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On Your Mark

“Don’t try to woo him just because some name on your arm said to. If this isn’t what you want, then stop right now. Armin doesn’t believe in things like fate. And he especially doesn’t believe that a person should fall in love just because they are told to." 

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Words: 4,438
Canonverse UA (Soulmate AU)

Jean had grown up listening to romance stories.

It wasn’t that he’d wanted to - no, he’d have much rather listened to stories of heroes fighting monsters than of two people finding true love - but his mother had insisted that they were the best stories to listen to, and every night before bed, she’d tell him a different tale of people who overcame obstacles to find the person they were meant to be with.

So Jean sat through numerous stories which told the same tales over and over again. They told of people who had spent their whole life searching for the person whose name was written on their arm, only to find them near the end of their life and regret not having searched for them sooner.

Then there were the people who had known their lover in childhood, but like everyone else, didn’t receive the name on their arm until their sixteenth birthday. They would then leave home to search for the person they once knew. Oftentimes these stories ended in tragedy, with the childhood friend having disappeared years ago due to illness, and were no longer around for their lover to find.

Then finally, there were the stories about people who, after spending so long looking for their loved one, decided not to tell them who they were because they didn’t think the other person would love them back. Those were the stories Jean had hated the most. He’d never understood how a person could be nervous telling their soulmate who they were. After all, the names were right there on their arms. What was the other person going to do; reject them? Tell them they didn’t believe in fate? It was ridiculous.

But as Jean sat across the table from Armin Arlert, his comrade of three years, he knew that rejection was a very real possibility.

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how to get white hair!!!!

i get asked a lot how i managed to get my hair to such a platinum white, and its a big process but i figured i would make a post explaining.

first of all, if you already have really dark hair, black hair, or red hair that is not natural, this may be really difficult and will take more time, but in time can be possible (but not always).

the first step to making a big change to your hair is understanding the health of your hair. if your hair is really fried or damaged, this will make it a lot worse. make sure you bring your hair back to a somewhat healthy state before trying this, otherwise your hair will likely fall out and will not be soft or look very nice (which sucks a lot obviously).
the next step to take is to make sure that the day you are bleaching/dying, make sure you don’t wash your hair. this will make the dye harder to stay in, as well your scalp will be way itchy and it’ll be horrible waiting to wash it out.
be sure to read the labels of all bleaches and dyes you use and to follow instructions accordingly to your hair colour and as well make sure you do a 24h allergy test if you’re already aware you may be allergic to hair dye. to do this test, just put a dab of it on the back of your neck and it’ll dry up and the next day it’ll come off fine with dishsoap and warm water.

these are the supplies you will need :)

  • bleach
  • developer
  • hairdye brushes
  • gloves
  • old towels and clothing
  • the whitest/lightest blonde hair dye you can find
  • silver shampoo

the supplies I use for bleaching are Salon Care Quick White Bleach which comes in a 1lb tub, as well as Salon Care volume 20 Developer. with the developer, it comes in volume 10, 20, 30, 40, and sometimes 50 (but generally you’re only able to buy if you have a salon license). these numbers go by the amount of strength you need in the bleach. if you already have a dirty/light blonde coloured hair, you’d use volume 10. if you have a light/regular brown, you’d use volume 20. if you have a medium/semi-dark/red hair, you’d use a volume 30. if you have dark brown/black/dark red or any sort of dark toned hair, you’d use a volume 40.

this bleach will come with a little scoop inside and you put your desired amount of bleach in a bowl with the scoop. when i had longer hair, I would use about 6-8 scoops, but with my shorter hair I use 4-5 scoops. for however many scoops of bleach you put in, mix in the same amount of developer. sometimes i will add an extra scoop of developer to help it blender quicker. blend the bleach and developer with your hairdye brush until it’s at good consistency. for bleaching your hair, it’s always good to ask for somebody else’s help with making sure you didn’t miss any pieces at the back. it’s really lousy missing parts (especially if your hair is already dark) so it’ll make it more likely to miss less parts.

once the bleach has been applied, make sure you read the instructions on how long the bleach is recommended for your hair colour. i generally leave mine in for about 30-40 minutes and im left with a yellow/light blonde, but if your hair is between a volume 20-40 definitely leave it in longer or you will have orange hair (and usually its not even a cute nice orange, like a really inconsistent orange with random lighter parts and blonde parts and its just not fun).

once you’ve left the bleach in for as long as needed, wash it out with warm water and shampoo and LOTS of conditioner. the conditioner helps a lot with any damage done to your hair. make sure the water isnt too hot either, because your scalp will feel like it’s on fire. after done washing, if it still feels a little chunky wash it through again. remember, it’s just bleach and it won’t wash out.

when you’re all done, towel dry your hair and grab the dye!

I never use the same hair dye every time, so I can’t give a good recommendation. I always go for elderly hair dye with grey covered which will cover up any uneven blonde/yellowy parts that the bleach didn’t even out properly. make sure you read the dye’s instruction because some needs developer and some don’t. depending on how light your hair turned out from the bleach, use the developer accordingly (so if your hair was originally really dark and you used a volume 40 and now it’s blonde, don’t use a 40, try a 20 instead). it’ll say on the dye how many portions of developer you need, but generally it’s 4oz developer/2oz dye. for hair from my length in the photos above to any longer, i recommend buying two boxes of dye because they generally come in little boxes. also leave the dye in your hair for directed time on the box. when your hair is done, wash out with shampoo and conditioner. after this, your hair will likely be a sandy blonde or closer to white.

this is where the white comes from!
there is this beautiful invention called Silver Shampoo, and it is the main reason behind my white hair. there are a lot of different brands, but the brand I use is called Shimmer Lights and comes in a purple bottle. for this, you use a good portion evenly around your hair in the shower. also, don’t be startled by the fact the shampoo is purple. it usually doesn’t stain that colour (but sometimes it does, but i’ll explain the solution). leave the shampoo in for about 5 minutes. turn on a 5 minute song and hang out, wash your body, shave your legs, or just chill out. after five minutes, rinse it all out. the colour it will come out as is purple, so i rinse it out until i dont see anymore purple coming from my hair. i usually step out of the shower to make sure my hair is even and isn’t purple, and if it isn’t i go back in and put conditioner in and all done! HOWEVER, if it isn’t even or is purple, these are some solutions. it is possible it wont be even or stay even, which sucks. try to find these places that it’s uneven and put the shampoo specifically in those places for five minutes and do the whole procedure again. if it still isnt even, it may just take a few times using the shampoo for your hair to adjust (remember, theres a good chance your hair is in shock from bleach and heavy dyes. your hair will repair!!!). if your hair has a purple tinge, don’t fret, there’s silver/white under it!!! just use some reguar shampoo and wish your hair as you regularly would and it should be okay. 

use with silver shampoo doesn’t need to be a daily thing. there are times where i still use only regular shampoo and my hair stays silver, but if you completely discontinue the use it will fade out.

also, if your hair feels really damaged after this, that is totally normal and dont freak. use lots of conditioner with your showers and the longer you leave it in your hair, the softer it’ll be. conditioner is your friend!!

i know this was lengthy but this is the process i take to get my hair as white as i can, and i hope this helped some of you (if you read it all). good luck & happy hair dying!!! :)

softfirstlove  asked:

hi i'm not sure you are still taking prompt request so if you don't that's okay but if you do and you don't mind writing a michael one with “I shouldn’t want the elevator to stall, but at least it would keep you here.” / “My parents asked about you.” / “I was lying… I knew you’d be at this party, that’s why I came.” (or just one of them or two idc) that would be really nice of you cause i really love your writing :))

breakup!5sos blurb night with @hemmocrat & i // insp. // [part 2]

Twinkling fairy lights gently lit the penthouse suite as the party stirred, the bustle of guests fluttering around you as they congratulated the newly engaged couple one by one making you grin from ear to ear. It was nearing nine thirty and you had work the next morning but you couldn’t deny that attending one of your best friend’s engagement parties raised your lately more-often-than-not-somber mood, the bright grins of everyone surrounding you making it nearly impossible to not feel happy. Of course, you were aware of the fact that your ex was in attendance as well considering your friend was set to be married to Michael’s bandmate, Ashton, but you attempted to cast that thought far into the deep corners of your mind; pretending you hadn’t spotted his dyed blonde head of hair multiple times as a consequence of your eyes unconsciously searching for him the entire night. You tried to ignore the radiant smile pasted across his lips as the guitarist mingled about the slew of guests, struggling to ignore the gnawing feeling in your stomach each time you saw Michael engaging in conversation with other girls. He has every right to flirt with whoever he wants to, you reasoned with yourself, We’ve been broken up for months now, get over it.

However, your pursuit to will yourself to think rationally flew out the door the second your eyes met his twinkling green ones during Calum’s speech congratulating the newly engaged couple: Michael’s eyebrows shooting up in surprise as he recognized your sullen face. Immediately after the brunette finished his toast, you were throwing back your glass of champagne and gathering your coat and purse from the entrance of the suite. You figured your friend was too far gone now, drunk on love and her new commitment to the one she loved, to be angry about your sudden departure.

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Clarke huffed when her mother turned left, the road starting to get uneven, as the blonde 11 year old stared out of the window, her forehead pulled in a frown. “Why do I have to stay with grandma and grandpa?” Clarke whined for the fifth time, it wasn’t like she didn’t love her grandparents, but- “I wanted to go to the summer camp with Raven and Wells!” she complained and furrowed her brows as her mother glanced at her through the rearview mirror. “Clarke, your grandparents haven’t seen you in months, and you used to love horses and sleeping at the ranch!” “Yeah, when I was six,” she muttered and unbuckled herself when her mother parked her car. She jumped out of her car with her bag and looked around, squinting her eyes. Behind the horse pasture, she could see a white ranch. Huh, maybe some kids lived there, she thought before she embraced her grandparents.

After saying good bye to her mother and settling down in her room, Clarke headed outside, walking around the ranch. She saw a boy, who seemed older than her, standing by the fence of the grazing horses before she walked over to him. “Hey, what are you doing here?”