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Do you think Cuphead and Mugman would act similar to Miguel and Tulio from El Dorado when they ate older (if they arent already) ?

Yknwo i was paying a bit of attention to both Tulio and Miguels personalities compared to my headcanoned personalities for cuphead and mugman. 

Cuphead is obviously the impulsive gambler, willing to take any prize at any cost if it peaks his interest even slightly, almost like a kleptomaniac. So, of course, that aligns with miguel. Mugman on the other hand, is smart and calculated. Basically the left brain to Cupheads right brain. So that would align with Tulio, undoubtedly. But what gets me is that I sort of imagined Cuphead being the harder, stubborn type while mugman is the happy-go-lucky kind of fella. So, in that aspect, it’s sort of flip-flopped. But even if you tried switching the roles, they would only be half accurate.

BUT I’m sort of getting the feeling that their MOB AU counterparts would fit a lot better with Miguel and Tulio’s personalities with their originally designated roles. 

My only regret with becoming a Johnlock shipper in the ACD Sherlock Holmes/Granada fandom is that I’ve been in it for all of two months and it may have ruined me for almost all other romance. My expectations are just too high now.

Romance is my favorite genre, but it can be so hard to be satisfied when you want your romance to be interesting. Sometimes you just get two characters and the most interesting thing about them is that they’re going to end up together. You see it all the time, especially in mainstream het romance. Sometimes the setup is literally just: “Boy meets girl.” And we’re supposed to stay invested in it. Like, why should I care about these characters as people? Who are they outside their attraction to each other and why should I root for them to be together instead of apart?

And then you get Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. This isn’t boy meets boy.
This is neurotypical, bisexual medical man with postwar scarring and PTSD meets manic-depressive, neurodivergent, gay (and possibly graysexual) genius with a drug addiction. Not only is that one of the most interesting setups for romance I have ever encountered - - and I’m not even including the cases here - - but it is just… the most heartwarming and beautiful thing. Ever.

Because if you order your ACD canon on a bed of Granada, my shallow labels don’t even begin to do these characters justice. They don’t cover Holmes’ playfulness and his heroic heart, or Watson’s boyish laugh and his sometimes embarrassing levels of sincerity. Not to mention the never-ending warmth in their eyes whenever they look at each other. And that’s not even the half of it. Any one quirk of their characters that other stories would reduce them to for the angst or excitement just builds these two into round, whole people, who almost feel alive. And they make each other better.

The hilarious part is that the adventures of Sherlock Holmes aren’t even a romance by definition. They’re mysteries and tales of social intrigue - - and yet, the romance is undoubtedly there, so long as you’re keeping your eyes open for it. In Granada, you’re plopped right into the middle of the love story.  We get both the adventure of the cases and the domesticity of Baker Street. Between the wild disguises and crazy locales and daring chases, we get a warm room, a meal from Mrs. Hudson, and the easy physical intimacy of two people who live together and love each other deeply.

These characters are so multifaceted and their lives are incredible - - and yet, in a way, it’s to be expected. The extraordinary is everyday for Holmes and Watson because every day is extraordinary. Maybe that’s a bit cheesy, but it’s also terribly interesting.

Which is to say, I’m new, I’m hooked, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be quite as satisfied by anything else. Maybe most other love stories just need 130 years to catch up.

Well, today is the day I die.

Warning: v jealous Luke, anxiety, cussing, scary Luke

Description: Luke gets jealous when you want to get food w/ a old friend.

Luke was unlike anyone you’d ever met.

He was quiet.

But had a way of being the light of any room he entered.

He didn’t have to say a word to make you smile or laugh, even cry.

But when he did it made him even better.

When he let you into his heart it was different from other people.

The way he thought and felt.

It made you wonder why he was so insecure. He was so beautiful, inside and undoubtedly outside.

His hair he started growing out after you met him was now curly gold locks. The way his eyes shined when he smiled made it impossible not to fall in love with him, which you did.

You fell in love with him so hard. You promised yourself you wouldn’t fall in love with anyone that hard but it was no longer your choice.

You loved the way his mouth moved and the sound of his accent. You loved the way he looked at you, even when you didn’t realize.

But most of all you loved the way he loved you.

So recklessly and effortlessly. He loved you just as much as you loved him. It took him longer to fall in love with you but he did.

You knew the exact moment too.

The moment you made him yours.

It was a simple day. Not one particular special or different from any other.

You and Luke were laying in bed, you literally had gotten up once to get food and go to the bathroom and it was nearly 4 in the afternoon.

You both loved days like this, no pressure to do anything or be anywhere.

Just laying with your boyfriend in bed watching television but mostly talking.

He was telling about his childhood while you distracted him by playing with his fingertips. You could feel him watching you while you studied his long slender fingers.

When Luke finally noticed you and took the time to talk to you, it was obvious he was intrigued by you. Though he made it clear he didn’t want a relationship at the moment within a couple weeks he couldn’t stay away from you.

Now here you two were, having such a closed off boy share his most vulnerable stories. He stops talking, too preoccupied by you laying with him.

You stop fiddling with the tips of his fingers and just interlock your boney fingers with his. You notice the absence of his voice and glance up at him. His hair is fanned out over his forehead.

His eyes are pouring into yours so intensely you are drawn to him. You smile at him, knowing that look on his face.

There is no way explain it but pure love. You pushed his hair out of his eyes with your free hand and he leans down to kiss you.

“You’re my best friend.” He says quietly after you two pull apart.

They aren’t the words you expected him to say but it almost meant more.

That night has been imprinted in your brain ever since. Though it was months ago, you remember it like yesterday.

And it was days like this where you wish you could go back to that exact moment.

“What are we doing for dinner tonight?” He asks, climbing into the passenger seat of the car.

You liked driving, which worked out because Luke will never admit it but driving makes him kinda nervous.

He slides his dark sunglasses off his face, giving you a look at his beautiful eyes you love so much.

“Oh, I was actually going to tell you I was planning on getting pizza with Marcus.” You back out of the parking spot.

You could feel Luke’s harsh gaze just as you expected.

Marcus was an old friend from high school. You two had kept contact and he has been wanting to meet up.

You have been putting it off because you were honestly afraid of how Luke would react. Luke wasn’t overly jealous, but if a guy looked at you for too long in public he would make sure to show him you were together.

You were okay with it because you loved Luke and wanted to make him feel secure in your relationship.

“Well. Okay…” He says shortly before looking out his window.

You were surprised that was all the fight he put up.

“Okay.” You say clicking on the radio.

Luke scoffs and harshly turns it back off.

You knew you were getting away too easy.

“Marcus? Is he that bloke from your secondary school?” He spits.

You wanted to smile from the difference in your language. Sometimes it like you two spoke different languages but you had been around him so much you understood.

“Yes. He has been wanting to hang out for a while. I’ve put him off as long as I can without being disrespectful.” You say simply.

You look over in Luke’s direction, glancing back at the road every couple seconds.

His eyebrows are tightly knit together and his blue eyes are dark like they always are when he gets angry.

“Why? So he can make a move on you? Does he know you have a boyfriend? You graduated school like three years ago. Have you been talking to him the whole time we’ve been together?” He shoots question after question at you.

“What a dick.” You hear him mutter under his breath.

His accent gets really thick when he is frustrated. You can see him clenching and unclenching his jaw over and over again.

“I… we were really good friends in high school. He found my Facebook and messaged me. Why is this any different than if a old girlfriend wanted to hang out with me?” You question him right back.

You don’t like him accusing you of anything. It actually hurt you more than you like to admit, almost like he doesn’t trust you.

You have never done anything to make him think that way.

“Because I don’t know what his intentions are. What if he tries to make a move on you?” You looks out his window again.

You glare at him this time. “Then I shut him down and leave. I have my own personal boundaries. Do you really think I would let him do something like that?” You raised your voice.

You get stopped a stop light which gives you a moment to look at him. He finally looks in your eyes and you raise your eyebrows.

He shakes his head, biting his bottom lip deep in thought.

“I just don’t like the idea of you hanging out with him alone.” He says continuing to shake his head

“When did I ever say we were hanging out alone?” You say getting a little frustrated. “We will be with a group of other people we went to highschool with. Plus even if we weren’t we would be in a PUBLIC place.” You say in hopes of making him feel better.

You almost want to invite him just to ease his mind but this whole thing has kinda pissed you off. You shouldn’t have to go everywhere with him. You love spending time with him and at the end of the day with him is where You want to be but you are two different people. Though you two are in a relationship you both need to be able to have your own lives.

That’s called a healthy relationship.

Your hopes of easing his mind fails when his glare intensifies and he looks ever more angry. You can practically hear his breathing quicken and he stares into your soul.

A honk behind you breaks you from his lock he has on your eyes. You realize the light is now green and you step on the gas pedal.

“Well why didn’t you bloody tell me that in the first place.” He is now yelling. “Is it- is it because he was the only person you can think about and- and the only person you look forward to seeing?” He is so mad he can barely speak which ends up making him more mad.

“No-” he doesn’t give you a chance to finish.

“You know what. Go. I don’t give a shit anymore. Fuck who you want. See who you want. Get pizza with who you want.” He slams his hand on the dash making you jump.

What is he saying.

“Luke-” You say softly, trying to reason with him.

He wasn’t having it. He now keeps his gaze out the window, shutting down the conversation.

You wouldn’t be that happy if he wanted to hang out with a girl he went to school with but you wouldn’t act this way. He was being unreasonable and almost scaring you, which he has never done before.

“Fine then I won’t fucking go. If it’s that big of a deal to you.” You look at him.

He shakes his head, still looking out the window. Refusing to look at you.

“No I just said I don’t give a shit.” He says. His voice is still very angry but he isn’t yelling anymore.

From what you can see of his face it is very red. From anger which was very obvious.

“Luke I don’t want to fight about something that isn’t even a thing.” You say, reaching with your hand that isn’t on the wheel and grasping his hand that’s laying on his thighs.

He snatched it away quickly but still doesn’t look at you. He leaves you wondering what shade his eyes were and you want to see them so bad.

“Don’t fuckin’ touch me.” He puts his hand back on his thigh. It is clenched in a fist, his knuckles turning white.

He finally looks at you, his eyes not at all what you expected. They were like you’ve never seen, so wild with anger. A sickening color of blue.

“I’m so fucking pissed you have no idea.” A smirk plays on his lips. But not the usual one where he wash playing around. It was one that looked almost evil.

“I can’t even fucking look at you.” He looks back out his window.

He was furious. You had expected him to be mad but this was outrageous. You feared this would be the day it all ended. The days in a warm bed with Luke. The secret glances you two shared that only you guys knew what they meant. The last time he looked at you with love in his eyes.

You are so caught up in your thoughts now that when you finally look at the road you were barreling towards a car stopped at a red light. You stomp on the brake, your car making a horrific noise as it skidded to a stop just in time.

Luke’s head snaps forward, his hands pressed against the dash to stop him from flying forward.

Your hands are gripping the steering wheel so tight, your heart pounding so loud at the close call.

“FUCK!” Luke yells. “Pull the fuck over. Pull over.” He is back to yelling.

You obey, turning your blinker on and making your way to the shoulder of the road.

“Why weren’t you paying attention we almost got in a fucking accent. Get out. I’m driving.” He says.

You park the car, turning it off, still trying to catch your breath.

He goes to open the door but you quickly lock them.

He turns his head painfully slow toward you. “Don’t fucking do that.” He practically growls.

“Luke.” You say as he turns back to his door once again trying to open it. You again lock it and he starts punching the door.

Yelling as he does it, you have ever seen him so angry. This time he just couldn’t handle it and all the anger he had built up comes out

“Fucking unlock the door, I can’t even fucking look at you. Fuck you! Fuck you!” He yells and you can’t help but start to cry.

“Luke.” You say again, your voice cracking. “Luke.” You say louder.

Your hand reaching out and literally forcing him to look at you. He tries to push your hand away but you grip his jaw and force him to look into your eyes.

“Luke! Stop. Please stop!” You yell louder than he was. Your tears falling freely down your cheeks.

His breathing is unstable and he is still fuming but he is finally looking at you.

“I won’t fucking go. I can’t understand the reason you are so mad but I can’t lose you. I fucking love you and would never do anything to hurt you.” You say.

You are still gripping his jaw, not harshly and he isn’t trying to pull away. His lips are extra pouty because of the way your holding his face.

“I fucking love you, Luke. You are my best friend.” You repeat the words he once spoke.

He almost looks like he is about to cry. He falls forward, laying his head on your chest. His nose buried in your neck.

He kisses your neck repeatedly, his hot breath hitting your skin.

“I’m so sorry.” He says repeatedly.

The tall lanky boy falling apart in your arms.

“I love you so much. I’m so sorry.” He says again.

You hug him, overwhelmed from how this afternoon turned out. You had fought before but never like this.

He kisses your neck again, but it wasn’t in a sexual way. It was in a loving apologetic way. Almost like he was giving himself to you.

Like you had when you first met him.

Challenges & Games

Tony Stark x Reader

Summary: After a long, exhausting mission you return to the tower ready for hot shower and a drink, when Tony offers to turn your night around and finally do something about the tension that had been building between the two of you. Are you up for the challenge, and more importantly, will it end well?

Warnings: alcohol, smut, fluff

Word Count: 3822

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I was hesitant to do this post because I am a Black Panther fan but I haven’t read every single issue of the comics and I feel like I have a great grasp on Killmonger as I do on the others. If anyone wants to write a better post, I will happily rebog!

Erik Killmonger is the primary antagonist of the film Black Panther. We know this from news reports and from the casting of Coogler fave, Michel B. Jordan , in the role. (I know we love MBJ as Creed and Johnny Storm but we will need to get over that since Killmonger will undoubtedly attempt to take the throne from T’Challa!)

In the comics, “Erik Killmonger” was born N’Jadaka. His father worked for Klaw (now spelled “Klaue” and played by Andy Serkis) so the family was exiled from Wakanda. He was raised in America and comes up with various plans to overthrow the Black Panther regime and take control over the country himself.

Killmonger often represents a strict traditionalist view among Wakandans. Black Panther must strike a balance between the isolationism that has kept his nation safe in the past, and the acceptance that he must also work with other nations and individuals to fight global threats (your alien invasions, humanity-hating robots and such). Typically, Killmonger wants the country to be totally isolated, go back to the old ways,to throw all non-Wakandans out. This comes from his early association with Klaw/Klaue whose main objective is to steal the vibranium from Wakanda, and pretty much rape the land and get people’s families exiled from paradise.

Wikipedia describes him as a “physical and mental match” for T’Challa. I don’t usually like Wikipedia but that is the only way to make Killmonger work on screen. He needs to have a certain charisma and kingly aspect that would make people throw in with him over the Black Panther.

… which obviously I don’t totally “get” in the comics but I can kind of see with Michael B. Jordan in the role!

Chapter 94 Thoughts

The anticipation for this chapter was really something else. I don’t think I’ve seen people so antsy for spoilers in a while. I’m guessing that was a mix of the previous chapter being out so early, the fact that this chapter is the volume closer, and the eagerness to see even a glimpse of the main cast again after a few months without them – depending on your preferences of course. 

(They did not make an official appearance)

This chapter is odd for me, because the content itself is great and makes for a meta-writing goldmine, but despite how eager I was to get the chapter I didn’t even read through the whole thing until the official release date. Like I wasn’t in a rush to get translations by the time the scanned pages were out. 

Apparently there’s a page citing this all as Marley’s arc, not volume, which makes me think we might not actually be returning to Paradis anytime soon. Couple that with an interview with Isayama scheduled for release next month regarding the direction the story will be taking, that possibility sounds even more likely to me. 

It’s a bold move if true, I’ll say that much.

If there was one thing in particular I wanted from these Marleyan-focused chapters, it was the warrior trio’s backstory. My wish was granted.

Reiner, Eren…turns out you two have more in common than you care to admit.

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Today I had a really great interaction? Someone left a reply to one of my posts that said “Please stop perpetuating [idea]” and I didn’t really understand exactly what they were saying, so I messaged them like, “Hey, can I just ask about this comment you left? I want to understand.”

So they clarified their meaning, and then did the extra work of explaining WHY that particular thing was problematic, since they’re disabled and have particular access needs and this phenomenon makes life difficult for them, and how they didn’t think I ought to take the post down, just that it described something they found annoying and tiring; and I said “Oh okay, I understand, I’m gonna have to be a lot more thoughtful from now on. That’s not my usual perspective but I know these conversations can be exhausting so I won’t push my experiences on you.”

But then they said, “I’m having a good day and you heard me out, what’s your perspective?” and I explained the differences in disability and income that made my experiences different, and we realized there was a thing where we lived in two different countries and the issue was legislated really differently in a way that made the same words evoke very different situations for us, and then we complained a bit together about experiences we had in common and what we’d like to see in the future, and it ended up being positive and enriching.

So we both ended up knowing more and feeling heard and understood and I’m gonna think a lot harder about this issue in the future and it was just… so good? It was undoubtedly easier because we’re both disabled and really aware of the issues in play (if a little limited in our scope, apparently) so there wasn’t as much “check your privilege” going on, but it was also just nice to remember that callouts don’t always have to be like, “I hate you and you are a horrible person”.

Tumblr is so full of people sniping and vaguing at each other. I wish there were better ways for us to more often talk without it being an awful fighty mess or constantly having to prove that your oppression exists or being the single screen a person has projected all of their frustrations ever onto.

You Are What You Eat

I think most of us agree that the Strifesodos Soulmate fics from skyeec2​ were amazing. So at the risk of being a copycat, I’m doing some too…in random order…and scattered about. 

Ma always told him he was a picky eater. He’d move around his peaches on his plate but gobble up his grapes; scarf down his broccoli, but not touch his green beans. 

It was, of course, to Cloud’s misfortune that his soul mate was not. He got used to it over time, the bland and sometimes horrid taste of whatever that person put in their mouths and ate, but that never meant he liked it. His mother laughed at the face he made before lunches and suppers. He ate carefully…trying to mask whatever the poor soul on the other side was undoubtedly being forced to eat. 

But it became a game for him. What could he mix in to make it taste better? He learned his problem with peaches wasn’t the fruit, just the syrup that they came in the can with, and a little honey stopped him from gagging on them. The cheese their neighbor made from her goats set a good contrast to the dry, tasteless bread the other ate oh so often. 

His mother gave him the revelation though. Since he was forced to taste his soulmate’s diet…his soulmate also tasted his. 

Good, he thought, at least I’m easing their suffering. 

Leaving Nibelhiem was a tasteful adventure all on it’s own. He had intended to join the Military, but only got as far as Junon before someone noticed he had a gift with food. 

Cloud thought he was sharing part of his lunch with a down trodden stranger. Instead his rotten luck actually worked for once. The stranger owned restaurant. 

“You made this?” he said, eyeing the sandwich. Cloud nodded not knowing why turkey on rye was such a revelation…or maybe it was his homemade dressing… 

Cloud found himself in a kitchen in front of a very cranky looking chef who eyed him for a long while. He stumbled and fumbled his way around the kitchen, beet red the whole time. This was nothing like his Ma’s stove at home. 

But the look of surprise on the chef’s face when he took the first bite… 

“All right,” he said, “you got talent with food…just not with the tools.” And Cloud decided maybe Junon wasn’t so bad since he got a job…er apprenticeship really. 

And as Cloud got better and better at cooking, the meals from his soulmate somehow grew worse. 

“How can you even swallow this?” Cloud wondered out loud before trying to gargle the taste away. 

Cloud always loved the dinner rush, the chaos, the heat…and the fact that he could sneak little nibbles…mostly to check that it tasted the way he wanted it to. 


Cloud would swear up and down that he was used to his soulmate’s cursed palate and could handle how gross his diet was. He really thought he was used to it. 

Until he realized that the taste in his mouth wasn’t making him think about gagging. It was down-right delicious, it nearly made his mouth-water. 

He was so shocked about the change he almost missed the most important detail. 

It was the house special for tonight: Cloud’s signature Mac N’ Cheese specialty. He’d cooked this himself. 

“God Damn I’m good,” Cloud sighed before drifting out the kitchen doors. He waved over a waiter looking at everyone who ordered macaroni. They all looked pleased with it. He zeroed in on someone who looked positively transported. Cloud ducked back in, ignoring all of the stares from his fellow cooks, and stole a piece of cheesecake. And a fork. 

Strange green eyes blinked up at Cloud as he marched over, plate in hand. Silver bangs bobbed as his head turned. 

“Don’t ask,” Cloud said, “just eat it.” There was a long moment of tension…and Cloud realized this man was not eating alone. His friends were staring at him. Then he took up the fork and took a small piece of the cake. The flavor spread across Cloud’s tongue and understanding spread across the man’s face. 

“Thank god,” Cloud said, “I don’t know what the hell you’ve been eating…but no more. For the love of god, no more.” 

Nino: Missing Moments (The Collector)

For @baneismydragon, who is the instigator of the Nino: Missing Moments movement. Also for @thelastpilot, @tides-miraculouss and @seasonofthegeek, because they’re part of this too.  ;)

Call me.

Nino stared down at his phone with pursed lips as he contemplated the simple text message. Adrien had been yanked out of morning classes unexpectedly, which wasn’t unusual. Surprise photo shoots, extra fittings, or even random other events: Adrien’s dad had no respect for his son’s education. But even if Nino was now used to his desk mate and best bro disappearing randomly, the accompanying text message gave the whole situation a decidedly more ominous tone.

Covertly, Nino slid a glance towards Chloe: she didn’t look more pissed off than usual, so either Adrien hadn’t said anything to her yet, or Nino was blowing things out of proportion. Either one was possible, really. Glancing up at the clock, Nino decided that it was close enough to the end of class that if he left now, he wouldn’t miss anything he couldn’t snag from someone else later. After he excused himself to the toilet, Nino slipped out of the room and headed down the hall. 

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I love @danielhowell. I identify myself with him in so many ways and listening to him talk about his experience with depression only added to that.  

Dan inspires me to feel proud of the things that I conquer, even the small things. Dan inspires me to feel better, to take care of myself. Dan makes me laugh. Dan inspires me to make other people laugh. 

I cried loads watching his video, but by the end of it I noticed a gigantic smile on my face. This video is already my favorite and undoubtedly was very important for me and for many other people that have felt, feel or will feel like this. 

I love Daniel Howell. (and I really admire how brave he is)

Thank you, Dan <3

A Study in Pink

The other night my entire life changed, I think for the better, and I want to tell you about it. So this is what happened on the night I moved in with Sherlock Holmes.

When I first met Sherlock, he told me my life story. He could tell so much about me from my limp, my tan and my mobile phone. And that’s the thing with him. It’s no use trying to hide who you are (or what you are, which scares me more) because Sherlock sees right through everyone and everything in seconds. It’s remarkable but terrifying. What’s incredible, though, is how spectacularly ignorant he is about some things.

This morning, for example, he asked me who the Prime Minister was. Last week he seemed to genuinely not know the Earth goes round the Sun. Seriously. He didn’t know. He didn’t think the Sun went round the Earth or anything. He just didn’t care. I still can’t quite believe it, and he’s not taken kindly to me spontaneously laughing about it. In so many ways, he’s the cleverest, most incredible person I’ve ever met but there are these blank spots that partly worry me and partly brighten my day (knowing something that Sherlock doesn’t brings a sort of thrill). At least I’ve got used to him now. Well, I say that, I suspect I’ll never really get used to him. He is like no one else I’ve ever met. It’s just, on that first night, I literally had no idea of what was to come. I mean, how could I? I’ve come to learn that when you’re with Sherlock Holmes, everything is an adventure.

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A message to all of you: whether you follow me or not, even if we’ve never said 3 words to each other, I am so proud of you. Every single one of you. You’ve undoubtedly been through so much in life and you’ve gotten through all of it. You’ve made it this far! That’s amazing! So anything that you’re struggling with now, you got this! I believe in you! Just hold out for a little while longer, keep fighting and it’ll get better. Even if I don’t know you, I am so so so proud of you.


Relationship: Bucky x Reader

“Hey can I request something? x Could you maybe write a bucky x reader oneshot/series based on Liability by Lorde it can end angsty or fluffy i dont mind but i really like this song and i love your writing❤️” [Anon]

A/N: It’s an angst and I suck at angsts. Based on this song which I hadn’t heard before but I actually like it. Not sure if this is what you wanted but it’s where my mind took me when listening to the song.

Warnings: None, I don’t think I swore which is shocking.

Words: 1488

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

No relationship is perfect. They have their ups and their downs. But, just like every other relationship, this one seemed perfect and you let yourself believe it would work.

But, just like every other time, you’re watching your heart be crushed in his hands as you spew words just as venomous as his. Every word chips away at your soul.

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BTS Reaction to You Being a Speech Therapist

GENRE: fluff ! neutral

WARNINGS: cuteness overload


A/N: my first request! i am just going to admit how smiley i am right now!!! i love this idea, and i hope you guys do too. thank you for supporting me so much oh my god i didn’t expect to receive this much love. thank you thank you thank you:))



Jin would be super cute about your career. He would be happy that you had a way of supporting yourself, and that you had worked your way up. Jin would use any excuse to brag on how smart and loving you were, wanting everyone to know that his partner is talented and hardworking.

“Jimin-ssi! Y/N is supposedly working with an


Yoongi would absolutely fall in love with how caring you were. Once you told him on your first date, he would realize that your hard exterior is easy to crack. When you explained why you fell in love with the job, he would turn into fluffy Yoongi.



Immediately when you told him Hoseok would be super smiley. He would want you to tell him everything that you do, and would be interested in every word you spoke. Hoseok would love your ambition, and often (like Jin) bring it up in casual conversation. He would be very proud of you!

“My baby is so s


Namjoon would love you to the moon and back. You had studied your way through college, and you had a job that inspired both of you to be nicer. Namjoon would find himself wanting to hear about your day a lot more, and loving how you spoke kindly about your clients. He would immediately ask you when you got home how each of them were doing, just to see your face light up as you spoke passionately.

“Y/N! How wa
s your day?”


He would immediately be interested. Jimin would want you to explain everything you do so he would have a better idea on your career. I can see Jimin loving you much more after hearing about your love for helping others. He would undoubtedly visit you often whenever he could, and show that his support in anyway possible.

“Ah jagi~ can I visit sometime


Taehyung would immediately be fascinated by how cool your job was. Tae would want to know how you help, and he would be very curious. He would also be the one to suggest helping with the younger kids. Tae would be a big fluff ball and try his hardest to befriend your clients.

“Y/N you’re so


Jungkook would be surprised, but he would definitely be very supporting. I can see Jungkook being shy about your career at first, seeing your job as an important role that he cannot interfere in. But once you assured him that his curiosity won’t hurt, he would love to hear about everything that happened during your day. Jungkook would enjoy cuddling up with you and talking for hours about your day.

“Jungkook, what
happened during your day?” “No jagiya, I want to hear more about yours!”

hope this was what you wanted! thank you for requesting! xxx

His Favourite

ahaha finally, my first Zelink fic! I’m warning you, it’s pure fluff. I hope you all enjoy <3

Link hummed quietly to himself as he flipped the pancake over, being careful not to let it stick to the sides. He hoped that the princess wouldn’t mind a change from her usual breakfast.

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This life, part 2

(This beautiful image does not belong to me!)

Pairing: Reader x Eventually Loki

Word Count: 2362

Warnings: None

Part 1

The stars looked down upon you as night drew further along.  You had returned to that field as you had many times in your life.  It was the place you had trained, as a child, with Loki and Thor to fight.  The large tree had been your refuge when your father had told you; his daughter would never battle alongside his Defenders.  That you would be queen, to rule and bring forth the next heir of Asgard, as of you were nothing more than the vessel to bear a child.  It was Loki who comforted you when your cried, believing that your father thought you weak.  He had promised he would train beside you, so that one day you would show your father how strong you truly were.  All the memories long forgotten were slowly returning to torment you once more.  Since the time Loki disappeared and thought dead, everything in your life had changed. Some of it for the better and some for the very worst.  All of those troubles and discord had lead you to the place in life you now were.

Your skills as a fighter were so much more than they ever had been.  Utilizing dual swords with a confident style few had ever seen.  Those skills were not the only thing that had developed in the past years.  You also had other abilities that had manifested in a violent display, which if Frigga had not aided you in gaining control, would undoubtedly have killed yourself and those around you.  All of these thoughts were haunting you now as the days had come and gone, without the return of Thor.  Tomorrow would make the seventh day.  Seven days he had sent not a word as to whether he had succeeded or if Loki had made good upon his plans.  Today had been a day of preparation.  Your armor was ready as were your weapons, laid out waiting for your departure.  

It should not feel any different from the journeys you had since joining with Thor, Sif, and the Warriors in the protection of Asgard.  Nevertheless, something felt off.  A feeling that something was going to bring about change to your world, whether you were ready for it or not.  With a long released breath, you stood from the grass walking back to your grazing horse. He butted you with his nose, resting his head on your shoulder.  You smiled leaning your head against his neck, petting him gently.  “I know my friend.  Something is coming.  I know you feel it as I do.  We better prepare.”

Lifting yourself onto the saddle, you encouraged him forward towards the palace.  The King and Queen requested you leave from the palace in the morn, so that they may see you off and bless your journey.  Though you believed, it was more the Queen who made the request. Odin had spoken few words to you since your last meeting.  However, he allowed you to share chambers with Sif so you would be well rested before parting.  Sif was sharpening her sword when you entered late that night.  She looked troubled as you pulled off your boots setting them with the rest of your gear.  “What is it, dearest Sif?”

It took a moment for her to answer.  Setting the sword and stone beside her on the bed, she walked towards you.  “You may not return from Midgard.  I know you are strong and fearless.  But tell me you will come home.”  Her words sounded like those you had said to Thor the week prior. Sif’s concern made you smile.  You moved across the room embracing her.

“I will return as will Thor. I refuse anything less.”  There was so much more she wanted to say, you could see it in her eyes, but Sif nodded quickly, turning back to her bed. No more words were said between you before laying down to rest.  You stared at the ceiling for hours before sleep finally took hold.  Even then, you were still up before the dawn.  Watching the sunrise over the city, felt as though the Gods were infusing you with their strength.  The golden light touching and blessing ever point on the horizon before waking for the day.  Your eyes closed, as the light finally reached the window where you stood, warming your face.  It was time.

Sif woke as you were pulling your hair back.  Half up off your face, tied into a waterfall down your back.  She watched you silently from the edge of her bed as you prepared. Darkening around your eyes and blood red color applied to your lips.  Your leather coverings slipped on first followed by the metal armor, which left your right shoulder and armor bare.  The last piece was your helm.  It fit around your face and looked similar to those the Valkyries wore as they brought warriors to Valhalla.  Their wings on either side to protect you.  Once in battle you would slip the faceplate into place leaving only your eyes visible.

Your friend did not follow you to the Bifrost, but you were met by the King and Queen.  Odin watched you closely as the Queen held you tight. “Bring them both home, my dear.  I need all of you safe.  Remember what you were taught and you will prevail.”  

“Yes, my Queen.  My Lord.”  Bowing towards the King before you stepped towards Heimdall.

“Lady [Y/N], you look as though you are prepared to conquer all the realms.”  Heimdall smiled from behind his golden helm.

“Good.  I may need to do just that.  Send me to the Prince, Heimdall.  Seems I need to save his ass once more.”  You could hear a laugh from the Queen behind you.

“Of course, my Lady.” As you stepped into position, you slipped the faceplate on.  Your heart, felt like it would be pulled from your chest as you were sent towards Midgard. The colors and light were almost blinding, but before there was the moment to get used to the travel, you had already landed.  The city before you was in panic.  Screams and sirens heard from every direction.  Buildings were badly damaged, there were large vehicles traveling through the crowded streets extinguishing fires.  Chitauri vehicles were flying through the sky terrorizing where they could.

You found yourself on the top of a building looking over much of the fighting and destruction, not far from a device that opened the portal allowing more Chitauri to enter the realm.  You could see someone, a woman close to the device.  If she was aiding Loki then she had to be stopped.  One of the Chitauri vehicles was flying close to the roof where you stood.  Vaulting yourself over the edge pulling one of your swords free, you landed behind the being with your sword slicing through his body.  Kicking him off, you sped over towards the device and the woman. The vehicle crashed close to your targeted area as you jumped out of the way.  The red hair woman stood there with Loki’s scepter pointed towards the device.

“Don’t even try it.  I am destroying this thing.  You and the rest of Loki’s army aren’t stopping me. Come on Stark.”  The woman edged closer to the device though seemed hesitant to cause it damage, looking up to the sky.

“I am not part of Loki’s army.  I am here to assist Thor in stopping this madness.  Destroy this machine.  Stop the Chitauri from invading the realm further.”  Stepping closer to the woman, you sheathed your sword. It was then the Chitauri started falling from the skies. You heard a voice come from the piece in the woman’s ear.  Close it.  She pushed the staff through the field surrounding the device, destroying the beam that opened the portal.  Just before it closed completely a body passed through, falling at an incredible speed. The woman smiled beside you, looking relieved to see it.  “It is far better that you have closed the portal but we must get Loki.  Where is he?”  The woman held a finger up to you as she pressed the piece in her ear.

“Hey Cap, seems we have a new friend here.  Says she knows Thor.”  There was a moments delay before an answer was heard.

He knows who it is.  Both of you meet us in the tower.  We have to get Loki.

“Will do.  Follow me; it’s time to get the bad guy.  I’m Natasha.”  She rested Loki’s scepter on her shoulder extending a hand out to you.  Looking at her hand a moment you offered yours in return, shaking firmly.

“[Y/N] of Asgard.  By ‘bad guy’ you mean Loki?”  Your words muffled by the faceplate.  She nodded as she walked towards the interior of the tower.

“Yeah he is definitely the ‘bad guy’.”  

The pair of you met up with the rest of the group minutes later.  Thor grinned seeing you with Natasha.  “It is good to see you my friend.  You missed the battle.”  He rested his hands on your shoulders.

“The battle perhaps, but Loki is still not caught.”  The others in the group watched the exchange.  A man looked to be made partially of metal took a step towards you.

“We have him; Big Green here left him broken upstairs.”  

“Lead us, then Metal Man.” Upstairs you found Loki trying to crawl away, obviously in pain from whatever the large green being had done to him. You stayed towards the back of the group not wanting him to see you right away.  Though he would probably only recognize you as Asgardian since you still wore the helm and face plate.  Never would he think you would be here to return him home.  He had a look of defeat on his face and spoke little as the group escorted him to a cell at the compound of the group Thor called S.H.I.E.L.D.  Since he considered everyone below his station, Loki paid little heed to the extra person who joined along with the group.  At least until he saw you speaking with his brother.  He was locked in one of the clear cells with her arms still bound in front of him.  The exchange between you and Thor had him curious.

“Tell me brother; is this your new pet?  Does she follow behind, pining for you as you are oblivious to her wants?”  Thor stepped forward with a growl, but you placed a hand on his chest stopping him.  Shaking your head, you looked up to him whispering.

“No, he wants to antagonize you further.  As he always has.”  You turned back to face Loki narrowing your eyes.  The others in the room quieting as you took a slow step towards the cell.  In one swift motion, you pulled off your helm and mask, staring into Loki’s eyes.  Your chin raised in defiance, as you had his father.  “You know nothing of my wants, Loki.”  

His face paled and his mouth hung open. “[Y/N]…”

The Man of Iron stepped forward laughing.  “Oh look Reindeer Games is speechless.  We need to keep her around.”  The insult brought Loki back to reality.  The former sour look appearing as he recovered.

“So brother, you brought your wife.  Is she here to ensure you take no other to your bed?  We would not want any heirs to Asgard diluted with Midgardian blood.” Loki sneered knowing he would hit a chord with the both of you.  You could feel the anger rolling off Thor behind you as you clenched your fists.  Those gathered around stared wide-eyed at Thor.  He had never told them of a wife.  The energy gathered inside your chest spreading throughout your body until it glowed over your skin. Your boots echoed over the grating of the floor as you stomped towards the enclosure.  Loki’s eyes wide as your glowing form moved towards him.  With the exception of Thor, who knew you best, everyone thought you would stop at the clear wall of the cell.  However, you simply walked through it, melting it completely around your form as you stalked up to him.  Sending as much energy as you could through your hand you punched Loki in the face as hard as you could.  He flew back against the wall causing quite the dent, and then crumbled to the floor.

“You know nothing of which you speak.  I would caution you against speaking again.  For I would enjoy doing that once more.”  Turning without another word you left the enclosure and the room, releasing the pulsing energy from within you.  

“If she isn’t your wife, Thor, does that mean she is single?”  Clint asked from the back of the group, receiving an elbow to the gut from Natasha.

It was another day before the Tesseract was contained safely in a casing, ready for the return to Asgard.  During that time, you had gotten to know some of Thor’s Midgardian friends and found that you enjoyed their company immensely.  Captain Rogers, was very handsome and found yourself talking to him often.  It was endearing that he blushed frequently when you spoke. Loki had been muzzled earlier in the day, though it was more for his protection than anything else. While Thor enjoyed watching you send Loki across the room, he thought it best not to test your patience further.  The group of Avengers gathered once last time in the center of the city to say goodbye. You had promised Captain Rogers you would return sometime in the future with Thor to visit.

While Loki could not speak, he watched you intently whenever you were near.  You could feel it even when you were not looking.  When you would turn to look at him, you would not back down.  Staring at him until he finally turned away.  Never would you let him make you feel less again.  You were no longer the same girl he turned away from all those years ago.  Thor and Loki grabbed either side of the Tesseract and you laid a hand on the casing itself.  With a nod in parting to all gathered, the three of you were transported back to Asgard.

Part 3

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Sleep in my sweater P2

Part One Here 

Pairing: Sam x reader 
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader, mention of Cas 
Warnings: light swearing, reference to boyking!sam, a little angst
Word count: 1460
Summary: The reader wakes up, still wearing Sam’s sweatshirt, and decides to go to breakfast alone with the younger Winchester. With the threat of Lilith impending and her feelings for Sam only growing, who knows what she’ll end up doing. 
Tag list: @amanda-teaches @samwinchesterblog @spnfanficpond @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious @bambinovak @writingthingsisdifficult @cleverdame @aliensdeservebetter @samwinchesterfluffandsmut @samwinchesterfanfiction-blog @saxxxology @mamaredd123 dancingpanda137
A/N: I took another mini writing break but, again, I’m back! Also I’m thinking of turning this into a longer series and maybe include Lilith + some twists- I’d really like to know what you guys think about that. I’ve never done an actually long series before (like 6+ parts) and not gonna lie I’m a little skeptical/nervous about it. So, just tell me your thoughts and I’ll see if I actually do it or not! Okay, peace out, I hope you enjoy:)<3

Masterlist Here!

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Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, ANGST Like I actually hate myself

Word Count: 1.7k+

Warnings: Mature/Sensitive themes 

Originally posted by taesscripts

Summary: What happens when Yoongi and Y/N, people who have dedicated their entire lives to music, have a child who’s a little different?

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Hello Yellow

summary: a fic that recounts how dnp spent world mental health day, including phil painting dan’s nails, phil wearing a cheese costume, and the two nerds sharing milkshakes like the saps they are

genre: fluff!!!!

warnings: mentions of mental illness, but none other than that i don’t think!

words: 1722

read on ao3!!!

a/n: this was based off a prompt that i got and it was too cute not to write! in all honesty though i’m really happy that dan tried hard to raise awareness for mental health as it’s something that a lot of people struggle with. it always helps to talk to someone about your feelings, so if you need anyone to talk to, know that i’m here for you! if you even do want to talk my askbox is always open <33333 love you guys lots and i hope you enjoy this fic!

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