One Shot for Unebelledirection

“Niall?” I said as I called as I set my keys on the key rack. No reply. He must still be out with the boys. I took my shoes off and headed upstairs. I changed into some sweats and took off my makeup. I had spent all day running around doing random little things. I reached for my phone when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. “Hello gorgouse.” Niall whispered in my ear. I spun around and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him into a hug. “How was your day?” I asked still hugging him. “It was great! The boys made me realize something important today.” He said pulling away. “And what is that?” I asked. Niall kissed me on the lips. “I’m not telling!” He teased. He started to walk out of the room and into the hall. “ Horan! Get back here!” I shouted playfully. I rushed out into the hallway to see Niall walking down the stairs. “Don’t ignore me!” I laughed. I started jogging to catch up to him He started to walk faster down the stairs. I skipped a few stairs and took a huge leap and jumped on Niall’s back. He lost balance and we fell down the last 2 steps. We both burst out laughing. “Connie, I am so getting you back for that one.” Niall groaned. “Aww! Did I hurt wittle Niall?” I giggled. “Kiss it better.” He pouted out his bottom lip. “Where does it hurt?” I smiled.

Niall pointed to his head. I kissed it. He then pointed to his cheek. I also kissed it. He pointed to his nose.I kissed it. “What are you doing?” I giggled. He smiled and pointed to his lips. I placed my lips ontop of his. He took a hold of my cheek and brought me closer. Suddenly he flipped out, so he was sitting ontop of me. He started tickling me . “Niall stop it!” I giggled against his lips. He stopped. “I love it when you laugh like that” He smiled. I smiled back. “Tell me what the boys made you realize today” I said. Niall looked me in the eyes.

“Today I realized that I love you Connie.” Niall blushed. I placed my hand on his cheek. “I love you too Niall” I said before kissing Niall on the lips once more.