Your name is Epeirn Nosulm. Your sixth wriggling day passed nearly half a sweep ago. Your trolltag is  scavengerCervidae [SC], and you write in a way that"s GREAT at SHOWING your HABIT of EMPHASIZING the OCCASIONAL worD,, anD your LOVE of CLOVEN hoof BEASTS.

Which brings you to your interests. You partake in your guilty pleasure of adding to your collection of various sculptures you’ve made, of which is comprised mostly of cloven hoof beasts.

You have very few close friends in your little world, mostly because you don’t go outside as much as the regular troll—which would be to say you don’t go out at all. You could almost say you are stuck in your hive, but that would be inaccurate, as you prefer your solitude.

You are a Heir of Space, whatever that means, and have lime blood.

Quite honestly, you are completely bored and wish something exciting would happen.

==> Eperin: Go look out the window.

External image

Oh my. Look at that.

==> See the cosmos fall upon you

External image

A meteorite. Well, at least it’ll be a little bit warmer out today. 

I totally forgot that Alternia doesn’t have any windows like that, but oh well. Finally got this darn thing done.