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Remember how in the last update I bought Kaz some land for his resort?

Well it turns out that the “useless” building I demolished in order to have that available land was actually the criminal hangout where Kaz used to work. “No biggie I’ll just go to Edit World and place a copy back there”

But there was no copy of that building in the Edit World thingy!

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I had to go to The Sims Resource and download a custom Criminal Hangout. Installed it, built it, and ordered Kaz to “join criminal career” but he just got angry and told me he had no way of getting there! what??

Upon closer inspection, because the land I had chosen was on a side of a mountain (therefore on a slope) when I put the building there the land leveled to the average height and it was impossible for Kaz to walk inside. Maybe Inej could though.

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And then the game froze, so I just left it for the next day.

Yesterday I tried again. I spent about 5 hours trying to level up the terrain but the game kept glitching and crashing.

In the end I was able to put the building back, but I had to get in the build/buy mode, destroy the fence and surrounding decoration with the hammer, and then soften the terrain juuust enough for the slope to be in such a slight angle that he could walk into the lot.

I nearly cried of happiness when I took this pic. The Crow it’s back in the nest!


This tutorial is designed to be read in conjunction with my tutorial on:
How To Change Your Sims’ Unemployed Career Title.

How To Edit The STBL Resource To Add/Change Job Titles Within The NRaas Career Mod

  1. Open the NRaas_CareerDataUnemployed.package file in S3PE.
  2. Right-click the STBL resource for your language (for example, Strings Unemployed English) and click Edit STBL.
  3. Find the first blank line in the left-hand pane and select it so it’s highlighted.
  4. Click in the blank right-hand pane and enter a new job title
    (for example, Bank Clerk).
  5. Click on the next blank line in the left-hand pane.
  6. Click in the blank right-hand pane again and enter the new job’s description, hours and wage.
  7. Click back on the job title in the left-hand pane to save the details.
  8. Carry on adding more job titles and descriptions if required, by repeating steps 3 to 7.
  9. When finished, click FileSave. Then click Yes in the next box that pops up (not pictured).
  10. Click File again, then Exit to close S3PE (or click the cross in the top right-hand corner).
  11. Replace the original NRaas_CareerDateUnemployed.package file in your Mods/Packages folder with your edited one.

He didn’t stay for breakfast. He has work in the morning. Because Karlee’s unemployed I forget other sims have jobs and things they need to attend to. Travis looks more and more appealing each day. He’s a Tech Guru, he has money or at least he will soon when he starts his startups and that’s all Karlee really cares about at this point.


@moineausombre said to share pictures of my Sims 3 Miraculous family (Gabriel Agreste isn’t in the house anymore, so, he’s not in this collage, maybe next time I’ll invite him over and take pictures of him! He’s the leader of the free world, that’s right folks. He’s the president.)  — Soooo, yup! This aren’t the best pictures, I know, but I tried to get them all together.