uneven pairing

Dear Hetalia Peeps on tumblr

Hi! So I’m looking for a skype rp buddy who wouldn’t mind roleplaying AmeCan or Ameripan. You don’t have to roleplay both, but if you like either of these pairings and you love rping, please message me because I would love to have a rp partner. I can comfortably roleplay America, Canada, or Japan, so don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable roleplaying a certain character. Normally, I prefer novel/paragraph style over script. Canon or AU is just wonderful with me. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m willing to try out all sorts of idea/things! Don’t be afraid to ask! I have all sorts of ideas that we can rp, plus we can cook up lots of delicious plots together.

One more thing: We can do a trial period if you would like, just in case you don’t feel like we have the right chemistry, and you can walk away if you want. Everyone is different. That way you’re not stuck with a roleplaying someone that you don’t enjoy it with.

So message me if you’re definitely interested.