Tripod plate with rattle feet

Late Classic Period
A.D. 600–750

Place of Origin: Department of El Petén, Guatemala, Tikal area

“Supported on tripod rattle legs encircled by a stepped band, the tondo brightly painted with a warrior, possibly one of the Hero Twins displaying insignia of Xbalanque with spotted cheek, holding a trophy-head by a long hank of hair, and a long staff in the left hand wrapped with blood-spattered cloths, wearing a distinctive shaggy costume with tail, a pectoral of crossed bones with scarf below, his headband with large beads securing thick coiffure and a streamer flowing at the back, flanked by seven glyphs, the three on the left noting the date of the event and possibly the name of the decapitated individual, the right upper hand glyph possibly naming the central figure, and the walls encircled by repeat glyphs and jaguar pelt motifs.” [from Sotheby’s catalogue text]

Torture and sacrifice were crucial rituals that sought to ensure the balance of the universe. Here, a sacrificial decapitation reenacts that of the Maize god by the lords of the Underworld, leading to his resurrection.



Getting Trapped in the Underworld…

“Iron” by Woodkid | Choreography by Kyle Hanagami

DANCERS | Haley Fitzgerald & Guero Charles | Link to full video

It was a story of a goddess Persephone who gets tricked by Hades, the God of the underworld. He traps her in the underworld where she lives in sorrow.