You have no idea how many times I have lied awake this late at night playing things back over in my head. Things you said, things I wish I could rewind, moments I could undo.

Sometimes I really wish I could just erase you from my bloodstream.

Why did I think what we had was special? When I was just another girl to you. A girl you barely knew, or probably never intended to fully know. I was just someone ready to drop everything at your convenience.

Why did I think I could be someone worth the effort of going beyond?

Silly me and my thoughts.

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David, as a survivor of a fundie household, do you know what the usual response is to the reasonable point that the same book that prohibits homosexuality also forbids eating shrimp or wearing multi-fabric blends?

Well, the USUAL response is that the stuff in Leviticus is part of the Old Covenant, which Jesus made obsolete through establishing a New Covenant via his death and resurrection.  (Even though, y’know, Jesus specifically said that he’s not there to undo any of the Old Covenant, but whatevs, that’s still the given loophole.)  There’s still stuff in the New Testament against homosexuality, though, at least in most English translations, so Gay is still Bad even if you drop Leviticus with all its anti-shellfish and anti-tattoos and anti-not-banging-your-sister-in-law-if-your-brother-dies.  

But then there’s my mom’s response, which was to not eat shrimp anymore.  

It's a Friday night and you're probably undoing your pants while I sit here and drown myself in bottles hoping I can forget that you're not here anymore
petri dish

she wants swift impression
but gives off slow vibes
easy rider, that wasn’t in the contract
contracting constricts
contracted disease
that she enabled to grow
as warmth to a petri dish

she supposed that her way
would be her own undoing

her opposition put her
in that position in the first place;

in first place but drifting towards
a finish that she worked against

about facing with swords drawn
anchored with aggressive malaise

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Just gonna point out that the fact that you claim Cat "harassed" Vade about the suicide of her boyfriend isn't going to undo the fact that she was openly culpable in his death, extorted it for asspats, and now uses it to show how victimized she is. Looking up his name on Google: Kenneth Alexander Van Camp - tells everyone everything.

do you realize you are using a dead child to justify harassing multiple people (not just vade)? or do you even care? let the poor kid rest already. jesus h christ

asking your boyfriend to take antidepressants and asking him not to misgender is not “cupable in his death” actions. they are just not. sorry.

and even if it was? how is harassing multiple people until they kill themselves going to bring this kid back? im pretty sure this kid would not want his name attached to a crusade against someone he deeply cared about. 

tl;dr: you are reprehensible. stop using a dead child as your shield and excuse to harass people. 

When the tide came,
We sank underneath like loaded pistols, stormy Skies
Over barren shores.  
Venus flytrap arrows fall and when I stand Achillean over the field of battle
it feels Like an undoing.  A cup has been filled;
Fairytales melt down the walls vibrant&chalky&poisonous and Ceres finds us
With torches in our hands, alight.  
Enter a museum and you are crossing Into sacred space;
We find ourselves alone in a galleria and when I push, the mirrors reach
out with Soft hands.  We enjoy Art
because it reflects the selves we’d like to see;
I become convex and with our Limbs we paint the sun.  
I look for a cave to bury my soul in; for the first time I am struck by the thought
that I could get lost in you and keep on moving.  You are struck
pt blank as It is raining
And we drip in our coats of molten red/
Shame wafts over you & in the Absence of peace
You strike a deal with the water to remain protozoan.
—  The Long Winter // by o.k.
Wat if

guys what if each time max tries to rewind it becomes a lot more straining/dangerous because of the drugs? Maybe causing more than nosebleeds because as shes rewinding shes still going through the process of being drugged, just backwards? I mean obviously theres gonna be a lot of photo jumps in ep5 so maybe her power is running out and she has to fix things asap hence is why there’s this opportunity? And maybe the reason that pic of her staring at a wall of photos is there just in case she made a mistake and had to go back and undo it? And she could also jump back in any pic?

and crazy theory but I feel like this game repeated itself, like the story.. I mean at the start of the game max wakes up in a classroom? MAYBE, being dosed by certain types/quantities of drugs, rewinding back to the first moment caused her to forget why she was there in the first place. Idk im probs talking shit but I know I made at least one good point

Also happy bday nathan :)

It happens, like everything else in his life, completely by accident. All he knows is that he’s running, heart pounding in his chest, because they’re in trouble and then he’s leaping and suddenly–

Suddenly, he’s not himself anymore. He hits the ground on four– paws? and there’s a yelp before he’s all gnashing teeth and snarls, the kind that come from somewhere deep in his chest. And then, as quickly as the threat had come, it’s over, but Scott–

Scott–… can’t figure out how to undo whatever the hell he’s just done.


I found these two at the Goodwill today. The first one was a little tricky to identify, but after a little research, I figured out that she’s a Galoob Titanic Rose doll. Her torso feels like a really hard, hollow plastic, and her chest has a joint just under the bust, like the new 17" MH dolls. She’s a rather heavy doll. Unfortunately she is stitched into her clothing, so I can’t take her out without having to undo some stitches. I’m considering giving her a new body.

The second was this adorable Cinderella doll! I’ll be repainting her soon.

I also found a Star Wars metal lunch box, but nobody comes here to see that ;)

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i saw an ask about integration and fusion and personally i like the term integration for perma-fusions (like no undoing/difficult undoing and the term fusion for like a quick temporary thing, as sometimes instead of cofronting we'll just fuse for a minute to get stuff done faster because both of our talents/personalities are needed, for example my system protector and the most prideful one of us fused to deal with anon hate without getting down about it

how does one go about coming to terms with the feeling that someone you deeply cared about probably just saw you as one of many regrets that she would undo if she could

Freshman year: part 1/?

For some reason lately, I’ve super wanted the word “adapt” tattooed on me somewhere, probably under Tinker Bell. Maybe it’s because of the wacky, weird, and wonderful summer I had, entirely by accident. Or maybe it’s because I realized while moving into college today (Go Riverhawks) that no matter what, life goes on. Time keeps on moving. And no matter how much you beg whoever’s up there for more time, the hours will stay 60 minutes, the days 24 hours. 

That’s the weird thing about life. Whether you’re ready for it or not, it comes at you full speed. There is no “freeze” or “undo” button in real life, that’s stuff for George Jetson and Captain Kirk. But as I type this, I am very much alive and safe in my dorm room. In college. And that’s a miracle unto itself. But I digress.

This still feels like summer camp to me. I feel like tomorrow or next week I’ll be packing up to go home and leave all my friends to come back next summer. But that isn’t the case. In summer camp, they make you all get to know each other. You come armed with 3 facts about yourself, your favorite ice cream flavor and color, and maybe two truths and a lie if your camp is into that. In college, nobody’s getting paid to babysit you and make sure you make friends. Should I’ve socialized tonight in the common room? Probably. Will I get another chance to? Of course. But nobody here knows me. It’s a clean slate. Which is scary as hell but also liberating as fuck. So when your roommate notices the scars you’ve learned to overlook before bed, or the fact that your razors are uncomfortably out of reach in a closed container, there is no logical explanation. When the urge to skip dinner comes around, an “I’m not hungry” won’t be given a second glance. But then again, that risk is worth the reward of being able to attend an actual pride meeting for once in your gay life. And be able to say publicly “Hi, I’m not straight” and not be in danger. Completely worth it.

Regardless, I’m going to get through this year. And the next, and the next. I’ll get on some meds and take shit one day at a time and adapt, because in this world it’s adapt or die.

I choose adapt, I’ve got more to live for first.

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"I just want to try something..."

Send me “I just want to try something…” and my character will react to your character saying that and then…

6. (nsfw) beginning to undress them.

It isn’t unlike Kirigiri to be so vague about something, and by now she’s sure Naegi has become used to it.

She stands just at his height without her books on, and it’s a bit of a different view, as she’s used to being just slightly taller than him.

But she tries not to feel self-conscious now about little things. Her thin fingers grasp the front of his jacket, and she uses her free hand to undo the zipper. Beneath is a dark green t-shirt, and she recalls wondering a couple times what he wore beneath his jacket, since it was a little big on him and she could never tell.

She tries not to look at his face. This is something she’s never done before, and if she sees the look on his face, she’ll stop immediately–which, she doesn’t wish to do.

Kirigiri doesn’t go for his pants just yet, and instead lightly slips her hand beneath the t-shirt, feeling his skin underneath. She blushes brightly, and angles her head down a little more to hide it.

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I've never tried out a tablet before... Would you recommend it? If so, which one do you think would work best? I usually draw on paper and color with an app on my iPad.

I would! I’ve been using my tablet consistently for about a year or so now (i’ve had it for 2 years but when i tried it the first time i didn’t have good programs and so i gave up)

I like tablets because of the pen sensitivity it allows, the undo button and the different textures and shortcuts you can take to make art fun. i still draw on pencil and paper, but i use my tablet the most. i find i draw much faster on there than i do on paper

The signs as poems from "Love & Misadventure" by Lang Leav
  • Aries:Afraid To Love
  • "I turn away
  • and close my heart-
  • to the promise of love
  • that is luring.
  • For the past has taught
  • to not be caught,
  • in what is not
  • worth pursuing-
  • To never do
  • the things I've done
  • that once had led
  • to my undoing."
  • Taurus:Swan Song
  • "Her heart is played
  • like well-worn strings;
  • in her eyes,
  • the sadness sings-
  • of one who was destined
  • for better things."
  • Gemini:First Love
  • "Before I fell
  • in love with words,
  • with setting skies,
  • and singing birds-
  • it was you I fell
  • in love with first."
  • Cancer:Art and Books
  • "Without a doubt,
  • I must read,
  • all the books
  • I've read about.
  • See the artworks
  • hung on hooks,
  • that I have only,
  • seen in books."
  • Leo:Beauty's Curse
  • "Her bow is drawn
  • to worlds of dark;
  • where arrows spring
  • and miss their mark.
  • She'll turn their heads-
  • but not their hearts."
  • Virgo:Saving You
  • "The darkness takes him over,
  • the sickness pulls him in;
  • his eyes--a blown-out candle;
  • I wish to go with him.
  • Sometimes I see a flicker--
  • a light that shone from them;
  • I hold him to me tightly,
  • before he's gone again."
  • Libra:Heart On The Line
  • "Love is good,
  • it is never bad-
  • but it will drive you mad!
  • When it is given to you,
  • in dribs and drabs."
  • Scorpio:A Thank-You Note
  • "You have said
  • all the things
  • I needed to hear
  • before I knew
  • I needed to hear them.
  • To be unafraid
  • of all the things
  • I used to fear,
  • before I knew
  • I shouldn't fear them."
  • Sagittarius:In Two Parts
  • "You come and go so easily,
  • your life is as you knew-
  • while mine is split in two.
  • How I envy so the half of me,
  • who lived before love's due,
  • who was yet to know of you."
  • Capricorn:Jealousy
  • "It was the way
  • you spoke about her.
  • With animosity, regret, disdain
  • and underneath it all-
  • just a hint of pride."
  • Aquarius:Waking Without You
  • "Every song that sings of him,
  • from every heart
  • heard breaking.
  • I sing along in dreams of him,
  • I cling to-
  • when I start waking."
  • Pisces:The Keeper
  • "You were like a dream,
  • I wish I hadn't
  • slept through.
  • Within it I fell deeper,
  • than your heart would
  • care to let you.
  • I thought you were a keeper,
  • I wish I could
  • have kept you."