End of summer, end of the Ode to the Ode to Nature before I /
start my September, school of premiere–they might be weights
fundamental but the foundations explain collections of vertical
(she is doing much more) dower. I connect plants to Heaven //
Undreamt often thinking sensual of shelter (it is a book!) they
are our holiday experts and beloved ideas, touch your Christ—
mas, dried fingers as materials. Chorus stunning free la nature
c'est bien celles: consider the connection, it works three and //
Trinity in reflection we rest très charnellement inimitable this
virtuoso of a more focused on a fresh butterfly effect in output,
the theme is a quote. I’m home in response, a summary here of
intimations and time when all seemed celestial, the audience //
stage production–elements of tenements saved the next related
previous but you may like a floral texture of appreciations:–––
perception of the conflicted noise i.e. pain/joy intensity i.e. 0 (  
zero) makes the neophyte crack wildlife. Our hero is back with
a little help. Distinctive organic jewelry / go go go is all clear /
Saint Lucia’s teaching soul (“I recently visited an old forest”)–:
part childhood and part my doubts visualized. Find the perfect
name if you can’t travel, découvrez toutes les promotions. Did
you go to the woods to spy a sélection des plus belles œuvres /
de la musique inextricable? i.e. another episode: you are going

Take this quiet moment, love
and use it as you will
A captive glance, a folded wing
unbroken, perfect, still
A space between the dark and dawn
wherein a soul might hide
from the suffering and madness
from the emptiness inside
Take my hand and close your eyes
and tell me what you see
when the world fades out of focus
and the day to memory
We’ve unwalked miles below our feet
undreamt wonders above
but time yet to be breathless
Take this quiet moment, love


Achievement Unlocked:  Dragon Con 2015.

What they told me about Dragon Con is true.  Like caramel drenched ice cream served out of a solid gold bra, it is simultaneously sweet and decadent, exotic and familiar.  

This was my first year.  I was lured by the stories of the crew who’d gone in my stead last year.  Stories of costumed shenanigans as wild and goofy as a gas leak in special effects warehouse.  Stories of bizarre drunken conversations and collaborations heretofore undreamt of, like “Stephen-Hawking’s secret life as a cyborg porn-star super-hero” fan-fiction.  Stories intensified as the weekend progresses by severely late nights, and blinding hangover mornings.

In this case, history repeats itself.  Competitively.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the young, hard-partying buck I used to… (wait.  I was never a hard-partying buck.  Nevermind.)  But I was younger once, in the long-long-ago.  Able to shrug off sleepless nights with nearly the same ease Anakin Skywalker shrugged off being someone we ever gave a crap about.  In prepping for a show, I have a bad habit of steamrolling through a night or two prepping and over-thinking.  Dragon Con’s insomnia carried some inertia, and I spent the first night at the hotel in the lobby sketching and doing pre-altered Liliana of the Veil.  

The exhaustion that followed caused me to be the one who broke the spell and turned everyone back into pumpkins each night.  I’m a dick like that when I’m tired.  So I missed everything that happened after 3am each night.  Yes, at that point it still hasn’t even begun to wind down.

Nevertheless, a great many adventures were had.  Cosplayer ribaldry! boisterous artist revelry!  Defilement of not just cards, but costumes and books and bottlecaps!  (Which you’ll just have to use your imagination for, as they were a little to boisterous to be SFW.)  I have to say, I like the fun-loving, and unapologetically irreverent attitude that pervades Dragon Con.

The juxtaposition of culture is delightful.  For example, at a restaurant fancy enough that the waiter was explaining wines in great detail, with words I swear he was making up, the table next to us sat a lovely couple, Dom Vader and Boba Fetish.  Who would get their waiter’s attention throughout the evening with their whipsabers.

Thanks Dragon Con!  I’m looking forward to joining you again next year!  

Only two more shows this year!  Salt Lake City Comic Con next week, and Lucca Comics and Games at the end of October!

001–dear you, gosh darling dear you are someone, not just anyone, but someone. you are a favorite, a love, a friend, someone’s blessing from above you are the first breath of fresh air at 6am when even the sun hasn’t woken up fully so the sky still smells like dreams yet undreamt and you are someone. not the someone that you were before, no you are someone now, right now, like the hands ticking down time till a tomorrow that never comes but keeps on ticking anyways and you are the wait, the last step before the stage lights flare, the curtains draw, you are applause and smiles and a million cameras vying for your attention, you are someone. so whoever that someone is, whoever it is you want to be, be

002–i hope you can taste in the sweet lingering kick of your first sip of coffee of the day, just how much i love you. i hope you can hear in the opening note of your favorite song, and no, it doesn’t have to be a love song, most songs about love aren’t love songs, just how much i miss you. i hope you can feel in the last wash of warm breath over your cheeks, smell in the waft of bakeries and childhood memories just what you meant and will always mean to me. and i hope you know that i will always love you, no matter where, and when, and who you are, decide to be. always. 

003–but sometimes, sometimes we are not piano music that bubbles over the tub in trills or the ladders we climb to reach the top of each others spines, the words we kiss into our skins, sometimes we are just strings of sentences left unsaid, like the ones you feel stuck in your teeth after a family dinner, or the ones you taste at the back of your throat right before you go to bed, the swelling on your tongue when someone else cuts you off, sometimes, we are nothing more than tangled balls of unfinished thought, cut and snipped, and i wonder if the world wouldn’t be a softer place if we’d just let other people finish saying what they wanted to say. 

004–then again, aren’t we all just stolen bits of other people’s unfinished stories? 

005–remind me again, how mine is supposed to end, because i forgot somewhere between the lines of growing up and aging and those are completely different things, mind you, becauase your age is someting that changes every year, on the year, on the dot, but your growth–that can go any which way, and i guess that’s why some people break because too many people are trying to make them grow in too many directions at once.