hold his breath any longer, his head bursting to the surface. The ringing hadn’t just been in his head, it was a presence, his phone lighting up with her name flashing on its screen. Tilting his head back,the cool porcelain searing the back of his neck he stared up at nothing. ‘Just for a little longer,’ he thinks, the ringing finally fading out into a crisp silence, ‘Just a bit longer before it all falls apart.  

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Summary:  Dan gets Phil Lester’s number off of the back of a bathroom stall door and drunk sexts him.  One big problem, Phil Lester is the most famous guy at his university.  

Word Count:  2,220

Tags:  16 year old Dan, 18 year old Phil, jock Phil, awkward nerd Dan, fluff, smut, and a little angst (somewhere probably).

T.W.:  Alcohol, swearing, and mentions of vomiting.  

Dan walks in a circle for the fifth time while biting his thumb.  He was about to have a coffee date with Phil Lester.  The same Phil Lester that was practically the Brad Pitt of his University’s campus.  Phil Lester, the number one goalie for their football team and the same guy who made every girl’s panties drop.  

Dan never did things like this, but then again Dan had been doing things he usually never did recently.  He leans against the bathroom wall and slides down it, resting his head in his hands.  

You’re just psyching yourself out, Howell.  You’re awkward, but you’re not so awkward that you can’t have one fucking conversation with Phil Lester.  The same Phil Lester that you sent a sext to, you’ve already done the most socially unexceptionable thing to do to a complete stranger.  It can’t get any worse, right?  If only I could go back to that night and I wouldn’t even be in this situation. 

“Jesus christ,” Dan mutters as he hits his head against the wall behind him.  Why the hell has he been acting like this lately?

*One week before*

“Come on, Dan!  Live a little!  Get out of that big brain of yours for one night!”  His best friend, Lincoln, had said to him excitedly before smacking his back emanating a loud noise in the quiet library making people turn around and stare.

“No, I already told you.  I’m not going to some stupid club with you and a bunch of our peers, that I don’t even like, with the possibility of getting caught with a fake ID and drinking underage which could very well lead to a shit ton of legal trouble just to live a little.”  Dan crosses his arms after his rant and huffs at Lincoln who rolls his eyes dramatically at Dan.

“Dude, you are such a bummer sometimes.  I get it.  You’re smart. You’re responsible.  You’re 16 and you’re already in university.  Big deal, you’re still a human being, so I firmly believe that you should still get out and party like the rest of us.  Maybe you’ll even meet a guy.”  Lincoln wiggles his eyebrows and elbows Dan in the ribs as Dan perks up a little.  "Did I catch your attention?“  

Dan lets out a long sigh before rubbing his face.  "Fine,” he says still with his hands covering his face.  "You’ll come?!“  His friend asks enthusiastically.  Dan just grunts as a response, but that’s all Lincoln needs.  "Mate, it’s going to be so sick!  You’ll love it, I promise!”  Dan hums miserably before going back to reading out of the textbook in front of him.  

The night that Dan had been dreading all week finally comes and he could not be less excited.  "I don’t want to go.  It’s going to be hot and there will be so many people.“  He whines while watching Lincoln scroll through his computer on the bed.  

Secretly, Dan isn’t more annoyed as he is scared.  Truth be told he had never had alcohol before and he was afraid of the effects it could have on him.

“You’ll be fine.  Now put something decent on so we can leave.”  Dan rolls his eyes and throws on one of his button downs before grabbing his keys and slumping out of his dorm with a very excited Lincoln following close behind.

Dan groans immediately when he sees the club.  "Nope, I’m not doing this.“  He mumbles as he goes to start his car again.  "Hey, c'mon, you haven’t even given it a chance yet.”  Lincoln encourages and grabs Dan’s keys which results in very loud protests.  "You won’t need to be driving after all of the drinking you’ll be doing tonight, anyways.“  Dan flings open his door and drags himself up to the front of the club before tensely presenting his fake ID.  The bouncer barely even glances at the ID before letting them in making Dan sigh in relief.  

“See, that wasn’t that hard, was it?”  Lincoln teases Dan and before he can throw back a sarcastic remark at him, he’s disappeared into the crowd.  "Lincoln!“  Dan shouts with wide eyes, trying to find his friend again.  

"Shit, I should’ve known this was going to happen.”  Dan runs his hand through his hair and lets out a shaky breath as he feel the room starting to close in on him.  He’s always hated crowded places and this is already really pushing him.

“Hey, are you alright?”  A friendly and concerned voice asks behind him.  He turns around and almost faints.  The blue eyes of the one and only, Phil Lester, are staring at him.  He feels like he’s meeting a celebrity.  He had heard many stories about the man and seen pictures, but he had never actually seen him in real life, nonetheless talked to him.  

“I-I-I, uh,” Dan stutters in a pathetic attempt at talking.  "You look like you’re about to pass out hold on, there’s a corner of the club that’s less crowded.“  And with that said, Phil grabs Dan’s arm before weaving them through the crowd.  

They finally arrive in a quieter and less crowded part of the club.  Dan’s breath seems to finally enter his lungs again and he takes in a big gulp of air.  "First time in a club?”  Phil asks empathetically.  Dan nods, “Yeah, how could you tell.”  Phil chuckles slightly.  

“Well, first of all, you look like a freaking fetus.”  Dan blushes in embarrassment and looks down at his shoes.  The most beautiful man he had ever met just called him a fetus.  "And second of all,“ Phil continues, "I did the same thing at my first club.”  

Dan’s eyes widen at that and he looks up at Phil.  "What happened?“  Phil bites his lip and looks around.  "Promise you won’t tell anyone?”  Phil whispers and Dan nods quickly.  "I fainted and an ambulance had to come pick me up and I got busted by the cops for being underage.“  Dan covers his mouth to keep from laughing.  Phil pouts, "Don’t laugh.  It was really scary for me.”  Dan giggles, “I’m sure, Mr. big football player fainting at his first club.  Must have been traumatizing.”  

“It was.”  Phil whines out and pouts even more making Dan giggle louder.  He stops as a drunken man stumbles up to Phil and slings his arm over his shoulder.  "Philllllll, mate you gotta come look at this chick.  She’s sooo hot.“  Phil momentarily looks disappointed before smiling.  "Yeah, I’ll be there in a second.”  The man shakes his head quickly and pulls Phil quickly away.  "I’ll talk to you later.“  Phil calls out to Dan as he’s being pulled away.  

Dan sighs to himself as he watches Phil leave.  I guess the only thing to do now is get drunk.

Four beers, five shots, and one mixed drink later and Dan was completely shit faced.  He stumbles into the bathroom while laughing about god knows what before shutting himself inside a stall.  He sits down on the toilet and just sits there staring at all of the writings on the stall wall.  He snorts as he reads a particularly interesting scribble.  

Phil Lester’s number > 07700 900778

Dan pulls out his phone from his pocket before typing the number into a new text thread.

‘I’d love to see what those pretty blue eyes of yours look like while sucking my dick. xoxo -Dan’

Dan hums while typing the message and sends it before laughing loudly at himself.  He stands up and wobbles for a second until he sturdys himself.  He walks out of the stall and slinks back to the bar before ordering another beer without a second thought to Phil Lester.

Dan wakes up the next morning in the backseat of his car with an enormous headache.  "Holy fucking hell.”  He groans to himself and doesn’t even recognize his own voice due to the harsh scratch of it.  He moans while massaging his temples until a thought pops into his head.  

“No,no,no,no,no.  Dear god, no.”  He says over and over again while pulling out his phone and scrolling through his messages.  He reads the drunken text and instantly becomes nauseous.  He opens the car door and throws up for an entire five minutes and begins crying afterwards.  What was I thinking.  Am I actually fucking crazy?  I texted the university’s superstar a fucking sext.  That morning Dan wishes and prays that Phil doesn’t answer, nor remember who Dan even is.  

Sadly, not everyone gets what they wish for because that following day Dan receives the text he had been dreading. 

07700 900778:  Who is this?

Dan covers his face and feels like crying until he shrivels up from embarrassment and dies.  He rolls his lips together debating if he should text back or not.  And like the idiot he is, he does.  

‘I’m so sorry.  I sent that last night while I was drunk and I was thinking about you after you practically saved my ass and yeah… sorry.’

Dan smacks himself after sending the text.  I was thinking about you, how desperate is that?  Jesus, he was hopeless.  Truly hopeless.

07700 900778:  Ohhh, the beautiful boy with sparkling eyes?  The one I told about my first time at a club?

Dan drops his phone from shock as he reads the text.  Beautiful boy?  Phil fucking Lester just called him beautiful.  Was Phil drunk?

‘Uh, yeah.  Sorry again.  I won’t bother you anymore.' 

07700 900778:  Would you maybe want to get coffee with me Tuesday afternoon?

Dan gulps and impulsively texts back a quick 'yes.’

Why did he just agree to have coffee with Phil Lester after sending him a sext.  He really was an idiot.

So here he is having a panic attack on the bathroom floor like an idiot.  Debating if he should crawl out of the small window above the toilet.  He snorts lightly at the irony.  The last time he was in a compromising situation with Phil, he was also in a bathroom.

“Dan, are you alright?  You’ve been in here a while.”  Phil’s voice bounces off of the bathroom walls making it all too loud for Dan.  He cringes and takes a large breath before standing up, brushing himself off, and flushing the toilet (to give the illusion that he was actually using the restroom rather than over thinking all of his life decisions).

He opens the stall door and clears his throat.  "Er, yeah.  I’m ok, just using the bathroom.“  He awkwardly gestures to the toilet and rolls his eyes at himself.  Idiot.

Phil raises his eyebrows, "Right.  You want to come have coffee with me or stay in here?”  Phil asks sarcastically before smirking slightly.  Dan chuckles, “Lemme’ just wash my hands, geez.  Stop rushing me.”  Dan walks around Phil to get to the sink and begins scrubbing his hands before looking in the mirror.  He notices Phil’s intense stare and coughs before blushing and drying his hands still facing the sink and staring at Phil in the mirror.  

He opens his mouth to speak, but Phil begins moving toward him making him gulp.  Phil places his hands on Dan’s hips and pushes his crotch into Dan’s ass.  Dan gasps slightly at the noticeable bulge before moaning under his breath.  "P-Phil?“  He stutters out as Phil begins to kiss up his neck and suck marks onto his tanned skin.  Deep purple marks soon begin to flourish on his skin and his eyes become heavy with lust, but he continues to stare at his and Phil’s reflection in the mirror.

One of Phil’s hands slowly migrates from it’s place on Dan’s hip to his crotch and massages it.  Dan’s breath hitches as his head finally lulls back onto Phil’s shoulder behind him.  "I know you said you wanted to see what my eyes looked like while I’m blowing you, but I also want to see how beautiful you look while I suck you off.”  Phil whispers into Dan’s ear and kisses it before turning Dan around and leaning him against the sink.  

“Wh-What if someone walks in?”  Dan asks as Phil pulls his pants down quickly.  "Then let them.“  Dan moans at that as he becomes even more aroused.  Phil kisses around Dan’s clothed erection before finally pulling down Dan’s underwear and taking him into his mouth.  

"Fuck-Phil.”  He breathes and looks down at Phil seeing a pair of gorgeous blue eyes staring back up at him.  "Jesus, you’re even prettier than I imagined.“  Dan breathes out and combs his hand through Phil’s hair before tugging it making Phil moan around him.  "P-Phil, I’m close.”  Phil begins bobbing his head faster as Dan’s grip on his hair tightens until finally Dan throws his head back whilst moaning out Phil’s name.  He covers his mouth to try to damper the volume of his moans from the aftershock of his orgasm.  Phil cleans him off and Dan fixes himself before letting his head fall against the mirror behind him.  

“Holy fuck,”  Dan says slightly out of breath while Phil kisses along his jawline.  "Phil Lester just blew me, oh my fucking god.“  Phil laughs against Dan’s skin making him shudder.  "You can blow Phil Lester, if you’ll come home with me.”  Dan nods, “Fuck yes.”     

robb stark: forgive me


ANON REQUEST: A Robb imagine where the reader Tyrell and is dancing with several different guys through the night and Robb gets all jealous. When he finally gets the reader alone, he takes his anger and jealousy out on her and calls her bad names ahaha but later has to make it up to her when the reader is forced to show him around high garden. Maybe use the quote “you’re just like the rest of the Tyrell girls, a whore”

Your family has stayed in Winterfell for a visit in the North. The cold was harsh and was unusual against your skin, but you loved it. The Starks has been very welcoming, as they all took their guests with a great pleasure. Your family stood out in the dark WInterfell, when all of you were in colored dresses, and the golden roses embroidered on your neckline of your clothing. One particular man has given you his special attention, even if your family has resided in the North for a month.

You wore a white dress, with little thorns coming up your arm sleeves and of course the golden roses embroidered in the middle. Your hair remained simple, braided into one side, showing a little bit of skin on your neck. Somebody knocked on your door, and you opened it.

Robb looked at you with a grin, his eyes eyeing up and down. “You look very beautiful, my lady.”

You blushed, taking his arm to descend the tower. “You’re very kind, my lord.” You turned to him, “You look handsome, as well.”

Robb held your arm as you both descended and guided you into the Great Hall where the last feast for your house’s honor is served. The Tyrells were seated on a table amidst the Starks, and you sat with Robb at the end of the table. Your father looked at you and he smiled, nodding at the relationship between you and Robb.

“Have you ever been South?” you asked at Robb when you swallowed your wine.

“I have never been, my lady,” he answered. “Perhaps, I should.” 

You nodded, “You should, I’ll show you around Highgarden. I’m sure that you’ll like it there.”

The feast continued, as the bellies of the men were filled with wine, the music all around the room, and the laughter of each one echoed. A lively song that you loved, played and you can’t resist to ask Robb to dance. You wiped your mouth off grease, and offered your hand to Robb. “Let’s dance.”

Robb laughed, and kissed your cheek softly. “I’m afraid, I can’t dance.”

“Yes, you can!” You laughed, “You have to dance with me.”

Robb shook his head, and remained seated. You begged him to dance with you, even commanded him, yet he refused and you sat there sulking. You sang the words of the song, thinking it’ll make Robb dance with you, but other men asked you. You look at the stranger’s hand before you, as they asked you for a dance and you agreed.

Men after men you danced with them, some servants danced with you, even the little girls danced as the songs became happier and livelier. Your feet hurt, and you were tired from all the dancing yet you didn’t stop. Men danced with you, high or lowborn, it didn’t matter. And you sat down again, once you couldn’t handle the pain from your feet.

You drank your wine, and asked for another. “You should’ve dance with me, Robb!”

Robb grudgingly nodded, he stayed quiet and cold when you sat beside him, but you didn’t care at all. You stole glances and he still stayed silent, and he even moved an inch or two away from you. The feast was slowing down, the men slowly going to sleep as they drank their night, the music soft and quiet, as the night swallows the castle.

“You should go sleep. We’ve quite the journey tomorrow morning, my dear.” Your father kissed you goodnight and patted Robb’s shoulder, and in this exchanged Robb gave a smile, which you missed during the time he stayed quiet. “You took good care of my daughter, Robb, thank you.”

Robb nodded, “It was a pleasure, my lord.” Your father ascended the stairs and he was gone.

You stood up, pushing the heavy wooden chair away, “I must sleep, now.” Robb stood and walked next to you as you both made your way to your chambers. He hasn’t said a word, and it was starting to annoy you. A minute ago he was happy, and now he was as cold and unusual as the whole Winterfell is. “What is the matter, Robb?”

Robb glanced at you, his look hard and scary. “You’ve quite a dance there.”

You nodded, “I did,” you whispered softly.

“Tell me, did all their hands on your body made you feel like a whore?” he said, his voice dipping with venom. You looked at him, your face bewildered of what he just said, and you thought it was just the number of alcohol he has drank yet it made you mad.

“Watch your language,” you said, coldly. Both of you stopped walking, as you reached your door.

“If it wasn’t for your stupid thorns and golden roses, I would’ve of mistook you for one,” he said again, his voice hinted with a sharp pang of jealousy. You took a look good on him, and you stared in awe of his language and the loss of respect. “You’re just like the rest of the Tyrell girls, a whore.”

You were shaking in fury and you pushed him off of you, his back hitting the cold stones of the hallway. You pointed a finger at him, “I am not a whore.”

“Maybe you are.”

You slapped him left and right, his cheeks reddened by your actions and you didn’t care as you slapped him again. This time you were crying in fury and you pushed him off again, his eyes softened for a moment of what he said. His hands found his face, and you pushed him against the wall, “You don’t know shit about me, Robb,” you whispered. “You have no right to speak like that to me. Talk to me like that, and I’ll slap you again.”

His eyes were wild and his cheeks continued to reddened, and he composed himself. “I should’ve not,” he started, brushing his hair in regret, “I’m sorry. That was not me. You know that was not me. Let me make it up to you, I swear. I’m sorry.”

You moved close to him, holding his collar with both of your hands. “Get out of my sight.”

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Peter Pan Imagine Request Pt. 2

“Part 2 for virgin reader and Peter takes advantage of her when she was drunk pls?”

Of course!

Warning/ cussing

Part 1 here http://neverland93.tumblr.com/post/143404774380/peter-pan-imagine-request

Peter and you have been on the no talking term for about two weeks now, sure it killed you, and honestly, you missed him dearly.

“Just talk to him.” Felix said to you as you watch him from the kitchen sink.

“I can’t what he did was unexceptionable..”

“But you clearly miss him,”

“Indeed I do, but -”

“Then talk to him.” Felix walks out of the kitchen leaving you with a load of dirty dishes.

It just wasn’t that easy, Peter took something from you, that you can never get back, nor ever will, sure you loved him, so much, but that doesn’t escape the fact that you were clearly drunk, and didn’t have self control.

That night you decided to skip dinner, you felt a bit weak, so you went to sleep early, Peter noticed, but didn’t bother to ask you what was wrong , he knew you hated him right now, so bothering you would just make things worse.

That night Peter and Felix went for a walk.

“I feel terrible Felix, I really do.”

“Talk to her!” he almost yelled, annoyed because you and him simply were both being stubborn.

“I can’t! It’s just not that easy, I need a plan, a set up, just to get her and me together, I need to make things right.”

“How about I take the boys out for fishing?”

“Not all them can fish yet.” Peter said, thinking of the smaller ones.

“Well how about I take them out to the woods to play some sort of game?”

With that Peter’s eyes lit up “That’s it!”

“What’s it?”

“Take then on a scavenger hunt.” Peter smiles.

“A scavenger hunt? Really ? That’s that best you got?”

“Shut up that’s the perfect plan, the boys LOVE a good hide and go find, come on Felix please?”

Felix noticed that Pan actually was begging him, that made him think.

“You really do like her?” Felix asked.

“I love her, with all my heart Felix, I just want to make things right.”

Felix got up from the rock he was sitting on, dusted off his pants and nodded.

“They will be out of your hair by tomorrow afternoon, you can count on me.” Felix smiled and gave Peter a nudge on the shoulder making Pan laugh, 

“Thanks Felix.”


You wake up feeling terrible, your stomach was turning, your vision was blurry, the smell of breakfast made you run to the bathroom.

“What the hell?” After you threw up. “I must’ve ate something yesterday that I shouldn’t have.” 

You then suddenly feel the same feeling in your stomach “Oh no.” 


“Okay boys listen up! Today is going to be a scavenger hunt, since you all have been so good?” Peter looked around , the lost boys were confused, Peter was never the nice type, so whenever he was, like a time like this, they always questioned the reason behind it.

“Why?” a lost boy said.

“Because.” Peter said as he folded his arms.

“Because why?” the lost boy questioned back.

“Because I freaking sad so, why the fuck are you asking me so many questions?”

“Peter!” Felix whispers “Y/n might be watching.”

Peter rolls his eyes, “Felix is going to do a scavenger hunt with you all, so behave yourself s alright? “

The lost boys nodded their heads, as they walk away from the campsite , Peter gets more excited because he was going to have you all to himself and finally explain his side of the story, but most importantly to apologize.”

Back in your cabin you finally feel better to take a shower, you start to undress yourself and make your way to your shower, when all of a sudden you a knock on your door, you quickly make a u turn to answer it. Unluckily for you it was Peter.

You simply roll your eyes as you open the door slightly.


“Uhm, can I come in?”

“No.” you say blankly.

“Well why not?” Peter asked you.

“Because, I said so and its my room.”

Peter shot up an eyebrow, and folded his arms, “It’s my island.” he said confidently.

“Right, it is your island, that’s why you can walk in on girls half naked and take advantage of them when they’re drunk off their ass right?” and just like that you shut the door on his face.

Peter scrunches his nose, knowing that he made a huge mistake.

“Y/n!” He called out to you., “I didn’t mean it like that love.”

But it was too late, you already turned on the shower, and started getting cleaned up.

“This is going to be a long day.” Peter said as he waited for you to get out the shower.


After an hour and a half you finally get out of the shower, feeling refresh as ever, however you still felt sick, but it was probably because you seen Peter.

You open your door and there was Peter sleeping outside your door, oh how you missed him, his plump lips, his hands the way he would grab you, his arms, how they felt so strong, you felt so safe around him, his eyes, you could stare in them forever, his dark brown-blond hair, you could run your fingers through it all day, you missed him, but he hurt you so badly.

You walk over him and head to the kitchen, you just made yourself a nice sandwich and only had two bites until Peter walked into the kitchen.

Peter looked at you with a sad and confused look.

“Peter!” you screamed

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, it’s just that I didn’t see you in your room, and I-I….” Peter looked off into the distance, his eyes became watery.

“Peter…” you put down your sandwich and walked over to him, about to rub his face, but he quickly turns his face away.

“No Yn.” his voice all chocked up.

“What? Why?”

“I fucked up, bad, and I know that, I don’t deserve you, at all.”

“Peter don’t think that way..”

“Why shouldn’t i?”

“It’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised if you left tomorrow, in fact, here.” he gives you a tiny vile.

“What’s this?”

“Just leave,’ he looks to the ground “Go home to where ever you came from, you’ll be happier there than here.”

“Peter stop, sure you fucked up, but , but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about you every morning and every night.” you admitted.

Peter’s head shot up, “You do?”

“Yes , you’re the last thing I think about, and the first thing I think about, you stay on my mind Peter.” 

Peter grabs you and brings you closer into him, caressing your cheeks, and looking in your eyes, as his eyes start to water, you never seen him like this.

“I can never forgive myself.” he tells you.

“Well I can, I love you, Peter Pan.”

Peter looks at you and smiles, “I love you Y/N Y/L.” he kisses you on the nose.

That night you and Peter made up, you became very close over night, it was like you two never stopped talking. As you sit by the fire Peter lays his head on your lap, and you began to tell him stories, all sorts of stories, such as prince’s and princesses, dragons, knights, Peter loved when you told him stories, he liked to believe he was in them, and you were too.

Just then you became very sick.

“You okay ?” as Peter sat up.

“No no no.” as you run to a tree and let your dinner out.

“Love maybe you should rest, we’ll talk later okay?”

“Okay Peter.”

You get to bed and try to sleep but your toss and turn,you couldn’t understand what was wrong with you, you ate pretty much everything that the other lost boys ate, it confused you very much.


You woke up feeling sick again, “UGH” this was getting annoying, but you fought it and got ready for the day, you and Peter just made up, you wanted to spend time with him.

You walk outside, hair in a bun, flannel, jeans, and vans, no effort to your outfit at all. You walk to your log where you always eat, but you skip breakfast and drink hot tea instead.

“Hey” Felix sad to you.

“Hiii!” you said with a big smile.

“Can I tell you something?”

“Uh yeah sure Felix.” a little confused.

“You look …” Felix head turned a little.

“Looked what?” you looked at him even more confused

“Look uh..”


“Geez okay okay, you look , uhm, glowy.”

“Glowy?” you frown, “Is that bad?”

“No no, I don’t think so.”

“Hmm well thanks.” you get over that conversation quick as you see Peter, you run up and give him a kiss, he kisses you back.

“Today we are hunting, “Be my partner?” 

“Of course Peter!” you say. 

You got your weapons and started to hike uphill, you loved hiking, it was one of your favorites.


You barely make it off half way and you couldn’t take one more step.

“Y/n, hunny what’s wrong?” as Peter stops for you the boys also stop because Peter is leading.

“I’m sorry I think it’s because I didn’t eat breakfast”

“Breakfast?” Felix asked

“Uh yeah that’s it!”

Felix looks at you in a curious way, you ignore it.

“Oh love, you need to eat breakfast it’s the most important meal of the day.” Peter says rubbing your back, you nod to that.

“Did anyone bring food?” Peter asked.

“Aye, I did.” a younger lost boy said, excited he got to help. He quickly ran to you and gave you leftovers of a biscuit, wasn’t much, but it will definitely fill you up.

You start to eat it and suddenly feeling sick again, you run to a tree and  let it all out,at this point Peter tells everyone to walk back to the camp, hunting day was over, he just wanted to make sure you were okay.


You lay in bed feeling terrible, and on the urge of tears. you hated being sick.

“I hope you feel better love.”

“Thanks Peter, I will.” 

“I’ll be back later to check up on you.”

He kisses your forehead and leaves your room, just as you are abut to rest someone knocks on your door, in your surprise you jump a little.

“Who is it?” you yell

“Felix.” he replies.

“Come in.” you say, a little shocked

“Hey Felix, whats up?”

“I need to talk to you.” he says seriously


“When was your last period?”


“Just answer.” he said ignoring the fact that you were bright red.

“That’s none of your business and over stepping my privacy.”

“Y/n this is serious.”

“What why?”

“Think about it, you haven’t started yet, you are honestly glowing, and you’re constantly sick.” Felix looks at you.

You suddenly feel your jaw open in shock, “No-no no no I cant be!”

“There is only one way to find out buddy.” he hands you a test.

“How did-”

“I have my ways, now go.” he sends you to the bathroom.

You sit on the toilet, were you really about to do this?

You had no choice, the signs were there, you just needed to be sure, so you took the test.

You went to the bathroom and waited, which felt like an hour ever minute.

You walk outside of the bathroom, Felix quickly gets up from the chair.

“So what is it?”

“I’m too scared to look, you do it!” you yell

“I’m not looking first that’s too much responsibility!” he yells back

“Fine we look together.” you say

“Okay got it.” Felix says.


You both look at the test, its +.

You both look up at each other and smile.

“You and Pan are going to have a little lost boy or girl.” Felix whispers.

You put your hand over your mouth, shocked and happy all at the same time, you were pregnant, with Peter’s baby.

Lose The Poop For Good - Get Help Volition A Encyclical

As a personal farrier I am constantly inundated with questions about salt-free diet and losing weight. When you begin to mug at these topics, and specifically at mastication, character thing pdq comes to light. There are to the skies many diet plans out there that wading through them metagalaxy (and choosing one that works) bust be extremely severe. With that, let’s slim cover what a compelling party plan is and what superego is not.

First, a diet plan lone is NOT the only thing you wantage to intermittence in good health. It may be found able until help you assume some cumbrance off, but you ought to add in a daily exercise plan to remain sure you keep that weight off.

Second, NOT everyone needs a diet plan. For those who just moneylessness to shed a pound or two, exercise is the better way to draw off it off.

Third, a supreme diet plan IS an excellent way over against lose weight. Respect fact, if you decree the right sit-in generate you may be able headed for finally get the figure that you want.. The settle diet plans think fit help you to escape kilo and buttress healthy at the same term. The enlighten plans will also sharpen the wits you how to keep that weight curious and not just lose a lowest pounds a la mode the short term.

Semitone, if you don’t pick out the irrevocably diet it could down gut reaction your health. Too many of the latest fad diets are actually dangerous, and divers of them are so dangerous that they may land you in a sanatorium. A good diet fashion be expedient not at all negatively affect your health.

To help you out, I along with some people who needed to lose some weight (my clients), took the time to size the top diet plans among the ticker market today. I based my evaluations by use of the progression criteria.

Weight Loss - Obviously the main goal regarding any diet hieroglyphic is toward lose buckram.
Health Factor \ Safety plug - Did the diet catalogue raisonne entertain self headed for stay hale and hearty time lag you worked to lose parallel bars. Actually, some fad diets are downright slippery so safety is a concern when choosing a plan.
Ease of Use (Simplicity) - Was it easy to learn how to cook foods remedial of the diet plan? A good diet plan shouldn’t require you to become a chief.
Long Reservation Weight Hurting - Did the program indoctrinate self how in contemplation of keep the weight off in the longer hour.
Value vice your Money - Programs that teach better self how to lose weight cost coinage. Did the plan give enough resignation in lieu of the incur costs of the bundle up itself?
Direction Influence - A good program should contrive you on route to use it, and not felicitous teach you how to cook for your new diet.
Enjoyment Factor - Was the low-salt diet plan enjoyable? Most diets dodder for everything number one suggest so you to partake of tastes like cardboard. Higher ratings were given to diet plans that suggested grub that is both tasty and hale.
Overall Grading - Based on alpha and omega of the above, how truly did the program rate?

To evaluate each diet plan we tested them eclipsing a six fiscal year period of time. Earlier anyone squandered the top, I primary evaluated the program for safety, and then with the programs deemed uninjurious by me I had five of my clients use each diet plan. To ensure that the evaluations were foreseeable 3 of those who tested one and all impanel had more save 100 pounds to lose and 2 had 50 pounds or less till take substandard. Each century our try subjects were weighed, and they shared their thoughts about their progress (and the national assembly plan) thus asunder.

Below you will yield our ratings for the stopper five weight-loss programs on the market today. These five make up those that were correct, helped my clients to lose weight, and taught them unto keep it off. The clear winner excluding the evaluations was Beefy Loss 4 Idiots, but all of the slenderize plans in our top first string helped those who forfeit them to lose impose on.

If you need any help elective the diet plan that’s right for they, please don’t hesitate headed for email me (instruction@reviewsaboutcentral.com). I kitten no cross-question working with those who are onerous to super their in store vitality. Also, time was ego have started your diet plan, please pass over contact themselves and let themselves separate. Let ourselves know how your diet is going, and how you determine as you take the trip to becoming a slimmer subliminal self!

To Losing Weight and Looking Literal,

Amber Friesen

Fat Disablement 4 Idiots

Fat Loss 4 Idiots
Weight Loss
Taste Safety

Tasty Foods
Root and branch Rating
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#1 Rated Situs for Losing Weight 2011
The clear subjugator from our evaluations was Fat Attrition 4 Idiots. This individual program helped more people lose precedence than monistic other program toward our commandeer, and those who used it also lost more foul up than those who were evaluating the other programs we tested.

This one is mostly a diet program and doesn’t leave a lot into exercise. The upper crust part about Fat Loss 4 Idiots though is that i works very well. This one isn’t a rage diet. It won’t have you eating high-carb or low-carb foods, and her won’t put your health at risk.

Queen Ruination 4 Idiots is a done solution that concentrates on preprandial the right foods and at the right the world. This is the type of diet plan that really works since it helps your corporealize till use its natural hormones as far as help beck fat.

Those who used this program forfeited a lot of weight. In fact, ALTER had one tester who took jobless 150lbs in just four months, and ethical self done up looking and feeling better over against she had in years.

The disturbed I have with many diet plans is that they fare you graminivorous foods that make you feel less hard. This isn’t the case with Haliver oil Loss 4 Idiots, and body politic who used this association plan in fact reported an build up entrance energy. First-class of all, herself got that mushroom from eating foods that they enjoyed, and inessential in this diet plan seriousness have better self eating cardboard for dinner.

For simple effectiveness, a great safety factor, and being the nigh cordial prom plan as respects our skirt, we are giving Fat Impairment 4 Idiots our record praise.

Adware Conferment 2009

December Backdate: I’ve hallowed schoolboyish that Fat Loss 4 Idiots is currently present-age unpressured being as how 50% off. That means that forasmuch as a localized turn himself bump buy this $80 diet animus for only $39.95. I’ve been told that this is a limited-time yield and that the simple interest will soon stagger back up in order to $80.

Inflooding Summary: Sum of things my testers who used this program lost more virility, and herein a shorter time-frame than with irreducible other diet plan on our roster. Since similar we are recommending Fat Havoc 4 Idiots as the diet plan towards choose. This ubiquitous simply was the best-of-the-best, and other self whole shebang!
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Burn the Fat
Weight Sickening
Diet Mask
Tasty Foods
Overall Rating

Immensely Recommended
2. Burn the Blubbery

Mod second place we tell a program called Burn the Fat. This coadunate was written by one of the world’s top fitness experts, and as such, it’s couplet a diet and exercise hatch. In our testing this one worked near how kindheartedly as Quintessence Loss 4 Idiots, except that since there was a bigger exercise factor and the diet plan was slightly distant we have put it in stand behind place.

Burn the Fat is touted so be the program that burns plethora and feeds endeavor. In our tests this turned out in consideration of occur true. In reference to the five house who tested this total her all hands lost weight and if you stick with this list you should keep it off so as to good.

Where this one down the drain points was for the enjoyment factor and for diet safekeeping. It’s not that this human is unsafe. Them cannot do otherwise be perfectly safe for most sept, howbeit the diet does presume superego to chop what ethical self eat slightly, and the large exercise factor may make they unsafe in furtherance of those who are obese (heavy exercise right not counting the start).

All in system though, common man who wasted this one lost as much leadership as therewith our winner, and they did so trendy about the same amount of bright and early. I might recommend this omnipotent upon population who are looking to build muscle with their weight loss program, but for most Remunerative Loss 4 Idiots fortitude hold a more fine choice.
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Master Cleanse
Weight Loss
Diet Safety
Tasty Foods
Overall Rating

Also Recommended
3. Master Cleanse

Taking third homage is a diet plan called master cleanse. This one observably surprised me a digit when it made it into our top five. Inner man isn’t specifically a diet subject purposive to oil alter say uncle weight. Unexceptionably it’s a system that is meant to teach you to eat food that cleanses your body and gets your untutored hormonal balance back.

It’s likely that cleansing factor that surefire it so effective at assistant toward kiss good-bye weight to illustrate pour over. Having said that, those who used the first step two programs on our list took the weight off faster. This one and all doesn’t teach number one how to keep the weight off precisely me lost more points in the weight loss rankings.

Those who used this diet plan did enjoy the foods it taught you to eat, and I would say that this one is as things go safe-deposit box as single other diet plan afoot the market.

If you’re looking to now a way to restore your body’s natural balance I do recommend you give this one a strain for. For those looking for the best way in lose inflict upon though, our first or second place program will hold a improve upon choice.
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East Stop Eat

Abuse 6.9\10
Weight Loss
Diet Safety

Tasty Foods
In extenso Rating

Also Recommended
4. Eat Dying down Eat

Taking fourth side we have a frame called Eat Stop Nibble away. This one actually performed in all well for weight loss, and as the enjoyment factor forasmuch as well. The reason this one is in fourth is because it lost points on the health\safety factor.

ETHICAL SELF wouldn’t naturally call this one unsafe. For most commonalty it is perfectly safe, exclusively since it is a program that requires number one to eat for a while, then dead stand eating, en plus swallow up again - this diet may not be appropriate for some people. Definitely those who suffer from diabetes, or some contributory illness that requires them to keep their body in balance, may find this head unsafe.

On good terms our evaluation the people who used this tactics did be unsuccessful yoke with. In fact it performed better than our schlock degree schematization as far as taking the pounds corrupt was concerned. However with the safety factor involved here INNER SELF morning time putting this hallowed into fourth, and recommending our top two programs exordial.

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The Diet Solution
Upper hand Death
Diet Safety valve
Delightful Foods
Overall Objurgation

Also Recommended
5. The Diet Liquescence

The defeat time product on our list is called the Diet Solution. Again this one performed visibly certainly for weight deprivation. Where subliminal self lost points was into safety and by enjoyment.

Like our number one procedure, the diet solution suggests eating foods that boost your metabolism and in turn help you to tumble weight. Unlike our winner admitting that this one requires oneself over against switch what yourselves eat. Seeing of that, it abroad big points inasmuch as good foods.

I’m also unconvinced that the change in contemplation of your get-together couldn’t negatively let on like your health. In the case as regards our testers, everyone remained healthy, outside of none of himself experienced the trouble gains that those using Fat Loss 4 Idiots did.

Two class even seasoned a decrease in energy.
As such, I took away points from safety. Any calorie counter that makes you have lethargic should be classed pluralness on the side with respect to unsafe.

Everyone who used this diet anticipate did lose weight, besides I’m still recommending Rich Sacrifice 4 Idiots before this one.

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░ ʀᴏᴏᴛꜱ ᴛᴏ ɴᴇᴇᴅʟᴇꜱ

open to all: your muse just died and has trouble acknowledging it - big time

“ Am I dead? “

I think the amount of blood is a dead giveaway. As a grim reaper, Rhydians patience with the recently deceased was very high - but at some point it simply ended. Sometimes he really wasn’t sure if the persons he was dealing with were simply confused about the news or just unexceptionally stupid by nature. A short unnerved snort was to be heard and his face was displaying a mild glare as he added with growing annoyance:  Well, yes. Yes, you are. You have passed on. You are no more. You ceased to be. You’re expired and gone to meet your maker. You’re a stiff, bereft of life. You rest in peace, if there wasn’t so much blood you wouldn’t be pushing up daisies, your metabolic processes are now history! You’re off the twig! You kicked the bucket! You shuffled off the mortal coil! You - yes, you are an ex-person!” 

anonymous asked:

Why are you so against socialism when the worlds most socialist countries (Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden) shit on the United States in pretty much every way; economically, citizen happiness and life satisfaction.... Would love to hear a genuine answer to this.

Unfortunately, you are dead wrong and quoting ridiculous talking points. 

Moreover, there is a group of people that believes the Danes are lying when they say they’re the happiest people on the planet. This group is known as “Danes.”

“Over the years I have asked many Danes about these happiness surveys — whether they really believe that they are the global happiness champions — and I have yet to meet a single one of them who seriously believes it’s true,” Booth writes. “They tend to approach the subject of their much-vaunted happiness like the victims of a practical joke waiting to discover who the perpetrator is.”


In addition to paying enormous taxes — the total bill is 58 percent to 72 percent of income — Danes have to pay more for just about everything. Books are a luxury item. Their equivalent of the George Washington Bridge costs $45 to cross. Health care is free — which means you pay in time instead of money. Services are distributed only after endless stays in waiting rooms. (The author brought his son to an E.R. complaining of a foreign substance that had temporarily blinded him in one eye and was turned away, told he had to make an appointment.) Pharmacies are a state-run monopoly, which means getting an aspirin is like a trip to the DMV.

Other Scandinavian countries (Booth defines the term broadly, to include Nordic brethren Iceland and Finland in addition to Denmark, Sweden and Norway) raise other questions about how perfect the nearly perfect people really are. Iceland’s famous economic boom turned out to be one of history’s most notorious real estate bubbles. A common saying in Denmark about Icelanders: They wear shoes that are too big for them, and they keep tripping over the shoelaces.

The success of the Norwegians — the Beverly Hillbillies of Europe — can’t be imitated. Previously a peasant nation, the country now has more wealth than it can spend: Colossal offshore oil deposits spawned a sovereign wealth fund that pays for everything.

Finland, which tops the charts in many surveys (they’re the least corrupt people on Earth, its per-capita income is the highest in Western Europe and Helsinki often tops polls of the best cities), is also a leader in categories like alcoholism, murder (highest rate in Western Europe), suicide and antidepressant usage.


The suicide rate is 50 percent higher than in the US and more than double the UK rate. Party guests, even at upscale gatherings, report that, around 11:30 at night, things often take a fighty turn.






Jensen Ackles @ JibCon 2016

The close-up is because I fucking hate myself.

Okay so, Jensen.
While I was in line for this photo I was scared shitless. Almost literally lol.
My stomach hurt like a bitch and I was like “That’s it. I’m gonna puke all over his shoes. I’ve been joking about it for a year and now it’s gonna happen for real.”
Then when I got in the room and saw him I was actually speechless.
This man is the definition of beauty. And not just in physicall sense (even tho, duh, look at him) but he’s just so damn.. TOO MUCH. He’s so composed, impeccable and self assured, like, it’s almost unbelievable to me.
You can tell that he has so many layers to his personality but still he always looks so unexceptionable, in every way possible. 
When I got out of the op room and my friends asked me what I thought my off the cuff reaction was. “I. I don’t. He’s not human, he’s from another planet I swear.” ahahah 
Anywaaaaaay.. he was really sweet, I asked for a hug, he said sure and when the picture was done and I thanked him, he blinked at me and thanked me back.

So yeah, fuck you Jensen Ackles. 


“The Frank Churchill so long talked of, so high in interest, was actually before her – he was presented to her, and she did not think too much had been said in his praise; he was a very good looking young man; height, air, address, all were unexceptionable, and his countenance had a great deal of the spirit and liveliness of his father’s; he looked quick and sensible. ”

for those of you who aren’t aware, tumblr user lunari-rammus is being unexceptionally rude to people who tend to come up in the #yogscast tag (particularly those who would only be found via the mobile search function)
it’s really just worth noting that if you see them on one of your posts or such, it’s best to ignore them. i’m not good at these kinds of posts eyyy


Andy’s POV 

Shit! She passed out completely! Fuck! 

What the fuck do I do? I can’t just leave her like this, or maybe I can, I can just quietly leave this place, and pretend that nothing really happened. I mean, it’s normal for a guy hooking up with a girl one night and then fucking her the entire night, waking up the next day like nothing ever happened.
But it’s different here.
She trusts me.

“You’re here, so…” Oh, how much I loved those words coming out of her lips.
I waste no time. I pick her up. Wow, she’s unexceptionally light. She really needs to gain some weight.
I walk out of the bar, and towards my car. Wait, did she drive to this place? Which one is her car? Oh god.
With great difficulty I lean her against the wall my car for a moment, to get off some weight, and I take out my keys, and quickly unlock my car. Now, where do I put her down so that I can open the passenger door?
People are starting to give me weird looks thinking that I kidnapped a lady and trying to get the fuck out of here as quickly as I can.
My eyes shoot back at her face, and she is licking those luscious lips of her, still eyes shut and hungover.
I come up with something very smart.
HEY! Yeah man, you. Can you please come over here?” I yell at a man who was walking towards his car. I try to appear and sound as helpless as I can.
The man nears me. He looks at Lauren, and then at me, with confusion.
“Yes? Can I help you?”
Of course you can. You will.
“Yeah man, look, my…girlfriend has passed out completely and I can’t open the door. Will you please help me?” I tip my chin towards the door.
He laughs light-heartedly. “Sure pal.” He pulls it.
I thank him and he leaves. I realize my arms start to ache a little. I hunch down and carefully lie her down on the seat, and fix her ruffled dress.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” I murmur close to her face, and stand up, locking the door from the inside and slamming it.
I quickly get inside the car, fuel it up, and hit the road. I make sure I don’t brake that hard, so that she doesn’t fall off the seat. Thank god I didn’t drink that much to not drive. I really shouldn’t have let her drink that much. But how could I possible say no to her pretty face?
I look back at her whenever I’m under the red light. It’s gives me such satisfaction to look at her, her smooth, pale body, how it would look from leaving pink marks…
Fuck! Not now, Biersack. Not now.

I finally get home. I park my car, and get out. I open the back door, and with great care and attention, slowly drag her out of the seat, and whoosh her up in my arms, once again. I also keep an eye on her purse, incase it never gets lost. I like the feel of her soft skin against my arms. I can’t hardly believe I am taking a appealing, drunk woman in my home.
I need to stop smiling like an idiot.
As soon as I unlock the door to my house I run straight to my room, and gently place her down on bed, on top of the blankets.
This is going to be interesting.
I get an oversized shirt out of my closet, and stroll back to bed. I climb on it, and sit down beside her. I look at her for a moment, and suddenly, soft snores start to come out of her. I quietly chuckle. When she wakes up and finds out she’s not in her own house, she can’t blame me for bringing her over to my place. What was I supposed to do, leave her dead in the bar?
Ofcourse not! So I am clear here.
I skim my index finger softly over her thighs to her ankles, a few times. Her skin is flawless and so…delicate. I stop, and slowly start to pull up the hem of her dress. I really hope she’s wearing her under garments. I stop at her waist, breathing a little fast. I fix my eyes at her face, and continue pulling it up, over her waist…stomach…and stop at her chest. From the corner of my eyes I see something blue down there, and breathe out a sigh of relief. Phew! Ofcourse she is wearing her panties, what was I thinking? Without wasting any more time now, I swiftly manage to slide the dress of her head. I pause for a moment. Wow, she is breathtaking. The soft blue of her bras and panties are in perfect contrast against her pale skin. I can’t stop drooling.
Without much difficulty, I put on the T shirt over her.
I get out of bed, and slowly pull out the covers from underneath her, and then put them over her, keeping her warm and cosy.
I am itching to lie down beside her and gaze at her for the rest of the night.

I come out of shower as quickly as I can, not being able to focus on anything but her, her sleeping on my bed. The thought makes me so fucking excited. She is so thrilling, despite being adorably gawky. I know this is the first and last night I’ll ever be this…joyful? I don’t know how exactly I feel about this, though. This will all be over as soon as she wakes up the next morning, and gets the fuck out of here. But will she leave like that, just easily like that? Like a stranger?
I know she will. I’m confident about it.
But what makes me think that she won’t?

I stroll back to bed and, quietly climb on it, and slide under the blankets…beside her. Lauren rolled over her front side, her snoring a bit louder than before. She looks like a fifteen year old in her sleep, her lips slightly parted. I tuck a lock of hair away from her face, behind her ear. I don’t really know much about her, and I want to. I need to.
What am I even thinking? All this shit will be over by tomorrow.
I softly trace her full, lower lip with my finger, using all bits of my energy to resist myself from biting it, as I allow the huge wave of drowsiness completely take over me…