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Abandoned Reverse Borrower AU Snippets: Virgil and Roman

 These are the last of the snippets! And are also slightly more recent than the other ones. In these, Virgil is the borrower and Roman is the human who caught him.


 He could do this. He may not be the the fittest or the fastest. And he may have had crippling anxiety about this whole situation and a voice telling him that it would never work and he would be caught and then

 Okay, now was not the time.

 This was his chance and he had to do it. Roman was asleep and his grip on the borrower had loosened greatly. All Virgil had to do was crawl out from underneath the hand, climb down from the bed, make it to one of the entrances into the walls and he was home free.


 Now he just had to psych himself up enough to actually move and get on with it.

 He took several deep breaths and carefully started to crawl out. Surprisingly, he made it out with nothing going wrong. But he didn’t allow himself relief yet. He was still on the human’s chest after all.

 He didn’t trust himself to stand and so continued on all fours as he made it to the edge of the chest. Not wanting to prolong it anymore, he jumped off the side in a swift movement, landing onto the bed with a slight bounce.

 He froze, waiting for the sound or feeling of Roman moving and waking, but it didn’t happen.

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