“Y/N? You okay?” Sam asked you,  his eyebrows knitted together. You sighed, trust your brother to notice. “ ’m fine.” You mumble, not bothering to look up. You knew he wouldn’t buy it, but you weren’t giving in that easily.
“Y/N.” He pressed, his voice was soft and sympathetic yet firm and insistent. At this point Dean and Cas looked up too. “Why are you upset?” Cas asked, tilting his head to the side slightly in question.

You sighed again, “It’s just-” You paused, glancing up at him quickly “been a long day.”
Dean gave you a tight smile, mumbled something a long the lines of “Wait here, Cas come with me”, got up from where he was sat and left the room. 

Sam scooted over you and gave you a big moose hug, you wrapped your arms round your brother and leaned against his warm body. “Sorry, I’m kind of a mess right now.” You laughed nervously, feeling him chuckle against you. He ruffled your hair as he spoke “Don’t worry, Y/N/N, we all get bad days.” 

Dean and Cas had arrived back in the bunker. Cas had a handful of packets of your favourite food and drinks. All unealthy. All amazing.
You couldn’t help but grin at cas’ innocent smile. “We couldn’t remember which ice cream you liked so we got them all.” Cas explained, holding up the tower of tubs. You giggled at him.

“Switch the TV on, we’re watching Netflix. You’re choice of show.” Dean winked at you. You were shocked, he never let you pick. Ever.

You were curled up on the sofa with your brothers and your favourite angel, watching your favourite TV show, and eating your favourite food. You couldn’t even remember why you were upset.

Requested by anon

Hi! I have a one-shot request? I’m dealing w/ some bad heartbreak right now. My fiancé committed suicide about 2 years back (I’m sorry its super depressing I hate to throw it at you) ((yes, we were engaged at 16. Together for 10 years.), & I didn’t think Id ever have what I had w/ him w/ anyone else ever again. Then I met this other guy, & he was super sweet and I thought… Maybe. But turns out he doesn’t feel the same at all. Maybe if you could write something to cheer me up involving TFW? <3
I’m so sorry to hear about this and I hope you’re doing okay, feel free to talk to me any time, love xxx
Also, sorry this took me forever to do…

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 This is litteraly one of the best Ichihime scene aside from the fact that it’s beautiful , touching , blablabla …. Because this scene had absolutly no purpose and yet it is still here 

What I mean is , it didn’t affect Ichigo because he never saw Orihime , this didn’t affect Orihime because she would not be able to remember (same goes for Chad) 

This scene brings ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to the plot , the character development or anything 

This scene is just the biggest FUCK YOU from Kubo to all the people who belittle Orihime’s feelings for Ichigo !

I mean after this scene ANY FUCKING ARGUMENT invalidating Orihime’s love is dead 

“it’s just a crush..”

BAM this scene 

“ it’s unealthy…”

BAM this scene

“ it’s an infatuation…”

BAM this scene

“ It makes Orihime weak ….”

BAM this scene

Kubo just wrote this scene in a “fuck you "purpose .

Clothes are made for You

Fat and skinny are a state of mind. As long as someone is healthy none of that should be relevant. Some people are thin because that’s just how they are, but they’re healthy. They might even be sickly. Some festivaly plump people are healthier than the skinny people that fit skin tight clothing. Some have conditions. Some are not healthy. 

Healthy should be the state of mind. 

Fashion makes me sick. I have been on both sides of the fence. And I have been healthy and unhealthy. 

The fashion industry might as well throw their expensive ass clothing on a stick because that’s all I see walking down the runway.

Everyone deserves to feel cute. And comfortable. They shouldn’t have to lose weight to fit into that cute dress they want. It should be made in their size. There is no good excuse why that dress fits a size 0 but there isn’t one in a size 14. 

Those models on the runway. That is their body type. That is their size. And even they have to fight to fit a size. No one should. 

We should be comfortable. And who we are. 

No one should have to look in the mirror and feel sad because they are not a certain height. Because they do not fit a certain size. Because they are not a certain weight. Because they are not a certain body type. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO STARVE OR STUFF TO FIT AN ITEM OF CLOTHING. 

Clothes are made to fit the body, to cover the skin from weather conditions. Clothes are made to make use feel cute. Clothes are made to express a style. Clothes are made to express who we are. Clothes are even an art if you so choose to make it. Clothes are made to fit. 

You are not made to fit the clothes. You are not made to skip your meals because it will make you a smaller pant size. The body is not met to bend to the will or size of an outfit. That outfit is made to bend to you. 

Stop unhealthy body-image. You are beautiful. Size does not matter. Health is more important than the dress you want. So focus on healthy.