The Summer Heat 

Photographer Unek Francis 
Model: Julia Foster
Hair/Make Up: Dina DeVore 
Fashion Designer: Orlando Dugi
Styling by: Orlando Dugi 

Vox Populi Magazine 

Unek Francis – Fashion photographer | Inspiring Photography - Interviews | CFYE

In 2009 we came across the sexy body art / graffiti on girls pictures created by Unek Francis, aka Mr.Unek. As both his graffiti/ body art work and his photography was stunning we had more than enough reasons for an interview with Unek. In that interview we learned about his native American roots and that […]

CFYE did a interview a in 2010 on my body art and my graffiti. 3 Years later Arden of CFYE did another interview with me on my fashion photography. Here’s the awesome interview and hope you all enjoy. Thank you Arden de Raaij and CFYE for all the love you guys have given me.