Unrealistic Reality

As a little girl I always imagined myself being super successful. I asked my family how do I make that happen. They told me to just stay in school, get an education, and work hard. I did just that.
High school ✔️
4 year HBCU ✔️
2 year grad program ✔️
5 years of work experience ✔️

So now being 29 years old, being out of work for going on 5 months, only having had 3 interviews, and no job offers I’m pretty much convinced that this whole go to school and work hard plan was just a bunch of yesteryear American Dream malarkey.

What’s my purpose while I’m here on earth?

I’m a great writer, I can paint, great at applying makeup, like to do my hair, I can sing, I’m creative, work well with others, an effective leader, have a great sense of dry sarcastic humor, a problem solver and enlightened with what’s happening in my community.

Am I one of those women who’s greatest accomplishments will be to be a wife and mother? Will I never have the stellar career I always imagined myself having as a little girl? I have asked God so many times what it is I’m doing wrong or is it just His timing…

Like what the fuck is it? $100k in student loans and no one wants to offer me a job? How is this even life right now?

BTS Reacting to their S/O asking them to tell them a joke.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Jin - Let’s be honest, he’d probably have a few jokes up his sleeve wherever he goes, so it wouldn’t be surprising when he shoots you a pun the moment you ask him to tell you something funny.

“I’m glad you asked.”

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Suga - He wouldn’t really be up for telling you a joke even if you plead him to do it, but the only thing that could be worse than that is his reaction when you tell him a b̶a̶d̶ joke yourself.

“Do you want me to unrelationship you.”

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J-Hope - He wouldn’t think twice about your request and tell you whatever he thought of first. He’d just want to make you laugh, but the joke wouldn’t be necessary because he does it on a daily basis anyway. However, he’d get super shy if you actually told him that.

“Was my joke that funny?”
“I’m smiling because it’s you, Hobi.”

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Rap Monster - He’d be up for telling you a joke, but you should’ve expected a dirty riddle coming from his mouth because he started practicing those just for you. You’d probably regret ever asking him for a joke, to be honest.

“What goes in dry and hard, but comes out wet and soft?”
“It’s chewing gum, jagiya. Wow, you’re so bad.”
“Your jokes are bad.”

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Jimin - He’d probably blank out for a second, trying to find at least one joke of Jin’s in his memory. However, he’d get serious all of a sudden and start talking about jokes, only to make a pun somewhere in-between and anger you.

“Jokes are fine, they’re nice. But I don’t like the ones about unemployed people. They just don’t work.”
“Jimin I see what you did there and that’s a no.”

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V - He’d be cackling all to himself at the thought of a joke so you’ll need to wait a bit for him to regain him composure, only to burst into a fit of laughter when he says it out loud because he finds it just so funny, and you find it disgusting.

“Why is skeleton a bad liar? You can see right through it.”
“Tae, no.”
“God of humour, I know.”

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Jungkook - He’d actually think really hard because you requested it from him and he wouldn’t want to ruin the image you have of him, but in the end he’d just overthink and say something different entirely.

“Are you related to Yoda? Because Yodalicious.”
“Jungkook that was a pick-up line.”

- Admin Lene

Australian Slang Guide

These are ones I hear and use on a daily basis. There are hundreds more but they’re not as commonly used as people might think - these are.
I may have missed a few because I did not realise it was specific to Australia. (Like bogan, I thought that was worldwide until my other half told me otherwise)

shits and giggles - for the hell of it / why not / because I could.
“Why on earth would you pour custard down his pants!?”
“Shits and giggles.”

cracked the shit - got angry very suddenly / completely lost it
“So what happened?”
“I don’t know man, she just randomly cracked the shit.”

thongs - jandals. flip flops. those rubber shoe things that have the bit that goes in between your big toe and second toe.

bludger - generally lazy person / that one ass hole at the party who makes the most mess yet none of the cleaning / almost a lazier version of a mooch

bogan - someone who generally does not bother with personal appearance or hygiene / unemployed bludger / those people who look like they should have stinky lines and flies

bloody oath - fuck yes / i wholeheartedly agree my friend, you are most certainly right, there is no possible way I could agree with you more heartily right now; but more vulgar / equivalent to an American “Fuckin’ A”

Bloke - generally just means male / but has evolved to the fact you can use it as a decription meaning very butch, outdoorsy or a friendly term of endearment.
“Yeah he’s a real blokey kinda guy.” - butch
“Yeah he’s a good bloke.” - endearment

Sheila - generally means female / but once again has evolved into a decription meaning the idealistic housewife or someone who looks extremely damn hot but in an athletic, tan, big boobed lets go hiking in the woods type way.
“Whoa, check out that Sheila.” - looks
“Yeah, she’s a damn good Sheila.” - housewifey

bored shitless - bored but they need you to know it’s gone past normal boredom / the kind of boredom you get when your on a road trip by yourself and the radio or mp3 cord doesn’t work

piss up - party involving alcohol

shits me to tears - extremely frustrated / beyond angry / can be used about a situation or about a person 
“All these road works shits me to tears" - situation
"He shits me to tears so much that I think I may just slit his throat" - person

cark(ed) it - died.

hey - this isn’t necessarily slang but we do use it somewhat differently. We tend to use it as a "aye!” or “yeah?!” or “right?!” like a question of “you agree? / get what I mean” at the end of the sentence. Can also be used as ‘so you know.’ I just remember when I first came over I was quite confused because it sounded like everyone was trying to get my attention at the end of their sentence instead of the start.
“It was amazing, hey!” - more like a silent question if you agree
“I’m so pissed off, hey.” - statement

chunder - vomit.

cactus - not functioning / damn bloody useless / just pretty much shit
“This dildo is cactus" 

dag - a goof / that funny person who can be somewhat slow on the joke / that person who will get on the dance floor and purposely do the worst possible moves they can.
"So I accidentally slapped someone with my hair today because I thought it would be funny to WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH, BACK AND FORTH.”
“You’re such a dag”
can also be meant as an insult, generally towards strangers if they’re an idiot but not with any friendly feelings strung along with it.
“Look at that dag singing along to Justin Bieber”
Can also be used as 'daggy’ which means somewhat scruffy clothes, the type of clothes you wear around the house when you’re not expecting anyone.

spit the dummy - refer to cracked the shits

absolutely spewing - pretty pissed off / i cannot believe it I’m so annoyed / usually used for annoyance rather than anger
“Someone wore the exact same outfit as me to the piss up, I was absolutely spewing!”

durry - cigarette

esky - chilly bin / cooler / that insulated bucket case type thing you take when you go camping and put ice in it to keep your drinks cool

off your face / off chops - extremely drunk

hit the piss / get on the piss - lets go get drunk / start drinking / can also be used in past tense to getting drunk

shonky - dodgy

ripper - kind of used more by older Australians but basically means amazing, great, awesome. Can also be used for a person.
You bloody ripper!” - person
“Oh that was a ripper of a catch!” - general term

trackie dacks - sweat pants / track suit / give up on life pants

shits sake - for fucks sake, we just like the word shit better

geezer - we generally don’t use this in reference to old man like most, we use it to mean had a look.
“I could hear some weird noises so went and took a geezer and a snake tried to bite off my face.”

squiz - refer to geezer

doona - duvet / bedspread

root - have sex with

G'day - Okay if you don’t know what G'day means then I’m about 99% sure you don’t what the fuck Australia is.

off your rocker - completely insane


No one here uses the word shrimp. We call it a prawn. I’ve no idea where the original theory we say 'shrimp’ came from.

goon - this is a disgusting boxed wine that is so damn cheap and revolting it’s like grapes vomited and some dick weed decided to box it and sell it in the wine section. Generally associated with bogans.

piss farting around - fucking around / not really doing anything / slacking off
“He was supposed to be serving the customers but I found him piss farting around in the back so I fired the bludger.”

drop bears - a unified Asutralian secret that we use on tourists.

things like sickie, aussie, mozzie, rollie, sunnies, pressie, brekkie, pommie all that sort of shit is just the word shorted with an 'ie’ on the end.
Example, the words just mentioned are sick day, Australian, mosquito, rolled cigarette, sunglasses, present, breakfast, Englishman / British.

Want to know your Australian name?
Take your name, shorten it, and add an 'O’ or 'IE’ or 'Y’ to it.
John - Jonno.
James - Jimmy / Jimbo
Rodney - Rod / Roddo / Roddie
Joshua - Joshie
Dewayne - Dewayney

If it cannot work with your first name we usually revert to doing it with your other given names or last name.
You can even do it with peoples nick names.
For example, a friend we nick named Mooch became Moochy.
Easiest way to follow this rule is to make it as obnoxious as possible and your set.

Have fun

The ‘human rights’ advertised by the imperialists are privileges of the rich, privileges to do anything on the strength of money. The imperialists do not recognize the right of unemployed people to work, or the right of orphans or people without support to eat and survive, for instance, as human rights. As they do not grant working people elementary rights to existence and as they pursue anti-popular policies and policies of racial and national discrimination and colonialism, the imperialists have no right to speak about human rights. The imperialists are the most heinous enemy of human rights.
—  Kim Jong Il, Socialism is a Science (1994)

Okay so I feel the need to talk about this even if I do not see it on here and idk how many of you are actually aware of this…

But Paul Ripke Nico’s ex photographer now works for Lewis and Nico’s fans on instagram are taking this too seriously and are attacking him by saying that he ‘only cares about money’, are unfollowing his instagram account and are posting snake and money emojis in his comments then go on their insta story post a rant calling him money hungry while you know he follows you and he actually sees it.

First of all be glad that he at least has a job because I know, even in my country, there are so many unemployed people so what if it’s Lewis oh you’re saying you would be less butthurt if he was Mercedes’ or Bottas’ photographer well fuck off he chose Lewis and it his freaking life and you cannot control it.

And btw people need money to actually live a life which y'all are not doing because if you were living yours you wouldn’t attack somebody elses.

Understanding Welfare

People throw around the word “welfare” as if our country is being sucked dry by takers, but there are actually a total of 83 programs run by the government that qualify as “welfare.” Some like to talk about welfare as if the government is mindlessly giving free bags of money without any strings attached or economic strategy behind it all so that lazy unemployed people can buy Cadillacs and eat steak for every meal, but take a look at what qualifies as “welfare” and decide for yourself if such programs might be valuable to our society or improve your life both directly and indirectly (via the Senate Budget Committee):

 Family Planning
 Consolidated Health Centers
 Transitional Cash and Medical Services
for Refugees
 State Children’s Health Insurance
Program (CHIP)
 Voluntary Medicare Prescription Drug
Benefit—Low-Income Subsidy
 Medicaid
 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
 Breast/Cervical Cancer Early Detection
 Maternal and Child Health Block Grant
 Indian Health Service
 Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families (TANF) (cash aid)
 Supplemental Security Income
 Additional Child Tax Credit
 Earned Income Tax Credit (refundable
 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP)
 School Breakfast Program (free/reduced
price components)
 National School Lunch Program
(free/reduced price components)
 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program
for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
 Child and Adult Care Food Program
(lower income components)
 Summer Food Service Program
 Commodity Supplemental
 Food Program Nutrition Assistance for
Puerto Rico
 The Emergency Food Assistance
Program (TEFAP)
 Nutrition Program for the Elderly
 Indian Education
 Adult Basic Education Grants to States
 Federal Supplemental Educational
Opportunity Grant
 Education for the Disadvantaged—
Grants to Local Educational Agencies
(Title I-A)
 Title I Migrant Education Program
 Higher Education—Institutional Aid and
Developing Institutions
 Federal Work-Study
 Federal TRIO Programs
 Federal Pell Grants
 Education for Homeless Children and
 21st Century Community Learning
 Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness
for Undergraduate Programs (GEARUP)
 Reading First and Early Reading First
 Rural Education Achievement Program
 Mathematics and Science Partnerships
 Improving Teacher Quality State Grants
 Academic Competitiveness and Smart
Grant Program
 Single-Family Rural Housing Loans
 Rural Rental Assistance Program
 Water and Waste Disposal for Rural
 Public Works and Economic
 Supportive Housing for the Elderly
 Supportive Housing for Persons with
 Section 8 Project-Based Rental
 Community Development Block Grants
 Homeless Assistance Grants
 Home Investment Partnerships Program
 Housing Opportunities for Persons with
 Public Housing
 Indian Housing Block Grants
 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers
 Neighborhood Stabilization Program-1
 Grants to States for Low-Income
Housing in Lieu of Low-Income
Housing Credit Allocations
 Tax Credit Assistance Program
 Indian Human Services
 Older Americans Act Grants for
Supportive Services and Senior Centers
 Older Americans Act Family Caregiver
 Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families (TANF) (social services)
 Child Support Enforcement
 Community Services Block Grant
 Child Care and Development Fund
 Head Start HHS
 Developmental Disabilities Support and
Advocacy Grants
 Foster Care
 Adoption Assistance
 Social Services Block Grant
 Chafee Foster Care Independence
 Emergency Food and Shelter Program
 Legal Services Corporation
 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP) (employment and
training component)
 Community Service Employment for
Older Americans
 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult
 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth
 Social Services and Targeted Assistance
for Refugees
 Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families (TANF) (employment and
 Foster Grandparents
 Job Corps
 Weatherization Assistance Program
 Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
Program (LIHEAP)

“I’m currently the Outreach Coordinator with our cooperating Library in Nevada for the Talking Book Program. I’ve been using the program since I was 11 years old as a patron. Now having said this it should be implied that because I use this program I’m blind and have been since birth. Well as I became an adult it was time for me to search out employment. I always joke with people that I didn’t know I was blind until I graduated college. Why is that you ask? Well most things came easy to me, but finding employment sure didn’t. I’ve experienced some of the worst discrimination I’ve ever dealt with in my life when I tried to find employment! Now as a patron of the Talking Book Library they had a sub-regional library down here in Las Vegas at the time and I used to just walk down there to get my books instead of having them mail them to me. This was great because I could also interact with the staff and I noticed they were utilizing volunteers. One time when I went to drop off my books and get new ones I asked Maryanne Morton who ran the library down here if they were in need of volunteers. She said they were and at this point I was pretty discouraged and my job search and I needed something to do so I could at least feel like I had some worth. I began going in once a week to rewind cassettes, sort and shelf books and perform other tasks. Soon I began wanting more and more things to do so I asked for more responsibilities like answering phones, dealing with patrons, and other assorted tasks. Soon once a week turned in to twice a week, then three times a week, until I was there every day for many hours. Eventually they were actually able to hire me and I’ve worked for this organization for 17 years now. I do have a point here and here it is. There are many blind and visually impaired individuals that not only rely heavily on this service as a source for library material, but there also many of those same people that are now employed by this agency. Taking this away from us would not only deprive us of our access to information and literature, but many employed by this program probably have similar stories to mine and thus would take many jobs away from those like myself that would not be able to find employment elsewhere. If you think I’m lying just look up the statistic of how many blind and visually impaired people are unemployed. It’s very staggering and sickening in my opinion. So in closing I’d just like to say that this program has opened many doors for those like myself that otherwise wouldn’t be able to have access to the educational materials and the possibility of employment and to be a functioning tax-paying member of society.”

— Brett Silver, Outreach and Public Awareness Coordinator, Nevada Talking Book Services

Tell us your library story.

North Carolina needed 6,500 farm workers. Only 7 Americans stuck it out.
When you have an agricultural economy and no immigrants, getting business done gets tough.

The NCGA is the nation’s largest user of the H-2A guest worker program, which is designed with agricultural workers in mind. Under that program’s regulations, Clemens explains, NCGA “must submit an application to the US Department of Labor proving that it has actively recruited US natives and native workers will not take NCGA jobs.”

That data is interesting, because it describes the labor market before any immigrant workers are recruited. That, as Clemens says, “allows us to assess the willingness of native workers to take farm jobs before they can even be offered to foreign workers, meaning that this study does not miss any impact caused by people who self-select out of an area or occupation because of competition with foreign workers.”

That willingness, he finds, is basically nonexistent. Every year from 1998 to 2012, at least 130,000 North Carolinians were unemployed. Of those, the number who asked to be referred to NCGA was never above 268 (and that number was only reached in 2011, when 489,095 North Carolinians were unemployed). The share of unemployed asking for referrals never breached 0.09 percent.

When native unemployed people are referred to NCGA, they’re almost without exception hired; between 1998 and 2011, 97 percent of referred applicants were hired. But they don’t tend to last. In 2011, 245 people were hired out of 268 referred, but only 163 (66.5 percent) of the hired applicants actually showed up to the first day of work. Worse, only seven lasted to the end of the growing season.


I had to watch the documentary "Roger and me" for a class and it's so fucking aggravating

Watching rich people say:

“Why are people unemployed? Just keep your chin up, be positive, and get a job.”

Like I can’t…

I just can’t with rich people who just don’t understand how much they’re fucking us mere mortals.

Like this film is seriously fucking aggravating me.

“I think the media focuses on the negative when things are actually really good, if people would just focus on them!”

They’re good for YOU and your yacht club and your private golfing communities and your stock portfolios, fuck you.

please at least think about my mental health before sending mean anonymous messages
y'all don’t know me and talk to me like im shit bc im unemployed and people who care about me look out for me online
i get that y'all don’t like me, like fuck i realized that by now
i seriously go through a lot of verbal abuse please just leave me alone

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Hi sorry you're a literal goddess for doing this apush stuff. If you're not too tired, could you maybe explain the FDIC, WPA, and SEC (New Deal Programs)? They're the most important and I don't understand them :(


fdic=federal deposit insurance corporation. once you actually break down the name, it does exactly what the name says: makes sure that the money you put in a bank is insured, so banks can’t fail and not give you your money back again.

wpa=works progress administration. it was this big undertaking that gave millions of unemployed people (mostly unskilled men) jobs working for the federal government doing things like building roads and public buildings.

sec=securities and exchange commission. oversees and regulates the trade of stocks and bonds (which are the “securities” in question) to help prevent fraud and dangerous practices.


Is dumb how unemployment rates are calculated. The only people that are taken into account are people who are looking for a job. Not only does it not include the rest of the unemployed people, its easy to manipulate because how can you prove/disprove who is/isn’t looking for a job?

also when I advocate for the building of a commune, I don’t mean just a single commune, there needs to be networks of them in a relatively small geographical area (the size of a state or two or three) that are able to fill in gaps, engage in gift economies and provide mutual aid for communities that are “on the grid” as well as among themselves. It also has to be realized that this isn’t the end goal, it’s a small start to something much bigger. 

Co-ops and communes that can provide housing and food, can serve as a space to organize workers strikes. I remember reading a few years ago about farm worker strikes in migrant farm communities across the US had done this on a large scale, they would basically communize on-demand and people would stockpile food and supplies so they could go on strike and not starve to death. I see the creation of worker co-ops and communes as a necessary for the near future as capitalism becomes more and more unravelled and we see more unemployed people unable to even feed themselves or put a roof over their heads.

I like the idea of building communes because you’re creating a community that has it’s basis in radicalism. There’s nothing but empty promises of trying to radicalize “the neighborhoods” which a lot of leftists love to talk about, but what does that mean? Half of my neighbors are racist pieces of shit and people I want nothing to do with and they want nothing to do with me. I see a big enough commune as being a co-working and collaborating workspace, a place for social events and gatherings, and a place, most importantly to breed radicalism and for it to take root and spread out from the epicenter.

The other criticism I’ve seen recently is that people think joining up with a commune means that’s the only form of activism you can do. Like, it’s not a cult, you can go do things on your own free time and do whatever leftist activism or agitating you ALREADY do. Nothing is stopping you from putting in some time during the day at the commune and going to demos or bloc’ing up at a rally/protest, or whatever you would normally do.

I don’t get why leftists clamor and cheer for the creation of dual power networks but are turned off when you mention establishing a worker co-op, a federation, an intentional community, etc. That’s what dual power is or what we’ve come to understand as a modern “dual power”. This is basically what is going on in Rojava and what the EZLN are doing, obviously in a bit of a different context; I don’t advocate going full armed struggle against the US gov’t, but we need to effectively wield dual-power to create strong, viable radical communities united by a common purpose and that can begin the process of withering away the State and set the stage for a future revolution/insurrection. 

Goebbels on Prudes

“Every revolution has its mistakes, ours too. That is not in itself bad, since they mostly disappear on their won or with time. The important thing is that those in charge keep their eyes open, and do not remain silent when they ought to speak out of fear of the public. Obviously a historic revolution of vast extent brings a mass of nonsense to light along with it’s enormous benefits.

It becomes dangerous only when the nonsense is left to grow. Thus hemming in and strangling the healthy, organic development of the revolution.

It is time today to expose some of this nonsense that has accompanied the National Socialist revolution to the full light of day and to examine it without pity.

That is even more necessary since otherwise some of this nonsense over time may gradually corrupt the style and nature of our revolution, leaving ot posterity an image of our nature and goals that in no way corresponds to National Socialist convictions and views.

Certainly there is a need for public regulation of the great moral foundations of our national life. However, some nonsense is also spreading that attempts to reach beyond to establish a code for the purely personal conduct of individuals.

That leads eventually to a moralism that is everything other than National Socialist.

Peculiar people who’s life is either behind them, or have no right to have one ahead of them, preach moralism in the name of our revolution. This moralism has nothing in common with true morality, they proclaim ethical laws that might be appropriate for a nunnery but are entirely out of place in a modern cultural state.

An example: In a major German city, an advertising poster for a soap company showed off a fresh, attractive girl holding the soap package in her hands. A moral knight who unfortunately had the right to determine the fate of this poster forbade it’s distribution on the ground that it offended the moral sensibilities of the population. Since the woman was holding the soap in a place that ‘for moral reasons cannot be described more precisely’

What is moral about this? The person announcing the ban, who presumes that other people share his dirty fantasies, or the German people and the National Socialist movement that are rightly upset and in opposition to such a ridiculous action?

Investigating the matter, we find that this wonderful citizen discovered his attraction to National Socialism three months after we took power. However, that did not stop him from issuing the ban in the name of National Socialism.

Things have gone so far that this company of moralists does not stop at the borders of private life. They would love to establish purity committees in cities and the countryside that would keep an eye on Muller and Schulze’s love and marriage life. It is true that they do not want to go as far as to ban kissing altogether, as in the familiar operetta, since it is too popular a past time. If it were up to them, however, they would turn Germany into a wasteland of muttering and complaining, where spying, denunciation and extortion are the order of the day.

These same moralists often turn to government offices with the request to ban films, plays, operas etc since the dancers, singers, starts etc apparently represent a grave danger to public decency. If we gave into their demands, we should see only old ladies and men on stage. The theaters would be empty, since the public generally does not attend them to see the same people they see in church and retirement homes.

Save us from these hypocritical creatures who have no genuine strong conception of life, who in reality preach no honest morality. They are generally life’s losers, protesting life itself. Life’s eternal laws will hardly make way for them, at most, they will hide behind a screen of contemptible hypocrisy and dishonest prudery.

They think that no German woman should go out alone, sit alone in a restaurant, she should not go out with a boy or even an SA man without a chaperone for a Sunday afternoon. She should not smoke, should not drink, should not have to wash up and make herself pretty, in short she should do everything to keep the evil interest of a man away from her. This is how midget moralists think the German woman should behave! And woe to the poor girl that has the misfortune to transgress against one of those laws. Of course, no German woman would have bobbed hair, because only Jewesses and other contemptible creatures do that.

Have these moral trumpeters any idea how they slander and demoralize millions of German women with their preaching, women who bravely and honestly do their duty in life and on the job, who are good companions to their men and sacrificing mothers for their children?

Don’t they realize that they embarras National Socialism throughout the world, that they are thirty years too late or that one must take them out to task them because they are beginning to be annoying? There are good and bad women, decent and less decent women, some with bobbed hair, others without. Whether or not they powder their noses is not a sign of their inner worth, and if they occasionally smoke a cigarette at home or on the street, they do not need to feel rejected or cast out.

In any event, these moralists should not sit in judgement over women, whether they are enemies or even if like all the real men they wish women happiness, relaxation and domestic peace, though their stuffy superiority would keep women from it.

They think it is not National Socialist to enjoy life, but rather one should only look at the dark side of human existence. Pessimism and suspicion are the best teachers in our earthly vale of sorrows. A true National Socialist has no cause to protect these miserable creatures. Primitiveness and absolute rejection of pleasure are the only character values to these people. If one has a clean and dirty collar, one puts on the dirty one to give evidence of his hatred of bourgeoisie values.

Are we living in a pietistic state, or a life-affirming National Socialist one?

No one can suspect us of wanting to live lives of ostentation or luxury. The Fuhrer and many of his close comrades neither smoke, nor drink nor enjoy sumptuous living. However, those who want to rob a nation of sixty million of every pleasure and all traces of optimism are contemptible, aside from the fact that their foolish desires would drive countless people into misery.

Every banned activity makes more people unemployed. If no one can drive a car, the factories will shut down, if no one wears a good suit, the looms and tailors will have nothing more to do, if nobody attends the theater, hundreds of thousands of stage employees will depend on public existence.

To take joy and pleasure from a people means to make it unfit for it’s struggle for it’s daily bread.

He who does, sins against our reconstruction efforts and embarrasses the National Socialist state before the world.

THe result would be a dreary impoverishment of our public life. This we will not accept.

We do not want to abolish pleasure, but rather to let as many as possible to share in it. This is why we encourage people to attend the theater, this is why we give workers the opportunity to dress well for festive occasions. This is the reason behind Kraft durch Freude. That is why we shake off the agents of a prudish hypocrisy, why we do not allow decent-hard working people who have every reason to need relief from their labors, who need to reaffirm life, to recover from weakness, cares, and burdens of everyday, to have their necessary pleasures ruined by the eternal chicanery of these pedants. 

More morality, but less moralism!

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So stop acting like to know everything about the industry because you don't. And if you did then you'd realise that jen and Darren are in a relationship. You'll block me and try and act like this hasn't bothered you but you know deep don't that all the joshifer stuff you say is fake. Your trying to convince yourself of something that never happened. Have fun blocking me but if I've at least made you see that your ridiculous and sad that I'll be happy. Also get a job your 40 years old!!

You sent me 5 messages. FIVE.

One. Two. Three. Four. FIVE.

Five messages about how I am wrong and I don’t know anything and you know everything and you are right.


This whole message was really just art wrapped in hand wringing and nervousness. You should probably check why someone having a different opinion than you bothers you so much. 

Also, you should have tried to insult me with adding something about taking care of some kids to really drive home your heternormative sexist world view.

Also when I am 40 I will be happy with the knowledge that I never sent anyone some anonymous hate about two celebrities, which is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. So when you are 40 and doing whatever it is you want to do with your life you’re going to think back on this younger version of yourself and be like jeez who the fuck cares, why did I do that to someone I didn’t know? Why was I such a little asshole to people over something that doesn’t even matter?

Because you have the choice to just move on from a website that has a different opinion than you do. You make the choice to go and try to hurt someone. That says a lot about who you are as a person. But I have faith that you’ll grow as a person and when you are 40 you’ll be a better version of yourself.

You didn’t hurt me, you should really fear 40 year old unemployed people who have access to the internet, they are more resilient than you.

But I hope you have a good day.