/facepets all around

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: the thing about sleeping with tony stark is there’s not much sleep involved. mostly because tony doesn’t sleep, he waits. sometimes he naps in his worskshop, sometimes he naps at the kitchen table (and wakes up with the word “D I C K” written across his forehead in big bold purple letters and of course clint is to blame for that, but that’s another story). steve, on the other hand, just refuses to give up on his sleeping schedule, and napping on the old couch in tony’s workshop is so not an option because seriously, why use a couch when there’s a bed right there (which is kind of tony’s philosophy, too, so i’m sure you see why they’re perfect for each other). long story short? steve sleeps in his bed, wakes up, goes for a run, gets back with starbucks and… finds tony asleep on dum-e. go figure. 
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: PAINTING! PAINTING IS EXCITING! steve absolutely LOVES charcoal. his favorite subject is new york’s skyline, because… well, it’s new york. always something to see, something to do. makes you feel a little less lonely. it usually goes like this: steve drags tony outside. there’s some kicking and possibly screaming involved, depending on the time of the day - sunlight and tony kind of disagree on a very basic level, and that’s saying something if you consider tony used to live in malibu. steve looks around. tony makes gremlin noises. steve sits on a bench. tony makes some more gremlin noises. steve pushes a tablet into tony’s hands. gremlin noises cease. steve starts sketching. after a while, tony leans in on steve and peeks at the sketchbook. when he’s bored, he kisses steve’s shoulder and goes back to his tablet. it’s peaceful. oddly enough, it works. 
  • who uses all the hot water in the morning: hot water? please. this is stark tower we’re talking about. (read: thor) 
  • what they order from take out: it depends. they have a laundry list of exotic cuisine they all want to try out so it’s not a matter of what, it’s a matter of when. 
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over: oh god, tony is so picky when it comes to body wash, did you know that? he hates that fruity crap steve loves, it has to be vanilla or myrrh or creme caramel. steve insists he doesn’t like smelling like the inside of a Lush shop, and tony refuses to smell like a fruit salad so yeah. however, they’ve both learned the art of compromise. myrrh for tony, grapefruit for steve. unless they’re showering together. in that case, it’s yogurt. superheroes and their idiosyncrasies.
  • who does most of the cleaning: most definitely not tony. steve loves doing the dishes. that’s about it. they have an excellent cleaning crew though. (read: hawkeye) 
  • what has a season pass in their DVR: Jersey Shore. tony is like 98% convinced snooki is a doombot, okay. he watches the show in order to gather evidence. he’s totally not started calling steve’s abs The Situation. stop saying he has. jesus
  • who controls the netflix queue: JARVIS. heh.
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: if anything happens to the heating, JARVIS just takes care of it, because that’s what a good AI does. either that, or steve just politely asks JARVIS to fix what’s broken. if it doesn’t work, he asks tony. tony asks JARVIS. JARVIS fixes the problem. there you have it.
  • who leaves their stuff around: tony, of course. and by “stuff” i mean “red thong”. 
  • who remembers to buy the milk: thor. ah, the perks of having flatmates!
  • who remembers anniversaries: mostly JARVIS. i mean, steve does remember most anniversaries, but sometimes he skips one. or two. or maybe four. he was busy that month, okay. tony tried very hard for a couple of weeks but gave up after forgetting about iron man’s birthday. JARVIS is just there and very super helpful. saint JARVIS from malibu, protector of all things stark-rogers. and then some.

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Congratulations. Being an aunt is great you are going to have so much fun.

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This is good news! Congratulation! :D  

Thank you guys, I’m not home right now, so no gif for my feelings on my dad’s computer, but thank you <3