The door opened with a chime and Annabeth glanced up at who’d entered.

A man wearing black jeans along with a green polo and leather jacket caught her attention. His wrists glinted with multiple rings as he pushed his bangs aside, and his gaze wandered to the only person in the room. Her.

Annabeth quickly finished mopping the floor, wondering who the hell would be in a restaurant at midnight. On a Friday night. And out of everyone, him? He’d stopped by earlier, at around noon, and she didn’t stop thinking about him. Which was ridiculous, considering they’d met once.

She gave him a small smile and he returned it, but she dared not to look up at his face, at his beautifully chiseled jaw and green eyes. She was afraid she would melt.

Grabbing her notebook, Annabeth walked over to him, trying not to act as though she remembered him. “May I help you?”

“Actually,” he told her, flashing another brilliant smile. “I came here earlier, and I think I left one of my rings here.”

“Oh!” Annabeth recalled finding a ring left on one of the seats, and she pulled it out of her pocket. “This?”

“Yep,” he popped the “p”. Reaching over and brushing his hands with hers, the man took his ring. He looked back at her, seeming as if he were deciding to say something.

Annabeth would admit, she was a tad disappointed that he’d come only for his ring. “You’re welcome.”

Did he even say thank you?

“Also,” he cleared his throat, getting up again. “I think I left something else here, too.”

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“My number,” A smirk played on his lips. “Would you mind letting me know when you find it?”

A blush creeped on Annabeth’s cheeks. She met his eyes, “How?”

The twinkle in his eye told her all the answer she needed to know.