Not about me. Well, not really, but some parts are

I didn’t want this blog to be about ME. Nor did I want it to be all kinds of “oh, look at me and all the things I’ve done” facts and figures. I wanted it to be more about the journey called entrepreneurship. More about values and hopefully how I have used them to guide not only me, but my companies, family and people I touch. More about a window. A window into creating or re-creating yourself by being fearless and blazing your own trail…using this website and blog AS that window (so peek in and read). More about how I might be able to help you, and this blog will share stories of people I have been blessed to work with and help and how you might apply some of that to you and yours. More about…well…just about being human.

See…I’m pretty average. Just a 40'ish Latino who stuck to my purpose, values and desires to lead my own life…and somewhere along the line I kinda “made it”. (Of course “made it” is a relative definition.) 

I think this life is a life we all want…on some level. To only answer to God, your spouse and your inner voice.

Living the ‘trep life…hope you like it.