Clothes are made for You

Fat and skinny are a state of mind. As long as someone is healthy none of that should be relevant. Some people are thin because that’s just how they are, but they’re healthy. They might even be sickly. Some festivaly plump people are healthier than the skinny people that fit skin tight clothing. Some have conditions. Some are not healthy. 

Healthy should be the state of mind. 

Fashion makes me sick. I have been on both sides of the fence. And I have been healthy and unhealthy. 

The fashion industry might as well throw their expensive ass clothing on a stick because that’s all I see walking down the runway.

Everyone deserves to feel cute. And comfortable. They shouldn’t have to lose weight to fit into that cute dress they want. It should be made in their size. There is no good excuse why that dress fits a size 0 but there isn’t one in a size 14. 

Those models on the runway. That is their body type. That is their size. And even they have to fight to fit a size. No one should. 

We should be comfortable. And who we are. 

No one should have to look in the mirror and feel sad because they are not a certain height. Because they do not fit a certain size. Because they are not a certain weight. Because they are not a certain body type. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO STARVE OR STUFF TO FIT AN ITEM OF CLOTHING. 

Clothes are made to fit the body, to cover the skin from weather conditions. Clothes are made to make use feel cute. Clothes are made to express a style. Clothes are made to express who we are. Clothes are even an art if you so choose to make it. Clothes are made to fit. 

You are not made to fit the clothes. You are not made to skip your meals because it will make you a smaller pant size. The body is not met to bend to the will or size of an outfit. That outfit is made to bend to you. 

Stop unhealthy body-image. You are beautiful. Size does not matter. Health is more important than the dress you want. So focus on healthy. 

On my health & fitness for the next few weeks...

I’ve been so bad lately. I have been tearing up some Sneaker’s Ice Cream Bars. I litterally ate 12 in 2 days. :(

Getting ready to get off work, I told someone “I can’t wait to get home, I got 3 ice cream bars waiting on me. I been thinking about them all day!”

They were like “Three? You’re going to eat them all?” I said, “Yep!”  It’s like…I know I can spread them out…they’re not going anywhere, but knowing they are in my freezer…I feel the responsibility to eat them. lol

But now I’m on a health kick. 12 ice cream bars in 2 days, I seriously don’t want to look at another sneakers bar!