1. speak with authority by earning authority by knowing everything
  2. only care a lot about things nobody else cares about
  3. like a handful of things intensely for your entire life, otherwise keep it fresh and lively
  4. (but never be on-trend)
  5. honestly You Too Can Be The Best Fan if you just think real hard about whatever consumed you when you were 12 and then turn that into a brand
  6. (don’t confuse me for an adult woman into adolescence in a feminist way)
  7. don’t write essays, especially not for free and especially not for bad websites, because your essays will betray your weaknesses
  8. be less legible to be less wrong
  9. read a lot of broadly and bad trendpieces so you can get an idea of what kind of interests, arguments and writing styles are embarrassing so you can avoid them
  10. surround yourself with specific, discerning, well-read people with weird drives (this includes nerds, even)
  11. everybody you know is in some ways specific, discerning, well-read, weird, driven, interesting and in love, you just have to take the time to look at them and listen to them with care 
  12. follow it to the end of earth (out of the sky, into the dirt, etc.)
  13. be miserable and consumed all of the time 
  14. literally: do it for love
  15. if you don’t love it–even if you’re like me and you don’t know the difference between loving it and being consumed by it and thinking it’s interesting–then you’re doing a bad thing
  16. loves it
  17. (sometimes hate counts as this kind of love)
  18. be ethical and be too much!
  19. ??? tbc 

What more could Trump do to convince people about the dangers of his candidacy? How is this not a disqualifying moment?


Try to imagine – no, really, take a moment to think about – how significant a scandal it would be if Hillary Clinton publicly urged Russia to do her a favor, target a GOP rival, and help her win an election. How quickly would her career in public life end? How many congressional hearings and investigations would Republicans demand?


Donald Trump calls for Russia to help elect him president

This is when we find out it anything even matters. This is beyond “I disagree with this candidate”. This is now Donald Trump proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is unfit to hold office. He’s reckless, he’s undisciplined, and he’s truly dangerous.

  • historian:it is irresponsible to make judgements about historical actors' sexual identity based on contemporary categories and stereotypes
  • me:yes
  • historian:so there is no evidence to argue that eleanor roosevelt was gay
  • me:get out of my house
Stories have a way of changing faces. They are unruly things, undisciplined, given to delinquency and the throwing of erasers. This is why we must close them up into thick, solid books, so they cannot get out and cause trouble.
—  Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

“I wanted to be something when I grew up, and I grew up in the ’70s. What was I gonna be, a movie star? Movie stars say other people’s words. A writer - I’m undisciplined. A rock star- that’s what I wanted to be when I was a kid.” - Courtney Love