I handily compiled everything that annoys me about the combo sprites so that next time someone asks why I hate them I can direct them here and spare my carpal-tunnel riddled wrists. I’ve gotten a few asks on the topic and I figure I might as well save time posting it once publicly rather than answering it several times privately. Then I will play HL2 Episode 2 like my brother wants, which is definitely just what the doctor ordered for repeated motion strain.

Under a cut to spare everyone from my whining, which is tragically a renewable resource

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I’m Vietnamese, 22, bisexual and queer, and an arts manager. I’ve struggled with my identities and sometimes, my career choice. My family barely understands what I do, comparing me to cousins who are engineers, doctors, and people with “legitimate jobs.” I’m often one of the few QWOC on a production and am expected to be completely accommodating and happy at all times.

Slowly undoing all the habits and thought processes that came from how whitewashed my life has been up until now by appreciating my parents, culture, and proudly sinking into the identities I hold. And accepting that I am now shorter than my 12 year old brother.

Yes, I do love anime. Yes, I can be soft spoken. Yes, I enjoy lots of different kinds of sex. Fetishize me and I won’t fight you. I will destroy you.

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You’re very good at that. At continuing to try to convince yourself that you don’t care. But you do care, don’t you? Every night when your head hits the pillow, in the last moments before you go to sleep, your emotions betray you, and you question your ability to pull this off. Words like integrity, self-respect - they haunt you. They form a line that you’re unwilling to cross and that will lead to your undoing.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm starting to draw fanart, but i'm a real noob. I don't know how to do the lines, and the proportions, like i'm shit at everything, but if i draw maori stuff it comes out amazing. And, since your art is so amazing and you, yes you, are my favourite artist ever, i wanted to know if you could give me some tips on how to get started and how to improve. Thank You! And you're amazing and i love your art! Keep being a total awesome cutie!

Okay so I have some links for you that I’ve posted before: one that talks about digital and traditional art (kinda old but meh) and then this thing with art tips

Okay so when you say “lines”, I assume you mean inking? Here’s a good tutorial for that! But if you mean digital art, having clean lines is a matter of trial and error, so the “Undo” button is gonna be your best friend! And it’ll take some time before you get the hang of everything, so just be patient with yourself :)

For proportions, that’s a constant battle with me. It can be kinda tricky, but don’t be afraid to google reference pictures if you get stuck! There’s this deviantART account for stock photos that you can use, just be sure to credit them if you do. Also there are tons of tutorials online about the proportions of the face and body, but here’s a few that I have saved in my drafts (I have so many refs and tip posts in my drafts it’s a problem):

- Hands/Arms & Feet/Legs
- Anatomy and Color refs
- Quick Proportion Tips
- Body Proportions + technical stuff and refs.
- Here’s a cool master post of art stuff and things

…. and I have tons more, so yeah, here’s just a few.

And honestly, my biggest tips are: draw what you love/are interested in, and draw a lot. Practice makes perfect, or so people say. I hope this helps! :)

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Hi, I'm cosplaying as Rose quartz and I really need help with the dress, I'm planing to get a white sweet heart maxi dress and putting layers on it, like seeing them on. Do you think that could work? And do you have anytips, it's my first time making a cosplay and I'm very nervous it will suck

That’s a great and inventive idea!
For adding layers, it might be easier to undo one of the seams of the dress, just so you have a flat workspace instead (its possible to do it without unstitching it, but I just think it would be easier/faster). 
It might be easier to work from the top down. But again, that’s just my opinion, whichever works best for you, go with that. 

Relax, have fun. If you get stressed, set it down and go work on something else for a little bit. The last thing you want is something to be made wrong because you felt rushed. 

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I just read what you wrote about Zayn and his tweet. I think the tweet is planned. The first news cycle was slowing down about the single, and this gives them more press. it makes Zayn look like a good guy and gives the boys more press. I think it was very planned why he waited. Thoughts?


  1. Zayn and One Direction aren’t working together any more; that means he doesn’t do things to better their positive publicity or exposure.
  2. His tweet has generated little to no press (now #RealMusic on the other hand…)
  3. The tweet doesn’t really undo enough of his past behaviour towards OT4 that Zayn comes across as the good guy here. 

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how do u get such clean lines and shading pls tell ur secrets

make a million sketch layers and click undo about 10 million times when u do lineart. cry about colors and shade, go crazy with overlay and multiply

pick up your tablet pen and suffer until it looks right

David Tennant plays Sir Walter Scott in Heart Of Midlothian on BBC Radio Four today

Today at 3pm David Tennant will voice the role of Sir Walter Scott as BBC Radio Four broadcasts the first of a third series of The Great Scott which features Sir Walter Scott’s plays.

Today the play is Heart Of Midlothian and the description is:
‘Heart Of Midlothian begins with a trial for child murder and then never lets the tension drop with disguises, thwarted love, hazardous journeys, kidnappings, rescues and a shy, retiring heroine who will stop at nothing to undo the terrible damage her virtue has done.’

Heart Of Midlothian is adapted by Mike Harris and is both produced and directed by Clive Brill.

Heart Of Midlothian can be heard worldwide at this link, plus we will post a MP3 afterwards too.

The Great Scott section of DavidTennantOnTwitter.com

DavidTennantOnTwitter.com - David Tennant’s most frequently updated website http://dlvr.it/BjpQBB

I finisjed season five of game of thrones and im not ok

These are not tears it is just raining slightly on my face

Why did this have to happen. God in heaven u must undo this immediately

Undo this entire show and give me a sitcom about the stark family instead

Everything is pain and sadness and I need season six immediately

You Had To Be There

Last night felt like a long loved
couch facing an over excited television.
Video game characters blasting each other
back and force. 1’s drinking.

Everyone’s wearing socks, the shoes
are in the corner. 2 has his feet up.
3 is asking for more room
to the seat left of her. Where’s the cat?

Last night felt like 2’s hand undoing my curls
again and again. 4 says shes good at the game
but no one hands her a controller. 5 and 6 barge in
with cookies. 1 says the door is supposed to be locked?

Last night felt like the warmth of too many
bodies laughing at once. 1 pulls out
the green brick like bottle. 5 and 6 don’t drink.
We watched 7 win the game too many times.

I stepped out into the hallway for air.
8 steps out too and ask me to join him outside.
I don’t tell him it’s too dangerous.
He leaves with slumped shoulders and a backward glance.

Last night felt like chairs set in a circle. 4 asked
me to drive her car home, so she can drink.
She has a cup in her hand. It smells like gasoline.
I drove here too?

Last night felt like 7 said my name for the first time,
it wasn’t the first time. I gave up five dollars for three
hours worth of fun. 9 came prepared with his supply.
7 lit first, but I was second.

9’s too drunk. He’s trying to start fights, he’s the
youngest of us here. 10’s drunk, but she isn’t
driving. I’m laying my feet on my friend.
We’re laughing too hard, all of us.