Luke O’Sullivan (previously featured here) creates three dimensional art that brings the worlds of drawing and sculpture together. Inspired by dystopian science fiction films, O’Sullivan builds environments composed of peculiar buildings and subterranean lairs. Using textured façades as well as screen-printed surfaces, his latest series of works entitled “Cool Shelter” creates a fantastical scene of overworld and underworld labyrinths. The artist will present his latest series on Friday, July 24th at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Hi-Fructose was invited to have a special exclusive preview into Luke O’Sullivan’s latest layered industrial landscapes.

Interview: Sculptor Luke O’Sullivan Discusses His New Series “Cool Shelter”


The Lampades (Λαμπάδες) were the nymphs of the Underworld in Greek mythology.

Companions of Hecate, the Greek titan goddess of witchcraft and crossroads, they were a gift from Zeus for Hecate’s loyalty in the Titanomachy. They bear torches and accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and hauntings. Some accounts tell of how the light of the Lampads’ torches has the power to drive one to madness.

Imagine Will Solace getting hit on by some cocky Ares guys. He’s not very good with flirting and is too polite to walk away until he feels a presence behind him and suddenly he hears high-pitched screaming and the Ares kids are running away faster than you can say ‘Apollo is going to do a haiku musical’. 

It’s Nico wearing the most OOC shit-eating grin on his face and four understandably terrifying skeletal warriors standing behind him. 

“What did I tell you about doing that Underworldly magic again?” Will scolds as if Nico technically traumatizing demigod campers was completely normal.

Nico shrugs and dismisses the skeletal warriors with a nonchalant wave. 

“Want to get some coffee?” 

Will rolls his eyes, a tiny blush on his face. “Fine, but you are so staying in the infirmary for at least  a week after that.”

Nico tries not to laugh, “Yes, Doctor.”

Will grumbles, “Damn straight you are.”

And they argue like a married couple all the way to the nearest Starbucks.


Está traducido al Español despues del Inglés.

The Descent of Qutzalcoátl, part 1. The finished painting, and details. Here, Quetzalcoátl and Xolotl descend through the 12 layers of the heavens (there is a 13th layer above them), in order to enter the underworld and recover the bones of the ancestors, to create the new race of men. They descend on a rope adorned with eagle plumes, which represents the milky way, and enter through the nave of Coatlicue, Teótl of the Earth. This is available as a poster on my Etsy shop, at this link https://www.etsy.com/…/the-descent-of-quetzalcoatl-1-fine-a…

El descenso de Qutzalcoátl , parte 1. El cuadro terminado, y varios detalles. Aquí, Quetzalcóatl y Xólotl descienden a través de las 12 capas de los cielos (hay una capa de 13 por encima de ellos ) , con el fin de entrar en el inframundo y recuperar los huesos de los ancestres, para crear la nueva raza de hombres. Descienden en una cuerda adornada con plumas de águila, que representa la Vía Láctea, y entran a través de la nave de Coatlicue, Téotl de la Tierra. Si tienes interes en una impresion de mi obra, y vives en Mexico, escribeme aqui!