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[ 9th February 2017 ] Honestly really feeling this spread bcos of the colour. The sunsets have been AMAZING here and you’ll find me outside my house at 7:30pm just admiring it.
Happy February!! 💙

I started a Madi/Silver fic yesterday

Here’s a sneak peek.  


He exhaled a long breath before he leaned in, sliding a hand around her waist.  Madi expelled a heated breath of her own right before his lips descended onto hers.  The passionate way he spoke, moved, lived his life was translated into his kiss.  He wasn’t holding back, and she took it all, returning all of the fire and heat he was giving her.  He pulled her closer, molded her body to his as he angled his head to deepen his kiss.

Madi moved her arms around his shoulders, let her fingers toy with the tendrils of his hair and groaned.  He gently coaxed her lips open, nipped and teased with teeth and tongue so that she could give him entry. And when she did, the sensation of his tongue when it slid over hers was the sweetest thing she’d ever felt.  Madi felt warm, giddy, and under the spell of this man who elicited such pleasure from a simple kiss.

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whenever i see some big-mouthed fellow with the imperium of man aquila thing as their tumblr icon i immediately, instinctively think of this, which is an unedited image btw

MY ALLURA WIG CAME IN! So as promised: full make-up, wig and (new) crown! There’s something very special about this crown, namely…


Keaton ( @butttoucherboy) and I came to this idea and worked it out together for our Alluras (I can’t wait to see his Allura omg), and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We can’t capture it’s glory, so I hope we’ll get to show you the effect in person <3

I edited my pupils for the accuracy hurrhurr
Such a shame you can’t see my earrings….

NOW ALL I NEED IS THE DRESS!! Here are the unedited versions btw:

Large Potted Cactus: a RENT fanfic

Totally ridiculous Collins/Angel fluff. In which Angel is a 911 operator and Collins is a dumbass. Featuring a large potted cactus.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Uh, I’ve been handcuffed to a large potted cactus.”

Angel nearly drops the phone. “I’m sorry sir, could you repeat that?”

“I’ve been handcuffed to a large potted cactus.”

Angel considers banging her head against the wall. When she took the job as a 911 operator, she figured it would be pretty easy. “What service do you want?”

“Whichever one you think can free me from being handcuffed to a large potted cactus.”

Angel curses under her breath as she clicks a button. “I’m sending an ambulance your way.”

“I dunno if an ambulance is gonna cut it. It’s a pretty large-”

“-potted cactus, I know,” Angel interrupts. “So what should I do instead?”

She can practically hear the guy on the other end thinking. “Uh, a saw? I don’t know. I just really don’t like being handcuffed to a-”

“Large potted cactus,” Angel finishes automatically.

“Yeah.” There is a moment of silence. “Hey, thanks for not thinking this was a prank call and hanging up.”

“No problem. Can I ask you something?”


“How the fu- frick- do you manage to get handcuffed to a large potted cactus?”

There is a long silence on the other end. Finally, the man admits, “I’m not sure.”

Angel looks at the phone, forgetting for a second that the man can’t see her confused expression. “How are you not sure? I mean, you think you’d know if you were being handcuffed to a-”

“Large potted cactus? Yeah, I know. I got drunk last night and woke up this morning in a block I don’t remember going to, massively hung over and handcuffed to a-”

“Large potted cactus!” Angel finishes.

“Yep. Hey, is that ambulance gonna be here soon? My arm is getting sore and people are looking at me funny.”

Angel checks her screen. “ETA is in twelve minutes, based off current traffic patterns. And of course they’re looking at you funny, you’re handcuffed to a-”

“Large potted cactus!”

Angel giggles. “This is starting to sound like that old Abbott and Costello routine. Third base!”

The guy laughs. “Hey, 911 operator who sends ambulances to lost hungover guys and references classic comedy and refrains from swearing on the job and has a cute laugh, what’s your name?”


“Mm, an angel indeed.” If Angel wasn’t blushing before because of the comment about her laugh, she is now. “An angel of the first degree.”

“All I did was send an ambulance to you. Anyone could have done that.” Angel suddenly realizes she has neglected to ask this man’s name. “What’s your name?”

“Collins. Tom Collins. And I swear, I don’t usually do things like this. Well, I ran naked through the Parthenon once, but-”

Angel can’t resist laughing. “I kind of wish I had seen that.”

“What, me naked?” Angel blushes again. She’s done that a lot this conversation. “It was a sight to see, let me tell you.”

“No. Well, sort of. Mostly just someone running naked through the Parthenon. Everyone’s reactions, if the cops show up-”

“They did. I got arrested.” Angel giggles again.

“So, Angel, is this the weirdest 911 call you’ve gotten?”

“Once a person called because his drunk friend had shoved a Wii remote up his butt.” There’s a long pause on the other end.

“You’re kidding,” Collins finally says.

“Yeah, I am,” Angel admits. “You’re my weirdest call so far.”

“I have a legacy now. You’ll never forget me. The guy who called because he was handcuffed to a-”

“Large potted cactus!” They shout together.

“Hey, I hear the ambulance!” Collins announces.

“Good, because my shift ends in two minutes,” Angel tells him. “Which reminds me, can I get the address you’re at right now?”

Collins gives it. “Why? The ambulance is really close, Angel.”

“I know,” Angel replies, shoving her stuff into her purse. “I want to see you being removed from the-”

“Large potted cactus,” Collins finishes. “And the least I can do is take you for coffee afterwards. That is, if you’d like to?”

“I’d love to.” Angel stands up. “It’s a date. See you in five minutes.” She hangs up the phone and darts out of the building. She’s got a coffee date. And a de-handcuffing from a large potted cactus.

“God damn it, where’s my charger?” Ciel said as he looked around the living room for that damned piece of technology, “Stupid charger…” he sighed before yelling, “HEY SEBASTIAN! I’M GOING TO BORROW YOUR CHARGER!”

“Hmmm,” Said male entered the living room, “You can use it once I’m done, my phone is almost dead.” Sebastian hugged Ciel and pecked his lips.

“But so is mine,” The younger male said as he showed his boyfriend the phone, “See? 10%!”

“Why don’t you use your other charge?” Sebastian raised his brow in question.

“Well, I don’t have another charger!”

“Yes you do.” The older smirked as red mischievous eyes stared at the big blue ones, filled with so much innocence and purity they might as well emit a white light.

“I do?” Ciel was confused now, what is Sebastian talking about?

Said male smirked as he leaned down to whisper huskily in Ciel’s ear, “Of course you do,” His big hands grabbed the younger’s ass squeezing it before bringing him closer, hips to hips, “This,” and with that being said, Sebastian rolled his hips, giving pleasurable friction for both males.

“W-wha,” Ciel bit back a moan and tried to push his boyfriend away, “How many times have I said, don’t try to use such pick up lines when you can’t control your libido!”

Sebastian pouted, hands still wrapped around Ciel, “Oh come on,” he whined, “ I can help you plug in too,” A smirk displayed itself on his face before pecking Ciel’s lips again.

“You know what?” The younger male removed the hands secured around him, “I’m going out to buy my own PHONE,” He made sure to emphasize the word, “Charger.”

“Wait, Ciel, what about this charger?!” Sebastian asked while pointing at his trousers.

No comment.

“It’s so hard it might break!”

Still ingnored.




Matt Imagine (Reasons)

Matt Imagine (Reasons)
Request: Could I please get a Matt imagine where you get hate because you’re black?
I really don’t understand why you guys would want an imagine about y/n getting hate especially because of your race. I mean I understand that it happens all the time but why would you want that? Someone please answer my question actually… I will still write this imagine but I really would like to know…

Boy am I glad that I am not home right now. In fact I am about 2500 miles away from home. I live on the East Coast in Pennsylvania but I’m visiting my boyfriend, Matt, along with his friends over my break. East Coast has been getting some really cold weather and they are supposed to get a storm soon. I was never one for cold, however I did always say that cold was better than hot, because you can only take so much off of you but you can put as many coats or blankets etc. on top of you as you need. But the way LA was treating me right now; I was pretty happy.
“Y/N!” I hear Matt shouting in a sing-songy voice from throughout the condo. I don’t make any move from my comfortable position on my bed. I merely open my eyes a bit and avert them towards the bedroom door waiting for it to burst open with Matt behind it.
I could hear him coming up the stairs…5, 4, 3, 2, 1
“GOOD MORNING,” Matt says with a huge smile on his face as he comes over to me. Despite the fact that I am not a morning person I can’t not smile at Matt. He comes over and sits on the bed before sprawling himself on top of me resulting in an umph coming out of my mouth.
“Why–are you–so heavy!” I shout as I try to move myself out from under him and I can feel his body shake as he laughs.
“It’s all muscle babe,” He says as he rolls over so he is closer to my face before giving me a kiss then getting up. I roll my eyes as he shuts the door, allowing me to get dressed, but I can’t help the smile that makes its way onto my face and I have to bite my lip to keep myself from smiling like an idiot.
“Well y/n, time to get up,” I say to myself as I push the covers off of my body and kind of roll off the bed.
You see I have this thing where I don’t like sitting up in the morning and so I always think it’s a better idea to just roll off the bed but I have to avoid hitting my head on the nightstand so I end up twisting my body; which only makes getting out of bed so much harder…. And I never learn from it. It’s a daily occurrence but hey we all have our flaws…mine being that I can’t get out of bed logically. Stop talking to yourself y/n.
I make my way into bathroom connected to my bedroom and I run my hands over my face. I let my arms stretch out before washing my face and brushing my teeth. I walk out of the bathroom and open up my suitcase. I have this thing for unpacking. No matter how long I’m staying I don’t like to unpack because it’s just a hassle later when I have to leave and I might lose something or I won’t be able to fit everything back in.
I walk over to my phone and check the weather to see what I should wear. Ignoring all of the tweets and comments I get from being Matt’s girlfriend I am able to check the weather as 75 degrees. I can work with that. 

I throw on a tealish colored t-shirt that says CALIFORNIA COLLEGE with a pair of black opaque tights, followed by denim shorts and a black beanie that says ‘AIN’T NO WIFEY’. I slip on a couple of rings before I walk out and head towards the kitchen. I never actually did get to check the time. When I enter the kitchen I see Matt sitting at the counter with his back faced towards me. I quietly tip toe towards him as not to let him hear me before I seize his shoulders in my hands jerking him forward a bit and shouting “Ah!” in his ear. I was quite satisfied with the yelp I received from him. I let go of his shoulders trying to contain my laugh but it wasn’t much help and only resulted in a huge fit of laughter. Matt stood up from his stool and eyed me trying to look mad but I could see the smile on his face. He started walking towards me and my laughter died down because I had no idea whatsoever of what he would do next. Every step forward he took I took a step back, however eventually I ran into the counter, which didn’t feel that great, putting me to a halt. I let out a small gasp when my lower back made contact with the counter but Matt continued making his way toward me.
When he finally reached me he put both hands on either side of me on the counter and just stared at me. It felt like 15 minutes but the whole process was probably no more than 30 seconds.
He leaned in close to my face then let his lips trail from my jawline to my ear with sweet kisses before whispering, “You need to change because we’re going to the beach,” before pulling away with a smirk on his face. My mouth fell open as I glared at him.
“But that takes effort and I worked hard on this outfit,” I complained. He chuckles and I see a smile replace his smirk.
“I know babe, and you look beautiful, but  I don’t think you would want to go to the beach in that, tell me if I’m wrong and I’ll get changed and we can head out now,” He says like he is totally serious and I try to suppress a smile.
“Fine, I’ll go get changed,” I finally say and I turn around and head back upstairs to get changed. I found a simple black bikini and put it on before putting my t-shirt and shorts back on.

I then grabbed a pair of flip flops

I came down the stairs and Matt was dressed, standing by the door waiting for me. I smiled at him as I grabbed a pair of sunglasses before following him out to the car. I got into the passenger’s side and Matt got into the driver’s side, obviously, who else was going to drive the car? And we were off.
We got to the beach and set up the cute little towel stuff and then went to go frolic in the water like the two year olds that we are.
I’m standing in the water walking slowly, because I don’t know how far I deep I can go when suddenly something grabs my leg and pulls me under. My scream was muffled by the water that soon surrounded my body but I quickly rose to the surface to see a rather hysterical Matt.
“MATTHEW ESPINOSA!” I shouted trying to glare at him but he was just trying not to laugh so hard, which wasn’t helping me so much.
“Yes, y/f/n?” He asks innocently causing me to roll my eyes. I tried to make my way over to him as fast as possible but I’m not that agile out of water so me in water isn’t too great either. When I finally reach him, he has a rather amused expression on his face.
“Don’t judge me,” I exclaim to him lightly swatting his chest, causing a laugh to emerge from his throat.
“I would never judge my own girlfriend,” He says sarcastically but I just played along with it.
“I know babe.”
At this point I was rather 'watered’ out so I went to sit back on the towels on the beach while Matt remained close by. I decided to pretty much cloud watch. However as I am lying down I can hear the people who are passing me and I can also hear what they are saying. Let’s just say a lot of them are not nice comments and they hurt a lot.
“Isn’t that Matt’s girlfriend?”
“Yeah, but I don’t know why.”
“What do you mean?”
“Why is he dating a black girl? Like there are way prettier people out there.” Ouch! I mean it’s one thing to say it behind my back but at least be woman enough to say it to my face. I sat up from where I was lying down and looked around to see where the voices had been coming from and I spotted two girls looking at me and talking amongst one another. When we met eye contact they instantly looked away. BINGO!
I decided to play nice first so I got up and walked over to them.
“Hi I’m y/n, what are your names?” I ask with a smile on my face that I hoped didn’t look fake.
“We know who you are,” One of the girls said which took me aback at how forward she was.
“Okay, um, well I just wanted to say that despite there being maybe about 15 feet between where I was lying down and where you are standing, I can still hear everything you were saying about me, and I don’t appreciate your racist comments,” I tell her as nicely as possible but I was sure to let her know that I was not happy with my tone. She looked a little surprised at my forwardness but didn’t display it for long.
“I wasn’t being racist I was stating a fact,” She states.
“Oh I see, so when you said 'why is he dating a black girl?’ that wasn’t racist, alright. Guess I’ll have to brush up on my definitions because that’s not what I learned in school, graduating class of…what year is that? Oh yeah 2014,” I tell her with anger emanating from my voice.
“It’s not racist, because I said that there were more prettier people out there,” She defends.
“Okay first of all, no, second of all don’t defend yourself with another insult. Now I don’t care if you hate on me because you mean nothing to me, but to hate on my race based on who I am as a person is not okay. If you said why is he dating 'that’ black girl that doesn’t make it okay because now you’re judging me based on my race, but now you’re specifying that you mean me, not every african american girl out there. But for you to say why is he dating a black girl is putting all black women into one category right there, but if you were to specify that it was me, I would still be pissed at you because that is just rude, but then it’s just about you and me, and not about my race and you. So check yo self before you open that mouth of yours because one day someone won’t be as nice to you and you will get punched,” I vent before I walk away with a satisfied smile on my face. That felt good. As I get back to the beach towels I see Matt with a confused expression on his face.
“What did I miss?” He questions.
“Just some ignorant fan who doesn’t know the meaning of racist,” I tell him with a sigh and I saw his expression sour. Matt knew I got hate about my race and it pissed him off to no extent.
“Let’s go home, it’s getting late,” He mumbles and my face morphs into one of confusion but I was getting tired anyway so I help him pack up and we head home.
When we arrive home he heads straight to his studio room and shuts the door.
“Okay,” I say to myself….
*5 hours later*
Matt finally emerged from his studio looking pretty happy with himself.
“What did you do?” I asked him warily.
“Something that needed to be done,” He said with a smile before yawning. “I think I’ll go to bed now babe,” He says before kissing my forehead.
“I’ll be up at some point,” I tell him as I head down to the kitchen to do some research work. I curl up on one of the kitchen chairs and set my laptop in front of me as I edit my research paper that is due in a couple weeks.
1 new e-mail
I check the time and realize it has been 3 hours since I started editing and decided I could take a small break. I open the e-mail and see that Matt has just posted a new YouTube video. Funny? I didn’t know about that. He usually tells me about his videos.
I click on it and it opens up in a new tab.


My heart instantly stopped when I saw that. I moved my eyes back up to the video and watched as Matt sat down in front of the camera and sighed before he began to talk,
“Okay, so I don’t know exactly how to start this and y/n, I know you’re watching this,” He says with a small embarrassed smile which only makes me smile. “So by the title of this video you can probably guess what I’m going to be talking about. Yes it’s y/n for those of you who don’t know, and if you did know great for you. YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! I’M LIKE OPRAH!” He exclaims and I can’t help but laugh. “Okay but back to the seriousness. You guys may not think that I know about all of the hate that y/n gets, but not only because she is my girlfriend, but also because of her race,” He says and I can see his face fall a little bit and my heart sinks. I have always been proud of who I am as a person and still am, I just don’t know why other people can’t be that way too. “I don’t want this to turn into a video of me ranting to all of you guys, my fans, because I know that’s not what y/n would want, and I also know that a lot of you guys don’t hate on her so I thank you for that. But this video is about why I love y/n and hopefully by the end of it, you’ll love her just as much as I do. I take that back almost as much because you can’t have her she’s taken,” He says and I giggle. “So this isn’t scripted, I don’t have any of it written down, so I’m just going to go off the top of my head. I love how she has five different laughs depending on how funny something is or if something isn’t funny at all. I remember she told me that in high school she had to take a speech class and one of the assignments was a humor speech and she told me that everyone asked the class to laugh at them because no one thought they were funny and she would always tell them not to worry because she laughs at anything and it’s true! She then told me that throughout the speeches she did laugh at pretty much anything. I love that when she is laughing, the laugh that’s for this is funny and I love it kind of laugh, she smiles this huge smile and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I love when I get to wake her up for the morning, despite the fact that she isn’t very pleasant in the morning. Just the fact that she is there makes me happy. And those few rare times where she is up before me, she always is downstairs in the kitchen curled up in a chair with her glasses on, hair tied up, pajamas still on, tea in her hand, and computer in front of her, I’ll walk into the kitchen, and she’ll look up from whatever work she is doing and smile then say 'good morning’ and I love that. I love that when she watches soccer she yells at the TV like the people can actually hear her. I love when she falls asleep on the couch after binge watching Netflix and I can carry her upstairs and put a blanket over her,” Matt says almost as if it were a memory that would never leave his mind because of how precious it was and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Matt smiled with this thoughtful look on his face before looking up to the camera. “I love that y/n can’t dance for her life.” Which sent me into hysterics. “But I love that she doesn’t care about it and will still try. I love when she watches cooking shows then uses the kitchen like she’s on the show. I love that she isn’t OCD but has these neat freak tendencies for certain things, like she can name practically every font just by looking at it, and certain fonts erk her, like Comic Sans and Times New Roman and Arial. I love that she has a favorite font, Cambria. I love that she’s not afraid to voice her opinion to people but when confronting she always tries to be understanding and polite. I love the fact that she smells good, I don’t know how or why but she just does. I love how her eyes light up when she finally understands something, sees food, or remembers something. I love her flaws. I love that she sucks at Biology and that she would come to me for help when she had to take it. I love that she can’t remember the name of a song until it’s halfway done but can remember history dates better than the textbook, birthdays better than you know your own, and small details of memories or pictures better than the author or artist themselves. I love everything about y/n. I could tell you all the funny and embarrassing stories about y/n but I don’t think she would like that too much. OH! She also loves horror movies! I love that she doesn’t let anyone dictate her life, she has her role models but everything about her is strictly her, not because someone told her too. She is her own person and I admire her for that. I love her for that. I love that she’s terrified of heights but refuses to admit it and just tells me she’s merely afraid of falling. I love that she always makes elaborate birthday plans/gifts for me or any of her friends but expects practically nothing in return. I don’t like that she’s always cold because I hate seeing her uncomfortable but I love that I’m the one who gets to hold her hands and warm them up for her. I love that she gets overly excited about holidays.  I love that she loves her family. I could go on forever but I really do hope that to the people who were being mean to the girl I love, I hope this video changed your opinion of her. Y/N is a beautiful person and should be treated as such,” He says and I couldn’t help but let a tear slip it was the nicest most precious thing anyone had ever done for me. Matt took a deep breath before looking straight into the camera. “Y/n, I know you’re watching this and I know I have said it multiple times, but I’ll say it again….I love you…and now you know why.” With that the video ended.
“I love you too Matt,” I whispered back to my computer. I decided to turn in for the night knowing I would not be able to work with the current events. I climbed the stairs and crawled into bed with my sleeping boyfriend. I knew he was asleep but he cuddled up closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist instinctively as soon as I was in bed, keeping me safe and warm. 1st reason on my long list of why I love Matt.

I hope this is up to your expectations anon! Okay so I know I have not posted in a LONG TIME and I’m sorry but I didn’t want to post anything that wasn’t 'good’ or that I wasn’t fully invested into. But I hope you enjoyed this imagine. Just a lesson, don’t melt if a boy/girl tells you they love you, melt for the reasons why ;)
-simplicational’s queen