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Should I be afraid of what's happening between the usa and north korea right now?

If you live in Minnesota, probably not yet. If you live in California like I do, you might want to make sure your bug-out bag is prepped (fortunately, @gohst-prncss-awez already has that covered in our home). If you live in Honolulu or Saipan, you should probably be scared. And if you live in Seoul, you’ve already been terrified for the last 60 years.

Seriously, North Korea has been so problematic and so unpredictable for so long that it has sort of tempered our worries or fears about what they consistently have threatened to do. But North Korea has a bellicose, inexperienced, and irrational leader who doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of his actions at the same exact moment in history that the United States has a bellicose, inexperienced, and irrational leader who doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions. Nothing is normal anymore and everything is dangerous. So, I don’t know for sure how the rest of the world should feel, but I’m pretty fucking terrified about the current situation. And it’s not like I have been sleeping easily since Inauguration Day in the first place.

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"On sait de source sûre qui a la plus grosse" On veut en savoir plus 👁

alors figure toi qu'en janvier dernier j'ai eu le plaisir d'aller aux usa où j'ai rencontré martin……. il s'avère que hugo était à ce moment là au même endroit pour l'élection présidentielle. le fameux petit sachet de weed et quelques verres consommés et la comparaison a pu être faite ;)

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Who in U.S politics would make a good Secretary General, if they were allowed?

Bill Clinton would be an amazing Secretary-General of the United Nations and I think there was a time where most of the rest of the world would have supported that, as well, but we’ll probably see an American Pope before we see an American Secretary-General of the UN. But Bill Clinton could have really used his abilities to build the United Nations and make that position mean something more than it traditionally has, especially in countries like ours where the United Nations is just seen as a potential political tool for us to use when we need it, but we don’t turn to it anymore because we can usually get what we want or need through NATO.

By the way, there was probably a time right after she left the State Department that Hillary Clinton would have been a good fit for Secretary-General of the United Nations. It might not have been as much of a slam-dunk as Bill Clinton, but she had the international respect and popularity before she dove back into electoral politics. 

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Could you link me or tell me how to get a sidebar hover like you have? Like when you hover over it it shows you the description. I would google it but I don't know what the exact name is. Thank you :)

Hi anon, try googling for ‘css’, 'hover (effect)’ and 'transition’. Here are some links/tutorials which are quite helpful: bradshawenterprises, danstorm, the-art-of-web and w3schools.com.