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STAY (Loki Imagine - Drabble)

Hello everyone! This is what I think they call a (longish bit of) “drabble.” I was listening to the Interstellar soundtrack and just wanted to test a little idea out. Hope you find some enjoyment out of it! :) xo

“Leaving?” you stared at the group, all their backs turned towards the green knight standing tall and brave before them. His eyes glowing with that same intensity you’d found yourself fall under so many times throughout these past moths. An intensity that had bore upon you once in repulse.. soon in acceptance… later in softness… and then… then, just… in a way that was just for you. Those eyes, that had become for you a signal of home… of comfort, of purpose. Someone who had finally made everything right in you life after everything you’d been through before ending up here. Your mom… how she’d passed. Your dad… how she’d abandoned you and you older brother once he was old enough to cook an egg on his own. Everyone had left. Everyone. And you finally ended up here… here, with a family… and… and someone who you thought loved you the way you loved him. Who you thought needed you the way you needed him. And he was just going to leave… abandon you.… Just like everyone else in your entire life had.

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@fandomsunitedposts said “Pet Monsters” for a prompt!
Thank you for the awesome prompt, I hope you like it!

Ken stops trusting his dad when he’s ten, sitting on the couch and watching westerns. Sedan, Ken’s pet, is nestling under Ken’s shirt. Sedan’s been going through growth spurts lately, trying to figure what he’s going to be, and he hasn’t been so good at regulating his own body heat. So Ken does it for him.

Marcus, his dad’s pet, a huge, hundred pound bloodhound, is lying in front of the TV, snoring softly. He’s never been particularly fond of Ken, but Ken likes the look of him, lazy and content like his dad who’s eating potato chips out of his hand.

On screen, the sheriff twirls his gun, lighting up the deserted street with one, two, three shots. The bad guy, dressed all in black, yells and his pet roars. When the last crack fades, the bad guy is lying dead, flat on his back, and his pet, a fanged horse, is lying sightless next to him, dead before it hit the ground.

“They ain’t got wolves there, son,” his dad says, eyes glued to the screen. “Bad guys, they got proper evil things, unearthly things. There’s a reason the good guys shoot him in the heart, you know. It’s so the monster dies too.”

Ken’s heart leaps into his throat and, unconsciously, he presses Sedan closer into his stomach. Sedan’s been growing lately and last week, last week he’d sprouted another leg, bringing the count up to six.

That’s not even mentioning the horns.

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“But Mom!”  

Rita Loud groaned slightly as she manged to finish pushing the crib into place. Her two year old, Lucy, sitting inside. “There are no buts involved Lynn.” Rita said firmly, patting Lucy on the head. “You and Lucy are sharing a room-”

“I don’t want to share with her!” Lynn shouted, stomping her foot down. “I want to share with Lincoln again!”

“Lynn…” Rita groaned in frustration, pinching the bridge of her nose. “We’ve been over this honey. Lincoln is a boy.”

“So? There was nothing wrong before!” Lynn argued.

“You were both little. Now that your older, Lincoln needs to have his boy space.” Rita explained in exasperation. “Boys and girls are different Lynn. You need your own rooms now-”

“Then stick her with Lana, or Lola! Why do they get their own rooms anyhow, their babies!” Lynn asked angrily.

“Lynn you know Lola has colic. She was crying too much and kept waking up Lana, so they need their own rooms-”

“So put Lucy with Lana.” Lynn snapped.

“Lana wakes Lucy up in the middle of the night. Now that Lucy can sleep through the night without issue, she needs a quiet space-”

“So stick her in the closet then!”

“LYNN.” Rita rubbed her face gruffly. She sighed in exhaustion, fight back a yawn as she looked her sporty daughter in the eyes. She was up  round the clock with Lola for the last few months. As if having newborn twins wasn’t enough, one of them had to cried constantly. This was the last thing Rita wanted to deal with right now. “Lynn, I said Lincoln needs his own space now.”

“He said he doesn’t want to-”

“Lynn!” Rita yelled, silencing her daughter. “I do not know how I can say it so you will understand that THIS is what is happening. Nothing about this will change.” Rita ran a hand through her hair with a huff. “You didn’t hear Leni complain when she had to give up her room to Lola. You didn’t hear a peep from Lori when she had to start sharing her room with Leni. Your the only one who seems to want to make a fuss.”

“Course they aren’t complaining! Lori and Leni are best friends! Luna and Luan get to share with their best friends! I get stuck with a stupid, quiet baby and Lincoln gets shut in the closet cause he’s a BOY! At least he’s fun! Lucy’s stupid!”

“Lynn that is IT.” Rita said, putting her foot down. “Your in bed early! Get ready and get in your pajamas.” 


“Teeth brushed and pajamas on Lynn.” Rita frowned, pointing in the direction to the bathroom. “March.” However before Lynn could make a rebuttle there was a clatter as the front door opened down stairs, loud wailing filling the house.

“RITA, HELP!” Lynn Sr’s voice echoed up the stairs.

“Oh not again…” Rita sighed and held her head. She sighed before pointing to Lynn. “By the time I get up here you had better be in bed and your toothbrush wet, you understand me young lady, or no soccer tryouts next weekend!”

Lynn’s mouth opened and closed like a fish, furious as she watched her mother hurry down the stairs. Lynn scowled before looking at the black haired toddler in the crib that stared back intently and silently. Lynn’s scowl softened a smidgen, but when her eyes drifted down to the indents her brother’s bed had left in the carpet,under her sisters crib,it returned full force.

She grabbed a random set of Pjs and stormed to the bathroom, seeing Luna leaning in her bedroom door. The older brunette watched her little sister stomp up the hallway before speaking.

“Sharing with a lil’ sis ain’t so bad Lynn-”

“Shut up!” Lynn shouted before slamming the bathroom door. Luna gocked at the door before scowling herself and slamming her own door shut.

After a rather forceful brushing and change of cloths, Lynn angrily made her way back to bed. It wasn’t even eight yet! She flung herself under the covers, arms crossed and glaring at everything she could see.

Her eyes darted to the crib. Lucy now standing and holding the railing, looking back at her calmly. 

About now she and Lincoln would lay in their beds and talk to each other until they fell asleep… She’d apparently never do that again. Lynn snarled as she snuggled deeper into the bed. She wouldn’t be able to even do that with Lucy! Lucy didn’t say more than two words a day!

Though the wailing was still going, something that had become a staple sound in the Loud house as of recently, Rita returned to the room to tuck her younger girls in. She lay Lucy down in her crib, covering her with a blanket.Then she came to Lynn.

As Rita arranged the blankets and tucked the girl in Lynn refused to look at her, glaring at the wall. The mother of nine sighed tiredly. “Lynn, honey, I’m sorry. Its just the way things are going to be. You’ll see Lincoln after and before bedtime, and who knows, maybe you can make friends with Lucy in the meantime…”

“Doubt it.” Lynn muttered. “She not smart enough to make friends or talk.”

Rita paused for a moment, forcing a few calming breaths before speaking again. “She’s still little Lynn. Lucy is your sister. You’ll make it work.” Rita finished tucking the girl in and stood back from the bed. “You have no choice.”

Lynn grumbled under her breath.

“I love you.” Rita said, kissing the seething girl’s head. “Good night.”

“Iloveyoutoo.” Lynn muttered, watching her mother turn out the light and turn on her basketball night light. After Rita shut the door Lynn rolled away from the crib, glaring at her track ribbons as a few angry tears made their way down her face.

She just wanted her friend back in her room. 

I always imagined that Lynn and Lucy’s arrangement wasn’t ideal from day one. They have the biggest gaps in both interest and age compared to their sisters. It dose work out though, especially after Lola’s colic goes away. I have ahead cannon where Lucy goes through an overstimulated phase, due to Lola always crying and everyone making their normal, large family noise. Getting put in a new room and getting less attention from her parent due to the twins. Not to mention Lynn’s a little sore about the change too and isn’t the nicest to Lucy or anyone out of spite. The only reprieve comes when Rita’s mother dies. They have to go to the funeral, and the twins are left with Lynn Sr’s parents while they do so. During the service most of the other kids are booted to out for misbehavior or to watch the others, leaving Lucy and her parents. She has both her parent’s sole attention and thing are unearthly quiet as the service goes on. Lucy is in paradise, well, for her. Since then she starts to associate things like all black cloths and funeral things with good things. Thus leading her to Gothic culture. At this time Lucy gets more weird, holding little funerals with toys and things, much to the families concern. When they try and dissuade her from such things, she gets upset. Finally Lynn just yells at her and it makes Lucy start crying. Feeling bad, Lynn tries to cheer her up and things start to turn around form there.

lizzy-writes  asked:

Do you have any YA books or manga recommendations? I'm starting to run out of reading materials.

That we do! We’re not sure what you might prefer, so here’s a little bit of everything:

For Hamilton fans: 

For fans of Romance and/or Phantom of the Opera fans: 

  • Roseblood by A.G. Howard (a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera)

Or for Romance that’s more on the realistic side:

For fans of the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard: 

For realistic portrayals of grief with a male protagonist: 

For Magical, Realistic books: 

For fans of books more on the humorous and lighter side of things:

  • Secrets of a Reluctant Princess by Casey Griffin (a girl in high school with an unfortunate last name has a father who made a fortune selling novelty bathroom accessories)

For fans of Fantastical Metafictional Adventures:

Some Manga Recommendations:

And, of course, you can never go wrong with the classic mangas like Bleach or InuYasha!

Hope this list serves you well! :) Happy reading, @lizzyreads!

(Also, sorry we didn’t answer this in the reblog, you beat us to it with this ask while we compiled the list. :) )


Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune | Part IV: dreamy

December 27th

It was a dark alley, maybe a street behind one of Remus’ favourite bars around the university area. He looked around to see a familiar face, he wasn’t in this alley without a reason, he should really try drinking like an adult and not like a teenager that just turned 18.

He turned around to as a hand pulled him from his waist, it obviously was a shorter person but Remus didn’t particularly remember being with someone inside. When he turned around he was staring at the pale grey eyes of Sirius Black, the shorter man’s hands in the back pockets of Remus’ jeans and a grin on his face.

“What’s wrong, love?”



Remus didn’t know what to say but he didn’t expect Sirius to smash his lips on his either. It was like walking into the ocean for the first time, wild but pleasant as it comes. The alleyway was cold but Remus wasn’t. It was soft and violent at the same time and Remus knew he should pull away but he was captivated and couldn’t move to save his life. Before he knew it his hands were on either side of Sirius’ hand and Sirius was biting his lower lip. Remus pushed him down a little and heard a small moan against his lips.

How did this happen?

Remus opened his eyes as this thought occurred in his mind and found himself staring at the ceiling of his room instead of Sirius’ dreamy eyes. He raised himself a little to check if Sirius was sleeping and found him laying on his side, his eyelashes creating a shadow on his flawless skin, sleeping like the angel he is. Remus looked at his phone to see what time it was and wasn’t very pleased when he saw that it was just past 5 am. 

He slammed his head back to his pillow with so much self anger, what was that dream about? Wasn’t Remus the one telling his mother that they had just met yesterday? Didn’t Sirius make it clear that the reason talk was just because of alcohol?

But Remus couldn’t stop thinking about what his mother told him, who would have said yes to an invitation from a total stranger if they didn’t have something else on their mind. Maybe he is a serial killer?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Remus turned and twisted in his bed until he heard his parents get up around 8.30, it was the longest three hours he had to spend. He had this bad habit of not being able to go back to sleep once he was awake.

He went straight to the bathroom and took a cold shower to get over the lasting effect of his dream. When he got downstairs, his parents had already made tea and his father was trying to get the fireplace going.

“Morning, cariad,” said his mother softly as he hugged his son. “You are up early.”

“I couldn’t sleep,” mumbled Remus as he took a mug from the cupboard and poured himself some tea. 

“Was it because of Sirius?” asked his father as he lit a match and threw in the fireplace.

“No, why would it be because of him. it wasn’t–”

“Calm down. I just thought he snored,” laughed his father as he threw a knowing look to his son. “You should wake him up for breakfast.”

“He’ll wake up to mum’s pancakes’ smell,” assured Remus as he turned to smile at his mother. “You would make your son his favourite, wouldn’t you?“

Hope just shook his head as she reached for a big bowl to mix the ingredients.

“You and your friend are going to help me clean up the attic today, it’s that wonderful time of the year,” teased his mother. There was a spare room in the attic they preferred to use as a bin during the year except for when they had guests over and it meant cleaning out three years worth of mess. 

When the batter hit the butter grazed pan, Remus knew he was home. The familiar smell was everywhere and it was so warm and delicious he could feel his mouth watering. He was sure that the smell would work as an alarm to Sirius, it had once woken up Peter from his hibernation.

As his mother put the now cooked pancakes on a serving platter, he heard Sirius walking down the stairs. 

“This place smells like Christmas,” he said then he inhaled the smell once again with a huge grin on his face. He looked like a small child on Christmas morning.

“Another secret recipe, Sirius,” replied Hope as she flipped the bubbly pancakes. “Come, sit. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes ma’am, thank you,” answered Sirius as he obeyed her. Remus got up to make him some coffee. He couldn’t find it in himself to look at him in the eyes after that stupid dream.

The breakfast went on pretty smoothly as Remus drowned himself in the pancakes and golden syrup, it wasn’t very common to have pancakes so he was pretty sure Sirius had never tasted something like this and in addition to that, Hope’s pancakes were ridiculously tasty to talk while they ate.

“Sirius I hope you are good with organising, dear,” said Hope while she proceeded to take the empty plates to put them in the dishwasher. “We have an attic to clean today.”

It wasn’t until after lunch they went upstairs and Remus avoided Sirius at all costs and he was starting to notice, this wasn’t the best way to keep him in the dark about the dream so Remus suddenly became his old self again. 

“You are weird today,” pointed out Sirius and rightfully so, he wasn’t angry or confused but he was smiling that unearthly smile doing things to Remus’ heartbeat.

Change the subject.

“I hope you aren’t afraid of spiders, Sirius,” warned Remus before he climbed up the narrow staircase to their attic. Sirius shook his head in silence as a response and Remus somehow didn’t find that very convincing but continued nevertheless. 

There was enough storage in the attic fortunately but no one took the time to put the stuff where they belonged. The three of them were working in silence, every now and then Hope said something about where one thing should go. There was a soft music coming down the stairs, Lyall had brought out the old record player again taking turns in playing each Beatles record he owned.

It had been maybe an hour since they started moving the boxes so they would stand neatly on the corner of the room, Remus heard a high pitched scream from Sirius followed by a loud bang as he hit his head to the low ceiling very severely.

OW,” he bellowed just before he started whispering in panic. “Spiders!”

“I asked you especially if you were scared Sirius,” complained Remus and he went to get the things to get rid of the spiders. Attic wasn’t used regularly, there were bound to be some spiders and these were the smallest kind but it was enough to scare Sirius. 

“You should go put some ice on his head,” suggested Hope with a warm smile on her face. “This place is almost done.”

“Are you sure Mrs. Lupin?”

“Stop calling me Mrs. Lupin for God’s sake and go put some ice on your head.”

They went downstairs and Remus took the pac of frozen peas out of the freezer and slowly put it where Sirius’ skin was red. As Sirius took over the peas, their hands brushed for a second and an electric surge when through Remus’ veins.

“I’m sorry about reacting so harsh,” apologised Remus. “I guess I got angry because you hurt yourself.” 

“That’s a weird emotion,” smiled Sirius while furrowing his eyebrows at the pain he was feeling.

“You’re pressing it too much, just let me do it.”

Remus took the bag of frozen peas back and gently placed it on the same place and felt relief wash over Sirius. They were sitting at the dinner table, Remus a little hunched over to be at the same level as Sirius staring into each others eyes. It was incredible how the small details in his grey eyes made it obvious that Sirius Black was no ordinary man. The bluish stains in his eyes were more visible today as he wore a white t-shirt and not black for once. It was as dreamy as he had seen in his dream.

They both jumped as the door opened and closed and Lyall walked in the kitchen. 

“So is the attic clean enough for the Pettigrews to sleep in?”

“It probably is since Remus cleaned out the spiders,” joked Sirius. 

“I don’t understand how they fit in there,” said Remus, he was still holding the pea bag to Sirius’ head. “Even a rat would hesitate to live there, it’s so small and stuffy.”

“You are being dramatic, Remus,” snickered Lyall as he opened a cold beer. “So how did you hit your head, son?”

“I may or may not have screamed when I saw spiders and jumped a little,” confessed Sirius shyly. 

“Happens to the best of us,” he laughed in return and went to the living room to sit by the fireplace. 

After his father left Remus felt anxious about forcing Sirius to come here and cut wood and clean the attic with his family. He always assumed he was doing something good but what if he was bored.

“I’m sorry if you are bored here, I know London is way better than here,” began Remus biting his lip. “There are a few pubs close by we can go to one of them tomorrow and I’ll show you around a little.”

“Firstly, I am not bored. Secondly, when will you stop apologising?” he tilted his head to the side softly smiling. “Thirdly, I would appreciate that.” 

Why would you ever ask to take him to a pub?

The bloody dream was still in effect apparently but Remus couldn’t help but feel excited to take Sirius out tomorrow. Well, of course, it wasn’t a date but it was a chance to get to know him better and talk comfortably without the fear of his parents interrupting them. He felt like there was so much more to Sirius Black under the flawless pale skin than he let on and he wanted to dig through his perfect skin and find every small secret he kept to himself.

soul to keep, ch. 1

summary: marinette dupain-cheng is no stranger to unusual situations. a ghost wandering into her bedroom and pulling her into the mystery of who he was and how he died, however, is a touch out of the ordinary for her–and falling in love with him might just take the cake. ghost!adrien au.

genre: romance with equal parts (hopefully) humor and angst

cross-posted: ao3

next: ii | iii

For some time, he waded through thick, oily darkness. It clung to his feet and legs; it streamed into his nose and made breathing nearly impossible. When he attempted to push it apart, like curtains, it seeped through the gaps in his fingers and flooded back in, seemingly faster than before. He felt like he was burning, or drowning, or maybe both. But still, he kept going, because he couldn’t bear to think about what might happen if he stopped and sat down and let the darkness consume him.

When he stumbled through the last of the dark, onto the solid ground of a busy street, he wanted to weep with relief. When the tears didn’t come, he didn’t question it, but continued to move, trying to engage passersby so he could figure out where he was. But after the first dozen people refused to speak to him, or even stop to look at him—even when he stepped right in their paths—he realized he had entered a new kind of hell: these people were ignoring him because they could walk right through him. It was only then that he looked down at his own hands, only to see that there were none. For whatever reason, he was no longer of this Earth.

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Folk Names: Aerolith, Aerolite
Energy: Projective
Planet: none, meteorites are associated with the Universe
Elements: Akasha, Fire
Deity: The Great Mother
Associated Stones: Peridot, Diamond
Powers: Protection, Astral Projection

Magical/Ritual Lore:

Meteorites have long been held in fascination by humans. They have been thought to be gifts from the gods and goddesses. Certain meteorites, such as the Kaaba stone in Mecca and a stone thought to represent the Great Mother Goddess of Phrygia, have been worshipped as symbols of divinity.

A four-ton stone has been revered in China as a holy object since the 1200’s. The stone, shaped like a crouching ox, resides in a Bhuddist shrine. Recently, however, a team of Chinese geologists studied

the stone and determined it to be a meteorite that landed about 1,300 years ago. The stone is no longer worshiped. In Babylon the meteorite was a powerful magical protectant. It was thought to remove all evils due to its strange appearance and the "roar of its awful might.“

Peridot is often found in meteorites. I held a small cut meteorite recently and studied the green peridot crystals that were packed inside it. The stone was worth about $3,000, so it didn’t go home with me. Recently, tiny diamonds were found inside meteorites that fell in Mexico in 1969-the first discovered that had formed off of our planet.

At one place or another on Earth, meteorites were used to explain the origin of life. If rocks fell to the earth from space, so too could plants, water, animals and people.

Symbolically, meteorites can be viewed as the spiritual penetrating the physical, as astral power, divine order or whim, though a friend of mine says they’re the melted remains of spaceships from distant galaxies!

Magical Uses:

Meteorites are unearthly things, literally. They possess the powers of intergalactic flight, of movement, of speed, and of energy unhindered by gravity.

Use them in rituals of protection. Place one on the altar near white candles; or carry in the hand.

They are also called upon to promote astral projection. A small meteorite or a fragment of one is placed beneath the pillow during attempts at conscious astral projection.

Yes, they are available for sale at reasonable prices. I visited the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theatre’s gift shop in San Diego a few days ago and found small meteorites for $3.00.

[Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham]

It gets under my skin so bad when people tell me that I have no motivation.

excuse you, I have all the motivation in the world. my motivation for things is unearthly.

what I lack is the willpower to do the things that I am motivated about.

Strange, Unearthly Thing | Caged Lion

The single syllable was emphasized with a sharp rap of a cane on the ground. Pausing, Adhra lowered her aching arms to glance at the two figures standing in the empty stands. Pedros and the ballet instructor he had hired to ‘perfect her’. She had been part of the travelling freak show for a few weeks now, her hair was finally growing long once again, yet Pedros always insisted that it was worn up. Something the make-up artist said about showing the crowd what they wanted.

Rising up on her toes, Adhra tried to perform the routine that the French ballet instructor had created especially for her. “Non.” He snapped, rising from his bench and striding towards the stage with Adhra. Grabbing her thigh as if they were lovers, he lifted her leg up. “Like that.” The pain shot down her hamstring, Adhra holding back a pained whimper.