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i’ve been thinking about the psychic thing/knowing alex was gay thing and i have thoughts

and wow this ended up more undeveloped story like and also near to 1000 words i hate myself i’m so sorry and it is under the cut sorry mobile users, if you see this

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The Problems with Adventure Time

So back in the day like in the 2010s, Adventure Time was a really popular show for it’s writing, comedy, action, and it characters. But as years gone by and new shows popping up like 

Steven Universe,  

Gravity Falls,

We Bare Bears,

and more. Adventure Time seems is getting least attention today. The show has now gotten to the point that it’s boring to watch like the lack of focus on the main story, undeveloped and uninteresting characters, couple unsatisfying conclusion to an episode and it slow pacing. I know I shouldn’t be a critic to the show and should say what I like and how it changed my life but someone need to talk about it flaws.

1) Episodes WITH Finn and Jake. 

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I cannot lie, every time I see those two, I always feel that it won’t be an interesting episode or a pointless episode to watch that they either don’t develop much or few progress with the story. Like, when did we ever see them improving or make a progress to the story? Only on specials, with other characters like Prismo and Marceline, and season finale. All we ever see from is 

Finn being depress and making the wrong decision 

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and Jake being lazy and being bad influence to Finn

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While WITH other characters being the star of an episode. They get more develop, an interesting episode, and progress of the main story. Such as 


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Princess Bubblegum 

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and Ice King 

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Like Jake the Brick. Seriously though, that was a really boring episode to watch like it just Jake documenting about nature. I know it had a lot of meaning to it but still, a very boring episode to watch. Also, I still can’t believe that “Jake the Brick” got an Emmy Award of Outstanding Short Animation instead Steven Universe - “Lion Movie 3: The Video”! 

2) The Lich

A very spooky villain and I once considered him an awesome villain 

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But then he isn’t really doing much in the show and we have to wait like once a season to see him for a few episode. Like, can see him more and find out what he’s planning now. Isn’t he suppose to to be the major antagonist?

3) Unconcluing arcs and plot-holes

There’s a few arcs that they should have long ago instead of us waiting for couple of seasons to see how it conclude. They should have explain, like Princess Bubblegum origins, on a earlier season. Can we rap things already, it’s been like a year and we still don’t what happen…

Betty and her where about 

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Mushroom War 

So these are the complaints that I have to the show and remember, it’s my opinion. I barely hear anyone talk about Adventure Time anyone. All I hear people ever talk about is Bubbline (Marceline x Princess Bubblegum). Even MLP FiM I can actually enjoy watching, even though I barely watched it. I just hope they make the show more interesting, make our protagonist, Finn and Jake interesting for once and develop, like seriously, their boring to watch and focusing more on the actual story, something like 

Star vs The Forces of Evil

and Rick and Morty 

Let just hope to glob that the next two seasons will make the show great again

Y’all Ready for This?

(insert musical stinger here)

 Just when you thought it was safe to take a moment to relax, you realized that it’s eight days until the start of National Novel Writing Month. Don’t worry about it. You’re going to do great. I believe in you.

So let’s put together a quick check list for the last few days of October.

  • Do you have some characters? Don’t start your story without having at least one developed character to work with. They may just run into random minor characters in the beginning, but if you try to create a character on the fly at the start of an undeveloped story, you’re probably going to have to start over again.
  • Does you have a problem for your characters to solve? You might be able to find your problem as you go, but do you really want to do that? Find a problem in your character’s life. It doesn’t have to be the main problem of the story. (As an example, your character might wake up in the morning at the start of your story and have a problem deciding what to eat for breakfast.)
  • Do you have some specific locations where your story is going to take place? You don’t have to have the complete list of all your locations, but at least figure out the places where you are going to spend large parts of your story. Maybe you want to get to know the main character’s house, or the coffee shop where they spend all their spare time.
  • Have you done your research? Are you doing a story with a fantasy theme? Make sure you understand the basics of the fantasy creatures you are putting into your story. (Please no more sparkly vampires.) If you’re in a futuristic world, make sure you have an idea about the science of the world.
  • Do you have lots of snacks handy? Besides focusing on your story, please make sure that you are taking care of yourself. It’s going to be a long month of writing so be sure to take care of yourselves. Get lots of sleep,and eat, and make sure that you spend time with the people that you love.

It’s going to be a long month, but you’re going to be great.

Best of everything,


anonymous asked:

Saiki kusuo psi nan? . Oc?.Character introduction?. And I like drawing and your drawing too. Bye. *wave*

Thanks! But, tbh, I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask here, sorry xD

but if you’re asking about my OCs, then, all I can say ‘cause I haven’t really gone about finishing their stories is that they are all part of a big story that I am trying to make. My dream is to be a real successful mangaka, so I’m riding my future with this seriously undeveloped story that will hopefully be good enough lmao

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do you have a notebook filled with Glass Heart notes? bc I've got a notebook I'm filling with undeveloped ideas for my story and I really need to go through them all whoops.

nopeeeee i wing evryththing

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I have an undeveloped idea for a story in my head, but I'm not sure where to go from here. I have the basic "world" idea, and one character (the villain), but don't have a plot. Ideas for where to go from here?

Brainstorming is your answer. Sit down with a notebook, some sticky notes, or a computer, whatever will work best for you. Start to spin out things like motivation for your villain, problems of your world. Work from the points you already have. Do you want a foil for your villain, or simply a head-butting adversary? What sort of conflict do you want your story to tell? Think of the three basic conflict types - Man Vs. Man ; Man Vs. Nature ; Man Vs. Self and explore that which most appeals to you. Jump back to stories you enjoy, maybe something you’ve never thought yourself capable of writing, and toy with the idea of similar plot devices or flow. 

Right now, your story is in a muddy, murky play dough stage. Work on sculpting it and kicking out what you don’t like but realizing what you do.