5 years ago God gave me a dream about Overbrook. At the time I didn’t even know what the word meant or had even heard of it. In my dream I was told that somehow this name would have a part in bringing light from the west to the east. Today, I’m at the offices of Overbrook Entertainment full circle talking specifically about bringing the west to the east through music, film, fashion and entertainment that can inspire. I’m always amazed at how God works. His timing is always perfect. #fullcircle #destiny #eastwest #unew #overbrook (at Overbrook Entertainment)

Got to visit my bro Wang Leehom on set today to support his new co leading role in legendary director Michael Mann’s next blockbuster thriller … I am so proud of him and having the honor to work with him to bring Chinese pop culture to the world. #eastwest #unew

An honor to partner with Salon Films a pioneer in the east west film industry. Chairman Fred Wang and I taking a picture between two of the most critical films they produced “The World of Suzie Wong” the first international east west film & “Enter the Dragon” the film that brought the east to the west. In order to know your future you must first know your history. We are now partnering to bring the best of the west to the east at a crucial time in the fast developing China film industry. #salon #UNEW #eastwest (at Salon Films HQ)

I could not be more proud of my brother @cungle185 opening scene in “The Grandmaster” his martial arts expertise, passion and love for the art is contagious. Cung Le is this generations action star. #being #knowing #doing #grandmaster #unew (at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel)

I finally got to see “The Great Gatsby” this summer & in all places in the world I could have seen it China. In so many ways the roaring 20’s resembles modern day China today. An anything is possible mentality, all things beautiful and glamourous and everyone is out to build something great. Yet, in so many ways it is exciting & at the same time an empty pursuit of vanity. This film will do well in China because I know it will strike a chord with the peoples republic of China at every level. Also, contrary to popular opinion & negative reviews this film in my humble opinion was immaculate, extraordinary & powerful. Years from now we will regard this film as one of the great films made in our generation. Cheers to Village Roadshow & CAA in China for pushing this film to be distributed in the mainland. It will have a great impact and return. #eastwest #unew #Gatsby (at China)

With the beautiful Zhang Ziyi and the legendary grandmaster himself @cungle185 for The Grandmaster premiere in Hollywood #unew #grandmaster (at ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood)

One thing I love about waking up is the opportunity I get everyday to do something I am passionate about and work with others who are just as passionate. Passion births creativity. #badrobot #rsa #unew (at Bad Robot)

East meets west. Ashton Kutcher being interviewed about his new film JOBS with Sohu.com founder Charles Zhang. The film hasn’t done well inthe US but I put my bet on it that it will have a bigger box office in China. Ashton did a superb acting performance of Steve Jobs. It is so awesome he is here investing his time in China. #eastwest #UNEW #Untitled #Jobs #teamashton (at 搜狐网络大厦 SOHU.com Internet Plaza)

Wouldn’t it be cool if? …. incredible meeting with Overbrook Entertainment on east west partnership & may I say, a bit of prophecy personally fulfilled. #CAA #eastwest #unew #overbrook #meeting2 (at Creative Artists Agency (CAA))