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  • Fire Stone: What is your favourite fully evolved Pokemon?
  • Water Stone: What is your favourite base form (unevolved) Pokemon?
  • Thunder Stone: If you had to have a team of six base form (completely unevolved) Pokemon, what would it include?
  • Leaf Stone: If you had to have a team of six completely evolved Pokemon, what would it include?
  • Moon Stone: What Pokemon would you like to see gain an evolution?
  • Sun Stone: What Pokemon would you like to see gain a pre-evolution?
  • Shiny Stone: What Pokemon would you like to see gain a mega Evolution?
  • Dusk Stone: Do you prefer fully evolved Pokemon, or unevolved Pokemon?
  • Dawn Stone: What is your favourite evolutionary stone?
  • Ever Stone: Would you force your Pokemon to evolve if it didn't want to evolve?

#160-Feraligatr, The Big Jaw Pokemon

Feraligatr is a rare Pokemon, that can be found as an alpha in its area. It is fast and agile with extremely powerful legs.
Although it’s unevolved forms live in Great Salt Lake, It has yet to be confirmed that Feraligatr lives there, although there have been strong rumors that there is an alpha Feraligtr living there, that is extremely strong.


TWEWY cast as Pokemon trainers - Rhyme

Chingling / Scraggy / Noibat / Musharna / Sharpedo / Chancey

Her Chingling is reminiscent of her bell pendant. Rhyme likes the sound it makes.

Her Scraggy and Noibat if you noticed are the unevolved forms of Scrafty and Noivern, that are in Beat’s team. I did that to symbolise how Rhyme follows Beat everywhere and sometimes even immitates his behavior. It also has to do with her losing her dreams and goals and giving everything she has to help Beat achieve his.

Musharna is the dream Pokemon. Rhyme caught one to help her find her lost dreams and ambitions.

The Sharpedo choice may look cruel at first but my reasoning behind this is that Rhyme caught one after the game ended to get over her fear of that awful Week 1 day.

Finally, Chancey. Chancey is the healer Pokemon and the one that always helps others when injured or in need. That really fits Rhyme and also it was Rhyme that gave us the first healing pin so I always thought her best attribute in battle when she was partnered with Beat was healing her brother.


Poison Dart Frog - Closely related to Toxicroak, this poisonous variant is highly unusual in that it actually possesses a second type unseen in the original.  They are fully, even exceptionally functional in most every field of Pokemon ownership, although one must be mindful of their new type weaknesses in battle.

Pacman Frog -  Famous for biting the hand that feeds, these chubby Politoed variants are nevertheless extremely popular, especially as non-battling pets.  They love to settle themselves into hollows in mud, keeping their bodies moist and snacking on any insect-types that might wander by.  It takes a skilled hand to train them for anything that requires physical exertion, especially battle.

Desert Rain Frog -  Researchers first thought these were an unevolved form of Politoed, which would have turned the entire line on its ear since Poliwag is thought to be the only basic form of the line.  It turned out these tiny, grumpy variants are just very small Politoeds.  They are extremely popular with contest-goers, particularly those who like to enter the ‘cute’ category.

Spring Peeper -  Once a year, Spring Peepers go from a comparatively unpopular variant to a famous icon of spring in Johto.  They gather in massive numbers around sources of fresh water and call for mates, throats ballooning in an almost comedic fashion.  It is extremely easy to find and catch them during this time, and they make wonderful companions.

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  • Name: Saria Lienart
  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 1.00
  • Species: Ivysaur
  • Family: none
  • Occupation: Militar Captain
  • Best friend: Bunker
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Favorite color: Purple, green, blue, gold
  • Relationship status: Single (Widow)
  • Ideal mate: ???
  • Favorite food: Fruit (Mango)
  • Crushes: ???
  • Favorite music: Classic Music
  • Biggest fear: Death
  • Biggest fantasy: Become a Colonel
  • Bad habits: Punches each time she laughs, Can’t keep a serious face for to long, Smokes alot, hates to lose
  • Biggest regret: Letting somebody die cause of her  Insubordination
  • Best kept secrets: She left her village and family just to follow a dream, she knows what happen to them and don’t care
  • Worst romantic experience: ???
  • Biggest insecurity: Her unevolved form
  • Weapon of choice: Knifes
  • HeadCanon Voice: Link
  • HeadCanon Battle Theme: Link

afallenwolf  asked:


01. Full name: Saria Lienart
02. Best friend: Bunker
03. Sexuality: Straight
04. Favorite color: Purple
05. Relationship status: Single (Widow)
06. Ideal mate: ???
07. Turn-ons: ???
08. Favorite food: Fruit (Mangos)
09. Crushes: ???
10. Favorite music: Classic Music
11. Biggest fear: Death
12. Biggest fantasy: Be Colonel
13. Bad habits: Punches each time she laughs, Can’t keep a serious face for to long, Smokes alot, hates to lose
14. Biggest regret: Letting somebody die cause of her  Insubordination
15. Best kept secrets: 
16. Last thought: “Damn i need a massage right damn now”
17. Worst romantic experience: ???
18. Biggest insecurity: Her unevolved form 
19. Weapon of choice: Knifes
20. Role Model: Her lieutenant


#094-Gengar, The Shadow Pokemon

After Haunter evolves into Gengar, it mellows back out into a happy, prank-playing ghost type. Sometimes Gengar are even known to protect people from Haunter’s evil tricks. Gengar, unlike its unevolved forms, will venture to Cities during the night to play pranks on people. They can hide perfectly in any shadow of any object, giving them exceptional stealth. However, you can spot one when it is around because it absorbs heat and drops the temperature of the surrounding area by 10 degrees, immediately.