undetectable creme bronzer

nnovk-blog  asked:

In that contouring photo you just reblogged - where can I find a creamy kind of bronzer like that? And a highlighter too. I'm so over powders

Most people just use a cream or liquid concealer/foundation to contour!

Cream bronzers are a little harder to come by but one of my favorites is Sonia Kashuk’s Undetectable Creme Bronzer sold at Target.

As for a cream/liquid highlight you can just use a concealer or foundation two to three shades lighter than your own skin tone.

Or try a “highlighting” product like MAC Prep & Prime Highlighting Pens. These are more light weight and don’t give much coverage which is great if you’re using it over foundation and you don’t need anymore coverage. A cheaper alternative would be Loreal Magic Lumi Pen Concealer or Maybelline Dream Lumi Pen Concealer.