tttaeyeon  asked:

nct as non kpop songs

taeil - no by meghan trainor

taeyong - single ladies by beyonce

doyoung - jesus take the wheel - carrie underwood

ten - california girls by katy perry

jaehyun - sweatshirt by jacob sartorius

mark - baby by justin bieber 

winwin - cake by melanie martinez

haechan - all star by smash mouth 

yuta - you belong with me by taylor swift 

johnny: king for a day by pierce the veil

i also made a mix for all those times plankton cheated on karen, every time karen voiced dissatisfaction in the relationship, and that excellent moment in krabby road where she actually breaks up with him [LISTEN]

1. carly rae jepsen - boy problems // 2. aly & aj - potential breakup song // 3. carrie underwood - before he cheats // 4. ciara - like a boy // 5. LIGHTS - its over casanova // 6. the pussycat dolls - hush hush // 7. rihanna - take a bow // 8. beyonce - irreplaceable 


A little something I finished on a stream I had over the weekend. Goes with a one-shot I wrote for funsies September 2015 when I was just starting to get to know the characters. What other reason would Zack hang around Milo if everything about the Murphy Curse freaks him out X)

Also bonus from The Milo Archives (end of Sept - mid Oct 2015):

Another vent art, which went with the oneshot. Sort of another reminder I made myself when moving countries got stressful. Hard to do, man! Milo’s got resilience to the MAX.

ALSO look at how much my drawings of them have CHANGED holy shoot. Milo’s cowlick looked more like a banana back then and Zack had Shark fins for hair XP

I like drawing platonic best friend artz :3