underworks 983

I just got my Underworks 983 binder (size s) in the mail and it’s much more effective than the 997 binder (size m). I’m a 32DD and despise my large chest I get pretty flat. It’s really tight and was difficult to put on, but the result is so worth it.

The picture above is with my binder, a thin tight t-shirt, a black slightly looser t-shirt and a loose hoodie. With the 997 binder layering didn’t work ‘cause there were still lumps.

I think I decided on the Underworks Tri-top binder! It’s the 983, and it’s only $30 plus shipping, as opposed to the other one I was looking at which was $35.

I’m still gonna make myself wait until Friday to order it, though, just so I can say that I waited a month. I mean, it’ll probably take a couple weeks for it to get here after that, but still. *Shrug*

I’m excited!


I got my first binder today!

It’s the Tri Top from Underworks aka 983. It shipped fast cause I’m in Fl and apparently the warehouse in in Fl, who knew.

It took awhile to arrange my boobs into an organization that look flatter and not so uniboob. I’m a 36DD so I got the L and fits well. I thought about getting the 997 but I have a real short torso and would probably need to cut it. I’m thinking of altering it a little bit in the neckline and hem but I’ll wear it a bit more to see if I really need to.

Still need to get a sports bra just to hold things a bit more. But I’m pretty happy with it.

Pics^ : 1&2- me in binder, 3&4- in binder and boy’s tee, 5&6- in bra and same tee. Also don’t mind my silly tummy.