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It Hurts Like Hell
                           - Part III

Kai Parker x Reader
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Damon dragged Y/N from the couch and towards the door.
YOU are leaving.” he said. “I don’t want you here .. distracting the newly elected president of the Gemini freaks.”
Y/N stared at him in disbelief. “What are you talking about?!”
“Oh , don’t play dumb. I see what’s going on between you two. ” Damon said leaning closer , his voice high enough only for her to hear. “You will either get hurt or get yourself  killed. ”
Y/N wiggled her hand from Damon’s grip and looked at Kai who was still sitting on the couch , playing with some elephant figurine. “I don’t know what you are talking about … ”
Damon took a deep breath , calming down a little. “You can lie to me and lie to yourself , I don’t care…. but YOU ARE LEAVING.”
Y/N scoffed , “Fine. I’m leaving.” she said , giving up. Last thing she needed was Damon being mad at her and doing something Damon-level-stupid.
“See ya later Kai.” she called out and Kai turned his attention to her , waving goodbye. Y/N walked out the house and Damon shut the door loudly behind her.

She didn’t really feel like leaving after Damon kicked her ,  so she hung around the backyard , walking into the forest. There were lots of dry leafs fallen everywhere. She found a nice big tree and sat on the ground resting her back against it. Y/N tried not to think about what might be happening at the house. If they really succeeded to bring Bonnie back , there would be a literal explosion in the house… Kai and Bonnie didn’t get along and something told her they were not going to star getting along now.

A few hours had passed and she couldn’t take it anymore so she got up and walked back to the house. Inside she found a complete chaos. There was blood , kitchen utensils all over the floor alongside the birthday cake and all the decorations were scattered around the living room.  If Caroline were here , she’d freak out.
“Damon ? ” she called out. “Elena ?”
Y/N walked into the kitchen and found Kai who was washing his hands. He turned around and Y/N’s eyes widened in shock - there was blood on his shirt. Lots of it.
“OH MY GOD !” she rushed towards him. “What happened ?”
Kai wiped his hands dry and turned to Y/N.
“Liv happened. I tried to bring Bonnie back … to help her get out of 1994 and then Liv showed up , trying to kill me.“Y/N’s eyes widened even more. “So I tried to kill her but I couldn’t do it ….” his voice trailing off , a pain filled expression on his face. “Damon gave me some of his blood. I’m all healed up.”
“What about Bonnie ? Is she …?”
“She is OK , but … we couldn’t bring her back.” There was sadness in his voice , Y/N noticed.
“Wow … You really are changing.” Y/N said smiling and pulled him into a hug.
“Lots of hugging today.” Kai said, wrapping his hands around her ,she could hear the smile in his voice.
“I am just glad you are OK.” she muttered.
Y/N couldn’t explain to to anyone or to herself even. Why was she worried about a person who literally had tried to kill her less than 72 hrs ago ?! According to Damon , she had feelings for Kai… but that wasn’t possible. Was it ?

Kai pulled away and looked at her confused. She was worried about him ? No one had ever been worried about him before. Everyone treated him like he didn’t belong , like he didn’t matter… and after all the pain he had caused her - there she was. Worried about him. He rested his forehead on hers , looking at her.
“No one has ever been worried about me before. Thank you.” Kai said then awkwardly pulled away.
Y/N stood frozen in one place , her heart beating faster than ever. Damon was right. She had started to fall for him. Taking a deep breath , she took his hand and glanced at him.
“I want to show you something."she said, a smile spreading across her face. Kai stared at her for a moment and then nodded.


Y/N led him into the forest , turning every few steps to look at him , her smile never leaving her face.
What was it about her that made him feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside ? It was a completely knew feeling for him.
"Where are we going ?” he asked after about half an hour. They kept walking deeper and deeper into the forest.
Y/N stopped so abruptly Kai nearly tackled her over to the ground.
“I wanna talk.” she said , determination clear in her voice.
“About what ?” Kai asked confused and slightly scared. He had seen enough movies to know that when those words come out of a girls lips , somethings wrong…
Y/N let go of his hand and sat cross legged on the ground pulling him down with her.
“About you…. and me.” she said.
There it is , Kai thought. She probably regretted forgiving him and was going to yell at him. He felt so stupid for thinking that someone might actually forgive him and be willing to look past all the things he has done…
“I want to get to know you better…” she said noticing the change in his eyes. “…and I thought out here in the forest , enjoying the warmth and away from anyone who could over hear us would be a nice place to do that.”  Y/N took his hand.
He looked up at her and let out a small sigh of relief  before smiling at her. “I was worried for a moment … ”
“About what ? That I’d suddenly stop liking you?” she said , realising too soon that she had admitted to him she likes him.
Kai grinned. “Did you just say you like me ?”
Y/N stuttered. “I … I um ….” she laughed nervously. “Don’t change the subject Malachai…” she said , her smile not leaving her face.
There was something about the way she said his full name , with warmth in her voice. Kai liked it. Usually he’d get upset when people used his full name , but not with her.
“OK” he sighed looking all serious “What do you want to know?”
Y/N scooted over closer to him. “Everything !” she said.  "… or everything you want to tell me.“ she laughed nervously seeing the look on his face. It had flashed from scared to excited to terrified in seconds.
He laughed and leaned in closer, closing the space between them. "Are you sure you want to know everything ?” Kai asked suddenly serious.
Y/N leaned in even closer to him looking into his blue eyes. “Yes , 100%.”

Kai took a deep breath and began telling her his story…
He told her a lot about his childhood (which made him cry and Y/N hugged him to comfort him) , about being sent to the Prison world , what it was like there … He kept waiting for her to tell him he is a monster ,an abomination but instead all he saw in her eyes was compassion and understanding. No hint of judgement. The sun was starting to set and a chill showed up in the air. Kai felt so comfortable talking with her … It was a new feeling for him. They laid on the ground starring at the sky. Kai pulled her closer to him and wrapped his hands around her.
“Is this what happiness felt like ?” he wondered outloud.
Y/N smiled. “Like what?”
“Like all warm … and light , as if I’m flying.” he said trailing off.
She looked up at him - Kai was smiling. There was something so pure about his smile and his eyes were glowing like a child’s on Christmas morning.
“Yes , that’s one way to put it.” she said smiling too , resting her head on his chest , listening to his heartbeat. It was fast , somewhat uneven - every couple heartbeats , his heart skipped one.
“I think I like that feeling.” Kai said simply.


The night came but thanks to the full moon , it wasn’t a complete darkness.
Kai and Y/N laid on the ground starring at the night sky , as Y/N told him about her childhood. They had a lot of similarities in their life. She wasn’t born a witch , but for some reason her family excluded her and disliked her for just being born. The first time she had found true friends and family had been in middle school when she had met Elena , Bonnie and Caroline. They had become not only her best friends but her family. Then in high school she had met Stefan and he had become a part of her extended family too , alongside Damon … with whom she didn’t always get along.
Suddenly Kai felt very protective over Y/N. He hated himself for all the pain he’d caused her… In that moment he made a promise to himself - whatever happens , he will protect her at all cost and he will find a way to make up for all the bad things he did to her.
A shooting star burned across the sky.
“Did you see that ?” Y/N jumped up pointing at the sky , closing her eyes.
Kai looked at her. “Are you making a wish ?” he asked amused. “Those never come true…”
She turned to face him and opened her eyes. “Mine will.” she said confidently as she laid back on the ground.
“What did you wish for ?” he asked curious.
“I can’t tell you.. if I do , it won’t come true.” she said stubbornly , winking at him.
Kai laughed. “You are so naive.” he said and she punched him playfully , laughing with him. He turned to look at her and found that she had always turned to look at him too. Kai reached with his hand to caress her cheek , unable to take his eyes off of her and leaned in to kiss her softly. Y/N smiled back at him.
“Told you …” she whispered.
“What ?” he asked.
“I told you my wish will come true.” she said smiling as Kai pulled her in for another kiss.




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4 with beebo plz

There Was A Terrible Crash

A/N: Here’s my take on this one :)
        4: “Please, you can’t die. Please don’t die.”
This is a part of the scavenger hunt, so try to find the bandom reference! (This one is kind of a trick question, and you’ll have to be familiar with afycso)

He picks his head up off of the steering wheel that was now draped in a grey airbag. A persistent beeping noise surrounded him. There was powder floating in the air and he saw that the car was connected to a tree, the metal of the hood crumpled and mangled. He felt a droplet of blood roll off of his forehead and as it as fell to his lap.

Suddenly the sound around him became louder and his thoughts clearer.


He looks over and finds you leaning against the door with your eyes shut.

“Y/n,” he tries with his voice failing a bit. He unclicks his seat belt and a pain in his arm scrapes at him, causing him to inhale sharply. He then continued to shift closer so he could reach out and touch you. “Y/n?” he called again, this time finding his voice as he leaned on the center console to touch your shoulder. “Y/n!”

You awoke groggily and roll your head in the direction of the familiar voice calling your name. Your vision cleared and you make out Brendon leaning over from the driver’s seat. His face was painted with concern and a patch of dark red liquid. You suck in a couple of uneven breaths.

“Bre–” You whisper, your eyes wandering around in an attempt to figure out what was happening. Suddenly you’re hit with a wall of pain.

“FUCK,” you scream, clutching yourself around your middle.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Brendon asks frantically.

It takes a moment before you can release your hold and look down, Brendon following your terrified gaze. It all becomes clear as blood seeps between your trembling fingers and a shard of glass clatters onto the floor. You’re bleeding heavily from a deep gash on you stomach. You whimper as another wave of pain causes you to double over.

“Oh shit,” Brendon murmured to himself, the gravity of the situation overwhelming him. He stops himself and flips a switch within himself to muster up some false optimism. “It’s okay baby, you’re okay,” He said quickly with a fake smile, attempting to convince both you and himself.

Despite his own injuries, he had practically climbed onto the center console by this point. He covered your hand with his, placing it to the wound. “Press your hand over it just like that, baby,” he nodded with feigned brightness. The pressure made you cry out and it broke Brendon’s heart, but he knew it was for your own good.

“Bren,” you strained as you looked to him with fear, tears rolling down your face.

“It’s okay Y/n,” He weakly smiled, trying his best to reassure you.

You can’t stop the screams that periodically escaped your mouth. He glanced around, looking for one of your cell phones, but didn’t see them anywhere. As if on cue, an outgoing dialing tone reverberated in the car. What the fuck is th–

“This is Lauren with OnStar,” a professional and serious voice sounded in the car, “We’ve received an alert that you’ve been in an accident, is anyone injured?”

Brendon hesitated for a moment, trying to process what the voice was saying. It all came together and he felt like he couldn’t speak fast enough.

“My wife is hurt, she’s bleeding,” he blurted, “Please we need help!” At this point, you’re still crying softly in the background of the call and Brendon looks to you, holding your shoulder reassuringly. “It’s okay,” he whispers quickly.

“Okay sir, I have you location between Oak and Bay street,” She listed, “Is that correct?” Brendon quickly looked around, a bit unsure. He recognizes his surroundings.

“Yes,” he confirmed.

“Okay, I’m sending help right now,” She stated. Her voice starts to break up.

“Hello?” Brendon calls out, “Hello?” There was no response. He panicked briefly, but he knew help was on the way. You had quieted down, which Brendon found concerning. You seemed to have tired yourself out.

You’re leaning against the center console and Brendon’s palm for support. He shifted so you could rest your head against his shoulder and chest. He didn’t care how much pain he was in anymore.

“They’re on the way, okay?” Brendon tells you sweetly.

“Mhm,” You nod. “How is your head?” you asked, remembering that you had seen ii coated with blood.

“It’s fine baby,” he replied simply, “Just a scratch.”

You think for a moment and a small smirk falls through your cheeks. “Fucking deer. Think they own the road,” you breathe.

“Bitches,” Brendon agrees with mock-aggression. It makes you smile for a moment.

“You’ve always said I was a tree-hugger,” you panted with a light tone, trying to keep the severity of the situation from your mind despite your pain and exhaustion. “Never thought you would make the car a tree-hugger for real though,” you joked hoarsely.

Brendon chuckles along obligatorily, but he is watching your wound closely, observing that it still has not stopped bleeding.

Your breathing was becoming jagged and labored. Sirens were nearing but you had lost so much blood. He again pushes his hand against the wound and you can only sigh uncomfortably. The warmth of the blood contrasts your cool, damp skin. Now you were quiet.

“Hurts,” You whimpered.

“I know baby, I know,” He replied, tears beginning to stream down his own face. “Help is coming, they’re going to fix you right up, okay?”

“Bren, I’m scared,” You whisper.

“I’m right here baby,” He replied quickly, trying to convince himself you weren’t referring to what he thinks you are. “You’re staying right here with me, okay?”

“Bren I can’t,” You murmur, “So tired.”

“No, you stay awake, Y/n,” Brendon directs, grinding out the words through his tears, “You keep your eyes open for me.” Despite his command, you found your vision fading and eyes fluttering shut. “Y/n, baby, please,” he squeaks.

“Love you,” you sigh.

“I love you too baby,” He says, agreeing to cry with his tears, “Please, you can’t die. Please don’t die.” This can’t be it. You were just starting your lives together.

“Sing?” You plead under your breath, eyebrows furrowing.

“No,” he shook his head, choking. He wasn’t ready to let go.

“Please,” fell from your lips. If there was any sound in the world to soothe you in your last moments, it was Brendon’s singing.

He squeezed his eyes shut. He picked up your favorite song in your favorite verse. He sang with his voice shaking.

“I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home,” His voice cracked, and he did not even want to continue to the chorus because it all just hurt too much.

Your face was relaxed, perhaps even a faint smile on your lips.

“Hey moon, please forget to fall down, hey moon, don’t you go down.” He couldn’t continue, but some how he did anyways. “Sugarcane in the easy mornin, Weather-vanes my one and lonely.”

And then all was dark.

And then all was far too bright. Your eyelids are slightly parted, but all you could see was white light. You hear singing still… Northern Downpour? No, it’s something different now. It’s…

“Y/n,” a voice sings. “Y/nnnn.”

You would recognize that voice anywhere.


You open your eyes all of way, and the light adjusts. Sure enough, you’re greeted by Brendon’s gorgeous brown eyes. They twinkled as tears collected in them.

“Bren,” you sighed contently.

“Hi baby,” He chuckled in relief, trying not to cry but failing. You feel his thumb stroking your hand. The calming sensation was interrupted by a pain in your abdomen and you wince. “It’s okay, baby,” Brendon says quietly.

“Wheh–” You look around with question.

“We’re in the hospital,” he answered, “We were in an accident–”

You gasped and jolted up in bed.

“Bren we hit the–I couldn’t–the glass–my stomach–it was bleeding–you were singing–” The words shot out of your mouth as you panicked. The crash, the pain, the blood all came back to you… The memory of the pain in your stomach became real again as you overexerted yourself. You realize Brendon has sat down on the bed facing you, and was trying to talk to you, holding your shoulder.

“I know, I know. Careful baby.” You finally heard Brendon soothing you as you grabbed at your stomach. You took a deep breath and blew it out to calm yourself. Brendon softly leaned you back so could relax down on the bed. You calmed down and could breathe normally again.

“It’s all my fault, I’m so sorry baby,” Brendon shook his head. You wonder what he was talking about, then remember before the crash: he had swerved to avoid a deer in the road.

“No Brendon,” You plead for him not to blame himself.

“I should have–” He started.

“Should have what, baby?” You interrupted him sweetly as a light smile came to your face, “You’re not a deer whisperer, Bren.” You became serious again. “It wasn’t your fault.”

He clearly still felt guilty. You pulled him close to you, so he could make himself comfortable, scooting in next to you on the bed.

You took a moment and looked to Brendon.

“I love you Brendon,” you said quietly.

“I love you too, Y/n,” He said, “God, I thought I was going to lose you.” His eyes filled with tears.

You hold him tight and nuzzle into his shoulder. You then notice the cast on his right arm. “Your arm,” you said as you looked down at it.

“Don’t worry about it baby,” He said.

You looked up at him and stared for a moment as another memory came back to you.

“What?” He asked.

“You were protecting me,” you said quietly.

Brendon looked at you quizzically.

“That’s how you broke it,” You thought aloud, “Before we crashed–you put your arm out across me.” You had a look of wonder and appreciation. Then your face changed with a devious smile. “Brendon Urie, you have a mom reflex!” you smirked.

He turned bright red and laughed. He held your cheek.

“Get some rest baby girl, okay?” He suggested. He readjusts so you can more comfortably lay yourself on him. You nod and rest your head back down on his chest, realizing how tired you are.

“Love you,” You murmured into his chest.

“I love you too, Y/n.” He smiled, places his cheek down onto the top of your head. “So much.”

A/n: writing this made me low key emotional lol. Lemme know if you liked it :)

#13 - Fight


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!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trigger warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Requested By: Anonymous

your ‘growing up’ one hit me right iN THE FEELZ. can you do one where y/n and dan have a massive fight and it’s really dramatic with fluff at the end? idk i just like that stuff thxs ?￰゚メヨ

-I was going to do one a bit like this so thank you. As I have been a bit inactive I am giving you a lot this weekend. Sorry it’s short. Alos hope you have a wonderful day! xx

“ARRGH, why can’t you help me out here?” You shouted, groaning in annoyance.

“I didn’t do anything!” He shot back.

“For fuck’s sake, you keep on throwing your crap behind furniture for me too pick up! You know I found a bill behind there yesterday, if I had found it weeks later we could have been kicked out!”

Dan used to be helpful, always asking if you wanted help cooking the dinner or tidying up. At first you replied with a 'no don’t worry about it’ since when you two decided to move in together you both went to Dan’s flat. But right now you would have been eternally grateful if he had at least woken you up for work this morning.

“Look I’m sorry! Okay?” He sighed.

“Yeah but even after we’ve made up you still don’t help out.”

“Fine! I apologized and you still wont forgive me.”

“Hey! Don’t act like I’m the one in the wrong. You should actually grow up and start acting like an adult for once.”

“Oh, so I’m the one not acting like an adult. Your the one who just went ape-shit over the fact that I make a mess.”

“You know, most boyfriends would help them out so they didn’t have to do everything on their own. And they would be protective when they need to be. You just sit on your arse all day on the internet not giving two shits about is I’m okay!” Your voice had no become uneven and a couple tears were rolling down your face.

“So your saying I’m fat now? Huh?” Before anything could happen he pushed you up against the wall, pinning your arms tightly to the white painted plaster. Dan realized what he had been doing ad let you go, letting your small body fall to the ground like weightless leaf. You sat uncomfortably down on the floor, rubbing your sore wrists. Keeping your toward the floor, too scared to look up at him. You tears had become more frequent after that out-break and so did Dan’s. He put his hands over his eyes trying to stop himself from crying. “Oh my god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I love you so much.” He tried comforting you, but you turned your back on him. “How about we talk about this is the morning? I’ll take the sofa.” Even though he was upset with himself he was very considerate. Dan cried all though the night, not thinking about anything else other than the scared look in your eye as someone you love hurt you physically. It was only several weeks later you forgave him after spending 2 weeks with your family, you realized he was just sensitive and upset and that you love him more than life itself.