Isaac and Jonathan are out! Isaac and Jonathan confronted ICE and took away the power of fear and in so doing, helped empower the community.

If you organize you are safe.

So far we’ve been able to show you that if you are undocumented and organized you are safe from deportation.  Obama memo or not, if you are a part of a larger community then you are safe from deportation.

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This was the moment I realized that if I gave in to fear nothing would change. If I did not speak out against what was happening to my brother, my family, and other fellow immigrants, our struggle would be ignored. Silence would be an agreement, an approval of the injustices being committed against youth, like my brother, who would qualify for and benefit from the Dream Act passing. These young adults are being treated as criminals for a decision they did not make.

The fear that I allowed to rule me began to dissipate. I would no longer remain silent. I would no longer encourage my brother to take a voluntary departure. It was time to share our story; it was time to speak out, to break the shackles of fear we allowed to enslave us.


- Angelica, on why she is dropping the fear and fighting to keep her brother in the country they have called home for the past 20 years.

You can help. Sign the petition. Make the calls to Senator Hagan and John Morton. To get more involved please contact us.

Why do Americans want to see immigration laws enforced? It’s not because of a respect for law and order. It’s part of a futile attempt to reverse demographic changes that scare the daylights out of many Americans.

Here’s the color scheme in the immigration debate: A black president is trying to reassure white voters by removing as many of the brown people as possible. It’s ugly. But it’s reality.

—  Obama’s double talk on DREAM Act By Ruben Navarrette Jr.
Javier's family fights for his stay

by Victoria Bouloubasis over on our blog. (sigue la enlace para leerlo en español…)

Regardless of the issues at stake, our nation’s political debate seems to be fueled by bloated jargon and calculated strategy. Among them, the “family unit” has become a political label, a contrived moral badge and, at times, a shield, used by conservatives, liberals and all that fall in between.

So why is this nation still tearing families apart?

As we’ve detailed in an earlier post, Javier Santos entered the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte, NC, after being stopped for a broken tail light—and consequently arrested—while driving home from work on Sept. 6. That same day, ten undocumented youth were arrested for participating in a sit-in. Members of the NC DREAM Team met Javier in jail. Overnight, the team was released. Javier was transferred to an Atlanta detention center, where he sits awaiting deportation. (Click here to sign the petition to bring him back.)