Chasing after you

Fandom: Overwatch

(young)Jesse McCree x reader

Warning/s: Fluff. Lot´s of fluff. Jesse having some internal problems with his past.

A/N: I wrote this in half an hour or something and there probably are lots of mistakes. Sorry.

“You need to go and get the cowboy.”
You groaned but got up like ordered.

“You really need to teach your son better manners, sir.”
You mocked Gabriel Reyes, your superior. You were just a recruit like everyone else but somehow the blackwatch comander promoted you to his personal assistant without your knowing. Maybe you should start to bring him coffee starting tomorrow?

Gabriel just growled at you but you were long beyond being intimidated by his glares and growls.
“That punk is not my son.” Your boss declared and you just rolled your eyes.
“Yeah and Jack Morrison isn´t the poster-boy.” You muttered under your breath, turning to leave and search for Jesse.

“Anyone seen the cowboy? Reyes is looking for him.” You asked into the break room but just recieved shruggs as awnser.
“That wasn´t helpful.” You mumbled to yourself and sighed a little.

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anonymous asked:

You know, Disney has been increasingly less subtle about Reylo recently. Maybe I'm just a cynic, but I feel like that might be a sign to not expect it to be canon. We know that VIII is going to go in an unecpecte direction and while I know when they say "unexpected" they're talking about the gen-pop, but if they're being more open about Reylo on places like twitter, I can't help but think that Reylo is a misdirect.

Oh, I don’t think they’re being open at all. To the average moviegoer, Reylo would be a huge twist and a shock. We’re obsessively combing tweets and deconstructing interviews, but we constitute a very small minority and I doubt the vast majority of the ‘hints’ we’re picking up were ever intended as such. So I don’t think you have anything to worry about re. Reylo being too obvious.