Dead Kennedys, Stealing People’s Mail

I talked my way into a really small nonprofit org and I am going to run their first ever annual fund mailing in a few months. They only have 700 members and they have never asked for money before … any cash I bring in will be more than they ever have ever received before! There is no way for me to look bad here!

It’s still not a real full time fundraising  job … but hell, it’s something to do. Finally. Thank god.

After 10 months

I have a job. I didn’t want to say last week because it was too good to be true. This week I’ve been too busy working to say - HA!
Now if I could only find a place to live with a room mate who didn’t flake at the last minute… That’s twice I’ve been burned!
Hooray, unemployment hell is over… For a few months (maybe).

2nd Interview at Home Depot today

Here’s to hoping!

In all honesty, I really don’t want to work there, however, a job is a job and they were enthusiastic enough last time to suggest that the position I applied for was beneath me, so maybe this will be good.

Suit is pressed and ready, and so am I. Huh? :P