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Please do not leave negative comments about other trainees on any of my posts or anyone else’s posts. Especially when a post doesn’t even mention that trainee. You are entitled to your own opinion but please keep it to your blog where you are free to do and say as you please. You are also allowed to share your opinion with others but not in the form of hate. 

Do not ask why a trainee “exists” in order to express your frustration over people who don’t like your fave. You can express your frustration in a way that does not bring down another trainee. You can also critique a trainee without questioning their existence. 

If you resort to asking why a certain trainee even “exists”, you’re just making yourself look petty. If you’re going to do that, be petty on your own blog or send me a private message if you feel that strongly about a trainee’s existence. But don’t leave a flippant reply to a post that has nothing to do with the trainee you dislike. 

The Signs as Iconic Narumayo Scenes
  • Aries: Maya refusing to perform her first official channeling without seeing Phoenix again first
  • Taurus: Maya drawing a picture of Phoenix in what she thinks are her last moments in Farewell, my Turnabout
  • Gemini: Phoenix losing the drive to defend anyone after Maya leaves for Kurain and only agreeing to help Ema Skye out because she reminds him of Maya in Rise From the Ashes
  • Cancer: Maya sending Phoenix stacks of dvds to watch while in hospital during Turnabout Corner
  • Leo: The Gatewater boat ride cameo with Pearl in AAI
  • Virgo: Phoenix running across a burning bridge for Maya
  • Libra: "Well? How do I look?" "...Maybe you should quit being a spirit medium..."
  • Scorpio: Phoenix breaking down the door of the Channeling Chamber to get to Maya in Reunion and Turnabout
  • Sagittarius: "You know I would never desert you!"
  • Capricorn: Phoenix grieving Maya's 'death' in PL vs. AA
  • Aquarius: Phoenix shouting Dahlia Hawthorne out of Maya's body in Bridge to the Turnabout
  • Pisces: Going to watch the Berry Big Circus together with Pearl in the beginning of Turnabout Big Top

“He’s fast.He’s strong. He’s got a metal arm”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

so this is what I have working on for weeks (okay days) and I am finally done *wipes sweat*


merthur is like almost done guys

so it’s 12:19 am, and you’re probably asleep, but I felt the need to post an update before I forget. I’m like 26 minutes into the video, and I hope to cut it down to 30ish but the narration is still 43 minutes long (and shrinking as I cut unnecessary pauses)… so here’s a picture of what it’s starting to look like.

teen dad au headcanons

so i was thinking about taemin’s mother and

  • when taemin is 9 she sends key a letter
  • and taem gets the mail from the mailbox when they get home
  • and taem is like “dad who’s this why’s she sending u a letter who sends letters anymore?”
  • and key takes it to look at who it’s from and he just
  • freezes before he’s like “nothing taeminnie it’s one of those scam letters”
  • so taem doesn’t think anything of it and then key ushers him off into the kitchen to go do his homework, and while he’s doing that key opens it and he’s so pissed off
  • because it’s from taemin’s mother
  • and basically he’s like “first of all how the fuck did she know where we live”
  • and then he reads it and he’s so insanely pissed off because she “wants to meet her baby” and he just
  • is that kind of super angry where you feel like you’re going to cry
  • because here’s the girl who was gonna get rid of taemin and then the second he was born she just up and left and she never even held him never even looked at him
  • in fact
  • she signed some papers or something that gave up her rights as a mother to taemin so that she never had to pay or anything it was like giving taemin up for adoption basically
  • and then she moved away and never talked to anyone from their class again it was like she fucking disappeared off the face of the planet
  • so he fucking shreds that shit and doesn’t say anything to taemin about it because taemin has asked about her before and why he doesn’t know her and whenever key had tried to explain the situation to him he gets very sad about it and key just doesn’t want to put him through that anymore
  • fast forward like a month and they’re at a department store trying to get taemin some new clothes and key is not happy with his selections
  • “taemin u can’t wear that”
  • “what why???”
  • “if all ur friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too” insert key hating himself just a little bit for using a line his dad used on him when he was little that he swore he would never use
  • “it depends on how big the bridge is and if there’s water underneath it”
  • “omg taemin pls go get something in your size”
  • “i’m going to resent u for this when i’m old”
  • “do you even know what that means”
  • “no but i heard it in a movie once”
  • “was it a movie you watched with uncle jong?”
  • “maybe”
  • “and what did i say about movies you watch with uncle jong?”
  • “not to repeat them in public”
  • “good boy. now go get something in your size”
  • and while they’re trying to find a couple shirts that taemin likes, a woman comes up to them and is like “omg key is that you?”
  • and they look over and key immediately puts a hand on taemin’s shoulder and kinda hides him behind him and is very fakely smiling and like “oh hi”
  • and she’s like “is that-”
  • “this is my son, taemin. taeminnie why don’t you go look at those shirts over there, i think batman is on a couple of them”
  • and so taemin can kinda tell that key doesn’t want him to talk to this woman so he just goes over to a different section and looks through the shirts
  • and then key argues with her very quietly for a couple minutes because this is taemin’s mother, and she wants to try and talk to taemin but key won’t let her
  • so after a few minutes he goes to get taemin and they leave very quickly but taemin doesn’t question why they’re leaving but he is like
  • “dad who was that girl?”
  • “just someone daddy went to school with that’s all”
  • “do you not like her?”
  • “she’s just not very nice that’s all”
  • “oh okay. dad can we watch harry potter when we get home”
  • “sure baby, whichever one you want”
  • and then during the movie key gets a facebook message and he checks it on his phone and this woman is asking to meet him and taemin at a starbucks the next day and key is just so furious
  • so he gets jinki to watch taemin the next morning and he goes to meet her by herself because he really wants to just put her in her place
  • and she’s pissed off when he gets there because he didn’t bring taemin with him but he just sits her down like “listen bitch”
  • “you wanted nothing to do with him for nine years. you signed away your rights to be his mother nine years ago, you can’t just change your mind one day and decide you would like to be a mother to the child you abandoned. it’s like giving your kid up for adoption, you can just show up at the adoptive parents’ house like ‘actually i changed my mind i would like my kid back now thanks’ and drag them away from the only parents that child has ever known and loved. taemin is nine years old, and he’s already struggled enough with the fact that he has an absentee mother okay. do you know how hard it is to explain to a three year old why they don’t have a mommy to make a card for on mother’s day like all the other kids at preschool? do you know how hard it is when your child asks you with tears running down their cheeks why they don’t have a mommy like everyone else? why they only have one daddy? it’s difficult, and it’s depressing, and it breaks my heart every single time my little boy feels like he’s inferior to all his friends because he has no idea who his mother is. you disappeared one day and never said a word to me about it, you never sent even a card on his birthday, and you never wanted to have anything to do with him, so you can’t change your mind now; not when my nine year old little boy could be hurt by it. because you know what, you might change your mind a week, a month, a year, however long later, and then disappear again, and i’m not putting my son through that. as far as i’m concerned, and as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t have a mother, and he doesn’t need one. so just stay the fuck out of our lives, because you’re going to end up doing more harm than good.”
  • and then he storms out
  • and he knows he was not quiet about it at all and by the end of that lil spiel a lot of people were staring at them and he even heard a few “oh my god”s and one woman with a baby may have clapped when he left
  • and then he gets home with doughnuts and hot chocolate and he and taemin and jinki watch movies on the couch for the rest of the day
  • and she doesn’t try to contact them again
Merlin is Done and I’m tired!

Hello everyone! After a very scary election, I channeled my motivation into the Merlin script, and it is now done and it is 15 pages long! That’s about the size of the Scorbus script, but it’ll probably be longer since with a TV show, you have to play clips and stuff. I’m aiming to keep it around half an hour…and I think it’s pretty good. I’ll try to narrate this weekend but I also have a project to work on, so we’ll see. Thanks for being patient guys, and I hope you’re all doing okay, and if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message. Thanks!!

Sent in art for my youth group to use for the next lesson/series that’s being taught … no idea if it’ll actually get used yet or if I’m the only one who actually bothered to send art (I was the only one who got excited when our youth pastor said that artists should be recognized in the Church more often and that he’d love to have some of the students step up for a few art projects.)