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Today I rushed to one of my elementary schools because parents had heard that ICE was outside of the school. I brought my “Know Your RIghts” packets, business cards that talk about knowing your right to remain silent and a pack of emergency safety plans. And I brought them to a principal who was in tears. She was literally in tears because her parents did not want to leave campus because they were afraid that ICE would take them away from their children. And I’m thinking on my way back to my campus, “Why am I doing this? What kind of world do I live in where I share tears with administration and parents because they are scared that they will be separated from their children because they aren’t the right color? 

And then I got back to my office to talk to a mom whose husband and two brothers were picked up on Friday. And she hasn’t left the house since Friday and her son is scared to walk to school. School is safe…no one can get him…but how do I respond to a mother who is afraid for her son to walk to school because ICE may take him? What do I say? What do I do?

You may have seen that we are hosting an Answer Time with Gustavo, a DREAMer who has recently enrolled in Columbia University. Unfortunately, following the election of Donald Trump we are pulling his Answer Time to ensure that he can stay emotionally safe and look out for his family. 

In his place we are running an Answer Time with “Fiona,” an immigrant from the Philippines who moved to the US without documentation with her family in 2001. She is currently here as a DREAMer because she arrived here before she turned 16. However, the fate of her family hinges on Trump’s actions in office. She has graciously agreed to answer questions about life for her and her family as undocumented immigrants. You can also read more about her in an essay she wrote for Refinery29.

Fiona will begin answering questions at 11am EST/8am PST. She’s taking questions via our Ask Box and will also be answering questions originally intended for Gustavo.

Our thoughts are with both Fiona and Gustavo and their families this morning.


Splitting up & deporting undocumented families? No problem. Banning Muslims? That’s cool. Making it easier for people to abuse puppies? “THIS IS NOT WHY I VOTED FOR YOU DONALD!!!!”

Protect undocumented Central American families and their children.

Protect undocumented Central American families and their children.

Protect undocumented Central American families and their children.

Protect undocumented Central American families and their children.

The Undocumented and Black Convening of 2015
October 24 - 25. New York City. #UBC15

Dear Black Undocumented Family,

It goes without saying that our communities are in a state of emergency in a variety of ways. Black people across the country are facing unprecedented police brutality, increased criminalization and  immigrant families are being torn apart, due to our broken immigration system. As a result, we are bearing the compounded struggles, fear and trauma of our unique identities.  

Have you ever felt that Black immigrant stories have been missing from the immigration discussion? Do you feel the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement as a global citizen’s struggle? Do you often feel you’re in constant fear of losing your life to state violence and being deported? Do you wish you knew of ways to obtain higher education despite being undocumented?  Then this convening of Black Undocumented folk is for YOU.

The purpose of this Convening is for us to heal, learn and be empowered by each other. We want this Convening to be a safe space, a learning environment and the beginning of a new chapter for our people.

The Undocumented Black Convening of 2015 will be held in New York City on October 24-25. We are grateful to be supported by the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) and United We Dream (UWD).

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this pre-registration and we will follow up with more details.

Please note: This convening is specifically designed as a safe space for Black Undocumented people to heal, learn and be empowered by each other. Our kickoff event, the 2015 Undocumented Black Convening, will be our first formal opportunity to have such a space. For that reason, we respectfully request our allies to support the convening by encouraging Black Undocumented people to attend. Attendance is limited.

Undocumented and Black,
#UBC15 Planning Committee

So if Trump was to end birthright citizenship and deport all undocumented immigrants and their children what would that mean for the children who have been here for many years? Those who don’t even speak the language in their parent’s country, those who have lived here for decades, those who have served in the military for the U.S., those who have families of their own now? What about a child with parents from two different countries, what exactly happens there?

This seems like a pretty vague fucking plan and the fact that the right is salivating over it is pathetic. You all love that constitution so much until it’s time to be a racist asshole and then all of a sudden it’s “well that amendment technically means…” Fuck off.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't really know you, but scrolling through your blog, unnoticed that you mentioned multiple times that much of your family is undocumented. With everything going on right now, don't you think broadcasting that might be dangerous? Obviously your heritage is something to be proud of, but with the current political situation and reports of increasing deportation, I fear for your family. Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm saying this out of genuine concern.

the situation is complicated but they’re very safe at the moment! i should probably stick to not broadcasting it though


Virginia lawmaker sits down to dinner with undocumented immigrants

It’s usually not polite to talk about politics at the dinner table, but there are exceptions. Take the dinner shared between Virginia Rep. Don Beyer and the Pintos, a Latino family of five who live in Virginia. The Pintos were very clear in their message to Beyer: If immigration authorities were to deport undocumented members of their family, the only family member left in America would be 8-year-old Christian, who was born in Arlington.

Perhaps the saddest moment in the dinner came when youngest son Christian commented on what would happen if Donald Trump were to be elected president.

BREAKING: U.S. Starts To Release Undocumented Immigrant Mothers, Children Seeking Asylum
About 2,172 immigrant families are currently being detained at three U.S. facilities. Some heads of households could be fitted with GPS monitoring devices as a condition of their release.
By Adolfo Flores

Federal officials this week said they have started releasing undocumented immigrant families who have valid asylum claims, a group that currently stands at about 2,172.

Human rights activists and immigrants have long protested the living conditions inside some of the federal detention centers, the amount of time detainees are kept in custody, and the remoteness of the locations. The conditions are so poor, immigrant groups say, that they have prompted hunger strikes and suicides.

Richard Rocha, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said the agency was evaluating the cases of people inside all three of their family detention centers.

“Going forward, ICE will generally not detain mothers with children, absent a threat to public safety or national security, if they have received a positive finding for credible or reasonable fear,” Rocha said in a statement.

ICE said it will generally first release those who have been in custody the longest. But the agency said it has started to review the cases of families detained more than 90 days to see if they should continue to be detained while their immigration cases are pending.

Some heads of households, mostly mothers with some fathers, could be fitted with a GPS monitoring device, a condition of release that will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

No figures for how many people had been released so far were available Tuesday.

ICE said populations in three family detention centers in the U.S. — one in Karnes, Texas, another in Dilley, Texas, and a smaller facility in Berks County, Pennsylvania — are expected to initially drop. However, intake at the facilities will continue.

“Keep in mind, we have routinely released people for various reasons, including bonds, orders by immigration judges, or the exercise of prosecutorial discretion,” Rocha told BuzzFeed News.

Last year, a surge of Central American children, some of them accompanied by their parents, started showing up on the U.S. border, many of them fleeing violence and poverty back home.

Silky Shah, co-director of the Detention Watch Network, said the effort to release some families is a move in the right direction, but said it fell short of what advocates want: The closure of all family detention centers.

“The detention system is rife with human rights abuses, appalling medical care lapses, and glaring due process violations,” Shah said in a statement.

Shah also called the decision to fit mothers with GPS monitoring devices “unnecessary and dehumanizing.”

In June, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson said prolonged incarceration of immigrant asylum seekers was an inefficient use of the government’s resources and called for the practice to be discontinued.

Johnson added that the Department of Homeland Security would offer “monetary bond or other condition of release” to detained families who successfully make a case for fear of persecution at home.

ICE said it will take into account a family’s ability to pay when setting a bond amount, as well as flight risk and public safety.

At the same time, those who don’t ask for relief will be deported promptly as part of the changes.

ICE also said it was appointing a federal advisory committee of outside experts to advise the agency on family detention centers.

hey sorry but:

i don’t get how ppl tell me to not worry so much about my family members getting deported?? unless u urself have undocumented family members u literally have 0 say as to if people who do should or should worry because?? my parents have been here for 24 years and have built a whole family for themselves and have integrated themselves in a community they struggled to build and now all of their hard work is going to waste because some asshole politicians are mad that ‘they’re taking away our jobs’ and shit when?? my mom busts her own ass working as a house cleaner for rich white people and my dad, who can’t even work right now because he underwent a bad accident that leaves him disabled for at least a year, is a landscaper who had to literally go on a scavenger hunt for any job he could find. i don’t think rich, entitled white people exactly look for these jobs, if not ask immigrants to do these sorts of jobs FOR THEM. of course im going to fucking worry because im still a minor and if my parents get deported i’d have to be handed off like some pawn to another family member, which won’t be any better because most of my family ARE undocumented?? even if most posts that say raids are happening are over exaggerated, i still worry because i HAVE to worry about these sorts of things. not because i WANT to worry.
don’t tell me to not fucking worry when literally this is my life and i have no choice but to deal with it every. single. day.

Bernie Sanders to Sheriff Arpaio: 'Watch out, Joe'
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ripped into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a rally in northern Arizona on Thursday, after facing criticism from the Clinton campaign for an encounter Sanders’ wife had with him.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ripped into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a rally in northern Arizona on Thursday, after facing criticism from the Clinton campaign for an encounter Sanders’ wife had with the immigration-hardliner sheriff.

The U.S. senator from Vermont said Arpaio’s arrests of undocumented immigrants, often separating families, were “outrageous and unconscionable.”

“It’s easy for bullies like Sheriff Arpaio to pick on people who have no power,” Sanders said. 

“If I am elected president — the president of the United States does have power. So watch out, Joe.”