undocumented students in the united states

Hawaii teacher refuses to teach undocumented children, he says in staff email

  • John Sullivan teaches social studies at Campbell High School in Ewa Beach, Hawaii — but only to children who live in the United States legally, he said in a harshly worded email.
  • According to KITV, another Campbell High teacher sent on Wednesday a staff-wide email advising colleagues on how to deal with students being kept home from school due to fear of deportation.
  • “Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else,” Sullivan replied. “If they are here in the U.S. illegally, I won’t teach them.”
  • Sullivan’s response did not go over well. Principal Jon Henry Lee was quick to set the record straight.
  • “Teachers should not be using the school’s email to voice political opinions,” Lee wrote in a letter. “Sullivan will teach any student who is enrolled at Campbell High School.”
  • A spokesperson for the Hawaii Department of Education said Sullivan will be disciplined by the high school. Read more (3/9/17 12:32 PM)

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Prison vs. Harvard in an Unlikely Debate

Inmate debate team is part of Bard College program helping give prisoners a chance for a better life.

On one side of the stage at a maximum-security prison here sat three men incarcerated for violent crimes.

On the other were three undergraduates from Harvard College.

After an hour of fast-moving debate on Friday, the judges rendered their verdict.

The inmates won.

The audience burst into applause. That included about 75 of the prisoners’ fellow students at the Bard Prison Initiative, which offers a rigorous college experience to men at Eastern New York Correctional Facility, in the Catskills.

The debaters on both sides aimed to highlight the academic power of a program, part of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y., that seeks to give a second chance to inmates hoping to build a better life.

Ironically, the inmates had to promote an argument with which they fiercely disagreed. Resolved: “Public schools in the United States should have the ability to deny enrollment to undocumented students.”

Carlos Polanco, a 31-year-old from Queens in prison for manslaughter, said after the debate that he would never want to bar a child from school and he felt forever grateful he could pursue a Bard diploma. “We have been graced with opportunity,” he said. “They make us believe in ourselves.” 

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I want to share something special with you guys..

So I’m just going to say it and I really hope no one gets offended. And please don’t start arguments about it please. Thank you and God bless!

Okay, so I am an illegal immigrant. I came to the United States when I was 4 years old. My parents brought me here in 1999 and I’ve been here in Colorado ever since. Growing up I struggled a lot because undocumented immigrants are treated very differently here. I couldn’t do things that other students could. For example, I couldn’t apply for financial aid for college. Every life decision is very limited when you are undocumented. I had to grow up with just my mother and father because my entire family is in Mexico. Holidays were so depressing. Some people have no idea what it is like living in constant fear. It’s awful. 

But recently, God made a way! Last year I started working at a Law Firm and I learned a lot about immigration and the attorneys ended up helping me find a way to one day get citizenship. So last month I applied for something that’s called an Advanced Parole. And that would allow me to leave the United States and re-enter with permission. Once I enter the country legally, I would be able to apply for Residency easily. And let me just tell you that GOD IS GOOD because I just received my approval notice!!! I cant FINALLY go back to my home country after 17 years and come back to the U.S. with permission!! I’m so excited that I’ve been crying tears of joy all day! Just wanted to share with you guys :) Love you and God bless!