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jealous misconceptions // newt scamander

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request: Fic where reader thinks that newt and Tina are dating and she doesn’t want to ruin it (but she’s jealous af) and is angsty but has a happy ending? (by @this-is-a-unique-username)

a/n: jealously fics are the bomb tbh and it’s nEWT SO

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(y/n) (y/l/n) had been irrevocably and undoubtedly in love with Newt Scamander since fourth year.

Fourth. Year.

It had started out as a teeny tiny crush on the cute boy who had been her partner in Potions, but as (y/n) got to knew him better, she found herself unable to pull away, despite the numerous other boys that had never managed to tear her away from Newt.

For three years, (y/n) tried to work up the courage to confess her feelings, but Newt never seemed to be as enamoured with her as he had been with Leta Lestrange. As the years passed, (y/n) had slowly began accepting that she would never become anything more than a friend to Newt Scamander, and they graduated Hogwarts as close friends.

But (y/n)’s feelings for him never left.


‘Over the moon’ could accurately describe how (y/n) was feeling right now. She clutched the letter tightly, rereading it again.

Dearest (y/n),

this is Newt Scamander. From Hogwarts, remember? Anyways, I recalled you writing to me several weeks ago about how your new job in the Department of International Magical Cooperation would require you to be sent to New York to work with MACUSA for a week. I was wondering if you would be willing to have me accompany you on this trip, since I thought that it would be nice not to travel alone and also as I do want to visit some American friends of mine.

I eagerly look forward to your reply.


Newt Scamander

And, of course, the answer was a ‘yes’.

Newt and (y/n) had arrived in New York several hours earlier, and were slowly making their way from the port to the central city blocks of New York, Newt excitedly pointing out landmarks to (y/n).

After another hour of walking, however, the sun began to set, and (y/n) found herself standing in front of a brownstone which seemed to be a women’s home. Confused as to why there were at a women’s home, of all places, and not a hotel, (y/n) had barely gotten to open her mouth when Newt grabbed her wrist and Apparated away.

Stumbling slightly upon landing, (y/n) narrowly missed banging her head into a wall as Newt knocked on the door with three quick, successive, raps.

The mahogany door was swung open by a tall, very official-looking brunette, who threw her arms around Newt happily, much to (y/n)’s surprise and slight discomfort. The pair continued hugging as (y/n) was left standing off to the side very awkwardly.

Another woman - a pretty blonde - appeared at the apartment entrance, clearing her throat loudly and glancing at (y/n) apologetically. “Tina!” The blonde snapped softly, “We have a guest, if you weren’t too preoccupied to notice.”

The short-haired brunette - Tina, (y/n) reminded herself silently - and Newt sprung apart, blushing heavily, which made (y/n) feel even more confused, and slightly hurt.

I didn’t know Newt had found a girlfriend, (y/n) thought, envious of the woman who had managed to capture Newt’s heart in less than a year, when she herself had tried to get Newt to notice her romantically for nearly half a decade, to no avail.

“(y/n), right?”

Trying to suppress her bitterness, (y/n) lifted her head in a silent acknowledgement, giving the blonde who had spoken a polite smile.

“I’m Queenie - it’s amazing to meet you, really. Now, come on in! Dinner’s almost ready,” the blonde said happily, her voice airy and light.

(y/n) could only hope that dinner wouldn’t be as awkward as what was happening in the hallway right then.

Queenie was a delight to talk to, and (y/n) found her damp spirits being lifted considerably whenever she and Queenie began a particularly interesting conversation, only to feel upset again when (y/n) caught Newt and Tina sharing little, private glances.

However, as the glances became more intense and as (y/n) began to feel more and more like an outsider, she hurriedly excused herself to use the bathroom, trying to suppress her feelings and conflicting thoughts.

Quickly locking the bathroom door, (y/n) leant against the wall defeatedly, burying her head in her hands as she tried to calm herself down. Jealousy was now running rampant throughout her body, but also a slight self-loathing.

She had had her chance and Newt, and she blew it. Newt had now found someone he truly liked, and it would be incredibly selfish to take that away from him.

Just five more days, (y/n), then you won’t ever have to see Newt Scamander or Tina ever again.

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I’m excited about the new scenes we’ll get with Mickey!
I’m excited for the new songs that will be incorporated into the fanmixes, for the new lines of dialogue that will become urls on Tumblr, for the new bits of scenes that will be part of fanvids. I’m excited for the new photosets, the gifsets, the fanart. I’m excited for the new fanfiction with missing scenes and with post-mortem scenes and for the ones which will be written to try to fix the mess the show will once again, undoubtedly, make. I’m excited for the new canon-divergence AUs.
Sure, it’d be much better with a Gallavich happy ending, but I don’t know if that’s even possible after all the show has put them through. So I’m excited for the new ways the fans will take over and do their magic in order to please other fans.
And guys, I’m SO excited!

Today is the Positivity Day, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to one of the most positive Kuroshitsuji characters - Elizabeth Midford.
Many SebaCiel shippers dislike her, so today I’ll try to explain why I myself, as a SebaCiel shipper, love and respect Lizzy so much.

Lizzy is the only thing that keeps Ciel’s faint connection to “light”.
Sure, Sebastian understands Ciel better than anyone else. Two years of being together made them become one. Sebastian undoubtedly saved Ciel from complete loneliness (not to mention that without Sebastian Ciel would’ve probably been dead by now). He protects the young master, makes him cookies and they are constantly mocking each other like old buddies.
But do you really think this is enough for a 13-year old boy? He is still just a kid. He needs to communicate with his peers, but instead he is only going out to investigate mass murders.

And above all, Sebastian is the darkness.

Lizzy is the light.
She is always trying to cheer Ciel up and bring some happiness and fun into his life.

And Ciel, though he doesn’t realize that himself, is reaching for this light. He doesn’t show that because he is a tsundere but he really feels good when spending time with Lizzy. She is the only reminder of his happy childhood.

Many people find her obsession with cute things annoying. But she became like this for him.

Even if Ciel doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her, he deeply cares about her as his dear cousin and friend.

Don’t forget, that she is still just a girl. It’s amazing how desperate and serious is her love for Ciel.

She is strong.

She went through a great loss when she was just a child.

Being the wife of the queen’s watchdog is not easy. But she bears this fate with dignity.

And lately, I feel like she is in danger.
Seeing one of the most cheerful characters with this sad blank look in the eyes really breaks my heart. So let’s all cross our fingers for Lizzy.

She’s really done a lot for Ciel.

Happy Positivity Day everyone!

Have you ever experienced the crippling anxiety of being absolutely unable to decide on what to order because each option looks so good and so delicious and by choosing one you’ll neglect having the experiences of the other options which will undoubtedly seem like wildly better choices in your imagination because the grass is always greener kind of thing and you fear you’ll have order remorse when you get your food ahhhh what to pick what to pick just pick one come on you can do it oh no here comes the waiter and he’s gonna want to know YES WE NEED MORE TIIIIIIME!

Causes of Compromise of Our Convictions

What motivates us to do wrong even when we know what’s right?

Fear of Criticism. Since we live in a society in which people claim it is their right to do as they please, standing for our Christian convictions or telling them what God thinks or says about their conduct will undoubtedly draw criticism.

Fear of Rejection. If we share what we believe or live according to godly convictions, we may not be accepted by those who follow their own desires. However, sacrificing righteous standards to please others will only result in the loss of all that God has planned for us. It’s much better to live for Christ and follow His commandments so we can receive God’s best.

Fear of Loss. Sometimes we are reluctant to stand for our convictions because we could lose our friends. However, any friend who draws us away from obedience to the Lord is not a true friend. As God’s people, it’s time for us to take a firm stand for our faith and convictions no matter what the consequences may be. Our priority is to be pleasing to Christ so we can stand in the judgment having been faithful to Him and His Word.

-Charles Stanley