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In which Bakugou is me


Imagine Draco being jealous of Blaise being flirtatious towards you.

Requested by @cabinetxbattles - Could you do a Draco x Reader where Draco is jealous that Blaise is flirting with the reader and he decides to show y/n that he is better? Super fluffy and kisses please 

A/N: hope you like it, love. Also, I found inspiration on a post on facebook… I know. I don’t really know how to tag it in without tagging in my friend so this part was pointless really, yet i’m still going.

Gender Neutral Reader

Words: 786

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Draco stared watching the scene in front of him. Blaise stood whilst trapping Y/N between himself and the wall and their friends who were surrounding them as they were waiting for Draco to come out of class. It was only when Blaise made Y/N laugh at one of his jokes or attempts at flirting that Draco started to glare, he was in a bad mood now… all thanks to Blaise.

Draco walked up to them and grabbed Y/N’s hand in his as he walked ahead of his friends, not really in the mood to entertain them.  

Y/N: Babe, what’s wrong?

Draco: Nothing.

Y/N knew not to push any further and decided to drop the subject and began following Draco to the Great Hall for lunch.  

Some time had passed and Draco had calmed down slightly, enough to enjoy a joke or two from Y/N. His mood soon became sour again when Blaise joined in with the odd flirtatious comment and innuendo at Y/N’s expense.  Draco’s fists clenched harder and harder as he tried to keep his composure in front of his people and the school, knowing his father would be mad if he caused a scene.  

After the final class Draco had cooled down completely. As the class walked out of the dreary potions class room Y/N, who had been waiting outside with his friends that weren’t in the class, jumped at Draco as he turned the corner to head to the Slytherin common room. Immediately Draco’s day brightened as bright as his smile was that he only ever held for Y/N.  

His smile towards Y/N turned into his signature smirk as his friends walked around the corner and came into view. Y/N stood close to Draco whilst they talked.

Y/N: so, how was potions?

Draco: It was as entertaining as it always is.  

Draco said sounding completely indifferent, causing Y/N to laugh at his words. Draco almost joined in but when Blaise came into view Draco’s mood had a slightly sour edge. The group all hung around outside the potions classroom, to much into their conversation and banter to take any bother in moving.  
As the conversation changed so did Draco’s mood, once again. Draco found that Blaise had placed himself next to Y/N so that Y/N stood in between Blaise and Draco. Draco watched with the corner of his eye as Blaise moved closer to Y/N to the point where they are almost touching.  It wasn’t until Y/N had laughed at something Blaise had said that Draco finally snapped. It wasn’t that Y/N laughed nor what Blaise had said, but the Blaise’s reaction from Y/N’s laughter. Blaise looked as though he was undressing Y/N with his eyes, Draco made eye contact with Blaise for just a second and it was the fact that Blaise knew that Draco had seen when he had done and Blaise wasn’t even apologetic. That is what made Draco snap.  

Draco wrapped his arm around Y/N’s waist and pulled them closer to him whilst glaring at Blaise. Y/N turned to look at Draco they only saw so much before Draco leant in and attacked Y/N with kisses. Y/N, liking the attention Draco was giving them, kissed back both completely ignoring Blaise’s cough as he tried to interrupt the couple. Draco pulled back for a moment before glancing at Blaise with a smirk on his face, an expression that didn’t go unnoticed by Y/N.  

Draco: *to Y/N* Do you want to go to the common room?

Y/N simply nodded and let Draco take them by the hand as they walked away.  

Once the couple reached the common room and had sat down together on the leather couches.  

Y/N: was somebody jealous?  

Y/N teasingly asked.  Draco simply shook his head causing Y/N to scoff.  

Y/N: oh please, don’t think I didn’t see the look you gave Blaise after you snogged me in front off all our friends. *Draco chuckles*

Draco: what did you expect me to do, He had been flirting with you all day. And just then he was undressing you with eyes. *He said causing Y/N to chuckle*

Y/N: So you do admit you were jealous?

Draco: I wasn’t jealous, Jealousy is wanting something that isn’t yours… I was protecting what’s already mine.

Draco spoke with a devilish smirk causing Y/N to blush. It was like a switch had flipped and the couple couldn’t keep their hands of each other as Draco pulled Y/N in for another kiss.  

[A/N: I really hoped you like it, had trouble writing it so let me know what you think, that would be great xx]

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Payback (M)

Jimin x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, light choking, daddy kink, kinda public??, idk man it’s just filth

Word Count: 3,125

Summary:  Park fucking Jimin was sin incarnate, and he knew it too. You have had it with his extra ass on stage, he was always taking some article of clothing off and you were at your wits end. This means war.

A/N: This is my fic, I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Your jaw was on the floor after watching BTS’ new comeback stage. As if the low cut shirts, lip bites, sexual lyrics, and all around rudeness wasn’t enough, Jimin decided he needed to up the ante and undress on stage looking like sin itself. Fucker. He knew exactly what he was doing, and you decided he needed to be punished.

Dressing in all his favourites; your shorts, oversized sweater and thigh high socks that always got to him, you headed to the boys’ dorm for a movie night after making sure your coat covered everything. You arrived at the dorm quicker than anticipated, and after being let in by Hoseok and attacked by the boys with hugs, you learned that Jimin was still in the shower. Settling down on the couch you took your jacket off and got comfortable with a bowl of popcorn when you felt several pairs of eyes on you. Looking up, you saw the boys eying your outfit and you smiled to yourself, your plan already working. Jimin walked out of the shower with his hair still damp, wearing sweats and a loose t shirt. He looked around the room and noticed that all eyes were on you, a smile spreading on his face as he met your eyes, then he saw why they were staring and his face hardened.

Strike one.

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Wager (NSFW)

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Ivar the Boneless x Reader

Warnings: smut, sibling rivalry

Request by: @wisewinnerstrawberry

A/N: Hey look, I finally wrote a request. Again though, if you have made a request please don’t fucking ask me when it’ll be posted. I’m super serious about this.

“Oh please, you couldn’t even if your life depended on it!” Bjorn bellowed, his drink sloshing out of his cup as he waved it in the air. “None of you could!”

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pastelgothiclesbian  asked:

Okay, so can you make a fic where dan is tied town and Phil has a vibrating wand on his cock and dan screaming and writhing around and he finally cums. BUT Phil does not let up and keeps the vibrator and the head of god cock until he is crying from the overstimulation.


Okay so gUYS I went to the potato bowl it was fuckin lit ++ dirty anons are back on @subbydan-answers for all you sinners ++ I’m doing OCs on my writing tumblr @somanydestiel

Tags: Overstim, Bondage, Edging, dom!Phil, top!Phil, Degradation, Daddy Kink, very rough rough rough play, cumplay if you squint really hard, Aftercare

- Looking back, Dan really shouldn’t have teased Phil and then gone off to touch himself without permission, because he’s now tied tightly to his bed, Phil staring at him with that smirk and his hands behind his back. “Do you know why I’m punishing you, slut?” He asks as he crosses the room and climbs onto the bed above Dan.

- “Yes, Daddy-” Dan’s voice is cut off when Phil slaps him across the face- not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to sting.

- “Naughty whores like you don’t get Daddies.”

- “Yessir, sorry sir,” Dan amends, eyes shut and trying not to focus on his hard on. Knowing Phil, he won’t be cumming for a while yet. Phil kisses Dan softly on the lips before moving to his neck, biting and sucking dark marks into the skin there. It makes Dan wiggle and his eyes glaze over, because his neck has always been pretty sensitive.

- Phil sits back on his haunches, admiring the mess he’s already made of Dan, and then reveals what’s behind his back- a hitachi wand. Just the sight of it makes Dan’s cock twitch because he loves it, loves how good it feels, how quickly it can make him cum. Tonight is going to be hard. “I’m going to edge you once for every hour your slutty little ass teased me today.”

-Nine. Phil is going to edge him nine times. Dan bites his lip when Phil turns on the wand, hips lifting off the bed just at the sound. He whines in the back of his throat when it does touch him, vibrating up and down his length, Phil moving it slowly with a dangerous look on his face. “Feel good?” Dan makes an affirmative humming sound, looking at Phil pleadingly. Already, he’s wrecked, needy, and close. Riling Phil up takes a toll on him too. Right as Dan’s about to come, the ask for permission on the tip of his tongue, Phil pulls the wand away, running it up and down Dan’s ribs instead, brushing it over his nipples once or twice as Dan calms down slightly. “One. Beg me to touch you again, bitch.”

- “Sir, please, please touch me. Please punish me an’ make me yours sir. ‘M sorry I was bad, just please touch me.” For a long moment, Phil keeps mindlessly moving the wand, dragging it over Dan’s inner thighs. Then, out of nowhere, it’s pressed against Dan’s taint and balls, just enough pressure that Dan squirms. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moves it up to the sensitive head of Dan’s cock, holding it there.

- “You’ve had worse,” Phil says with mild disinterest when Dan whimpers. “Be lucky I’m even bothering to touch a disgusting slut like you.” This time, Dan very nearly comes, but it’s taken away from him as the first spurt starts to dribble out of his cock. While Dan ‘cools down,’ if you can even call it that, Phil collects the cum with his fingers and presses them to Dan’s lips to clean. “Don’t get my toy dirty,” he chastises. Just like that, it’s back, and Dan nearly sobs with desperation. The amount of time is even shorter this time, and continues on in much the same pattern until Dan’s been edged eight times.

- Setting down the wand, Phil crawls on top of Dan and balances with his jean-covered thigh pressed between Dan’s legs, one hand balancing himself to the left of Dan’s head, and his right around Dan’s throat, pressing down so that Dan’s breathing gets shallow and his cheeks turn a darker shade of pink. “Rut against my thigh like the pathetic piece of shit you are,” he growls. That’s all Dan needed, and his hips rapidly drive his little cock forward for the painful friction and it feels so fucking good to be beneath Phil like this, surrounded by his scent, tears in the corners of his eyes. Precum smears onto the denim and Dan is about to come, a moan caught in his throat when Phil jumps off of him. No more weight against Dan’s body, no more hand on his throat, no more leg for him to get off on.

- “Sir, I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please let me cum, please! Please, sir, I’ll do anything, please! I’m sorry I won’t be bad ever again I’ll do anything sir please!”

- Instead of answering, he picks back up the vibrator and presses it to the head of Dan’s cock again. “You can cum,” Phil says casually, but what makes Dan hit his high is the way Phil reaches into his pants to start stroking himself, eyes never leaving Dan’s shaking form. But once Dan cums, Phil doesn’t move the vibrator, despite Dan’s protests and attempts to shift his hips away from it. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” Phil mocks. “Thought the fucking whore wanted to cum.”

- “I did, I did, thank you so much Master but ‘s too much, stop, too much, no more,” Dan pleads, barely intelligible.

- Phil, the little shit, purposely misinterprets. “What’s that? You want me to make you cum over and over and then fuck you? Beg me.” No, that’s not what Dan wants, but he’s so far into subspace that he immediately starts begging, even though Phil’s already made up his mind. “You have permission to cum as much as you like.” He undresses then reaches for the lube, coats his fingers, and pushes two in at once. Dan’s used to it, and Phil knows how much Dan loves the burn of the sudden stretch. He seeks out Dan’s prostate quickly, and attacks it with his fingers, managing to get Dan to cum three more times (The last two dry) before he’s ready to fuck him, the wand still mercilessly against the head of Dan’s cock. He moves it when he pushes into Dan, and instead uses the hand to choke Dan again.

-”Sir, sir, Daddy, no, please, Daddy, Daddy, Phil too much, no!” Dan all but screams, sobbing, but Phil doesn’t- if Dan really wanted him to stop, he’d safeword. The fifth time Dan cums, he passes out. Phil. Doesn’t. Stop. He keeps fucking, and as he gets close, he takes Dan’s soft cock in his hand and jerks him off in time with it until Dan hits one last high, without even getting hard, moaning in his sleep and arching his back. Phil pulls out and looks at Dan, almost amazed. The boy’s neck is lined with hickeys and fingerprints, his cock and hole red and abused, come dripping out of him and drying on his chest. 

-While Dan’s still out, Phil starts a bath, brings in the wand and some water, and gently wipes the cum off of Dan with a damp warm washcloth. “Dan, sweetheart,” he whispers, shaking Dan’s shoulder. “Wake up, baby. Let Daddy take care of you.” Dan’s eyes blink open, unfocused, and his swollen lips are slightly parted. “Deep breath for me, Dan. Look at me.” It takes a minute, but Dan eventually does. “There you are. You did such a good job for me, baby. My beautiful little boy, doing so well for his Daddy.”

- “’M not pathetic?” Dan asks blearily.

- “Of course not, I love you so much, Dan. Can I pick you up and carry you to the bath?” Dan nods and winds his arms around Phil’s neck, allowing himself to be bridal carried to the bathroom. “What bath bomb, baby?” Dan looks over the basket of them and points to a dark midnight one with gold sparkles in it, marketed as being a lavender scent. Of course he picks the darkest one in there- even as out of it as he is, Dan has standards. Phil sets Dan on the toilet seat and drops in the bomb, waiting for it to fizzle all the way before lifting Dan up again and setting him in the hot water. While Dan relaxes, Phil wipes down the wand, brushes his teeth, and puts on his glasses in lieu of his contacts, occasionally glancing at Dan in the mirror to make sure he’s alright.

- As soon as he’s done, Phil whispers “lean forward” and climbs into the bath behind Dan, so that the younger is between his legs and leaning back against his chest. “Open your mouth.” Dan does, and Phil uncaps the water bottle to hold it to Dan’s lips, slowly getting him to drink the whole bottle. When it’s done and the bath is getting cold, Phil unplugs the drain and gets the warm water running again while he washes Dan’s hair. As he moves on to wash Dan’s body, he accidentally brushes Dan’s sensitive cock, earning the softest mewl of protest Phil’s ever heard, which makes his heart absolutely melt. “Don’t worry, we’re all done. After the bath, let’s go to bed, beautiful.”

- He carefully dries Dan off with a fluffy towel, and carries him back to Phil’s room. Dan’s room is where they scene, and then they sleep in Phil’s clean bed. “I know, I’ll be right back,” Phil says as he puts Dan down, since the boy made a soft sound of dissent. He pulls on a pair of boxers and grabs some clothes for Dan. “Arms up.” The green uni hoodie comes over Dan’s head. “Up for me real quick, baby.” Dan stands up long enough for a pair of boxers and soft pajama pants to be pulled onto him. “There you go. I love you so much, Dan. You did such a good job for me and I’m so proud of you,” Phil assures, kneeling and putting one hand on Dan’s face, thumb smoothing over his cheekbone. “My good little boy.”

- Dan throws his arms around Phil’s neck and cries, while Phil just holds him until it’s out of his system. “My good boy, Dan. You’re so amazing, I love you, you’re my perfect baby.” At that point, Dan pulls away and lets Phil kiss his forehead, then lies back on the bed with a slight shiver. Phil pulls the duvet back and gets both of them under it, then throws an arm over Dan’s waist, holding him close while they fall asleep.

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standing there, so close to the warmth and the flickering red light of the candles, magnus’s fingers rubbed together idly as he listened to the sounds that were echoing through the cloisters. the space had been transformed for the cabinet meeting, looking nearly nothing like the open training space magnus knew it was. but underneath the furniture and the fragrant displays of flowers, magnus could feel the buzz of the institute as it always was.

raphael and meliorn were talking a couple of feet away at the table and behind that there were other voices, humming technology and that cold feeling that this place set in your bones. magnus had never been fond of it, but now it was making his skin crawl and he wasn’t sure if that feeling would ever really dissipate. but that was the last thing on his mind as he stood there, finger worrying his thumb, his lips pursed and the flickering candlelight reflected in his eyes. there were so many things flowing through his mind he wasn’t sure where to start and he breathed in slow, eyes falling shut as he tried to pick one thing out of the rolling waves of his thoughts.

he wasn’t sure there was one he could separate from the others and he wasn’t sure he wanted to think about any of them. there was an exhaustion sitting in him far beneath the surface that had nothing to do with lost hours of sleep or the long busy days he was pushing himself through. those two things were easy, those two things were helping. because stopping was deadly, stopping meant the waves might crash over him.

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Taehyung: Please, stop staring at me like that. Undressing me with your eyes.

Yoongi: I’m adding more clothes, Taehyung.

Submitted by @goldenleoxx


Requested by Anon

Pairing: Jordan Parrish x Reader
Word count: 302
Warnings: None

”Is that mine?” Parrish smirked as he saw you sitting in the sofa along with your book. You tilted your head up towards were his voice came from and furrowed your brows in confusion.

”What’s yours?” you asked and closed your book to place it on the table in front of you. Parrish took a step towards you and leaned forward to were you sat, he knelt down on the couch and popped the collar of the shirt you were wearing.

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