189,100 more people out of work: French unemployment rises 0.2% in 2014

189,100 more people out of work: French unemployment rises 0.2% in 2014

PARIS: France joblessness rose by 0.2 percent in December. Official statistics have shown that France’s unemployment level hit a new record high in December 2014.

According to official unemployment statistics published. The latest figures were announced at the end of a difficult economic year for France, with 189,100 more people out of work in 2014 than in the previous year.

The European…

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Back on the outside looking in

For the longest time I’ve wanted to work with video games and I woulda been damned if anyone stopped me from getting there. I went through the research and tried different things out until I found my joy in communications and working in community. I decided to focus my studies and skills there. I didn’t know how long it would take or how many obstacles I had to get past but that didn’t slow me down any.  Amazingly enough I made it. I made it kinda early after graduating but not before I put in applications everywhere and constantly got shot down. Eventually I was given a chance. And for almost a year I worked hard at it and enjoyed the opportunity that was given to me. But as of Friday that came to a pause.

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